Subject: NET NOTES MAR 2 2002
From:     K1RQG 

     Most recent Schedules can be found here 

    Also submit your sked requests to Joe:

     Joe, K1RQG 

Subj:    getting ready
Date:   2/23/02 9:32:49 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (John Fuchs)

Hi Joe  de WE2Y John
  well I still don't have hi  power . my swr is 2.5/1  so I don't want 
to put high power into my ant yet.
 I now have pol rotation back . last night (sat ) night local time .I 
heard a few stations.KU4F,W7CI,UA3PTW,and EA8FF..Net Faraday seemed to 
be zero.+/-
     Libration seemed to be playing tricks on the sigs last night.Fading 
was extreme.All on 432.
     Still trying to build my 432 transmatch. so at least I won't 
destroy my 3cx800.I won't get to cleaning my ant connections 'til spring.
take care
                  John WE2Y

Subj:    E-Mail Address
Date:   2/24/02 2:54:07 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Don Carlson)
To: (Charles MacCluer),,,,

To All: Use for all E-Mail. Am dropping Earthlink.
73, Don
Subj:    February activity
Date:   3/1/02 7:10:29 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (N1BUG)

February was a good month. New ones worked on 70cm were 
N4GJV, WA4NJP, K2UYH and VK4AFL. Now at 23 initials with 
the single yagi. W7MEM reports hearing me. I heard K5WXN 
one day and Dan heard me the next, but no QSO yet. I am 
quite pleased with the results as I only expected to work a 
half dozen of the biggest stations when I put up this 
little yagi.

I plan to be active during the March perigee and welcome 
skeds. KS4YT is handling QSLs and sending a request to 
Bridget is the quickest way to get a card from me.

Paul N1BUG
Subj:    [Moon-Net] VE7BQH status
Date:   2/25/02 11:15:01 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Lionel H. Edwards)

Hi to all:

Many thanks to all of you who sent your good wishes and/or cards in the
mail. I can assure you it was MOST appreciated.

I had my quad bypass on Feb 14 with some further cleanup on Feb 15. I was
discharged from the hospital on Feb 19. Naturally I was pretty "slow", to
say the least! I finally ventured down stairs to the radio room on Feb 22,
turned on the PCs and clicked the E Mail button. 180! That took me a day or
two to get through sorting.

The thing that is giving me the biggest problem at the moment is my left
leg. This is were they took veins for the bypass of course. Well, after a
visit to the Doctor today, apparently I am going to have to develop some
new level of patience I have never had before. I am simply going to have to
wait until this leg heals more before I get better mobility. This going to
be a slow process.

Overall, everything has  been a complete success and now only requires time
and patience before I should be better than ever!

Again, my appreciation for your kind thoughts. 

I am back, albeit at considerably reduced speed for the next short while.  
Subj:    wow hardest state to get.
Date:   2/25/02 10:17:36 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Roger K. Hansen)

Finally made a contact via the moon after moving the station and
realigning the rotators.  Signals were very loud and so mike  KL6M and I
worked each other.  I could hear his echos three characters at a time
and he could hear my characters as I was sending them with no breaks or
stopping.  Wow!!!!!!!

See ya got to run.

Roger  KL7HFQ

Subj:    EME-result R/U-stn end Feb/begin March
Date:   3/2/02 11:52:07 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Jürgen Fiedler)
To: (MOON-Net)

Hello eme friends,
here the 2m- and 70cm(*)- result from the R/U-stn in end Feb/ begin March:

RA3QTT     - wx and other problems, not active 

RA3LE      * wkd K9SLQ, UA9FAD(#165) sri not complete with JA6DZI, JJ1NNJ
             and JR9NWC......other skeds nil...

RK3FG      - tell this new stn: JR3REX, VE2JWH, N1BUG , WB0GGM, YU7BCL,
             PA0JMV, OK1VVP and SM5CFS.

UA3TCF     - sri, not complete with WB9UWA and K6AAW

RA4AOR     - was active with good result: VE1KG, PA0JMV, SM4IVE, DD0VF,
             S57TW, OK1VVP and K1CA.           

UA4API     - confirm QSO with RA1ZC, N1BUG, OE6IWG and W5UN.

UA4AQL     - glad to work #60 S52LM.

UA9FAD     - finish with WA8CLT, OE6IWG, F8DO, 7J6CUU, YU7BCL and 9Y4/DL5MAE.
           * on 70cm he wkd RA3LE and S52CW.

UR5LX      - had new I2RV, WA4NJP and ?

UT5ER      - wkd RA1ZC, OK1VVP,DF2ZC and OE6IWG. 

DK3WG      - only 4-Yagis now..., only in sked qrv....
           * sri, nothing on skeds....hrd Random K1FO, UT3LL, K9SLQ....

RN6MT      posted QSL card to me for:
           DJ6FU, DL8GP, EA2AGZ, EA2LU, F1FLA, F3VS, F9HS, G3ZIG,GM4JJJ, 
           7K3LGC, JA0BLU, JL1ZCG, JH2COZ, WB9UWA, LZ1DP, LZ2US, S52LM, 
           SM3MXR and SM5IOT.  
73, gl via moon
             Jurgen, DK3WG@DARC.DE               E-mail
                     DK3WG@DB0FFY.#BRB.DEU.EU    PR

             UA9FAD, UA9YLU, UR5LX and UT5ER.

             Please send your QSL and SASE to:
             J.Fiedler, P.O.Box 1531, 15205 Frankfurt (O), GERMANY

W2UHI:  waiting on bad wx to move in.. cold and windy..

W7MEM:  worked K5WXN, K1FO, K2UYH, WB0GGM.. worked VK4AFL on Mar 1...
        missed N4GJV .. 

K5JL:   hi winds 12de F and blowing snow.. worked GM4ISM again last Sunday.

KA0Y/M: 4 inches of snow..

KG6FCB/M: finished W2INU feed and now working on preamps..

W1ZX/M: not traffic.. 

W4SC:   since last weekend .. SWL from W4OP heard IK2MMB 559, OE9XXI 56 .. update to
        last weeks netnotes e-mail.. 

WA1JOF: worked #55 W7BBM easy QSO Feb 28 .. rcvd 559 report.. looks like the change in
        rcv line to 7/8" may have helped .. 

W4OP:   raining..making daily sun noise measurements.. has an equation to enter
        solar flux, dish size etc and it yields the expected sun noise you should see.
        built a kit from hi-res to convert Bird 43 to peak reading ($20).. has a W7CNK
        preamp and ne probe for the feed.. 

KU4F:   no traffic.. 

WA3DJG: Dave.. did get in touch with SM6CKU about Parabolic amp and p/s.. 

VE4MA:  still playing around, looking for a better dish for 47ghz EME.. getting about
        9w on 47ghz, but can hopefully get more.. dish is in question as to what to
        use.. still looking .. 

NU7Z/M: not QRV at this time .. very cold so outside work at a standstill.. also working 
        with 47ghz.. 1st notice .. Sep 27th 2003 Microwave Update in Seattle, Wa.. 

K5WXN:  ran with N1BUG last Sunday night .. did hear N1BUG.. hi winds .. ant tied down. 

N4PU:   no progress yet .. 

N2HLT/M: Leon .. no activity.. still interested in EME .. 8xFO22 needs to be rebuilt and
        put back up.. 

W7DSA:  Arnie.. trying to get on EME CN76 2 meters and 23cm ... 

K9BCT/M: no traffic.. not QRV this weekend .. 

SM2CEW: will be QRV tonight on 70cm and 23cm .. 

KL7HFQ: did email K9SLQ & KU4F .. still needs to realign the antenna.. looking fro W4ZRZ.. 

PA3CSG: working on p/s for 6cm & 3cm TWT... 

GM0ONN: had disaster last week.. no receive and Mark GM4ISM only xmit.. will be in Fl
        Mar 31 for a couple weeks.. will try to get on prior to March 31 .. needs to 
        do a bit of tinkering on rcv.. QRL busy .. current dish is .25 f/d 

DL1YMK/P: not active off the moon at this time.. hope to be on next sked weekend..
        winds were up over 140kmh .. hi winds all last week, no dammage to dish ...
        working on PA for 23cm YD1336 at about 600w on the bench.. may have amp on
        line in about 6 weeks.. 

9Y4/DL5MAE: QRT on EME 52 EME QSO .. had a flashover in amplifier and cannot repair..
        no more info.. Apologize for no replacement parts.. 

UR5LX:  hope to be QRV in summertime 4 yagis 70cm.. 

DK3WG:  only 4 yagis now on 2 meters .. lost 2 antennas .. and had to go to the 4 ..

DL9KR:  would like to comment on ARRL weekends.. 

W5UN:   2 meter EME net 12:07 PM 3/2/02