Subject: NET NOTES JUN 29 2002
From:     K1RQG 

     Most recent Schedules can be found here 

    Also submit your sked requests to Joe:

     Joe, K1RQG 

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EME schedules, last update 29 Jun 2002, 11:14

(432 MHz listed only)
Skeds for JUL 13
Time   432.040        
0900z  DK3WG -JA3SGR  
0930z  DK3WG -JH7PAV  
1500z  OK2BDQ-DK3WG   
1530z  LU7DZ -DK3WG   
1600z  W4ZRZ -DK3WG   
1630z  W1IPL -DK3WG   
1700z  K6IBY -DK3WG  

W4RDI:  not much.. raining and warm.. no traffic.. 
        FS: TS-870 Kenwood.. Parabolic 23cm/144mhz xvtr & Parabolic 144/28 xvtr.

W2UHI:  expecting company this weekend.. Happy Birthday to Frank July 4th..
        had sked with N2UO 6/16 but did not complete.. needs to clear up 
        fact that contact not complete.. 

K0YW:   not too much happenning on EME.. QRV on 23cm.. looks like the fire is
        tempered a bit.. fire has been burning for 3 weeks.. 6 meters has been

K5JL:   warm day on OK.. all systems go.. looking for report from N4PU.. 

W1ZX:   how much for TS-870.. send email to K1RQG with details.. 

WA2PVW: signal check .. 

K0TAR:  nice morning on MN.. 

N2IQ:   not much going on.. 

K0RZ:   all is well.. worked W2WD/0 in Nebraska.. AO-7 is back to life.. Mode A
        & Mode B..

VE4MA:  no traffic.. no more info on 47ghz sun noise.. wx not co-operating.

N2UO:   does not get net notes.. needs to change email to 
        old email .. is last weekend worked K0YW.. 
        working on 6 tube amp..    @@@@@@@

W5LUA:  still working on TWT p/s .. for 24ghz TWT.. 

K1UHF/M: just checking in.. only QRV on 2 meter EME .. LF 23cm water cooled 
        2 tube amp.. ... also looking for 10ghz TWT > 40w

K3BL:   ??????

N2RKV:  ??????

SM2CEW: not much to report.. problems on rcv on 70cm.. in fix-it mode.. 

F/GOVBA: nothing special going on... 

K9ZZH:  not been active.. all systems go.. will check sun noise.. 

WA0WPJ: going to get on 23cm in near future.. 

W4OP:   not too much happenning.. W4SC will be visiting with 4 tube amp
        for next activity weekend ..FS: has 2 tube amp for sale..  

W0KNF:  looking for N4EDE.. 

DF6VL:  Ralf.. listens to EME net .. 

M3TWT:  sig check

net ends 11:39 AM 6/29/02

Subj:    Born
Date:   6/24/02 2:32:50 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (David Sanchez)
To: ('')

F5SDD: New son born 18 June 2002, 2kg820 for 48 cm!

[Congratulations to David]
Subj:    10 GHz EME
Date:   6/24/02 10:28:32 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (zauli lodovico)
To:, (K1rqg@aol. com)

June 15; report from JN54J
15:25z i4TTZ i5PPE O/O random 
15:45z i4TTZ F3VS O/O random 
16:15z i4TTZ OK1UWA O/O random 
17:10z i4TTZ OK1KIR O/O sked 
17:40z i4TTZ OK1CA O/O sked 
19:10z VE4MA i4TTZ O/O sked 
19:45z AA5C i4TTZ O/O sked 
HRD few seconds W6HD
Nothing from W5LUA

we will be QRV again in october.
73 Vico i4ZAU
Subj:    [Moon-Net] Summary Report - Nebraska EME Expedition
Date:   6/24/02 9:28:44 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Warren Butler)
To: (Moon-Net)
CC: (Joe Connell), (Bill Jackson), (Al Katz)

Dear EME Friends,

We were extremely disappointed that we could not help all the people needing
a Nebraska contact towards their WAS via EME.  It was not because of lack of
effort.  There were many Nebraska hams that worked very hard to get  the two
stations up and running in a short period of time.  None more so than the
hosts, Bill, K9RZ and Karen, N0KWH.  They were there through the whole
process of fixing one problem after another.

144 MHz:  Antenna: two 2MXP28's fixed at about 5-degrees elevation
 Preamp:  MGF-1302 @ cross-boom.  Power @ ant.  550 watts  Xcvr: FT-767GX.

Stations heard:  K9TI plus several others not identified.

432 MHz:  Antenna:  20 ft portable dish on polar mount.
Preamp:  MGF-4918D @ ant..  Power @ ant. 350-500 watts.  Xcvr: FT-767GX.

Stations worked:  K0RZ, KL6M, WA4NJP

Stations heard:  DL9KR, K2UYH

We are preparing additional information for the K2UYH Newsletter.

Warren - W2WD/0/2

Subj:   e-mail address change
Date:   6/25/02 8:07:58 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From:   K5WXN
To:     K1rqg


My e-mail address has changed to:  @@@@@@@
Good luck on getting the dish going, again.
Subj:    EME demo on 1296 MHz
Date:   6/27/02 3:04:04 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Philippe PIERRAT)
To: (K2UYH), (K1RQG)

I shall make a demonstration of  EME
 July 13, between 18:00 and 19:00 utc, on 1296.020 MHz.
 This for a group not radio-amateur.
I would like to be able to contact many SSB stations.

Philippe PIERRAT - F2TU

Subj:    [Moon-Net] EME 2002 accommodation
Date:   6/29/02 4:18:12 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Daniel Glanc)
To: (Moon-Net)


Reservation of accommodation in the EME conference hotel will be definetely
closed on July 3, 2002 !!
Any other later attempts for accommodation MUST be proceeded directly with
the hotel reception w/o any discount and free rooms guarantee !!

For details look at

73 ! Dan / OK1DIG
ICQ :  137946763

Subj:    Initial Top List update
Date:   6/29/02 8:22:04 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (HB9Q, Dan Gautschi)
To: ('moon-net')
CC: ('K2UYH'),

Dear friends
We now are approaching 200 entries on the only online Initial Top List.
Never the less there are many more stations active which have not yet
entered their standings. Please help us to make the only Online EME Initial
Top List the most complete and up to date one. Many thanks for your effort.
Here is the direct link:

vy 73 es happy moonbouncing

Dan, HB9CRQ / KT6Q
head of HB9Q