Subject: NET NOTES APRIL 21 2002
From:     K1RQG 

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     Joe, K1RQG 

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73 de Joe

Subj:    Re: NET NOTES APR 20, 2002
Date:   4/20/02 12:46:17 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Clyde scott)

Hey Joey:

Thanks for putting the for sale items in the NetNotes.. I forgot to include
my phone number.

No, I'm not giving up on EME, Just scaleing it down.. I want to try some QRP
(500 watts or less) on 70cm and 23cm and maybe try some 13cm EME.
Going to use yagis on 70 and a 5m dish or less on 23 and 13. I have the
building itch again..

TNX de Scott - KD4LT
Subj:    HB9BBD
Date:   4/20/02 8:00:57 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Dominique Fässler)

hi Joe
for today I got 43x23 on 1296. and tree #initials. My window to moonset is
very limited so I tried to still call with more than half the dish
obstructed. Surprisingly, some more stations could be worked, including
WA6PY with good signals.

73 Dominique HB9BBD

Dominique Fässler
Bahnhofstr. 32
CH-5642 Mühlau
Tel. +41566681944
Subj:    Net Notes
Date:   4/20/02 8:17:58 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Tony Emanuele @ ATT)

Hello Joe,

I would like to receive the Net Notes.  I'm assembling a station for 23 cm
and hope to be QRV this summer.


Tony   WA8RJF  EN91  Ohio

12 Foot ( 3.66 meter ) dish, F/d of .370  VE4MA feed with circular
polarization 2X 7239 amp
Subj:    24 GHz EME Activty
Date:   4/21/02 12:52:28 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Barry Malowanchuk)
To: (Joe K1RQG)

Good Morning Joe,

I will be at a Flea Market Sunday morning and QRL after that.

I had a very nice & easy "M / O" QSO with RW3BP on 24 GHz. His signal was very 
solid (almost "O") and this is Initial #2 for both of us.

Lars AA6IW and I had a sked but I did not hear him, however RW3BP heard both 
of us inspite of low elevation angles.  They AA6IW - RW3BP have a sked at 21:30. 
I have a repeat sked with AA6IW at 23:00.

Gunter VE7CLD may be ready to run tomorrow as well

Best 73

Barry VE4MA
Subj:    24GHz
Date:   4/21/02 6:19:08 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Sergei RW3BP)

Joe and Al:

18 and 20 of April I had my first QSOs on 24 GHz with Al W5LUA and Barry
VE4MA. Also heard AA6IW when he tested TX before sked with VE4MA.

My station:
ANT - 2.4m (8 feet) offset dish with rectangular horn as a feed. I can set
speed of Az and El motion to provide autotracking with better then 0.1
degree accuracy in 30min period.
TX - 50W TWT placed at the feed point on water cooled aluminium plate. PS
(13kV/5.6kV) is homemade and placed at home.
Rx - DB6NT LNA with 1.65dB NF. Converter and LO by RA3ACE.
I use separate feeds for TX And RX. TX/RX change-over provided by moving
TWT - LNA block up and down for 40mm. It takes 0.25 s to move it down to RX
position. So it is possible to get own echo very well. In TX position RX
feed is shielded by lossy rubber. It is also good reference for noise


Subj:    1296 Experience
Date:   4/21/02 10:19:12 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Melum)


My 23cm activity will be drawing to a close for a while.  I have to give
back the hardware I borrowed (VE4MA feed and 160 wat brick).  It was fun,
way short of my expectations, but very valuable.  I'll be back.

Here are a couple links to 23cm hardware pictures on my website:

The pvc "cage" I built for the feed:

The whole thing mounted, with pvc support struts:

The 160w brick amp and 30A supply:

I was able to operate only a couple hours yesterday due to high winds.  I
had a total of only about 4 hours of operation for the whole weekend due to
the weather.  I few times I should not have raised the dish, very risky
with the gusting winds, but I could not resist.

Here is my log for the weekend:

TIME    CALLSIGN        FREQ            HIS RST         MY RST
0505    K5JL            1296.010        539             559
1107    HB9Q            1296.013        539             429
1113    F2TU            1296.013        539             539
1205    OZ4MM           1296.018        529             429
1211    HB9BBD          1296.018        539             549
1305    OE9ERC          1296.017        539             449
1309    OE9XXI          1296.017        539             559
0005    W2UHI           1296.010        O               O
0014    G4CCH           1296.010        O               O
0104    F6KHM           1296.026        O               O
0124    K9KFR           1296.031        529             449

These are all new initials!

Heard but not worked: KAØY HB9SV OZ6OL N2IQ JA6AHB OK1CA DL4MUP VE6TA

I will not get the gear removed for a few days.  
I will be open for skeds today and during the week at the following times:

21 APR 2300z - 0000z
22 APR 0000z - 0800z

23 APR 0700z - 0800z
24 APR 0400z - 0800z
25 APR 0400z - 0800z

After this, the 70cm gear goes back on and I will be QRV for the Italian
Contest on 18/19 MAY.

Tnx & 73

Mike, KL6M  BP51dc    Webpage:
432 EME - FT-736; FT-767; 9.2 Meter Dish; DEM 0.4dB; 700 WATTS
Subj:    3B8/ON4AME considering 2m/70cm EME operation
Date:   4/21/02 10:47:46 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Johan_skynet)

Just wanted to let you all know that Herman, ON4AME, can be persuaded to get
a 70cm eme station running on his trip in March 2003,
if someone is willing to help him out with equipment. (there are some other
hams going along who have eme experience)

He's looking for people willing to donate (ship stuff to a secure adress in
3B8) bits and pieces.
Coax, antennas, amps, preamp.

If enough interest is raised amongst you this might work out fine.

You can drop me a mail or contact Herman

It must be clear that any sponsored equipment is bound to stay in 3B8 ! so
that it can be reused for the next expedition, who ever might be going.

Herman has secured a home for a 2 week period in Flic en Flac on the

Sri for the bandwidth


ON4ANT The ON4ANT 6m pages

W2UHI:  had a good time on EME.. No JA activity heard.. was on 2PM to 1AM local
        also worked KL6M & F6KHM.. Lost WA6PY .. IK2MMB & DK0ZAB new initials
        worked 32 stations and great time.. 

K9SLQ:  found moon and worked K1FO, N9AB and all looks good.. still needs to
        tweak a bit.. system seems to be working well and happy with performance
        so far.. 

WA9FWD: fired up the amp with filament and working on the cooling part of amp for
        GS35b 23cm amp.. concerned about "N" connectors at hi power on 23cm..

VE1ALQ: had some fun yesterday .. worked 22 and heard many more.. was cut short by 
        high winds.. got on at 2200z.  looking for GM4ISM next sked weekend ..
K5JL:   Uses "N" connectors up to 1.5k on 23cm.. no particular issues.. condx on 
        23cm last night were varied.. echoes down .. noticed K2UYH was down as well.
        but WA6PY was very strong.. headr W6HD on last night

K9BCT/M: was QRV yesterday.. K9KFR new initial.. was on for JA window
        but could not copy call.. been busy at QRL ..

N7AM:   got bias fixed and amp back on .. will be on this afternoon.. now seeing
        about 20db sun noise.. 

KU4F:   yesterday put G3SEK triode control board and listened to EME on 432 
        autotrack while working on board.. 

VE6TA:  was on yesterday and worked a number of stations.. will be back on today.. 

KA0Y:   lots of stations on yesterday.. VE9DW called, Ken moved down and called
        Darrel, but Darrel did not follow.. will be on this afternoon.. 

N4PU:   not much to report.. az/el is working fine now on manual control.. 

CQ EUROPE 11:27 AM 4/21/02

F/G0VBA: Will be QRV during US window.. worked JH6AHB today.. was calling K9KFR 
        and rcvd QRZ for about 20 min.. will look for Bob this afternoon.. 

DK3WG:  no traffic.. was not on yesterday.. will not be on this afternoon.. 

WA4NJP: not able to operate this afternoon.. wx too hot to operate.. will not
        be on 23cm or 70cm.. will be on 2 meters.. 

PA3CSG: will be QRV 3cm.. 

W7MEM:  good contact with G4YTL JT44.. contact Mark for wave files..copied K7XQ
        will be QRV after 2230.. worked DL7APV .. 

W2DRZ:  did get some of the tracking system working .. use the G3SEK control
        board as well.. will be end of May before more EME ops.. looking for
        encoders to play around with.. Gray code or binary.. contact Tom..

W4SC:   bad 20 meter condx.. going to pick up some machine work for dish etc..

KG6FCB: little by little progress.. dish is is up and waiting on power amp.. 
         European World-Wide EME Contest 2002

                                     Sponsored by REF and DUBUS


The EU WW EME contest is intended to encourage world-wide activity on moonbounce. 
Multipliers are DXCC countries plus ALL W/VK/VE STATES. This gives equal chances for 
stations from North America, Europe and Oceania. The rules reward random QSOs, but do 
not penalize skeds on 2.3GHz or above. 

1. Contest Dates & Bands
The contest happens during two full weekends: First weekend: 432MHz, 2.3GHz to 5.7GHz 
23-24 MARCH 2002 Second weekend: 144MHz, 1.3GHz and 10GHz 20-21 APRIL 2002 Each weekend 
of the contest begins at 00:00 UTC on Saturday and ends at 24:00 UTC on Sunday. 

2. Sections and Awards 
QRP 144MHz <100kW EIRP 432MHz <400kW EIRP 1296MHz <600kW EIRP >= 2300MHz no separate 
QRP/QRO categories QRO On 144, 432 and 1296MHz, stations with EIRP equal to or greater 
than stated above. PRO Non-amateur equipment or antenna. PRO stations will have scores 
listed separately. There are no separate multi-operator classes. Multi-operator and QRO 
stations will be highlighted in the general classifications. A certificate will be sent 
to each entry. All QRP/QRO band winners and QRP/QRO multiband winners will receive a 
trophy. In each section, the highest-scoring station in the southern hemisphere will 
receive a special certificate. 

3. Exchange
For a valid QSO, both stations must transmit and receive both callsigns + TMO/RST + R. 

4. Logs 
Logs must be separate for each band, and should be in normal "logbook" format. Top line: 
Your callsign, Band Each QSO: Date/time, Callsign, Report sent, Report received, Points, 
Multiplier Bottom line: Total points, Total multipliers, Total claimed score. 

5. QSO Points 
100 points for each random QSO completed. 10 (ten) points for each sked QSO completed on 
144/432/1296MHz. 100 points for each random or sked QSO completed on 2.3GHz or higher bands. 

6. Multipliers
Each DXCC country (except W/VE/VK), or EACH INDIVIDUAL STATE worked in W/VE/VK. 
Multipliers count only if worked by RANDOM (except on 2.3GHz or above). Multipliers count 
only if worked by RANDOM (except on 2.3 GHz or above).

If you are a W, VE or VK station, you do NOT have to send your state/province during the 
QSO. You simply work stations in the normal EME way (Rule 3).

States and provinces of W/VE/VK stations can be determined AFTER the contest, using any 
valid source of information, such as address lists in recent Newsletters or in DUBUS, 
or the Callbook.

7. Total Scores 
Single band score = [Total of QSO points] * [Total of multipliers]. There will be one QRP 
winner and one QRO winner on each band. Multiband score = [(Total sum of points on 
144-1296MHz) + (2 * total sum of points on 2.3GHz or above)] * [Total sum of multipliers 
on all bands]. There will be one QRP multiband winner and one QRO multiband winner. 
Multiband stations will also be listed as an entry on each separate band worked, and can 
also win single-band awards. 

8. Contest Entries 
Copy of the log for each band with details of points, multipliers and total points. 
The following information MUST also be included for each band: 1. Output power, transmit 
cable loss, antenna type and gain. 2. Category: QRO/QRP single/multi operator 3. Name(s) 
of all operators 4. Locator/State. Other information is welcome: Comments, conditions, 
grid locator, other station details, photographs, etc... 

9. Sending Your Entry 
Contest entries MUST be sent no later than 30 days after the end of the second weekend 
(i.e. in the mail or e-mail by 20 MAY 2002). Mail address: Patrick Magnin, F6HYE Marcorens 
F-74140 BALLAISON France You can also e-mail your contest entry in ASCII format,
to: All e-mail entries will be acknowledged within one week. 

10. Referee 
Responsible for rules and general questions is: Ian White, G3SEK 52 Abingdon Road Drayton 
ABINGDON OX14 4HP England E-Mail: 


Good Luck in the Contest !
For REF: Patrick Magnin, F6HYE 
For DUBUS: Rainer Bertelsmeier, DJ9BV 
Referee: Ian White, G3SEK