Subject: NET NOTES MARCH 23 2002
From:     K1RQG 

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EME schedules, last update 23 Mar 2002, 12:18

(432 MHz listed only)
Skeds for MAR 23
Time   432.040        432.045        432.070        
0330z                                7M2PDT-K9SLQ   
0430z                                JJ1NNJ-WB0GGM  
0500z                                JS3SIM-WB0GGM  
2100z  WA4NJP-DK7LJ   K9SLQ -SK0CC   
2130z  SK0CC -RA3LE                  K9SLQ -DL4KG   
2200z  G3HUL -RA3LE                  W4ZRZ -G3LTF   
2230z  K4EME -RA3LE   WB0GGM-G3HUL   K9SLQ -G3LTF   
2300z  WA4NJP-PA4FP   WB0GGM-W4ZRZ   WA6PY -G3LTF   
2330z  W7MEM -K0RZ    

Skeds for MAR 24
Time   432.040        
2200z  W1IPL -DK3WG   

EME schedules, last update 23 Mar 2002, 12:18

(1296 MHz listed only)
Skeds for FEB 23
Time   1296.050       
2200z  WA4NJP-DC6UW   

Skeds for MAR 23
Time   1296.050       1296.070       1296.080       
0400z                 JA8IAD-WA4NJP  
2030z                                G3LTF -GM0ONN  
2100z                                W2UHI -GM0ONN  
2130z                                K5JL  -GM0ONN  
2200z                                K0YW  -GM0ONN  
2230z  OH2DG -WA1JOF                 W5LUA -GM0ONN  
2300z  W5LUA -F5FEN   
2330z  W5LUA -F/G8MB  

Skeds for MAR 24
Time   1296.050       1296.080       
0000z  W5LUA -N7AM    
0030z  OH2AXH-WA1JOF  
0100z  NL7F  -WA1JOF  
1900z  OK1CA -DL1YMK  
2200z                 VE1ALQ-GM0ONN  
2230z                 K2UYH -GM0ONN  
2300z                 W1ZX  -GM0ONN  
WD5AGO: will be moving and off air til move to new QTH...will be in same grid...

K1HBX:  ...old meighbor..

W2UHI:  very high winds, and hopes to make schedule... 

K0YW:   cancel GM0ONN .. tracking not working .. 

K5JL:   no too much.. echoes were good last night .. S8/9 .. worked OZ6OL..
        rcvd email from N7AM.. az drive broke and repaired in 3 hours.. new feed
        horn only a couple of db improvement 

W7MEM:  heard VK3UM .. worked W5UN on 2 meters.. needs to repair elevation
        drive on 2 meter ant.. anyone used JT44 on 432 EME yet.. 

WA1JOF: too windy to get 

KL7HFQ: will be on rest of weekend .. 

WA9NGO: good wx.. cold & windy.. 

K4EME:  rcvd a few QSLs this past week.. 

WA4NJP: all is well .. will be on this eve.. 

W5LBT/M: just checking in

G4RGK:  worked HB9Q with big sig signals. Heard DJ5NV on 432 .. 

F/G0VBA: built a 432 feed and stuck it in dish .. single pair of dipoles..
        hearing the bigger stations.. will try to call bigger stations on random
        will be on 23cm tonight with W5LUA.. heard DK9KR & DJ5NV..

GM0ONN: will be on for skeds .. GM4ISM will be monitoring Ian's skeds and if gap
        will call .. will be on tomorrow night as well..

PA3CGX: .. 

G3LTF:  cancel skeds due to drive system failure .. K9SLQ, W4ZRZ, & WA6PY canceled.
        Peter sends his appologies ... 

DL9KR:  no traffic.. condx poor.. 18 stations worked.. looking for DJ5MN/P.. heard
        SM2CEW & VK3UM great signals.. 


ON5OF:  worked 12 stations 12x10 so far .. not good condx.. now active on moon.. 

OK1MS:  5/9.. 73 .. 

DJ5MN/P: worked HB9Q on random on 70cm with 2 mtr dish.. will be on for USA side.. 
        heard DJ5NV and called many times.. 

N7AM:   will be on for W5LUA and random this afternoon.. 

KE4LKQ: has FT-736 with 23cm module.. 

AF4LT:  4x13b2 .. senior design project for U of Alabama EM63 .. Janice .. 

VE7BQH: 12:14 PM 3/23/02

Subj:    Re: NET NOTES MAR 17, 2002
Date:   3/18/02 11:42:59 AM Eastern Standard Time

Hey Bro.

I am in the process of moving to a new house.  Antennas will be down for a
while.  EME will be some time after that, so QRT for now.  I do have for
sale some items

35w solidstate driver for 23cm $160

FT726R w/2m&70cm  $500


Subj:    Trip Report
Date:   3/20/02 9:46:11 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (k0yw)
To: (Joe Demaso)

Hi Joe, I thought that I'd send you a trip report on our visit to K5JL
and points South. Jay and I had a big agenda planned out as a result of
the ice damage to a number of his antennas. The biggest effort went into
taking down the remnants of his 25 year old Telerex Tri-bander and replacing
it with an M2 KT36. The 36 is a great improvement over the old KLM KT-34XA
upon which it is patterned after. It shares a 32" 3" dia boom with 6 elements,
but that is about all that is common. Gone are all the Jumper straps on
the linear loading sections, replaced with NC machined aluminum shorting
bars. The capacitor design is much improved as well. The old plastic boom
to element clamps are now machined blocks of Aluminum, clamped to the boom
with matching aluminum clamps. No more hose clamps and sheet metal screws
to keep the whole thing from turning. The driven element pair uses 3/8"
tubing phasing bars instead of the flimsy old straps. A beefy 4:1 Balun
is included. The antenna took 12 hours to assemble ( including almost 11/2
hours to count the parts!!) It is definitely a 2 man job. We hit all the
trap cap and loading segment measurements within 1/16". It paid off with
a true bandpass shaped SWR curve on all three bands. We noticed a little
SWR rise on the extreme bottom end of the CW segments of 20 and 10, but
it was now worse than 1.6-1 at 14.000 and 28.000. Overe the rest of the
range, the SWR was better than 1.2-1!! On the air performance also looks
good so far. F/B on low angle DX sigs is around 20 db over most of the
band. Whil;e this is not a small antenna, It certainly provides a top performance
on the major DX bands. Now on to EME. When not building on the antenna,
Jay and I spent a lot of time fixing my AIL model 7514 Noise Figure Meter.
Found that our lack of Cal adjustment range problem was a dirty connector
on the cal/gain pot sub assy. I now have a number of calibrated pre-amps
from 50 mhz thru 1296. The unit now closely correlates with Jay's H/p 8970A.
We also did some Bird Wattmeter slug correlations....Perfect correlation
between his 200-500 mhz 2500W slug and my 400-1000W 1000W slug with its
1.55 multiplication factor. We also climbed his 70' VHF tower to remove
1/2 of a KLM 220 yagi and re-align the rest of the stack and repair the
rotor indicator belt. This was done in a 35-40 mph wind. I don't recommend
this if you get vertigo!! We also adjourned to a neighbors where we helped
Lucky, W7CNK, dissassemble his new "Holiday Inn" 5.5M dish for transport
to his QTH. One 2 gallon bucket of fasteners later, we loaded it on Don's
trailer to move it to Lucky's. The Az gearbox and mount parts were still
in big sub assy's that weighed about 3-400 lbs each. It was easily loaded
with Don's winch truck, the other end was a different story!! After completing
a bar and lever skid job at Lucky's, We loaded up a nice 20' dia 0.4 F/d
unit at Lucky's that we transferered to Jay's used dish lot. It is available
for the right deal...It just needs a hub to be complete, Not a difficult
job for this solid  24 petal construction. Lets get it on the air!!
The Texas portion of the trip started as a visit to see Gerald K5GW and
give him some assistance with taking down his 14" 1296 dish in preparation
for the installation of his new tower and mount for its 24' replacement.
Upon arrival, we found out that Al Ward had invited us over to visit his
shack followed by some genuine Texas Barbeque! We were treated to a delightful
visit that covered everything from vintage radio to 24 anf 47 ghz stations.
Al is also getting closer to getting the big 28' Kennedy in his back yard
up on a pedestal and on the air. The next day, we headed South to Duncanville
and the QTH of Matts, KD5FZX. As you know, Matts has been very busy developing
a new 23 cM amp based on the Svetlana GS 23 B Tetrode tube. We witnessed
his latest effort in action with a new more accurate Power measurement
setup....consisting of a Low Pass filter, High power Directional coupler
, Attenuators and a H/p 432 Power Meter. With this system, we saw 1600
stable watts to his dummy load  His input power was running a little
over 3600 watts for an overall efficiency of nearly 44%!!! The rub is that
Matts hasn't been consistently been able to duplicate this performance
with other GS-23B's in the same cavity...only about 1 tube in 7 seems to
provide the higher output powers. Meanwhile, Matts is one loud guy off
the Moon on 23CM! His dish is also a work of art, with a unique elevation
mechanism that uses a fixed Threaded rod with an assemblt consisting of
a threaded nut sanwiched between two pillow blocks mounted in a frame,
traveling up and down the rod. The nut is rotated by a sprocket and chain
that is welded to the nut. The drive motor is on the frame which is attachd
to the dish arm...What a smooth and simple solution! We then adjourned
to the K5GW Ranch where the aforementioned dish dissembly took place with
out incident. Gerald has already begun construction on his new dish. It
will be of a size and performance more in line with the rest of his EME
antennas!! On Sunday, The three of us , (complete with black hats!) Headed
out through the rain to Mount Pleasant, Texas, the new home of the W5UN
144Mhz EME complex. Daves new array is working well at the 32 yagi level.
It is deceptively small til you get close. A 4 1/2 hour Banzai run back
to Oklahoma completed a great weekend! Again our thankyous for all the
great Texas sized hospitality. Back here at the K0YW spread, things are
progressing, altho there has been a setback with a dead El control card....Working
the problem in an effort to get on by the weekend. Take care, see you on
the net. 73 Bruce

Subj:    EME Contest This Weekend
Date:   3/22/02 12:30:50 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Doug Millar)

Trying to figure out where to get a copy of the rules, entry blanks, etc 
for the contest this weekend. I'll be on 23rd-24th on 432.
                Doug K6JEY