Subject: NET NOTES FEB 10 2002
From:     K1RQG 

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EME schedules, last update 10 Feb 2002, 13:04

(432 MHz listed only)
Skeds for FEB 22
Time   432.040        
0730z  JS3ISM-KL6M    
0800z  JR1RCH-KL6M    
0830z  JH7PAV-KL6M    
0900z  JH1XUJ-KL6M    
0930z  JA2KRW-KL6M    
2330z  OE3JPC-KL6M    

Skeds for FEB 23
Time   432.040        432.045        432.070        
0000z  I5CTE -KL6M    
0030z  IK0EQJ-KL6M    
0100z  IK5WJD-KL6M    
0130z  IK6EIW-KL6M    
0500z  K7XQ  -KL6M    
1230z                                RA3LE -JA6DZI  
1300z                 RW3PF -KL6M    RA3LE -JJ1NNJ  
1330z                 UA4NM -KL6M    RA3LE -JR9NWC  
1400z                 UA6LGH-KL6M    RA3LE -JA2KRW  
1430z  I5CTE -RA3LE   
1500z  IK0EQJ-RA3LE   
1530z  IK5WJD-RA3LE   
1600z  IK6EIW-RA3LE   
1630z  G3HUL -RA3LE   
1700z  PA4FP -RA3LE   
2000z                 W2WD  -DK3WG   
2030z  W4ZRZ -SM2CEW  WB5APD-DK3WG   
2100z  K9SLQ -RA3LE   W4ZRZ -DK3WG   
2130z  K4EME -RA3LE   LU7DZ -DK3WG   
2200z                 KO7N  -DK3WG   
2230z  LU7DZ -RA3LE   VE6TA -UT3LL   
2300z                 VE6TA -SK0CC   
2330z                 VE6TA -K4EME   

Skeds for FEB 24
Time   432.040        432.045        
0000z  WB0GGM-YO2IS   PA3DZL-KL6M    
0100z                 K5WXN -N1BUG   
0130z  SP6JLW-KL6M    
0200z  LU7DZ -KL6M    K5WXN -W7MEM   
0230z  IN3AGI-KL6M    
0300z                 G4ALH -KL6M    
0330z  WB0GGM-K9SLQ   G3HUL -KL6M    
0400z  W7MEM -WB0GGM  

EME schedules, last update 10 Feb 2002, 13:04

(1296 MHz listed only)
Skeds for FEB 22
Time   1296.050       
2330z  W5LUA -F/G8MB  

Skeds for FEB 23
Time   1296.050       1296.080       
0000z  W5LUA -F5FEN   
2200z                 W2UHI -GM0ONN  
2230z  W2UHI -F/G8MB  K5JL  -GM0ONN  
2300z  WA1JOF-LX1DB   W1ZX  -GM0ONN  
2330z  W1ZX  -LX1DB   K0YW  -GM0ONN  

Skeds for FEB 25
Time   1296.080       
0000z  W5LUA -GM0ONN  
K0YW:   did not get much done yesterday.. spent time with the better half..
        working on various projects in shack..

W2UHI:  nothing new.. another sun noise measurement yesterday.. took a dip but
        back up and plot pretty much follows.. 

K5JL:   verify with GM0ONN for 23cm skeds... 

KA0RYT: not much snow (big storm predicted).. will be around sked weekend. 

W5LUA:  not much going on.. working on 47ghz converter.. 

K5WXN:  not much for net.. sked with W7MEM and N1BUG.. 

N1BUG:  hi to all on net.. hopes to be back QRV on 70cm by sked weekend.. will
        take skeds !! single FO22 600w .. have worked 19 initials so far.. 

W7SZ:   a bit windy.. playing on 10ghz.. 

VE6TA:  LOOKING FOR: 23cm rcv converter or 23cm xvtr.. will be QRV on 70cm until
        first leg of DUBUS complete.. then back to 23cm.. 

KC2GDS/MM: will QSY to 14.347.. 

W4SC:   now working on feed mount.. 

W5WOX:  looking for sked program.. go to:
        and get .. 

DJ5MN:  did LX1DB rcv email.. nothing new.. heavy storms.. 

CT1DMK: nice wx.. computer crash.. nothing else going on.. getting mechanical
        parts together for 23cm amp. 

SM2CEW: snowing & blowing .. W4ZRZ 16 m2 13lambda 8v & 8h .. 1.5kw. Jim Long .. QRM yesterday on 20 meters was from RDP international
        on 13.660mhz.. email for RDP is ... 

M3PUJ:  Bill.. QRP.. 10w .. 

K1FO:   no traffic..

LX1DB:  did receive DJ5MN email and will respond during week.. ok on skeds ..

W1ZX/M: no traffic. 

KL6M:   will be in San Francisco next week.. 

K5UGM:  anyone using m2 1296 yagis .. ??? how do they perform compared to loop
        yagis.. please respond to Bill or Net Notes .. 

WB0GGM: sked with W4ZRZ ... 

VE7BQH: 12:06 PM 2/10/02

Subj:    AW: NET NOTES 
Date:   2/10/02 3:00:14 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Dominique Fässler)

hi Joe

Did a lot of preamp work again, - designing the mechanicals for machining
Yesterday, Dave DL4MUP/G4HUP was here. Did some documentation here:
Dave built a cavity preamp. We found that there has to be low resistance
between the body and its cover. We squeezed the body with solid clamps which
reduced NF by 0.1dB immediately and gain jumped 5 dB without retuning..

Will go to Kuwait and the Gulf aera today - no fun this week..
Back on Friday, looking forward to some moonbounce again.
Dominique HB9BBD