Subject: NET NOTES FEB 3 2002
From:     K1RQG 

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KA0Y:   not nuch.. QRT right now.. exciter down for repairs.. 

K0YW:   sunny day on SW Co.. reports that K5JL was out of power yesterday..
        involved in Balloon fest.. 

WA1JOF: lost sun noise .. may be too cold and a pin pulled out .. will be
        off the air for now.. 

W2UHI:  all is well.. no new news.. will make sun noise @ 22.2db today.. 

K5WXN:  not much going on.. raining all weekend .. went skiing & no radio.
        was on the 28th and picked up a couple more.. was not on during the week.. 

W4SC:   nothing new to report.. just working on system when he can.. plans
        to attend Dayton & SEVHF conference in Knoxville.. 

W7MEM:  sked with EA3DXU .. heard nil.. looking for skeds.. looking for 50' of
        LMR-600.. amp is sold.. sked with K5WXN, K9SLQ *******

VE1ALQ: froze up.. not much going on.. 

W1ZX:   FOR SALE see below..

KA0RYT: worked W7CI last weekend .. not much time on the moon.. been on 6 meters.. 

N2IQ:   warmed up to 36 degrees.. 28' dish not operational at this time.. need
        a drive belt, but on the way.. been off air due to ice, snow etc.. 

AA5C:   trying to put new preamp on 10ghz system.. seeing about 12db sun noise
        on 10ghz .. will try again later to put new preamp in.. looking for skeds
        on 10ghz.. 

DK3WG:  70cm antenna all ok.. will not be on net next weekend ..on holiday..
F/G0VBA: EME call is F/G8MBI .. still QRP at 50w.. Name is Graham.. 

SM2CEW: was on last weekend .. good time on 23cm.. HB9BCD, W7BBM, & F5HRY.. 

Subj:    Net notes - technical
Date:   2/2/02 3:33:21 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Dominique Fässler)
To: (K1rqg@aol. com)

hi Joe
did some interesting preamp work today.
All is documented on the opening page here:
The NE32484A offers a NF of 0.15dB on 23cm with notable gain..

Dominique Fässler
Bahnhofstr. 32
CH-5642 Mühlau
Tel. +41566681944

Subj:    [Moon-Net] 2002 ARRL EME Contest
Date:   1/31/02 7:55:58 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Lionel H. Edwards)

To ALL EME Stations:

I am getting some replys with preferences for the 2002 ARRL EME Contest.

However, I am not getting near large enough response. My only objective is
to relay the wishes of the EME group to the ARRL so they can make an
informed decision.

We hear all of the discussion on electronic voting, here is a case where it
is firmly in place! Use it! 

The 14 specific answers I have received so far hardly constitute
significant sample. I have received in the order 75+ other years.

I look for you specific feedback

Vote! Or will we have a great windy debate on Moon-Net and blame the ARRL
for the final dates chosen??

The practical choices are:

Sept 28/29
Oct 26/27
Nov 23/24

Choose any 2 weekends you wish

Again I am looking for response from ALL EME stations on ALL bands.

Subj:    [Moon-Net] 2002 ARRL International EME Contest
Date:   1/29/02 3:02:49 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Lionel H. Edwards)

To ALL EME Stations:

It is time for us to make our annual recommendations to the ARRL for the
2002 ARRL International EME Contest.

As is usual, picking the "optimum" dates is not straightforward.

The best compromise dates look to be  Oct 26/27 and Nov 23/24

Ian, G3SEK, Steve, K1FO and I have had some preliminary discussions 
and now look for YOUR input.

Please consider The first weekend in October and November is the European
Terrestrial Contest. Regardless, October 5/6 is new moon. Nov 2/3 is good
but has negative declination. Previous year's discussions on this subject
has always ended with the firm conclusion there are major problems when
both of these contests are held on the same weekend particularly in central

Other possible weekends are October 19/20, November 16/17, November 31/Dec
1 but all have low declinations.

All stations please send me your recommendations no later than Feb 28, 2002

I will publish the results by MOON-NET as well as relay the results to
Joel, W5ZN at the ARRL. 

Sept   01       23.3    5.2     487     1.64    5.3     2.7     Very Poor
08      5.5     12.0    259     0.13    1.5     0.5     NM+17h Very good but NM
15      -25.4   18.5    1912    1.41    10.5    5.5             Very Poor
22      -2.9    0.3     264     2.32    3.8     2.8     FM+4h   Moderate
29      24.8    5.8     485     1.69    5.5     3.0             Very Poor
Oct.   06       2.0     12.5    310     0.05    2.1     0.6     NM-11h Good but NM
13      -25.4   19.2    738     1.39    6.6     3.4             Very Poor
20      0.9     0.9     279     2.34    4.0     2.8     FM-1d   Moderate
27      25.7    6.5     415     1.70    4.7     2.7             Very Poor
Nov   03        -1.6    13.0    313     0.15    2.2     0.7     NM-2d   GOOD
10      -24.8   19.9    436     1.32    4.5     2.3             Poor
17      4.5     1.4     293     2.31    4.1     2.8     FM-3d   "
24      25.7    7.2     339     1.59    3.9     2.2             Moderate
Dec.  01        -5.5    13.5    323     0.37    2.5     0.8     NM-3d   GOOD
08      -23.6   20.5    344     1.29    3.7     1.9             Moderate
15      8.1     1.9     316     2.26    4.3     2.8             Poor
22      24.7    7.9     229     1.36    2.4     1.6     FM+2d   GOOD
29      -9.7    14.1    357     0.60    3.1     1.2             Moderate

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