Subject: NET NOTES APR 28 2002
From:     K1RQG 

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     Joe, K1RQG 

Subj:    Re: NET NOTES APR 27, 2002
Date:   4/27/02 2:54:38 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Wilt Barnum)

Hi Joe Nice to hear you so well this morning!
You asked about my station details: 70cm: 6X22el "FO" yagis, .5db gasfet
mgf 1302, 80ft of 7/8ths. FT 847 driving a single 3cx800u7 to 450 watts.
(GS35B a'la' PA3CSG on the way to completion).
I will advise you when 1296 is further along, I have the high power
items but lack a driver power module, preamp and dish feed. Transverter
is a real nice 10mw job I "liberated" from WA4OFS.
I often work weekends but will try to be on the net as I can.

OK , grid is DN62UU....BTW if you get wind of 1296 items becoming
available Id appreciate it. i.e. preamp, feed, power module 10mw to 30
watts etc.
I seem to have the high power end covered with one of Darrells single
tube amps and a 6X2C39. Looks like I may start with a 10ft TVRO dish as
we are in a rental house and the winds are hellish here.
All the best, Wilt W1IPL
Subj:    Netnotes
Date:   4/28/02 11:59:38 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Melum)

I could not hear the net today.

I had a great time on 1296 while it lasted.  I now have a total of 16
initials.  After the contest, during the week I worked G3LTF (429/429)
VE9DW (539/539) K2UYH (539/559) WA6PY (M/M)

I still have not taken the equipment apart, but the moon is too low here
for skeds so I will be taking the feed down today.  I will be back on 70cm
for the Italian contest.

Tnx & 73

Mike, KL6M
Subj:    [Moon-Net] Dubus/REF activity - DL4MUP
Date:   4/29/02 3:34:38 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Dave Powis)

Although with restricted operating times available, it was good weekend, with the 
following worked on 23cm:
20/4    HB9Q, G4CCH
21/4    F2TU (#35), HB9BBD, OZ6OL, F6KHM (#36), OK1CA (#37), HB9SV, OE9XXI, SM3AKW, 
F6CGJ, G3LTF, OZ4MM, OE9ERC, JA6AHB (#38), ZS6AXT (#39), K5JL, W4OP (#40) and KA0Y

Just before the contest the preamp was replaced - I had been working for sometime 
to replace the DJ9BV/FHX35 (0.39dB) with a cavity design, on metalwork from KB2AH - 
it proved difficult to get the NF better than the DJ9BV,  Finally, with help from 
HB9BBD, and from DL4MEA, a NF of 0.31dB was achieved - so the preamp went in!

Since the contest, skeds with IK3COJ and SM6CKU were successful for 2 more initials.

The transverter is now out of the system for a replacement LO - the station has 
always had a drift problem on changing from Tx to Rx, and the first 10 - 20 seconds 
of each Rx period is spent tracking the incoming signal!  A DF9LN osc is being 
installed, and hopefully this will allow more useful Rx time in each period!

Vy 73, de Dave
Subj:    ex USSR - GUS 70cm-EME
Date:   4/29/02 5:00:54 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Jürgen Fiedler)
To: (K1RQG)

     GUS - EME - station on 70cm                                     4/2002

     DXCC CALL      QTH      ANT/     Pwr/  Rem.                     QSL-Mgr.
                               el       kW

     ES   ES6RQ     KO28WA  12x14 BV  1.5   built

     EU   no stn                            Exp.-1991, UC2O/UB4LL   (qsp)

     RA1  RW1AW     KP50EB  12x15     1.5   qrt                      DK3WG 
            "       KO49WN            1.5   built                    DK3WG
          UA1ZCL    KP78TX   5,7m-D   1.5   qrt                      (qsp) 

          RA3DRC/1  KO55JR   4x29     .3    qrv ?                     qsp
          RA3LE     KO64AR   8x10wl   1.5                             qsp
          RA3YCR    KO73DH   8x26     1     silent key               (qsp)
          RW3PF     KO93CD   4x24     .8    50-170deg AZ, El <30deg  DK3WG
          RW3RW     LO02RW   4x21     1     not active
          RZ3BA/1   KO56BC   1x38     1     not winter time          RW3BP
          UA3PTW    KO93BS   8x15 BV  1                               qsp
          UA3TCF    LO26IU   7m-D     .5    built new                DK3WG

          RV4AQ     LN28FG   4x18 BV  .5    not active
          UA4API    LO20QC   4x19     1     not active               DK3WG
          UA4NM     LO48UP   4x25     .8    only 05-13 utc           DK3WG

          RA6AAB    KN94WR   4x30     1     silent key
          UA6LGH    KN97LF  16x25 KR  1                               qsp

     RA9  UA9FAD    LO88DA   8x16     1.5                            DK3WG
          UA9XEA    LP63UN   4x       1     qrt                      (qsp)

     UK   no stn                            Exp.-1990, UI2U/UZ3YWB

     UR   UR5LX     KO70WK   4x       1.5   built Ant agn            DK3WG
          UT1PA     KO21FC   4x10wl   1     el <45deg                 qsp
          UT3LL     KO80AC   4x27     .4                              qsp       
          UT5DL     KN18EP   8x25     1     not active               (qsp) 
          UT5EC     KN78MM   8x27     1     random only               qsp
          UT5UAS    KO50GK   6m-D     .2    qrt
          UT7VF     KN68MQ   4x17 KR  1     silent key     

Subj:    70cm & Above EME Net
Date:   4/29/02 10:32:57 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Richard W Mote)

Thank you for allowing me to briefly check in to your net this past
Sunday.  Had to rather abruptly leave without checking out.  Am finally
building a home in a place where there are no restrictions on antennas
other than physical space to accomodate, so am getting back on the air

Phase I was to convert to QRP and have done so with the addition of a
Kenwood TS-680V.  It's easier to scale back its ten watt maximum to 5
watts than with a 100W rig.  Will now be able to use this one as the
exciter for adding transverters to go higher.

Phase II will be to experiment moving up to 432 & 1296 with purchased
transmitting and receiving converters.  Including trying satellites
again.  Last tried satellites when I was in Anchorage; did 144 up & 10
down with a TR-751 and the TS-140, and did 432 up 144 down using NL7RY's

Phase III will be to try my hand again at building for higher bands.  I'm
particularly interested in working with Rick Campbell, KK7B's R2 & T2
boards to move up above 144.  Power will very likely have to come from
commercial bricks.

Phase IV will be (if I get that far along) to try EME.  Now, just give me
the next 16 years to retirement to put it all in place!

Our property has a clear view to the south and no windows on that side of
the house, so I may have an ideal site for an antenna setup using 3 to
3.5 meter C Band dishes as the basis for achieving enough gain for
transmit and receive.

Was first intrigued by EME back in the 60s when I would see the massive
antennas on the covers of the radio magazines.  At that time, I never
thought that it would ever be possible to even think of how I might try
for it.  Today, the equipment, the noise factor and the antenna systems
bring it to the dream level.  And by the time I reach retirement, it
might even be as commonplace as satellite is today.

That's something to think about.

Anyway, thanks for the contact and brief introduction to you net last
Sunday.  I will try to check in in the future as time  permits (but
building a house comes first most weekends).  Just one favor.  Could you
suggest an email list that I might join in the meantime to learn more
about today's state of the art of EME?

Richard Mote,
AL7MO, ex-KF7GM, ex-N7JMQ
Subj:    Hello
Date:   4/30/02 1:03:54 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (FR5DN - Phil)
Reply-to: (FR5DN - Phil)

Hello Joe,

Hope you and yours are keeping fine.

I have some info and need some too.
I have a 1.8m solid dish, F/D about 0.28, and i wonder if that can be suitable 
for some EME work ? I know that it's a small size, but it's hard to use larger 
dish, as i would have to take all down and secured, as soon as there is a 
cyclone closed to the island. I have made that a number of times with the 2m 
and 70cms antennae, tower, coax etc, and i can tell you that's it's not a 
funny game, hi..... For 23, i think it's really marginal, so i'd like to know 
which band would be the best, regarding dish size and F/D, activity, equipment, 
difficulty, etc ......
I have no experience on SHF, and nothing higher than 70cms equipment with 
TS-790E. I need to choose a band versus the dish, and then start to collect 
info about equipment needed. What about JT44 on EME, can that be a solution for 
marginal or qrp stations in the future ? Any info on all these thoughts is 
really welcome via: 
Vy73 to all and good echoes !
Phil in LG78QS


K0YW:   back from 2 weeks on the road.. all is well.. spent sked weekend with W6HD
        19x17 @ W6HD on 23cm.. 

W2UHI:  wx not too good.. high winds and rain yesterday.. could not get on the
        moon last night.. 33x22 for Dubus.. 

KB8RQ/M: just listening.. 

K5JL:   not much going on .. curious about K6DV .. 

VE1ALQ: nothing new.. moon up too late last night to play.. 

N5BLZ:  no traffic.. 

AA5C:   was on last Sunday.. worked WA7CJO, F2TU, K6RE new one.. #33 initials on

W5LUA/M: on way back from South East conference.. 

K5WXN:  was on 70cm last night 0300z-0400z.. nil heard .. looking for K9SLQ...
        called CQ anfd echoes were mixed.. 

W4OP:   great time at conference.. lot's of EMEers there.. Nice presentation by
        W5LUA on 24ghz EME.. messed up Dubus log.. 32x19 .. but cannot submit
        log due to time screw-up.. new initial during Thursday.. DF4PV.. 
        #52 INITIALS.. picked up Mitsubishi solidstate 23cm driver bd.. 

WA1JOF: need a bolt for G2800 rotator.. M8 x 95mm, looking for this bolt ..

N7AM:   nil heard

AL7MO:  testing exciter for xvtrs .. TS-680V. Richard.. hopes to get on EME
        but 1st band yet to be determined.. outside Columbia, SC.. 

N4PU:   no traffic.. almost ready to track & listen.. 1-931-827-4321 ..

WA8RJF: Tony .. Northern Ohio.. looking for suggestions to interface TS-2000
        to xvtr. Does not have the 23cm module.. <>   

CQ EUROPE: 11:52 AM 4/28/02

F/G0VBA: no traffic. 

DK3WG:  no traffic.. will send new list of Russian boys info..

WB0GGM: sked request.. JR9NWC (heard well), JS3SIM, UT3LL, F2TU ..

VE7BQH: 12:00 PM 4/28/02