Subject: NET NOTES NOVEMBER 25 2001
From:     K1RQG 

     Most recent Schedules can be found here 

    Also submit your sked requests to Joe:

     Joe, K1RQG 

Hello to all.. I have been very busy at QRL and no time for net or
any other activity. I have tried to keep up with all sked requests.
Please check list below for changes etc.. Any late changes that I 
receive will be posted on DL4EBY web site at the link below. 

Latest skeds will always be on DL4EBY web page. You can find
links at the PA0ZN page through the 432 & Above EME NET NOTES.

This is a direct link to the latest skeds. Copy and save it to
your favorites.

73 de Joe

EME schedules, last update 25 Nov 2001, 11:40

(432 MHz listed only)
Skeds for DEC  1
Time   432.040        432.045        
0030z  UA4NM -DJ5NV   UA9FAD-DL7APV  
0100z  WB0GGM-RA3LE   LU7DZ -DL7APV  
0130z  WB0GGM-UA9FAD  
0230z  W2WD  -DJ5NV   KO7N  -DL7APV  
0300z  W1IPL -DJ5NV   N1BUG -DL7APV  
0330z  LU7DZ -DJ5NV   W7MEM -WB0GGM  
0400z  W4ZRZ -VE6TA   K7XQ  -DJ5NV   
0430z  K6JEY -VE6TA   
0530z  KL6M  -DL5LF   
1000z  JS3SIM-WB0GGM  
1030z  JR9NWC-WB0GGM  JS3ISM-KL6M    
1100z  JA2TY -WB0GGM  
1330z  UA4NM -KL6M    
1600z  JA9BOH-KL6M    
1700z  KL6M  -UA6LGH  

Skeds for DEC  2
Time   432.020        432.040        
0500z                 KL6M  -K7XQ    
0600z                 DL4KG -KL6M    
1300z  JA9BOH-JA6AHB  

Skeds for DEC  4
Time   432.040        
0500z  KL6M  -RW3PF   

Skeds for DEC  8
Time   432.033        432.040        432.090        
0700z                                DK3WG -UA4NM   
0730z  DK3WG -RW3PF                  DL7APV-UA4NM   
0800z                 W2WD  -DK3WG   PA4FP -UA4NM   
0900z                 K6JEY -DK3WG   

Skeds for DEC  9
Time   432.033        432.040        432.090        
0700z                 LU7DZ -DK3WG   
0730z  PA4FP -RW3PF   LU7DZ -HB9Q    DK3WG -UA4NM   
0800z  DK3WG -RW3PF                  HB9Q  -UA4NM   
0830z                 HB9Q  -W1IPL   
0900z                 W1IPL -DK3WG   

EME schedules, last update 25 Nov 2001, 11:40

(1296 MHz listed only)
Skeds for DEC  1
Time   1296.050       
0130z  WA6PY -WA4NJP  
0200z  WA6PY -CT1DMK  
0230z  WA6PY -F5PAU   
0300z  WA6PY -PA3DZL  
0330z  WA6PY -F6ETI   
0430z  WA6PY -G3LQR   
0530z  WA6PY -SM3AKW  
1830z  G3LTF -JA8ERE  
1900z  CT1DMK-JA8ERE  
1930z  CT1DMK-JA7BMB  
2000z  CT1DMK-JA6AHB  
2030z  CT1DMK-JA6CZD  
2100z  CT1DMK-JH5LUZ  

Skeds for DEC  2
Time   1296.050       1296.060       
0100z  PA3DZL-OH2DG   
0200z                 CT1DMK-W1ZX    
0230z  WA6PY -WA4NJP  
0330z  WA6PY -OH2DG   
0400z  WA6PY -W1ZX    
0430z  WA6PY -VE9DW   LU8EDR-W1ZX    
0700z  WA6PY -LU8EDR  
1400z  WA6PY -VK5MC   
K0YW:   lot of 6 meter activity, but not much EME activity.. 

W2UHI:  not much new.. updated web site.. Starting an antenna gallery on web site and anyone 
        wishing to have picture posted, please send .jpg files to Frank at <> 
        youcan view web site at  <>

K0TAR:  does anyone know if spred spectrum wireless LAN bothers 2.4ghz weak signal equipment..

VE6TA:  not too much EME activity.. still on 70cm .. not 23cm.. doing some 6 meter work as 
        well .. 29 countries so far on 6 .. 

WB9IFM: Al.. 

W5AA/TI8: will be spending night with TI5KD in about a week.. 

W7MEM:  Has some skeds arranged with RW??? had fun on meteor shower.. 

N4PU:   things are coming along for 23cm EME .. 

WA9FWD: all is well.. did manage to get on 70cm and work K1FO on meteor scatter.. also changing 
        over to TS-2000.. 

W1ZX:   will be on 23cm next weekend .. any skeds welcome.. 

WB0GGM: will be available next weekend on 70cm.. did have a big AU before meteor shower.. 

WA1JOF: looking for K5JL.. 

K5WXN:  will be on 70cm next weekend looking for more contacts.. 

K9ZZH:  did not get on moon last night.. will be on 23cm tonight if any activity.. 

DK3WG:  skeds from last list for Russian stations ok.. cancel UA4NM/DL7APV on 12/01..

DL4KG:  sked with KL6M on 12/02 .. contest 28x15 .. 

PA3CSG: looking for KY on 70cm.

CT1DMK: waiting for sked confirmation for JA skeds.. 

DL9KR:  sent log in paper form to ARRL for contest.. 

KA0RYT: not much new.. working on projects.. looking forward to next weekend..

W7QX:   no traffic.. 

Subj:    Skeds, G3LTF
Date:   11/18/01 1:38:24 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Peter K. Blair)
Sender: (Peter K. Blair)
To: (K1RQG)

 Dear Joe, sorry I didnt get this out yesterday but if its too late then
get them in when you can, sorry not to have met up with you in the contest,
I guess we were on at different times on different bands. 
23cm... W4OP,JA8IAD,  there is a recent W& that I havent wkd but I cant
find the call!! anyone else that wants a sked with me is welcome of course.
just saw the shots of the Leonids in the USA on TV... fantastic... we had
cloud here but made some good qsos on 2m. 73, Peter G3LTF
Subj:    70cm EME ARRL
Date:   11/18/01 1:59:17 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (

Hi Joe / Al

I ended the arrl contest with 97 x 34, the 1st leg of the Contest wars
very nice with a lot of activiy In the NA window, 2nd part low activity !

I worked following new initial SP6JLW#, PA0PLY#, SM3BYA#, OK2BDQ#, OK1DFC#,
F6KHM#, VE9DW#, OK2DL#, K6JEY#, K4EME#, DH9NFM# (2 yagi 1,5 KW no elevation)
and bring me to initial 331
many thanks for all stations was call me !

Rig 4 x 17 WL DJ9BV Home Made , Power 2,5 KW

    73´ de Güni  DJ5NV      ex DL9NDD
Subj:    Amendment of Contest Tally
Date:   11/18/01 5:12:56 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Johann Bruinier)

Hello Joe and AL, looking at my listings for the contest I noticed that I had 
omitted a QSO with DL1YMK on Nov-11. For those who were counting: It's really 
106 instead of the 105 originally listed. 73, Jan. 
Subj:    [Moon-Net] ALL: Address Change
Date:   11/21/01 7:36:52 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Darrell)

Hello All;

Please NOTE:  primary Email Address Change do to new DSL ISP Provider, New 
Brunswick Telephone Co. I now have my own ISP port (;o}, not blasted cable, 
hi,, is still alive and well.

Regards & Thanks, Darrell                     @@@@@@@@@@@@
Subj:    Rebuilding
Date:   11/21/01 12:25:02 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Tommy Henderson)

Hi Joe;

Looks like the extra 23cm feedhorn/hybrid and LNA is spoken for, this is
whats left,

23cm Amp:  2 * 2 Tube Hispec amps 90 deg phased together, with heater and
bias supply, plate metering for each amp.   Rack mount inclosurer about 19"
* 5.5" * 20" deep. Set of water cooled tubes come with it.  $800 +sh, also
have plate transformers custom made to fit in same incloser, one will offer
1200v at 400ma continues 600ma IAS (250 watts out) or two placed in parallel
for + 1amp out (300 to 500w based on tubes) drive for 300w is about 20w.
$150 for .4a p/s or $250 for .8a p/s .  Can fax a picture.

23cm amp: solid state 10 in - 35watts out class C, 24v dc p/s comes with it.
Driver for above amp.  $175  +sh.

Tommy /
Subj:    activity here....
Date:   11/22/01 3:58:28 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Graham)

Joe, sorry to hear about the mount troubles, hope you can get it fixed up in
the Spring.

I have had quite a number of sched requests after my debut on 23 during the
two ARRL legs. At this time I prefer to work random only, with the current
50w at the feed I tune and pounce (quietly !!), in the coming couple of
months I will have a bit more steam on and then will be very active calling
CQ most weekends. 

I will be listening in on the sched list from time to time if random is slow
and will attempt some tail ending.

Graham F/G8MBI

R.F. Professionals
Radio Amateurs
Subj:    UHF:JA9BOH look for skeds on 12/01 and 12/02 on 70cm
Date:   11/22/01 4:44:28 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Kimio Maegawa)


You can see my tiny 432MHz ANT  at 
Estimated gain is 15dBd which is similar to single K1FO 22el Yagi.

I want to complete my  #300 on 70cm  in 2001 .
Skeds with New and big ANT station like  KU4F,VK3UM,VK4AFL  are welcome.
I want to add 3dB possibly 6dB  in 2002.

My skeds now are  ,

1 Dec  0900---2200
 1600z  432.040  JA9BOH -KL6M

2 Dec 0930--2100
 1300z  432.020  JA9BOH -JA6AHB

Total QSOs on 432MHz with  2*Nagara 12el (1.97m boom) ANT and 1kW RF were


hrd and called K1FO and VK4AFL.


Kimio Maegawa JA9BOH 
67-9 Shimo asojima Ohno Fukui 912-0815 JAPAN
e-mail and
Subj:    Preamplifier by Wa6PY:   please have a look into this page:
Date:   11/22/01 9:20:23 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Faessler, Dominique)

Hi Al 
this is to draw your attention to the newly released webpage. You find a measurment 
protocol of a preamplifier (2 stage) and pictures of the same there.
More technical stuff is already in place and will be added frequently.

I offer to everybody to tune and report on preamps as available. The test reports 
can be obtained electronically.

Hope to find some interest with all this and best 73!

looking forward seeing you in Prague!
Subj:    Hi de ON5RR
Date:   11/23/01 7:49:19 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Marc Kleyn)

Hi Joe,

I made it ... the 3.7 m dish was up for the ARRL contest... made 15
contacts in 4 hours on 23 cm.... Happy again...

Could you get me some skeds on 13 cm for the 1/2 dec weekend ??  I can RX
and TX on 2304 and 2320 MHz.
Dish will be 3.7m, 80W power in the shack, RX 0.7 NF/35 dB

73's de Marc, ON5RR
Subj:    Antenna Pix and Description for my WEB site.
Date:   11/23/01 3:18:23 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Frank Lumney)

Hi Gang

Many of you have very impressive antenna systems. I am going to 
create an Antenna gallery for more information. Since this will
be posted on the Internet, I felt I should get your permission
and a picture or pictures you would be comfortable with for this
activity. I intend to include Terrestrial towers and antennas as
well as EME setups.

I will need technical data such as Size, Gain, type of Feed, and LNA
Specifications, as well as pictures. I will start with my own data
and pictures, and add yours as they come in.

Have a look at my web site to get an idea of the format and info.


Frank w2uhi
http// OR http//
Subj:    new adress
Date:   11/25/01 11:26:12 AM Eastern Standard Time
To: (, (

hello OMs,
pse cancel my old  and use my new  <>  .
My EA6ADW-stations are complete dismantled. Here in my new qth - JO43XO
- I got antenna permission for small dish. In 2002 I plan to come qrv
10368eme with a good performed 120cm-offset - 32Watts at feed running
well at present. On 24192 running 250mW and 1.7dB nf at feed of the same
dish (feed switching by servomotor). Use it both for Tropo+RS. More
  73 de Peter,DF5JJ (exEA6ADW). @@@@@@@@@@@@@