Subject: NET NOTES DECEMBER 16 2001
From:     K1RQG 

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     Joe, K1RQG 

There were some interesting and open comments about EME activity and communicating
such information on this mornings NET. I took the liberty of sharing one fellow's
thoughts that were posted on MOON-NET and this spurned some discussion. My answer 
to him via e-mail follows in quotes and other comments are posted below. As stated
by Dave and others, it is our responsibility to continue to promote EME activity
by whatever means it takes to continue the interest in the hobby. I do feel that
Wayne's dissapointments 'may' come from lack of response to postings on MOON-NET
and possibly the "logger". I also am including the "editorial" I posted in Oct 14
Net Notes.

"In a message dated 12/16/01 9:42:58 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

<< One of the most disappointing things I have learned is that or at least it
 seems to me that the only stations that will get on the air and give it a
 try is either a new station or a marginal station.  With a combination like
 that the success rate is rather poor.  The big guns won't get on unless the
 conditions are almost perfect or a contest is on. >>


Please do not despair.. One observation on my part is that
you and other newcomers to 432 & above from 2 meters or new
from the start rely or feel that the main mode of contact or
communications is via the internet ( MOON-NET ). This is only
one means, and I must say that most of the 432 & above do NOT
subscribe to MOON-NET or use the "Logger" .. Most rely on the
good ole radio, mostly on 20 meters. The 70cm & above EME net
meets every Saturday and Sunday on 14.345 mhz starting around
10AM Eastern time and running for about 2 hours. Also there
is a lot of activity during the week on this same freq and 
time frame. So check in with us and see what is happening..

73 de Joe 


Now for an editorial:

I am expressing only MY opinion and MY observations regarding information
posted on various "reflectors". I do at times monitor and read info on some
of these reflectors, and would like to pass my thoughts on to some of you
that post on these "reflectors" but do not always get replys or action. This
also includes the "EME logger". Please beware that many 432 & above stations 
do NOT use these methods for their own reasons. If you get no response or
action, please try checking into the EME nets on Saturday and Sunday, both
70cm & up and the 2 Meter net on 20 meters 14.345 mhz 1400z soon to be 
1500z. I do not always take postings from these various "relectors" and put
them in Net Notes as it can become confusing, so if you would like info
distributed in Net Notes, please cc me ( ) so I know they
should be posted. There are a lot of new stations coming active on all EME
bands and there is a wealth of knowledge to be gleaned from ALL sources.
But your needs are not always addressed through just one method. 

I am open to criticsm (constructive and destructive) but am only trying to
help in getting your needs addressed. There are still many very active 
stations that are NOT "connected" and choose not to do so. Please keep this
in mind when announcing your activities whatever and wherever they may be.

If someone feels the need to cut and paste this editorial to a "reflector", 
I have no objections. I am only trying to describe how I see some comments
go unanswered.. 

73 and Good Echoes

de Joe K1RQG
432MHZ & Above EME "Net control"
EME schedules, last update 16 Dec 2001, 14:25

(432 MHz listed only)
Skeds for JAN  5
Time   432.060        432.069        
0600z  DK3WG -UA4NM   
0630z  DL7APV-UA4NM   
0730z                 UA4NM -DL1EJA  

Skeds for DEC 29
Time   432.040        
0100z  VE6TA -EA3DXU  
0130z  VE6TA -RA3LE   
0200z  VE6TA -RW3PF   
0230z  VE6TA -W7MEM   

EME schedules, last update 16 Dec 2001, 14:25

(2304 MHz listed only)
Skeds for DEC 29
Time   2304.100       
1800z  OE9XXI-ON5RR   
Subj:    23cm skeds
Date:   12/16/01 1:37:44 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (k0yw)
To: (Joe Demaso)

Hi Joe, The qso party went well. Everyone worked everyone else: W2UHI,
K5JL, KA0Y and WA1JOF. Also worked Ken and Frank on SSB. Sigs were very
good for a low Moon. SSB was 55-57. Almost as good as 20!! Keep on truckin!!
73 Bruce
Subj:   EME Net.
Date:   12/16/01 11:39:56 AM Eastern Standard Time
From:   W4sc
To:     K1rqg

Hi to all on EME net,

Listening to comments about Internet, I agree with Joe.  There is good 
information to be found, but you should not depend only on this resource. 
Not everyone has, or desires to have, Internet capabilities.  I resisted 
until about a year ago.

Still working on 1296 station antenna.  Hopefully I can get the 
welding/fabrication needing to be done over holidays.

Again, thanks to all working the W4OP/W4SC 1296 EME contest effort.  
I had loads of fun.

Seasons greetings to all.


Subj:    RE: Your Comments From The "Newbie" This Morning
Date:   12/16/01 11:26:40 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Dave Hallidy)
To: (Joe DeMaso)

I was lurking during the net, decided not to get into the fracas with my own 
opinions.  But I'll share them with you and you can distribute if you care to.

I don't think this guy who sent you the email is complaining about anything 
other than the fact that he hears people NOT flooding the EME airwaves with 
signals.  By that I mean, (and you've heard it even in our 75m group at night) 
people saying words to the effect of "NO, I don't want to get on tonight- 
I'd have to untie the dish", or "The declination is low", or "The moon is at 
apogee", or "There won't be anybody on", or "The moon won't be up until 3AM!", 
etc, etc.  You know the routine- frankly, I kind of agree with the guy's 
complaint- he hears people saying they don't care to put a signal up on the 
moon unless things are perfect.  This doesn't encourage newcomers, who don't 
even know the reasons why one might or might not want to get on, to try to make 
an EME contact.  I think it's incumbent on us veterans to be willing to put a 
signal up there for a newcomer anytime it is physically possible, or to at least 
be willing to explain to the newcomer the reasons why we can't do it at a 
particular time.

The best encouragement for people is success- giving newcomers excuses why we 
can't try a QSO with them is not encouraging, in fact it's discouraging to 
someone who has expended a lot of efftort (and/or money), only to find out that 
his "heroes" (the big guns) aren't too excited about running with him on the moon.

I feel, and have always felt, that helping a new guy in any way I can is the most 
important thing I can do- if that means getting up at 3AM to give him something to 
listen to off the moon while he tries to figure out the bugs in his system, then 
I'll do it.  And I think that if we do any less than those kinds of things is going 
to have the effect of turning potential EME'ers away from our ranks and that would 
be a bad thing.

Also, I think the rap that the Moon-Net is getting from people like Frank is unfair.  
Mike Owen put the Moon-Net together for discussion of ANYthing related to EME- not 
just 2m.  It just happens that most of us who work above 2m don't care to use this 
service.  I guarantee that Mike would be delighted to see the microwave EME'ers 
posting stuff.  W5LUA is making some good points about Moon-Net as I'm typing this.  
I certainly believe that we should use any means available to us to make skeds, 
share info, etc.  But the info needs to be made available to as many folks as possible- 
this means not excluding any form of info sharing, so that new guys can see it, too.

I've rambled enuf- you're doing a great job with the 20m net, and I'll continue to 
push people to check in to share info, but they also should be looking at ALL 
available means of communication of EME=related stuff.
Thanks for reading this Joe, and Happy Holidays.
Dave K2DH

Subj:    Info for the EME Net
Date:   12/16/01 11:12:29 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Michael P. Murphy)


 Thanks for the great welcome to the net!  As I said on the air, I have been
interested in EME from my earliest days in ham radio, but I have yet to get
my own station on the air!  I have been around EME, working the second
weekend of the contest in '81 from WA8ONQ's QTH near Cincinnati.  Last year,
I was able to work 1296 on the second weekend of the contest from WA9OUU's
QTH (now N8OU).  I also know Gary and W5UN, in fact I bought an old Yaesu
726 from Gary a few years ago.

 I have a couple of amplifiers that use single 7289s, and a circulator to
run them together. I also have a few TVRO dish reflectors, including a 16
foot job from a defunct cable TV head end.  No feedhorn yet, but I have
studied the subject and have the capability to fabricate a sturdy set up.

 A couple of other guys out here are interested in getting on EME, and I may
be able to set up on one of their QTHs.  Soon, I should be able to find a
place of my own, and get set up for higher frequency EME.  Time will tell!

 I recently had to move my ham station, as I lost the lease on a shop that I
was renting, so my station address is not correct at the FCC.  Here is my

Michael P. Murphy  KA8ABR EM79
8300 Schoolgate Drive
Dayton, Ohio  45424-1347
(937) 235-1820

 This QTH is also rental property, and I will have to move again in a few
months, but I'll try to keep my information up to date.

 Personally, I get information from all sources, including the moon-net
reflector on the internet.  I know it is dominated by the two meter guys,
but I am interested in that as well.  I would not have met Gary without
seeing his add for the '726 on the moon-net.  My preference is for 23 cm,
but I am involved with a 222 Mc EME project with another guy in the area as
well.  I am intersted in the internet, but I prefer the real world of radio
communication and the vagaries of Mother Nature!  The internet is too
contrived, but it is very useful...  Like the telephone.  

 My HF station is a mixed set of twenty to fifty year old stuff, from a
Yaesu FT101ZD (main rig) with an L4B, all the way back to an ART-13 and
BC-610F for AM and CW nostalgia!!  I have a borrowed tri-bander at 30 feet,
and  40 meter dipole feed with open-wire feed and a link-coupled tuner that
I use on the lower bands.

 Again, thanks for the nice welcome, I hope to be on the moon some time soon!

73 es CUL...


Subj:    Re: 70cm INFO
Date:   12/16/01 9:42:58 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Wayne  K9SLQ)

Wayne Grove  K9SLQ
1025 W. Lancaster St.
Bluffton, IN   46714

Kenwood 850 / Down East Transverter/LNA145 @ ANT
Final is Lunar Link driven to 1.5 KW
ANT 8 22 ele yagis
AZ - EL control  NOVA software/Yaesu AZ - EL plus ANT mounted camera

I guess I am not sure what the NET NOTES are or the EME NET.  I did send AL
in copy for the WEB Site
news letter.  I had a GREAT Sked QSO with DR. AL  K2UYH, he gave me a 559
and he was almost that good
here also.
EME new for me as of this fall.  With every new ham venture their is the
learning curve to face and I have faced it.. HI HI
One of the most disappointing things I have learned is that or at least it
seems to me that the only stations that will get on the air and give it a
try is either a new station or a marginal station.  With a combination like
that the success rate is rather poor.  The big guns won't get on unless the
conditions are almost perfect or a contest is on.
I am also not sure about the window info you are asking about.

Wayne Grove K9SLQ  EN7ØKK  7Øcm  EME  8  FO-22 yagis  1.5 KW

VE6NA:  ..

K0YW:   does Frank want to get on 23cm today ??  QRV on 23cm.. 

W7CNK:  ..

W2UHI:  will be on 23cm this afternoon.. 

WA4NJP: comments regarding EME communications both on the internet and on HF..
        been having a ball on 6 meters.. only worked stateside during contest
        on 23cm.. 

W1ZX:   looking for skeds on 70cm.. 

W5LUA:  no traffic..  

KA8ABR: has a 16' dish and some 23cm equipment and hopes to get on 23cm EME in
        the future. Mike.. 

KA0Y:   no traffic.. may be on at 1730z on 23cm.. 

K2ZAA/M: Marv .. Rochester, NY.. 

DK3WG:  .. sorry .. got here late Jurgen.. 11:48 AM 12/16/01

PA3CSG: no traffic.. 

WA1JOF: not much for the net .. Seasons Greetings.. 

K5JL:   overcast.. light rain.. may get on at 1730z on 23cm.. 

VE6TA:  worked on 70cm K6JEY, PA4FP, K9SLQ, KJ7F.. looking for skeds..
        RA3LE, W7MEM, EA3DXU, RW3PF skeds needed.. ************

NU7Z:   some interesting posts in net notes .. need data on : JA7BMB 6CM
        IW4BWJ 3CM, PA0EHG 3CM, IW4BTJ 3CM ???? Need info and/or clarification
        on these stations. Any up dates for microwave list welcome to

KD4LT:  there will be activity on 29/30 December.. 

K5WXN:  not QRV on 70cm for the time being. control system is torn apart and 
        needs time to rebuild and should be back after January.. 

N1LAL:  ..

AA5C:   worked OH2AXH and F1BLL on 3cm (also 6 meters) working on 24ghz beacon.

N4PU:   busy on system.. working on getting amp in cabinet.. hopes to move dish
        closer to house in next couple weekes.. ready for gearbox in next couple

K2DH:   cooments in e-mail above.. 

KA0RYT: QRV on 70cm.. 

W7MEM:  no traffic.. wil be around for skeds on 29/30,, 

K0RZ:   no traffic.. 

DL1YMK: not QRV until 2002.. working on amp for 23cm and should be ready for end
        of January.  will be looking for more activity on 70cm as well..
        OK1CA 23cm *********

DL9KR:  address for OK2BDQ:
        Ivo Bubik
        Nebory 314
        CZ-73961 Trinec

NA4M:   running cables to dish .. Happy Holidays to all..