Subject: NET NOTES APRIL 7 2002
From:     K1RQG 

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EME schedules, last update 6 Apr 2002, 13:26

(432 MHz listed only)
Skeds for APR 20
Time   432.040        432.045        432.070        
0300z                                JS3SIM-WB0GGM  
0330z                                JR9NWC-WB0GGM  
0400z                                JH4JLV-WB0GGM  
1300z  UA4NM -DL7APV  
1900z                 LU7DZ -DK3WG   
1930z  WA4NJP-DK7LJ   LU7DZ -DL7APV  
2000z  WA4NJP-PA4FP   
2030z  K5WXN -EA3DXU  
2100z  W7MEM -DL7APV  
2130z  WA6PY -DL7APV  
2230z  WB0GGM-UT3LL   

EME schedules, last update 6 Apr 2002, 13:26

(1296 MHz listed only)
Skeds for APR 20
Time   1296.070       
0330z  JA8IAD-WA4NJP  

Skeds for APR 21
Time   1296.050       
2100z  WA4NJP-DC6UW   

W2UHI:  found all problems and they are all resolved. system is all back up
        to snuff.. Had some bad connections.. got up early this morning to 
        aviod wx .. checked echoes etc and all is well.. 

K0YW:   QRV on 23cm.. 

K5PJR:  good morning to all.. no traffic.. see email .. 

W2DRZ:  no traffic.. looking for absolute encoders.. 

W3ERU:  just lurking.. 

KU4F:   have been working for the last 4 weekends.. questions about 1296 xvtr..
        what to get for 23cm xvtr.. LT-230s or DEM .. looking for ideas for a
        23cm lineup.. 

K5JL:   There is a European Kit that you can add Mitsubishi bricks .. may have
        a couple of Microwave module 23cm xvtr available.. 

N7AM:   made some progress yesterday.. gained 1 db of sun noise by moving the
        feed in.. will make more changes and more checks... 

WA4NJP: will be on 23cm & 70cm next activity weekend.. 

KA0Y:   not much .. no traffic..

W4OP:   two sites .. DL2AM for pair of Mitsubishi HYbrids.. and G3WDG makes a 
        board for 2 HYbrids.. G3WDG email is

WA0WPJ: questions about amps on 23cm.. just getting started on 23cm projects.. 
        looking for 23cm stations near Kansas City area to confer with.. 
        Craig ... in EM29 Mo.. now has Icom 910 and will get 23cm module.. 

W4SC:   has to go to work.. no traffic.. 

N2IQ:   for Craig.. get the dish and preamp and listen first.. Has an 8' 10ghz
        horn with WR-90 flange.. 1500# weight .. 2-14ghz.. QRV on moon now..

WA9FWD: making progress on 23cm cavity.. Input cavity now resonates.. now to the
        plate.. John says GI7 amps are a good way to go.. then to the larger
        tubes.. Brian VE6NA, email to John for 7289 needs..

K5WXN:  not much.. wx not very good.. 

KA0RYT: not much going on.. busy on weekends.. 70cm EME had a flashover.. now
        working on cavity preamps.. busy with many projects.. 

KL6M:   just back from Hawaii.. not much to report.. will be on 23cm with 160w
        and VE4MA feed.. WL7BQM is helping out .. also BQM is working on 16' 
        system.. will be on random .. 

DK3WG:  reports WA6PY will be on 23cm next sked weekend .. RA3LE is QRV for skeds.

SM4IVE: spring has arrived.. 

SM2CEW: not much to report.. will be QRV next weekend .. new tube in 23cm amp..
F5SDD/P: No traffic.. big problem with 70cm amp.. hopes to have amp fixed for
        sked weekend .. 

W1ZX:   no traffic.. 

VE7BQH: 12:01 PM 4/7/02
Subj:    what's up
Date:   4/6/02 2:06:55 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Tony)

Joe quick note to correct my weak signal on 20 mtrs.       
Will have trailer mounted 4 mtr on 23cm  in a short time.(waiting on ve1alq 
amp and feed)  xmit power maybe what; 200 watts out of two 2c39.
this is the dish I was using to work 13cm with Paul W4HHK , etc on 2304.
Later in year I will be back on 2304, have pumpkin about 300 to 350 watts on 
13cm.  Would also put back on 5760, have 70 watts if activity is there.  
These last two bands only later in year. Have 16ft Scientific Atlanta that I 
would like to put on here, but that will be a while.
By the way I have moved from Grove, Oklahoma EM26 to EM37, near Springfield, 
My plans call for me to pull antenna to Ark., Ky etc to help the guys who 
need them.  A big idea and I hope I can "pull" it off.   Having to drag 5 
gal. of water along is a bitch too!  I hate water cooling!  If you hear of 
something I can air cool let me know.
CU on the net.
Tony K5PJR

########    Klaus, note new grid
@@@@@@@@    Warren, note email address
Subj:    QRV 23cm for Dubus
Date:   4/7/02 12:16:17 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Melum)

Hi Joe,

Just got back from 10 great days in Kauai, Hawaii.  

Thanks to WL7BQM, Mike, in Sterling, Alaska, I plan to be QRV on 1296 in
time for Dubus on 20-21 April.  He is loaning me a VE4MA feed, tuned by
Darrel, and a 160 watt brick which we plan to mount at the feed.  Preamp is
a 0.4 dB DEMI.  I have to get the whole thing operational during a 3 day
weekend next week.

I still don't have my improvements finished to my position indicator.  I
will be trying to get it operational also, but I plan to operate anyway, if
I don't finish it.  I will just have to spend a lot more time tweaking the
dish without it.

Tnx & 73

Mike, KL6M