Subject: NET NOTES FEBRUARY 9 2002
From:     K1RQG 

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EME schedules, last update 9 Feb 2002, 19:47

(432 MHz listed only)

Skeds for FEB 23
Time   432.040        432.045        432.070        
1230z                                RA3LE -JA6DZI  
1300z                                RA3LE -JJ1NNJ  
1330z                                RA3LE -JR9NWC  
1400z                                RA3LE -JA2KRW  
1430z  I5CTE -RA3LE   
1500z  IK0EQJ-RA3LE   
1530z  IK5WJD-RA3LE   
1600z  IK6EIW-RA3LE   
1630z  G3HUL -RA3LE   
1700z  PA4FP -RA3LE   
2000z                 W2WD  -DK3WG   
2030z                 WB5APD-DK3WG   
2100z  K9SLQ -RA3LE   W4ZRZ -DK3WG   
2130z  K4EME -RA3LE   LU7DZ -DK3WG   
2200z                 KO7N  -DK3WG   
2230z  LU7DZ -RA3LE   VE6TA -UT3LL   
2300z                 VE6TA -SK0CC   
2330z                 VE6TA -K4EME   

Skeds for FEB 24
Time   432.040        
0000z  WB0GGM-YO2IS   
0330z  WB0GGM-K9SLQ   
0400z  W7MEM -WB0GGM  

EME schedules, last update 9 Feb 2002, 19:47

(1296 MHz listed only)
Skeds for FEB 22
Time   1296.050       
2330z  W5LUA -F/G8MB  

Skeds for FEB 23
Time   1296.050       1296.080       
0000z  W5LUA -F5FEN   
2200z                 W2UHI -GM0ONN  
2230z  W2UHI -F/G8MB  K5JL  -GM0ONN  
2300z  WA1JOF-LX1DB   W1ZX  -GM0ONN  
2330z  W1ZX  -LX1DB   K0YW  -GM0ONN  

Skeds for FEB 25
Time   1296.080       
0000z  W5LUA -GM0ONN  
W2UHI:  please check page 1 and xy plot for sun noise info.. cautions
        that it is not exactly linear funtion.. this is an approximation and a 
        reference.  SKEDS F/G8MBI & GM0ONN .. ********

K5JL:   not much .. been on 23cm a few times during the week. ice and wind slipped
        the dish by about three degrees.. GM0ONN *********

K0YW:   high winds.. working on fixing up the p/s for 23cm amp.  will be able to vary
        B+ a bit.. 

W7CNK:  not much going on .. 

W1ZX/M: no traffic.. 

W4OP:   nice sunny day.. 53 deg .. amp all ready to go.. reports that dish size vs
        sun noise measurements are not completely linear as dish size gets significantly

W5LUA:  was up in Il last weekend.. on 24ghz, had 10th QSO, VE7CLD heard W5LUA and 
        played Al back over phone. RW3BP has received TWT and will be working on p/s
        to get on 24ghz. F5FEN, OE5VRL, F/G8MBI *********
        IC-756 PRO NB not too good.. TS-2000 NB seems to be real good.. 

WA9NGO: just to say hi.. 

KG6FCB: LF cavity for 23cm. check on ND2X web page.. also contact Mats 
        KD5FZX --

N4PU:   not much going on.. thanks to Bruce about hardline. still waiting on gearbox..

W7MEM:  not much .. 6 meters is dead.. so now back to net.. QRV on 70cm EME.. 
        only sked on 24th.. will look on random 24th.. 

WB0GGM: waiting on snow storm.. will be on for sked weekend.. YO2IS & K9SLQ ********
        looking for JA skeds .. any JAs out there would like a sked with WB0GGM
        please e-mail to with window in for Feb weekend. 

W8TLR/AG: on 20 meters for first time.. Tim .. 50 miles East of Cincinatti .. 

KA0Y:   QRU but not QRV on 23cm or 70cm.. 

EUROPE 9:23 AM 2/9/02

G4ALH:  bad QRM on 20 meters.. on 70cm random.. no skeds at this time .. 

LX1DB:  problems with stations.. sked with W1ZX & WA1JOF .. WA1JOF 549 copy...
        but not complete.. WA1JOF was 5khz low.. all the time was copying 
        JOF with good signal.. 15 after JOF stopped.. W1ZX & WA1JOF ********

W4SC:   working on mount .. just back from scrap yard.. 

KF4NJB: ....

WA3DJG: Dave .. have a 2 hole 23cm Parabolic.. looking for p/s schematic for
        Labe power supply 1kv version.. Dave has a 5 meter dish that hopes
        to work on in spring.. 

VE6TA:  sked req 70CM SK0CC, UT3LL, K4EME .. ********

PA3CSG: no traffic.. 

WD4OAY: Chris Miami.. 5w .. 

KB9RQ:  9:58 AM 2/9/02
Subj:    EME-result R/U-stn end of Jan./begin Feb.
Date:   2/3/02 10:56:14 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Jürgen Fiedler)
To: (MOON-Net)

Hello eme friends,
here the 2m- and 70cm(*)- result from the R/U-stn end of Jan/begin Feb.:

RX1AS      - wkd F9HS, EA2AGZ, OK1VVP, S53J, W7FG, SM5TSP, RN6MT 
             and KC4VI.

RA3LE      * had bad wx, wind,rain...sri no sked complete, 
             heard only I5CTE-weak, G3HUL going down.
             Heard Random K4EME 539/- and wkd new K5WXN #162.

RV3IG      - had initials with EA3DXU, K6AAW, RN6MT, F9HS and YU7BCL.

RA4AOR     - wkd WB0GGM, N2WK and VE7BQH.

UA4API     - had QSO with I2RV.

UA4AQL     - cfm QSO with W7FG and F9HS #59.

RN6MT      - wkd initials JH5FOQ, EA3DXU, RV3IG, DL2RSX, UA9YLU and RX1AS. 

UA9FAD     -* was not active

UR5LX      - wkd new PA3CMI, DD0VF, SM2BYA, UA3MBJ, YU7BCL, OK1VVP, 
             K7XQ, OE6IWG and UA3TCF.

UT5ER      - is glad to work YU7BCL

73, gl via moon
             Jurgen, DK3WG@DARC.DE              E-mail
                     DK3WG@DB0GR.#BLN.DEU.EU    PR

             UA9FAD, UA9YLU, UR5LX and UT5ER.

             Please send your QSL and SASE to:
             J.Fiedler, P.O.Box 1531, 15205 Frankfurt (O), GERMANY
Subj:    Re: NET NOTES JAN 27, 2002
Date:   2/3/02 3:16:10 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (ALPHA)

can you change my e-mail address to ?
Best regards Zdenek OK1DFC                  @@@@@@@@
Subj:    for net notes
Date:   2/7/02 3:40:30 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Bernd Wilde)

Hi Joe,

after a closer view to my EME antennea I saw that some open feed lines are 
brocken. I have to replace a rotor mast clamp as well. So I will be not on for 
feb. After the big storms house is repaired the broken trees are cutted and 
moved to the fire place and weather is like in spring now.
I hope to be back for march Skedweekend.

About ARRL contest, I agree with most of the guys, that 2 weekends will help to 
have more qso for the smaller stations. Not every station has good condx at one 
weekend; farady, storm, brocken cables, burned preamp or family affairs will 
keep someone out of buiseness. A secound weekend will give them a secound try. 
The big guns work about 80% in the first leg, but smaller stations make less 
qsos in the first leg. To give the smaller stations more fun it is nesseccary 
that we have a contest with 2 weekends.
I believe that we should move the dates earlier, to have better weather (95% are 
on the nothern hemisphere, sorry Doug). In nov. we are to close to wínter, storm 
and snow will keep every year some guys qrt.
I vote for sept. and oct. with high nothern decl. 

73 Bernd

Subj:    [Moon-Net] 432mHz cavity amp info
Date:   2/7/02 5:28:13 PM Eastern Standard Time
From:   TexasRF@AOL.COM

I have had several requests for info about the 432mHz cavity amplifier using 
the GS23B/4CX1600U tube used in the K5GW eme station. 

Several pictures can be seen at for those 
interested. The pictures can be enlarged by clicking on the small image 
displayed. If you have any questions please e-mail me at

73 de k5gw (please no flames about qsl cards! - tnx)