Subject: NET NOTES JUN 22 2002
From:     K1RQG 

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K5JL:   cleaned out feed of bird residue and now back to normal performance.. 
        ready to play anytime on 23cm.. will have moon around 0100z on 6/23

K0YW:   fire situation is down a little.. looking a bit better.. still need
        more rain.. lost a total of 45 homes and cabins.. Bruce has been 
        working with the fire crews.. will be back on 23cm this weekend to 
        check out the system.. reports that FR5DN is very serious about getting
        on 23cm from Reunion.. FR5DN is very concerned about winds.. more info
        to follow.. 

W2UHI:  all systems go.. wx has been good and bad.. will be around the moon 
        at 0230z wx permitting .. Frank notes that his ISP has improved the
        firewall to minimize spam etc.. very happy with situation. 

K5WXN:  ?? about K07N .. What are the antennas.. missed W2WD/0 .. Dan most 
        likely gave up a bit too soon.. will not be around for rest of net..

K2DH:   still has stuff for sale.. see below.. did spend bucks on DB6NT xvtr
        for 24ghz .. no TWT yet .

N4PU:   now tracking and listened last night for a couple of hours.. may have
        problem with dish set-up (tracking) .. no one heard last night.. 
        will be on listening tonight..

VE4MA:  not too much new.. was on 10ghz.. IK1UWA & I4TTZ for inits.. will 
        be doing some sun noise checks on 47ghz.. 

N0NYY:  ????

W6WE:   at field day site.. 70cm array up in the air, but tunes at 433.5.. 
        needs to check that out.. ?? asks about 23cm PA.. still needs to
        build the mount for 23cm dish.. email has changed .. .. old one was    @@@@@@@@

WA4NJP: did work W2WD/0 random.. all is well.. ready to roll. 

K9BCT:  at the field site.. 

W4OP:   has the dish expansion done .. sun noise up about 2db.. very happy
        with system.. still working on YD-1336 ..

N4FAN:  just checking in.. NC..

W5LUA:  hi to all.. working on TWT P/S .. worked DL8OBU.. heard W2UHI trying 
        to work N2UO but did not hear N2UO.. will try to resurect 24ghz TWTs.

W4SC:   things are looking up at QRL.. on way to Rochester next weekend.. 

DL9KR:  all is well.. son, wife & grandson (3 months 18 lb) visiting.. 
PA3CSG: not sure on 6cm but hopes to be on July..

DK3WG:  worked KO7N.. PA0PLY last weekend .. will be on holiday 1st weekend
        of July.. 

W7MEM:  still checking into feed and tracking of 70cm array.. 

KA0Y:   not much going on .. will make sun noise measurements today.. 

W2TTT:  FN30 has listened on 70cm EME but limited power .. Gordon..

VE7BQH: 11:04 AM 6/22/02
Subj:    Re: 23 CM eme system
Date:   6/22/02 11:31:43 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (k0yw)
To: (FR5DN - Phil), (Dale Parfitt-), (Darrell Ward), (Joe Demaso)

Hello Phil, Thankyou for your nice reply. I realize how difficult acquiring 
hardware for 23cm EME capability must be out in the Indian Ocean. There is 
a popular "C" Band TVRO dish that is available in either 3M (10 ft) or 3.7M 
(12ft) sizes. It is made by Paraclipse. It is a lightweight
perforated aluminum mesh with extruded ribs. It has a good surface and is 
light enough to be raised and lowered by one person with the proper set-up. 
Polar mounting may also be an effective way to go for you, if you can raise 
the polar axis height enough to get the antenna to point at
low angles that you will encounter in working our part of the world. Dale 
Parfitt, W4OP, He has developed a simple, effective Polar mount, that is ideally 
suited for smaller dishes. It uses standard TVRO hardware for drives and 
readouts. Tracking programs are also simple. You can
contact him at: He can forward a copy of his paper 
to you. You will find that the 23CM group is usually very helpful in finding 
hardware to help get a new country on the air, especially if it is Reunion! 
The feed is your next problem, the best current design is
the improved VE4MA, dual circular feed with a single scalar ring. It employs 
2 rows of adjustable screws that provide the necessary phase delay to obtain 
circular polarization in both senses. The universal use of this scheme virtually 
eliminates the effect of Faraday Rotation, thus
greatly enhancing the reliability of communications on this band. The design for 
the feed is available for download from: Darrell, Ve1ALQ 
builds these feeds from soldered copper sheet and tunes them up for a reasonable 
price. The shipping cost from Eastern Canada is
an issue, however. Preamps and the receive protect relay are the next items. 
There are many good designs, from both Eu and the US/Can. They are available 
commercially as well for a reasonable price, or perhaps a "spare" would be 
available to you. Current Noise figures are running well
below 0.3 db with gains in the 16 db range for a single stage. Since most dishes 
are some distance from the operating position in the shack, many of us use 2 
stage pre-amps with gains in the 30 db range to overcome Rx feedline loss to 
the transverter input. W7CNK, WD5AGO and VE1ALQ all
build good preamps over here commercially. I don't know about Eu. I'm sure you 
can find out via the DUBUS group. As you may have guessed, with the dual circularly 
polarized feed, we all use two feedlines. One for the Tx port and one for the Rx 
port, with only a low power high isolation
relay in series with the preamp input to protect it from the TX RF. The transmit 
side commonly uses a Transverter with either a single conversion from 144 MHz or 
a dual conversion from 28 MHZ IF. The 144 IF approach is becoming more common with 
availability of HF/VHF base station
radios like the Kenwood TS-2000, ICOM, IC-746, Yaesu, FT-847, etc. Commercial 
transverters are now very common. Here in the states the Down east Microwave units 
(DEM) are very popular and effective. They do require a s/s amp or an additional 
tube stage to raise there 3 Watt output up
to the 10-15 watts necessary to drive a higher power amp. The German built SSB LT 
series of transverters are excellent units, although pricey. They put out either 
10 or 30 Watts. For power, I would suggest the watercooled 7289 triode tubes. In 
readily available single tube or 2 tube
designs, they will put out 125 watts per tube with good reliability...(250W for a 
2 tube unit is a good way to go although stations like W7QX and WA1JOF have worked 
many qso's with as little as 50 Watts out at the feed. Wa6PY and many of the EU 
stations like DJ5MN use small 3-4 M
dishes combined with higher power to get excellent results. They run 500-1000 watts 
or more. The common system is the Thompson-CSF or Pleisch TV translator cavity 
retuned to 23CM. These units employ TH-327 tubes. Expensive, but a great way to go! 
Russian tube based designs are also
showing promise for a lot less $. The GS15 tetrode is available in the US for approx 
$25-$30. In a single tube configuration it will reliably make nearly 300W output 
with only 12 watts of drive. I hope the above gives you some ideas. I'm sure 
communications with your fellow EME'rs on
23 CM in F land will also produce some good ideas. 73 Bruce.

FR5DN - Phil wrote:

> Hello Bruce,
> Many thanks for all the info about 23cms. I know that the dish i have will be 
marginal, so i don't want to waste my time with non productive efforts. So for 
the moment, i'm just trying to think how to go, and to have a larger dish, say 
3 to 4m, is required but difficult to achieve.
> All that will cost also quite a lot of money, as i have nothing to trx on this 
high band.
> The first thing is the antenna, so i have to see if a solution is available here 
to have a larger dish. It must not be heavy, and has to be secured or dismanteld 
quickly without too much help needed, as everybody is busy when there's a cyclone 
> For the moment, i don't have much free time due to qrl, so i'm off again, but i 
really want to do something to come back on eme.
> I'm still looking on the web to see what is done on 23cms, what practical solution, 
> I wish you fun, and hope that there will be again a FR signal off the moon sometimes.
> Vy 73 - Philippe


Dave Hallidy.. K2DH
Home phone # 1-585-728-9517
Cell       # 1-585-704-2973
Business   # 1-585-242-8322

HB HF Linear Amp/PS 4x811A's 1kW in, 60W drv, 160-15m, spare tubes
HB 6m Linear Amp/PS 1x8930 500W output w/10W drv, spare tube
EIMAC/Motorola 903 MHz Linear Amp 300W out, PS, spare tubes   
Siemens 15W TWTA for 3456, 5760 (1mW input), 28VDC in   
Varian 20W TWTA for 5760 (1mW input), 28VDC in   
DEMI 23cm PHEMT LNA <.4dB NF, >16dB Gain Factory-Built, NEW
DEMI 70cm Hi-Dyn Range XVTR model 432-28 10W output, <.8dB NF NEW
(2) 2304MHz GaAs Linear Amp- 0dBm in, 1W out; +9V/.6A DC in (3ea) ($75ea)
2304MHz GaAs Linear Amp- 1W in, 10W out; +15-18V/2A, +9V/.1A DC in
Roch VHF Grp 2m XVTR 144/28MHz, 10W out, like older MMT, w/docs
ARR P432VDG GaAsFET Preamp- <.5DB NF, >16dB Gain
Equipment Console with desk/writing surface, drawer, rack slides
Equipment Console with desk/writing surface, drawer, rack slides
1" 75 ohm CATV cable 1 pc 105' w/ matching xfmr for 2m
1" 75 ohm CATV cable 1 pc 105' w/ matching xfmr for 222MHz
1" 75 ohm CATV cable 1 pc 105' w/matching xfmr for 432MHz
3/4" 75 ohm CATV cable 1 pc 105' w/ matching xfmr for 50MHz 
3/4" 75 ohm CATV cable 1 pc 105' w/ matching xfmr for 222MHz

Revised 06/22/02
Subj:    23cm EME this weekend
Date:   6/16/02 12:44:06 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Juergen Kaufer)

Hi Joe,

glad to tell you, that I could work some nice contacts this 
weekend with my 10ft dish and only 100W in the feed.

Fri June 14th  16:40z  OZ6OL  429/429       random
Fri June 14th  17:25z  K5JL  429/429           random

Sat June 15th  11:30z  JA6AHB  o/o(429)    sked
Sat June 15th  13:45z  G4CCH   529/439     random
Sat June 15th  15:28z  GW3XYW  449/449 random  
Sat June 15th  15:41z  F1ANH  o/m             random
Sat June 15th  15:48z  G3LTF   529/529      random
Sat June 15th  17:20z  W2UHI  539/529      random

Sun June 16th 16:15z  VE1ALQ  o/o    Sked

73 de Juergen, 
My homepage


Subj:    [Moon-Net] My 1st EME QSO on 13cm de PA3DZL
Date:   6/16/02 3:45:28 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Jac de Bruyn)

Hello friends,

I'm very happy to tell that I made my first 13cm EME QSO this evening with
Erich, OE9ERC. His outstanding station made it possible because I have
only a QRP rig for this band (2.50m dish, 30W and 0.6dB NF at the feed).

I heard Erich already from the beginning doing some echo-testing.
Heard him all the time 449 to 549 signals. I received "O" + 339 report and
sent "r O". 

I'm looking for more QSO's in the near future.

73's de Jac, PA3DZL

Subj:    [Moon-Net] UHF: W2WD/0 QRV 432.030 MHz
Date:   6/16/02 9:48:05 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Bill Jackson)

We are QRV right now on 432.030 for about another hour.

K0RZ, WA4NJP and KL6M are in the log.

Finally, some contacts.

73 de Bill, K9RZ


Subj:    [Moon-Net] W2WD/0 Now QRT
Date:   6/17/02 7:18:20 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Bill Jackson)

W2WD/0 is now QRT on both 144 and 432 MHz.  Many thanks to everyone who 
were so patient with us.  We wish we were able to give out more contacts 
than we did, but it just wasn't to be.  We battled constant equipment 
problems the entire week.

The good news is that we sparked some interest in EME in the Omaha, 
Nebraska area and there is at least one amateur who is already putting 
together the pieces for a 144 MHz EME station.  Hopefully there will be 
some premanent activity from Nebraska in the not too distant future.

We will be packing up the station today and Warren should be on his way 
back to New Jersey no later than tomorrow morning.

Thanks again to everyone for their help and support.  You are a great 
bunch of guys.

73 de Bill, K9RZ
Host Station for W2WD/0


Subj:    23 Cm 
Date:   6/17/02 12:25:04 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (k0yw)
To: (Joe Demaso)

Hi Joe, Finally got things playing as they should Sunday Am. Big echoes,
then lots of Qso's. New tracking system working like a dream. Winds up
to 30 mph..Dish is much steadier with revised counterweight anti sway supports.
Holds within 0.1 deg in the breeze. Lack of results on Sat was due to problem
with Rx feed probe. Which was easily fixed. Worked: GW3XYW, DF4PV, W4OP,
IK3COJ (439), W2UHI, G4CCH, K9KFR, WA1JOF (539),W7BBM (55 SSB), OE9XXI
(599! Really),F6ETI, and IK2MMB, off at 2000Z. Not bad for 1:45 of playing
around. Heard a station trying out what sounded like MSK 16 "Picolo" I
went back on SSB. No demod by me of course, but the other station was synchronizing
his transmissions in reply to mine...Nice to know who and what??? I was
running my old W7CNK single stage pre-amp..saw 23.2 db sun noise with it.
The other 2 stage unit checked out ok on the NFm @ 0.23 db...I took it
out before I discovered the rx probe problem. Still lots of little things
to do on the amplifier as well. Your Variac is holding up well...1100W
out is fairly easy to get. Could go for more, but I don't need the complications
of a blown amp right now! Patti and I have been doing the 8PM to midnight
shift in the County Emergency Comm center. Mostly running the evacuation
hotline phones and updating map overlays. Our little blace has reached
a Type 1 status and has burned over 27000 acres so far! We have been real
lucky with structure losses though, only a couple of outbuildings so far.
Will be QRV on random this week. Looking for N2UO...I got on too late for
him if his Az is restricted past 170 degs. Suggestion for Jeff, N7XQ, He
isn't going to hear much activity on 23 Cm if he cant get his dish below
30 degrees from California. I work virtually all of my qso's from here
in Co before I get to 45 degrees except for the ocesional Ja or Aussie
in the contests. Good luck, Don't work too hard!! 73 Bruce

Subj:    To NET-NOTES
Date:   6/17/02 8:57:10 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Sven Nordin)
CC: (3 Uffe), (2 FOB)

Weekend report from SK0CC. 

I have renewing the whole 70 cm antenna (15 years old), new driven elements 
and got rid of a lot of corrosion, the reflection ("SWR") went from -11 dB 
to -25 dB! 1.5-2 dB more sun noise and 0.65 dB better transmission loss. 

Did hear a lot of stations: DL9KR (who don't!), DJ3FI, OH2DG, DJ5NV, ON4KNG, 
WA4NJP, KU4F (worked), EA3DXU, UA3PTW, HB9SV, OE3JPC, and not W2WD/0.  
Worked also KL6M. 
Most of heard stations was called but NIL. 
SK0CC still have TX transmission loss 3dB (94 meter 7/8") an "unsolvable" problem??? 

73 / Sven SM5LE op. @   SK0CC 
Subj:    [Fwd: eme]
Date:   6/18/02 4:57:16 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Klaus Tiedemann)

Hi Joe,

Michael, DB6NT wrote, that he's back on 432 MHz EME, equipment:
Ant. 4x dj9bv 7,5Wl, 1kw, MICOM VV.

This entry replaces DK0NA's in my EME Directory. His WebPage is

Regards, Klaus.

Subj:    to NET NOTES
Date:   6/19/02 5:01:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Sven Nordin)

Finally SK0CC mange to work PY5ZBU on 18th of June @ 21:00z. It was a M/O QSO, 
but solid. Don says he is available for EME sked on 432 MHz. 
73 Sven SM5LE op. @ SK0CC

Program of EME 2002 - Saturday

8:00    8:30    Official start of program - introducing with organization OK1DIG
8:30    9:00    Preamplifiers           DJ9BV
9:00    9:30    SW for optimalization   Ing. Dobeš
9:30    10:00   Tracking system         G8MBI
10:00   10:30   Coffee break
10:30   11:00   Circ.polarization       OK1DFC
11:00   11:30   DSP technology          SM5BSZ
11:30   12:00   DSP technology          K1JT
12:00   13:00   Lunch
13:00   13:30   SETI                    N6TX
13:30   14:00   First 24 GHz EME QSO    VE4MA
14:00   14:30   RF hazard               VK3UM
14:30   15:00   Stress dish             K2UYH
15:30   16:00   Coffee break
16:00   16:30   TWT Tester              S57UUU
16:30   17:00   Round table - 13cm      G3LTF
17:30   18:00   Round table - procedural G3SEK
Help desk - technician support OK1DCI - OK1VAO
Program of EME 2002 - Sunday

8:30    10:30   Tech. Museum - program of Kepler        OK1CA
11:00   12:00   Discuss to Saturdays lectures   OK1FM - OK1DFC
12:00   13:00   Lunch
14:00   15:00   Final discuss                   K2UYH - OK1DFC
15:00   15:30   End of discuss - End of conference
Help desk - technician support OK1DCI - OK1VAO

Subj:    [Moon-Net] 1296 MHz EME activityMHe EME
Date:   6/19/02 4:48:32 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (F6ETI)

Hello the moon-land,

Last days 1296 MHz EME CW random activity:
15 june: G3LTF, GW3XYW
16 june: G4CCH, OH2DG, IK2MMB, K0YW,  OE9XXI
17 june:
- heard three party QSO between K5JL, W2UHI and WA1JOF. 
QSO K5JL and W2UHI, but not WA1JOF (thanks to K5JL for ask WA1JOF
call me, but NIL).
- Heard IK3COJ with W2UHI, call after IK3COJ but not reply.
- QSO  also OZ6OL.

Conditions here: abt 150 W at the feed 3.2m dish, 0.5 NF.

73 de F6ETI, Philippe