Subject: NET NOTES FEB 2 2002
From:     K1RQG 

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     Joe, K1RQG 


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73 de Joe


W2UHI:  nothing new to report.. sun noise today with TS-870 22.5 db same as when
        flux is 260.. no change as in contrast with K5JL..

WA1JOF: looking for W1ZX & KX1DB.. 0630 today with LX1DB, but wind was very bad
        heard only a ping .. and nothing legitimate heard.. 
K5JL:   bad ice storm this week. lots of folks still without power.. 222 antenna
        broke. 20 meter antenna drooping .. sun noise is 25.9 db.. 

W4OP:   not much new.. had trouble maintaining constant power.. found that finger
        stock on plate of the 2c39 was not making good contact. had some arcing,
        fixed up finger staocka nd now all is ok. now getting around 270w out..

N7AM:   see e-mail below..

G3LTF:  miserable wx, rain and strong winds.. looking for 70cm sked with WA6PY.
        Will not be around for sked weekend .. can run before Feb 20 anytime.. 
        Nice QSO with SK0CC.. Copied GM0ONN "T" copy on his Tuesday skeds. 

W1ZX:   did not make LX1DB sked due to hi winds.. FOR SALE ITEMS ..SEE BELOW

DK3WG:  was not on .. RA3LAE did not work any new stations today.. looking for 
        a slug for Bird 43 for 70cm 2.5KW .. 

CT1DMK: no news ..not active on any bands.. 

PA3CSG: no traffic.. playing with 1kw p/s for 10ghz.. 

K9SLQ:  looking for skeds on 70cm.. nice QSO with VK4AFL.. 

WA9FWD: working on amp for 23cm with GS35B.. 

W7SZ:   picked up a few on 23cm last Sunday .. 

KL6M:   had a partial with K7XQ.. not good last weekend .. 





Subj:    432 EME 26-27 jan
Date:   1/29/02 5:30:44 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Sven Nordin)

Hi Joe 
The results for the weekend were ½ poor. 
One QSO  (sked 27th) with G3LTF, but with god sigs. Heard some PA/DL 
fragmentary on Saturday. Still some trouble with azimuth indicator but, 
as it was visual moon, I could find out correction factor. Open for 
skeds all days (not nights). 
73 de Sven SM5LE op. @ SK0CC 
sked to 
Subj:    NET NOTES infos: DL5LF
Date:   1/31/02 1:44:40 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Frank Dobert)

Hi Joe !

I want to inform the community that my antennas did not survive the 
heavy storm in DL at the last weekend (26/27th Jan). I am thinking 
what to do next, but that will not be before summertime. Thanks to 
all so far, it was always big fun.

Subj:    EME
Date:   2/1/02 3:08:12 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Cowles Andrus III)
To: (

Hi Joe,
A friend of mine is showing some interest in EME.
His name is Victor Alger, KE4LKQ.
I tried to talked him into 70 cm EME but I think his interest lies in
the 23 cm band.
He has a Yaesu 736R with the 1296 MHz module installed. I think he has
either an 10 or 12 foot C-band satellite dish he wants to try to use. He
is looking for information on feed horns, preamps and power amps for
I told him that most of the experts usually checked in from time to time
on the net and this might be a great source of knowledge and hard to
find hardware for EME.
He asked me to get you to add him to your moon net email list.
His email address is:     @@@@@@@@
Thanks & 73,
Cowles, K4EME
Subj:    Net
Date:   2/2/02 7:21:13 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Darrell)

Hi Joe;
I will be in Moncton today at my Daughter's, no much to except, very high 
winds and lot of Ice & Snow frozen on everything.
My condolences to Jay and his gathering of Ice.

Regards & Thanks, Darrell

Subj:    UHF: HB9Q results of January
Date:   2/2/02 8:42:32 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (HB9Q, Dan Gautschi)
To: ('moon-net'),, ('K2UYH')

QSOs worked by HB9Q on 70 cm, all random.
Type of propagation: EME                Mode: All mode
   DATE     TIME CALLSIGN        LOCATOR TX       RX       MODE  Initials
26/01/2002 15:50 DF3RU           JN59UL  529H     559      CW
26/01/2002 16:09 UA6LGH          KN97LF  429H     569      CW
26/01/2002 23:53 K5WXN           DM61    429V     559      CW
27/01/2002 00:49 KU4F            EL99AF  539V     559      CW
27/01/2002 01:11 WA6PY           DM13LA  429H     O        CW       #175
27/01/2002 01:26 K1FO            FN31QJ  559H     579      CW
27/01/2002 01:31 KL6M            BP51DC  539V     559      CW
27/01/2002 01:52 W7CI            DM41UM  549V     559      CW
We were especially looking for Eduardo, LU7DZ but did not find him. We
worked him however on 144.

QSOs worked by HB9Q on 23 cm, all random.
Type of propagation: EME                Mode: All mode
   DATE     TIME CALLSIGN        LOCATOR TX       RX       MODE  Initials
26/01/2002 17:30 SM2CEW          KP15DR  539      569      CW
26/01/2002 21:09 ZS6AXT          KG33VV  549      569      CW
26/01/2002 21:19 HB9BBD          JN47EE  579      589      CW
26/01/2002 21:25 IK3COJ          JN65BL  529      559      CW
26/01/2002 21:53 G4CCH           IO93RM  549      589      CW
27/01/2002 02:56 NL7F            BP64DV  529      569      CW       #110

We will be QRV again during the February activity weekend. We plan to
participate at the SSB EME Contest on 1296 MHz. If you would like to get
details about our activity just before it happens let us know. We'll drop
you an update by e-mail.

vy 73 es happy moonbouncing

Dan, HB9CRQ / KT6Q
head of HB9Q

Subj:    N7AM update.....
Date:   2/2/02 11:41:37 AM Eastern Standard Time

Good morning Joe....Was able to receive half of your check ins this AM.  You and 
Frank, W2UHI, were the strongest on my dipole in the Shop.  When the Wx gets better 
will be installing the 4 el. Quad for Twenty.  

Here, we are working on the drive shaft for AZ.  Am changing the drive shaft which 
was an old shaft from the HF days.  Randy, W7HR, is working on Darrells control box, 
which requires some new chips, to get the El readout working.  

In the shop, Have been testing the new waveguide from VE1ALQ, and it seems to have 
better sensitivity than the present one.

WE managed to escape any heavy snow here.  We had a slight dusting and that was it.  
The Dish is weathering all the wind gusts that we have had,  up to 32 kts.  
So we are making gradual progress on the EME system.

Thank you for the reports.  We appreciate your endeavours.  73  Jack N7AM
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