Subject: NET NOTES 19 JANUARY 2002
From:     K1RQG 

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     Joe, K1RQG 

EME schedules, last update 19 Jan 2002, 18:23

(432 MHz listed only)
Skeds for JAN 26
Time   432.040        
0130z  KL6M  -SP6JLW  
0200z  KL6M  -OE3JPC  
0230z  KL6M  -PA3DZL  
0300z  KL6M  -G3HUL   
0330z  KL6M  -G4ALH   
0400z  KL6M  -LU7DZ   
0430z  KL6M  -W2WD    
0500z  KL6M  -K7XQ    
0730z  KL6M  -JS3ISM  
0800z  KL6M  -JR1RCH  
0830z  KL6M  -JH7PAV  
0900z  KL6M  -JH1XUJ  
0930z  KL6M  -JA2KRW  
1430z  KL6M  -UA6LGH  
1500z  KL6M  -RW3PF   
1530z  KL6M  -RZ3BA   
1600z  RA3LE -JA2KRW  
1630z  RA3LE -JR9NWC  
1700z  RA3LE -JJ1NNJ  
1730z  RA3LE -JA6DZI  
2000z  I5CTE -RA3LE   
2030z  IK0EQJ-RA3LE   
2100z  IK5WJD-RA3LE   
2130z  IK6EIW-RA3LE   
2200z  G3HUL -RA3LE   
2230z  PA4FP -RA3LE   
2300z  K9SLQ -RA3LE   
2330z  K4EME -RA3LE   

Skeds for JAN 27
Time   432.040        
0000z  LU7DZ -RA3LE   
0100z  K9SLQ -WB0GGM  
0230z  KL6M  -I5CTE   
0300z  KL6M  -IK0EQJ  
0330z  KL6M  -IK5WJD  
0400z  KL6M  -IK6EIW  
1300z  KL6M  -UA4NM   

EME schedules, last update 19 Jan 2002, 18:23

(1296 MHz listed only)
Skeds for JAN 26
Time   1296.050       1296.080       
2000z                 OE5JFL-GM0ONN  
2030z                 LX1DB -GM0ONN  
2100z                 HB9BBD-GM0ONN  
2130z                 OE9XXI-GM0ONN  
2230z                 W2UHI -GM0ONN  
2300z  WA1JOF-G3LQR   K5JL  -GM0ONN  
2330z  WA1JOF-DL4MUP  

Skeds for JAN 27
Time   1296.050       1296.080       
0000z  WA1JOF-LX1DB   
0100z  W1ZX  -LX1DB   
2100z                 OE9ERC-GM0ONN  
2130z                 DJ5MN -GM0ONN  
2300z                 N2IQ  -GM0ONN  
2330z                 K0YW  -GM0ONN  

Skeds for FEB 23
Time   1296.080       
2300z  W1ZX  -GM0ONN  

Skeds for FEB 25
Time   1296.080       
0000z  W5LUA -GM0ONN  

Subj:    F1ANH-Info
Date:   1/14/02 2:08:28 AM Eastern Standard Time

Hi Joe,

I went through the 2001-newsletters and finally found the 
looked-for address of F1ANH in the March 2001 newsletter:

Best regards and Happy New Year

Subj:    EME info and 70 cm and above EME net
Date:   1/14/02 5:26:20 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Alphen, dhr. J.C.J. van)
To: ('')

Hello Joe,

First of all, as newcomer on EME I want to react on your concern about
people not attending the 70 cm and above EME net. I know the existence of
the EME net but         I cannot be QRV because my license does not allow me
to be QRV on HF. I do listen in to the EME net but most of the times I get
strong QRM from Italian stations at the same QRG. Further most of the time I
can only copy you when you have the beam to Europe.  
Because of my license I cannot attend the net and for this my most important
way of getting info and skeds is via the Internet. I always look at your
netnotes published on the web but the last few of 2002 I did not find yet. 
My station info is also on my webpages at with
info on EME but also about microwave activity and other stuff.

At this moment my activity on EME is a bit low, I am trying to learn CW
which gives me a hard job. Since september I made 6 QSO's but have got many
stations calling me. Due to a poor RX side and my lack of CW experience I
failed many QSO's which could be possible. I hope the next few month's to
work much more new initials.
On my station side I have now a much better pre-amp which improved my RX
performance. Now I have 1.7 dB moonnoise and about 15 dB solar noise (I
started with 0.9 dB moonnoise) . On my webpages I have also published noise
data from other 10 GHz EME stations, which can be usefull as reference data.
My TX side is working fine with about 200 Watt RF feeding a 6 meter
waveguide and 150 Watt at the feed. I still have to steer the dish by hand
which makes me a very busy operator. I hope to get automated tracking
operational. Still not sure which way to go for this. 
I want to try to be QRV during the weekends close to perigee but as long as
my station is not ready I am very dependent on wheather conditions. I have
to put the TWT with HV supply outside and don't want to risk losing the TWT,
so I cannot be QRV when it is raining.
For sked requests please send a mail to:

73  Hans PA0EHG 
Subj:    ALL: HB9Q next activity on 1296, 432 and 144
Date:   1/19/02 9:06:25 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (HB9Q, Dan Gautschi)
To: ('moon-net'),, ('K2UYH')
CC: ('HB9COG'), ('HB9DBM'), '' ('HB9ER')

Dear friends

Next activity of HB9Q will be as follows:

144.040 MHz:    January 26th 2002: 14.00z to January 27th 05.30z (our full

432.020 MHz:    January 26th 2002: 14.00z to 16.00z
                January 26th 2002: 18.00z to 20.00z
                January 26th 2002: 22.00z to 00.00z
                January 27th 2002: 04.00z to 05.30z

1296.016 MHz:   January 26th 2002: 16.00z to 18.00z
                January 26th 2002: 20.00z to 22.00z
                January 27th 2002: 02.00z to 04.00z

We will be calling CQ on 144.040, 432.020 and 1296.016 +- QRM. Depending on
activity times may vary e bit.
Please look for us, we would very much like to work you!

Please have a look at our completely new EME initial top list at
! Make sure you are also listed with your latest standings!

vy 73 es happy moonbouncing

Dan, HB9CRQ / KT6Q
head of HB9Q

VE6NA:  been working on boats all week.. no radio work.. hopes to go on a 
        cruise in March.. 

K5JL:   a little sleet and freezing rain yesterday.. have 2 & 6 meter skeds 

W2UHI:  nice day .. blue skies.. but cold.. 0 deg F.. reminds us that there
        is Jan VHF/UHF going this weekend.. may be on around 1800z today..
        has to do some shoveling and hope things run in 0 deg temps. 

WA1JOF: 0 Deg and no traffic.. 

K0YW:   not much going on. QRV 23cm today if anyone wants.. 

N4PU:   snow and rain.. 

W4OP:   has a new set of tubes in amp and cranking on the power on 23cm amp.. 
        lot of rain.. got 300w out.. will be helping WA4YGG.. 20 miles away.

W3JBJ/M: Marshall.. 

WA8RJF: Tony.. North Eastern Ohio.. 23cm station 3.6mtr dish 2 tube cavity
        amp.. and questions about the TS-2000.. 

KA0Y:   next Sunday will have a boy scouts at Station.. will check in with

W1ZX:   snowing...

GM4ONN: 1940z-2320z on 26th.. 2040z-0000z on 27th .. 120 TO 190 DEG WINDOW
        will hope to expand window 10 deg to West.. 

DK3WG:  no traffic.. ... 

DJ5MN:  no more 


N2IQ:    no traffic.. 

W5LUA:  ..

VE4MA:  new PA on 24ghz .. up to about 100w+.. will be on next weekend on 24ghz..
        was -30C .. 

WB0GGM: no traffic.. 

KL6M:   Will send skeds .. 

VE7BQH: 12:05 PM 1/19/02