Subject: NET NOTES JUN 23 2002
From:     K1RQG 

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EME schedules, last update 23 Jun 2002, 09:23

(432 MHz listed only)
Skeds for JUL 13
Time   432.040        
0900z  DK3WG -JA3SGR  
0930z  DK3WG -JH7PAV  
1500z  OK2BDQ-DK3WG   
1530z  LU7DZ -DK3WG   
1600z  W4ZRZ -DK3WG   
1630z  W1IPL -DK3WG   
1700z  K6IBY -DK3WG   


W2UHI:  was on 23cm last night.. worked W7BBM, K0YW, & K5JL.. good signals.. 
        Heard N2OU and called but no response.. hopes that those working on
        stations had some signals to listen to. W7BBM 0153z, K0YW 0206z, &
        K5JL 0217z.. 

K5JL:   was on around 0100z .. worked W7BBM, K0YW, & W2UHI.. did not hear N2UO.
        Looking for report from N4PU.. Jay's Birthday today..

W5WOX:  hopes to get some stuff done this week on system . not listening off the
        moon yet.. 

N4PU:   was trying to track the moon last night and had some problems .. heard
        one station quite strong using manual keying .. also heard some weaker
        signals.. but attributes some of the problems to tracking issues.. 
        The signal was was plenty loud but could not figure who it was.. 

WA9FWD: all set up to check out 23cm cavity.. hopes to do this shortly.. needs
        to work on neutralization.. is anyone going to CSVHF conference in 

W4SC:   still planning on trip to Rochester, NY to pick up 18' dish and 23cm
        amp.. Ben notes that complete grid square EM93IV.. looking for info
        on 70cm feeds .. 

WA4NJP: raining.. not much else going on.. 

VE4MA:  not much accomplished yesterday .. today does not look good for sun
        noise tests on 47ghz due to wx..

W7MEM:  working on 70cm array mount.. hopes to do some sun noise tests today.

K9IJ:   ....

F/G0VBA: (F/G8MBI on EME) not much going.. no progress on more power.. 

DK3WG:  will send more information tonight on Russian stations.. 

K2DH:   still cleaning up station.. 

N2HLT/M: hi to all.. headed home from field day.. 

M3RKL:  gearing up for 13cm operation. 3.5 mtr dish . 

K0YW:   just got up.. lazy!!! lots of smoke this morning.. was on 23cm yesterday.
        worked N2UO, W7BBM, K5JL, AND W2UHI.. just a bit more tweaking on tracking
        system.. has p/s ready to ship first of week.. 

VE6TA:  trying to make new dish.. 4 ribs so far. 18' in progress..

Subj:    RE: NET NOTES JUN 22, 2002
Date:   6/22/02 6:51:27 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Jeff)

Hi Joe,
 I made some progress last week on 1296 EME. I setup skeds with G4CCH
and OE9ERC. I think I may have as little as 30 watts at the feed since I
was only seeing about 60 watts in the shack since I run 70 feet of 1/2
inch hardline before it reaches the feedhorn. They both heard me with
"M" copy and full calls. The biggest problem I have is frequency drift
on the transverter and not knowing where I am frequency wise. I think
both stations had to hunt around to find me. 
        The strange thing is I couldn't hardly copy them !! They both
run very large stations so if anything, I should have at least copied
them. I only got bits and pieces of letters. I will be getting a
IC-1271A in the next few weeks. This will cure the frequency drift and
frequency accuracy issue. The fact the signals were down may have
something to do with the fact I was running a single probe in the feed (
linear polarization ) and that I need to setup it back up for circular
that should at least give me the 3 dB extra I need to hear better.
        I just received a 5 foot equipment rack today, so I am tearing
things down and rebuilding the amplifiers into the rack. I may not be
QRV this weekend at least on 1296 but maybe on 144 or 432 Sunday. 

K7XQ Jeff
Atwater, CA.
Grid: CM97qi
EME, Satellites, Meteor Scatter
CW, FSK441 or JT-44
144 MHz: 4 X 3 W.L. 800 Watts
EME Initials: 47
432 MHz: 2 X 9 W.L. 800 Watts
EME Initals: 2
1296: 3.3 Meter Dish 100 Watts
EME Initals: 0
Subj:    [Moon-Net] My 1st EME QSO on 13cm de PA3DZL
Date:   6/16/02 3:45:28 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Jac de Bruyn)

Hello friends,

I'm very happy to tell that I made my first 13cm EME QSO this evening with
Erich, OE9ERC. His outstanding station made it possible because I have
only a QRP rig for this band (2.50m dish, 30W and 0.6dB NF at the feed).

I heard Erich already from the beginning doing some echo-testing.
Heard him all the time 449 to 549 signals. I received "O" + 339 report and
sent "r O". 

I'm looking for more QSO's in the near future.

73's de Jac, PA3DZL
Program of EME 2002 - Saturday

8:00    8:30    Official start of program - introducing with organization OK1DIG
8:30    9:00    Preamplifiers           DJ9BV
9:00    9:30    SW for optimalization   Ing. Dobeš
9:30    10:00   Tracking system         G8MBI
10:00   10:30   Coffee break
10:30   11:00   Circ.polarization       OK1DFC
11:00   11:30   DSP technology          SM5BSZ
11:30   12:00   DSP technology          K1JT
12:00   13:00   Lunch
13:00   13:30   SETI                    N6TX
13:30   14:00   First 24 GHz EME QSO    VE4MA
14:00   14:30   RF hazard               VK3UM
14:30   15:00   Stress dish             K2UYH
15:30   16:00   Coffee break
16:00   16:30   TWT Tester              S57UUU
16:30   17:00   Round table - 13cm      G3LTF
17:30   18:00   Round table - procedural G3SEK
Help desk - technician support OK1DCI - OK1VAO
Program of EME 2002 - Sunday

8:30    10:30   Tech. Museum - program of Kepler        OK1CA
11:00   12:00   Discuss to Saturdays lectures   OK1FM - OK1DFC
12:00   13:00   Lunch
14:00   15:00   Final discuss                   K2UYH - OK1DFC
15:00   15:30   End of discuss - End of conference
Help desk - technician support OK1DCI - OK1VAO

Subj:    EME result R/U-stn June
Date:   6/23/02 12:54:52 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Jürgen Fiedler)
To: (K1RQG), (MOON-Net)

Hello eme friends,
here the 2m- and 70cm(*)- result from the R/U-stn June:

RA1ZC     - cfm QSO with UA4AQL.

RA3IS     - inform from may and june: DL5MEA, RX1AS, UT5ER and UA4AQL.

UA3PTW    * had initials with DB6NT, JA4BLC and KO7N.

RA4AOR    - wkd OZ4MM and ?

UA4AQL    - cfm this initials: RK3FG, RZ3BA/1, SV1BTR, 9H1PA, G4LOH, RA1ZC,
            DL9MS, W3EME, DL8GP and RA3IS #93.           

RA6MT     - inform me : OH7UC, W0PT and DK3BU #119.

UA9FAD    - added OK1VVP.
DK3WG     * wkd penetrate the poplars,  KO7N (419/429) 
            and PA0PLY #388.   

73, gl via moon
             Jurgen, DK3WG@DARC.DE               E-mail
                     DK3WG@DB0FFY.#BRB.DEU.EU    PR

             UA3MBJ, UA3TCF, RA4AOR, UA4AAV, UA4API, UA4AQL, UA4NM, 
             RN6MT, RK9CC, UA9FAD, UA9YLU, UR5LX and UT5ER.

             Please send your QSL and SASE to:
             J.Fiedler, P.O.Box 1531, 15205 Frankfurt (O), GERMANY