Subject: NET NOTES JANUARY 27 2002
From:     K1RQG 

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EME schedules, last update 27 Jan 2002, 12:29

(432 MHz listed only)
Skeds for JAN 27
Time   432.040        432.045        
2330z                 K9SLQ -G4YTL   

EME schedules, last update 27 Jan 2002, 12:29

(1296 MHz listed only)
Skeds for JAN 27
Time   1296.080       
2030z  HB9BBD-GM0ONN  
2100z  OE9ERC-GM0ONN  
2130z  DJ5MN -GM0ONN  
2200z  DJ9YW -GM0ONN  
2230z  G3LTF -GM0ONN  
2300z  N2IQ  -GM0ONN  
2330z  K0YW  -GM0ONN  

Skeds for JAN 28
Time   1296.050       
0030z  WA1JOF-LX1DB   
0100z  W1ZX  -LX1DB   

Skeds for FEB 23
Time   1296.080       
2300z  W1ZX  -GM0ONN  

Skeds for FEB 25
Time   1296.080       
0000z  W5LUA -GM0ONN  
W2UHI:  was on the moon last night and called GM0ONN and heard "T"
        copy.. worked K5JL, ZS6AXT, G4CCH, switched LNAs worked WA1JOF, 
        HB9BBD & W7SZ.. Frank is still collecting pictures of EME antennas
        and they can be found at ..

VE1ALQ: nothing new.. wx not good.. dishes are froze up.. 

K0YW:   went riding yesterday for about 6 hours. 6 meters was open yesterday
        and picked up 2 new countries.. 

K5WXN:  good evening on 432 last night.. worked about 6 Europeans, so the wind
        must have let up a bit.. RA3LE worked for a new one.. 

W5LUA:  been playing with 47ghz nf measurements.. made a couple of filters for
        47ghz.. may be on later tonight, but have a busy afternoon.. also
        will try a 24ghz again on Tuesday.. 0200 01/29 start sked, W5LUA is
        first on 24192.100 .. 

K5JL:   good signals on 23cm last night.. 4 way SSB QSO.. did hear GM0ONN
        on W2UHI sked.. Heard him a bit high in freq and drift up.. nearly
        complete.. needs to clarify.. going to try again. Great signal from
        W1ZX 58 to 59 .. 

WA1JOF: was on last night,worked G4CCH, K5JL, W2UHI, HB9BBD, W7SZ .. nil from 
        DL4MUP or LX1DB.. 

K1FO:   was on 70cm last night.. 

DK3WG:  DJ5MN will be on this eve.. SK0CC is back on EME and looking
        for skeds.. RA3LE #162 was K5WXN.. heard G4HUL,  called K4EME ??? 
        UA9FAD not QRV this weekend.. 

VE4MA:  15 min into 24ghz sked, reduce power by 3 db, 30 min into sked 6db down, 
        at 45 min into sked down 10db down .. 0200 01/29 .. 

W7SZ:   not much .. HB9BBD, G4CCH, K5JL all on SSB in roundtable. worked WA1JOF
        with "O" plus signal.. as well as W2UHI  on CW.. snowed last night..
        how to store dish in snow.. ??? heard W1ZX with great signal.. 

GM0ONN: NIL heard from SM2CEW, OE5JFL & LX1DB.. sent "O" HB9BBD but no reply,
        sent "M: to W2UHI got the calls.. sent "O" to K5JL and not complete 
        due to trees.. will move dish to different 

SM2CEW: was on for GM0ONN sked.. 

G3LTF:  should be on wx permitting.. 

LX1DB:  was not on last night.. wind too much.. still 60kmh wind.. may be on
        tonight if wind lets up.. 

F/G0VBA: will be on 23cm today into early part of USA window.. was not on last
        night due to wind 

DJ5MN:  need postal address of F/G8MBI ..

M3ZLD:  first contact.. 5/3

N2IQ:   parks dish about 20 deg el and sideways to the wind.. almost got tracking

KD7HVL: comments about dish and snow..  .. 

W7QX:   no traffic.. will be QRV during the week on 23cm.. 1296.050.. 

AA5C:   no traffic.. 

SK0CC:  QRV 70cm tonight after 2000z .. 

W1ZX:   no traffic.. 

K5IXF:  looking for net info.. 
Subj:    N7AM update Friday nite....
Date:   1/26/02 1:04:03 PM Eastern Standard Time

Good morning Joe.....Been up all night Baby sitting the Dish as we 
had snow fluries most of the night....With the outside temp. at 33 
deg. and around 10 kts of wind.....We lucked out and only got some 
dusting but was prepared to bring the dish down to the horizon if 
it snowed any more.  The Deicer was on all night and kept the dish 
free of any ice.  

Darrell has been helping us get the control box working.....looks 
like we have some bad chips on the El. Board, which have been ordered.  
Randy, W7HR, has been doing all the testing on the control box, and we 
are using his program to track the Sun and Moon.  So we are progressing 
slowly with the System.  Looking forward to getting this stuff all 
working so we can operate off the moon on 1296.  Thank you for the 
reports.  You are earning your Stripes keeping us together.  
Keep up the good work.  
73  Jack  N7AM
Subj:    Re: NET NOTES JAN 26, 2002
Date:   1/26/02 8:47:43 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Roger K. Hansen)

Hi Joe,

The winter has got me dowm, not being able to get on at all.  Can listen
to KL6M pound away though, even though it is direct and not off that
ball of cheese.  Am moving my shack into the garage at the present
time.  Can't beleve all the junk you find on the operating desk until it
is cleaned.  Just emailed you, as you said that you were going to cut me
a CD about your dish.  Haven't seen it yet so you probably havent cut it

WX here is cold it started out this morning (jan 26) at -25 below and
has warmed up to -12; a virtual heat wave.  

Won't be on tomorrow so sending this now.

73 Roger

Six opened up on Monday, King's holiday, into the east coast area.  Very
strong too.  Where were you?

Subj:    WA6PY - 432
Date:   1/26/02 11:16:04 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Paul Chominski)

Hi Joe,  
Today, 27 Jan I QSO'd on 432  HB9Q very good signal and K5GW extremely 
good signal. I have now 10 initials using 8 ft dish.
VY 73 Paul WA6PY
Subj:    EME 70 cm
Date:   1/27/02 11:27:09 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Cowles Andrus III)
To: (

Hi Joe,

I tried to work RA3LE  on 432.040 at 23:30 last night, January 26. I did
hear some CW however did not copy calls. I did have a little local QRN
or QRM at the time of the QSL. Maybe you can set me up again with RA3LE.

I was successful in completing with K9SLQ on December 31. K9SLQ has an
outstanding signal, easy copy.

Everything seems to be working FB here so please feel free in setting me
up with any 70 cm stations that wants to work me for next operation
weekend. I am looking to work any 70 cm stations in California, I don't
have California.

I am planning to send some QSL's out in the near future, sorry I got a
little behind.

Thanks Joe for your help, hope to talk to you again on HF soon,
Saturdays and Sunday mornings have been very busy last couple of weeks.

Thanks and 73,
Cowles K4EME