Subject: NET NOTES JUN 30 2002
From:     K1RQG 

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     Joe, K1RQG 



EME schedules, last update 30 Jun 2002, 10:32

(432 MHz listed only)
Skeds for JUL 13
Time   432.040        
0900z  DK3WG -JA3SGR  
0930z  DK3WG -JH7PAV  
1500z  OK2BDQ-DK3WG   
1530z  LU7DZ -DK3WG   
1600z  W4ZRZ -DK3WG   
1630z  W1IPL -DK3WG   
1700z  K6IBY -DK3WG   


W1ZX:   no traffic..

K0YW:   picked up milling machine in pick-up.. but can't get it out !!!!! has to 
        build a hoist like K1RQG does !!!!  23cm operational.. 

K5JL:   was on 6 meters yesterday.. nothing new on 23cm .. 

K2DH:   W4SC made it to Rochester yesterday.. U-Haul was very rude and did not make
        good on truck .. a lot of problems getting truck.. But Ben got a Ryder and
        loaded up and on his way home.. Nice visit with Ben.. 

W5LUA:  worked Jimmy on 6 meters yesterday.. will be around a bit before sked weekend
        and will let us know when active.. Anytime week before sked weekend ..  
        Hopes to start in August on 28' dish.

W4AD:   been around .. but very busy.. copied WA7CJO off the moon on 10ghz.. no xmit
        yet.. still waiting on preamp.. <>

W2UHI:  Daughter had flat tire on way from Chicago.. but finally arrived ok. no new
        news on 23cm.. 

W7MEM:  no chance to do anything with 70cm array .. will not be QRV on sked weekend..
        FS: has a 8 way power divider for sale for 70cm.. 

N4PU:   no good news.. still looking for sun noise.. 

N2IQ:   looking for VE1ALQ.. nothing new EME .. now getting many calls on car..

KA0Y:   not much to report.. 

W4SC:   back home.. left K2DH 7pm last night.. just got home.. a few stumbling
        blocks. now has 18' dish and 23cm amp.. 

K2MUF:  10W with solar panel.. Joe

KL6M:   will not be on till at least August.. re-doing shack.. who is going to CSVHF?

VE4MA:  no traffic for net.. going to Prague and CSVHF.. 

GM0ONN: no action on EME .. will be tied up QRL till about September..will then get
        back to work on 23cm gear.. will see Jim GM4TXX during VHF contest and pass

DK3WG:  no traffic.. next weekend will not be home.. but will be home for sked 

VE3AX:  still has dish package (15' Andrews new) in 2 halves and 2 20' tower sections
        large propitch motor, new 36" saginaw actuator and free 16' fiberglass dish 
        PU only.. 
Date:   6/30/02 8:25:56 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Clyde scott)

Hi Joe:
Hope all is well.. I still have a few things available if anyone is looking.

1ea. Eimac Y-834 tube. This is the Eimac clone of the TH-327. This tube is full 
output and in very good condition. $400.00
1ea. Parabolic 1296 - 144 transverter. $250.00
2ea Parabolic 144 - 28 transverters. $225.00
I still have the BIG 432 amp available. It uses a TH-551 tube and I have a K2RIW 
as a driver and will not divide. This is a real amp. (lets talk)
I have a VE1ALQ box for interfacing the F1EHN software to the real world. 
This was my spare and never been used. $250.00

All items + shipping.

IF anyone is interested, please call me at 229-890-2506

de Scott - KD4LT