Subject: NET NOTES DEC 1/2 2001
From:     K1RQG 

     Most recent Schedules can be found here 

    Also submit your sked requests to Joe:

     Joe, K1RQG 

Subj:    IARU result
Date:   11/25/01 12:02:11 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Philippe PIERRAT)
To: (K1RQG), (

432     22 x 16
1296   53 x 24
2304    8 x 7
5760    3x 3
10 Ghz 7 x 6
Total  93 x 56
On 10 Ghz  F6KSX #14, I5PPE #15, OK1UWA, PA3CSG #16, IW4BTJ #17, AA5C
#18, DL0EF #19. Copied HB9BHU, OK1UWA, WA7CJO, W6HD, PA0EHG, IK2RTI
On 6 cm  JA7BMB, IK2RTI #13, OK1KIR, Copied NU7Z M bad window for here).
Initial on 13cm: IK2RTI, G3LTF
Difficult to move 5 feeds on the dish, all alone....!
I will be qrv 1 / 2 december. Send me Email at I
am looking Moon Net.

Bets 73
Philippe, F2TU

Subj:    ALL: EME-initial-toplist
Date:   12/1/01 9:42:39 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (HB9Q, Dan Gautschi)
To: ('moon-net'),, ('K2UYH')

Dear friends
please have a look at the only online EME-initial-toplist at !
It would be great if you would support our effort to keep the list
up-to-date! Many thanks!
vy 73 es happy moonbouncing

Dan, HB9CRQ / KT6Q
head of HB9Q
Subj:    Activity for K6JEY
Date:   12/1/01 3:22:46 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Doug Millar)

         Had a good night last night considering the path limitations. 
Signals were wavery and lots of QSB- more than usual.
W7CI M/549 random
VE6TA M/O  on sked
WBOGGM  Good signals from me but nothing from him. We are going to try 
again today.
Open for schedules next weekend and am working out hours I can live with. 
Need to reply to several requests.
         Waterproofing last year of the antenna and preamps seems to be 
holding up well.
                 Doug K6JEY

Doug, K6JEY
4x25el K1FO's, .22db nf, 1100w


W2UHI:  was on EME last night.. reports that W1ZX has big signal on EME.. WA1JOF, 
        OK1CA, W1ZX, WA6PY, WA4NJP, W5LUA all worked.. 
        Good condx on moon.. 

K0YW:   was not on last night due to other commitments.. will be on tonight.. 
        looking for activity.. 

W7CNK:  got a 6 meter beam up [too late].. 

WA6PY:  OK1CA, OH2DG, WA4NJP, K5JL, OZ6OL, W5LUA & W2UHI all worked will be QRV after 
        0770z tonight 

WA4NJP: worked WA6PY..

W8HAP/M: just checking in .. 

K2DH/M: on the Ferry in NC.. W2RFM may be on freq.. week vacation.. 80 deg.. 
        Built in 1994 .. 208' long .. 295 tons.. in Mississippi.. 1610 HP Diesel.

KB0DXS: ..

W1ZX:   not much .. on last night and worked a few.. 

W4OP:   was on at moonrise listening.. did not copy GM4ISM .. not on xmit yet..

VE6NA:  cold and snowing .. elevation system is loaded and frozen.. was on 6 meters
        in past weeks and had a ball.. 

W7CI:   was on 70cm last night.. 2 initials last night.. was up in New England last
        week.. met up with W5ZN at ARRL HQ.. will be on tonight.. 

KU4F:   will send some pix to W2UHI for publication on web site.. 

W2RFM:  for K2DH.. Jim.. 

N2IQ:   was on briefly last night.. good condx .. some minor issues with computer.
        putting the sattelite project on hold.. will be on tonight.. 
        has lots of DRAW "SLIDES" 

K5JL:   worked about a dozen stations last night.. check for GM4ISM tonight.. 
        for logs for ARRL EME contest, get format off the ARRL web page. 

W7MEM:  heavy snow and shut down .. listening on 6 meters.. 

W3ERU:  hi to W1ZX and net.. 

WD5AGO: no traffic.. 

KA0Y:   was on 10 meters last night.. was on moon last night but went ot xmit and looked
        at feed and xmit feedline came out of horn.. No snow.. 

K4EME:  was on last night.. heard a lot.. worked W7CI.. will be on tonight after 0000z

PA3CSG: Back from flea market.. good time.. still working on 10ghz TWT .. 

DJ5NV:  skeds in morning.. had adelay in trip from Oslo.. and could not be QRV ..
        will be QRV 0300z to 0600z.. 

OK1MS:  greetings.. QRV in morning..

WB0GGM: was on last night.. RA3LAE & UA9FAD worked.. up to #99 IN3AGI nil.. nil from
        JAs .. did hear K6JEY on working others.. 

K9ZZH:   will be on tonight.. was not on last night..

WA2WIM: Neil.. looking for 6" square piece of teflon or Ultem.. 

W3EME:  Brian..


W5UN/M: on road..

W2UHI:  was on EME last night.. worked several.. DL4MUP, OZ6OL, G3LQ?, WA1JOF, KA0Y (/CW/SSB)
        K2UYH.. missed OH2DG .. DL4MUP/G4HUP is the same as DL4MEA ..


VE9DW:  was not on yesterday.. nothing new.. just installed sat tv for XYL .. 

K5JL:   DL4MUP.. was listening last night.. heard W2UHI calling CQ and jusy below him was

W5LUA:  did get on and worked some new ones.. GM4ISM & DL4MUP.. now has a 32w THW for 47 ghz.. 
        will be on 24ghz this week on Wed night..

W4OP:   was listening last night.. and signals started out weak, then built up.. 


VE4MA:  checking out more TWTs .. not much for the net.. hopes to be on 24ghz mid week.. 

WA1JOF: worked W1ZX on random night before .. worked G3LTF, G4CCH, OZ6OL, W2UHI, KA0Y
        a 4 tried and tried .. could not figure out who [DL4MUP] ..

W9NHE/M: Ted.. 

N2IQ:   no traffic.. 

W1ZX:   not much.. was on last night.. for CT1DMK, was in trees and need to try again. 
        did not hear WA6PY on skeds.. no LU8EDR either.. 

KA0Y:   fixed the Xmit feed probe .. OH2DG, W2UHI, DL4MUP, W2UHI [SSB], WA1JOF, K2UYH [SSB].

N4PU:   been trying to listen on moon.. but elevation drive is bad now.. 


K4EME:  worked  DJ5NV & NC1I .. heard K5WXN loud..but no reply. 

W7MEM:  did not get on last night .. 

W3EME: W4ZRZ .. EM63pn.. 

CT1DMK: QRT and needs to repair amplifier.. had 5 skeds with JA skeds .. only heard JA7BMB
        and not complete.. then had amp problems.. no copy on any other JA stations.. hopes
        to have amp running by next weekend and next sked weekend.. GI7B does not last long
        at hi power.. [500w] .. after 100-200 hours they blow up..

DK3WG:  needs sked W4ZRZ .. WB0GGM / UA9FAD & RA3LE all ok.. QSL to DK3WG.. 

LU7DZ:  0900-0300z only available.. from DK3WG.. 

PA3CSG: test on 23cm preamp.. .7db nf 35db gain.. 

DL9KR:  sent info on addresses for Polish stations.. 

G4AKZ:  .. sig report..

VE7BQH: 11:10 PM 12/1/01