Subject: NET NOTES January 12 2002
From:     K1RQG 

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EME schedules, last update 12 Jan 2002, 10:51

(432 MHz listed only)
Skeds for JAN 26
Time   432.040        
1600z  RA3LE -JA2KRW  
1630z  RA3LE -JR9NWC  
1700z  RA3LE -JJ1NNJ  
1730z  RA3LE -JA6DZI  
2000z  I5CTE -RA3LE   
2030z  IK0EQJ-RA3LE   
2100z  IK5WJD-RA3LE   
2130z  IK6EIW-RA3LE   
2200z  G3HUL -RA3LE   
2230z  PA4FP -RA3LE   
2300z  K9SLQ -RA3LE   
2330z  K4EME -RA3LE   

Skeds for JAN 27
Time   432.040        
0000z  LU7DZ -RA3LE   

EME schedules, last update 12 Jan 2002, 10:51

(1296 MHz listed only)
Skeds for JAN 27
Time   1296.050       
0000z  WA1JOF-LX1DB   
0100z  W1ZX  -LX1DB   
W4OP:   still working on xmit side of 23cm system.. hopes to do final
        checks on system .. 

W2UHI:  been testing on moon with moon 10 deg off the sun and still getting
        S-5 echoes.. 

K5JL:   not been on last few days.. did listen a bit yesterday.. heard K0YW
        & WA1JOF with good signals.. 

K0YW:   QSO with WA1JOF .. system has a bit of icing problem on the azimuth

N7AM:   assembling the autotrack drive and next is the feed system.. [K0YW]
        also doing sun noise measurements.. ******SEE EMAIL MSG BELOW******

WA1JOF: testing the rcvr system with TS-2000 with different IF amp.. seems
        as though the MMIC may have been causing some of the receive problems.

K9BCT/M: Ft Meyers.. looking for Don W4RDI at han fest.. 

VE6NA:  may even snow in Calgary.. still have amp problems and QRT still on 23cm. 

VE1ALQ: covered in ice.. not much new.. not QRV due to ice. 

GM0ONN: will be on Orlando, FL area in March.. [K5JL report]

K1TE:   Bradshaw.. 

WC9AAG: .. just checking out 

W1ZX:   still has free 50 ohm coax.. [like superflex] .. also several noise figure
        meters for sale.. call Willie

LX1DB:  20 meter beam  working ok now. for next 2 months will be quite active on
        EME.. rcvd an e-mail from LA8LF for 9cm .. QRV 70CM TO 10GHZ..

CT1DMK: no traffic.. still not decided on tube for 23cm amp.. 

F6KHM:  getting new dish 10 meter.. QRV only on 70cm .. now working on 23cm system
        and hopes to be QRV in a month.. will send e-mail when ready.. 

DL9KR:  no traffic.. lots of ice.. not QRV.. 

DJ5MN:  still QRV.. 

WA0WPJ: Craig.. 2 to 23cm tropo.. 

N4PU:   dish raising party today.. 

PA3CSG: had a little dammage to 3.7m dish .. 20 watts on 6cm.. will let us know 
        when QRV.. 

GM0ONN: arriving Orlando 31 March and be there for 2 weeks... QRV for the sked

W6WE:   making a bit of progress on dish project.. heard something that perked
        interest.. out of Europe there was some mention of 150w solidstate module
        [complete unit] at 23cm. has anyone else heard .. second hand info from 
        N6PI.. Can someone in Europe respond.. 

VE6TA:  reports that SSB Electronincs marketing 20w to 160w modules for 23cm . 
        10ghz module at 33w, 13cm at 130w and others.. 6cm at 90w, 9cm at 40w..
K1FO:   says price of above module 160w is about $900 per a local VHF club..

WA4YGG: getting components for 23cm EME..  Steve in NC.. looking for info on
        watercooling a 2 tube amp.. please send reply to with
        info pictures.. 10' dish and 2 tube amp..  ****SEE EMAIL MSG BELOW***
Subj:    N7AM update...
Date:   1/12/02 12:03:43 PM Eastern Standard Time

Good morning Joe.  We hear you ok when your beam is pointed out this way with our 
simple Quad dipole in the shop, and 100 w. Am planning on putting up 4 quad elements 
15 ft. above ground level pointed in your direction for 20 M.  Thanks to you and Bruce,  
K0YW, for allowing me to check in to your net.  

Today,  if the wind dies down, we plan on taking Sun Noise measurements  to calibrate 
the dish,  then try to hear some echo's off the Moon.  Am learning how to use the XIT 
on the TS2000x  so we can hear our echo's.  Maybe why we have not been hearing them 
is because we have been zero beat and not offset by 700 hertz.  So we are in this 
learning process.  Thank you kindly for your reports.  Keeping this group together, 
you have earned your stripes!  73 Jack N7AM

Subj:    2 tube VE1ALQ 23CM AMP PICTURES?/ info
Date:   1/12/02 12:44:47 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Steve Horton)

  I have the main components for 1296 eme now. I am studying the AMP now. I have no 
info on the water supply or have I seen anyone's amp yet hooked up. I have many extra 
tubes and water jackets. Please send a link if you have any. Thanks for any 
help/recommendations. I have access to a very good 3Ghz network analyzer and noise 
figure meter at work. I will try to check in more often. 

My info for reference: 1/12/02

WA4YGG, EXTRA CLASS since 1973, antennas 160-10m
6 and 2m weak signal. Working on 432, 1296 and 2304 equipment.
profession:QA Validation Lab Engineering Tech
phone, home: 828-524-7227

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286 Baird Cove Rd.
Franklin, NC 28734

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