Subject: NET NOTES NOVEMBER 11 2001
From:     K1RQG 

     Most recent Schedules can be found here 

    Also submit your sked requests to Joe:

     Joe, K1RQG 

EME schedules, last update 12 Nov 2001, 22:35

(432 MHz listed only)
Skeds for DEC  1
Time   432.040        432.045        
0100z                 LU7DZ -DK3WG   
0130z                 W2WD  -DK3WG   
0200z                 W1IPL -DK3WG   
0230z                 KO7N  -DK3WG   
0300z                 K6JEY -DK3WG   
1630z  KL6M  -RW3PF   
1700z  KL6M  -UA6LGH  
1730z  KL6M  -RW3BP   
1800z  KL6M  -DL5LF   

Skeds for DEC  2
Time   432.040        
0500z  KL6M  -K7XQ    

EME schedules, last update 12 Nov 2001, 22:35

(1296 MHz listed only)
Skeds for DEC  1
Time   1296.050       
0230z  WA6PY -F5PAU   
0300z  WA6PY -F/G8MB  
0330z  WA6PY -F6ETI   
0400z  WA6PY -HB9SV   
0430z  WA6PY -G3LQR   
0500z  WA6PY -CT1DMK  
0530z  WA6PY -SM3AKW  

Skeds for DEC  2
Time   1296.050       
0330z  WA6PY -OH2DG   
0400z  WA6PY -W1ZX    
0430z  WA6PY -VE9DW   
0500z  WA6PY -LU8EDR  
1400z  WA6PY -VK5MC   

N2IQ:   Was on 70cm and worked a few but had to go to family affair on Saturday.

K2DH:   not much to say.. 

K5JL:   heard W1ZX with S-7/S-8 .. few stations on today.. worked some more on
        2 meters.. 1 yagi(18ele) to 2 yagi(16ele) with with WD5AGO on 2 meters..
        VK5MC is back on 23cm.. 

WA4NJP: tnx for K5JL & K0YW on 23cm.. will have 222 amp running with 1kw in an 
        hour or so.. 

K0TAR:  picked up 6' dish and wants to press into service.. what band? 

W7MEM:  overslept.. got on 1300z and worked K5GW.. looking for contacts.. 

W5LUA/6: DM05 Bakersfield.. 

VE6TA:  20x17 on 70cm.. 22x16 on 23cm.. 

WD5AGO: been on 23cm and now kaput.. will be on 70cm.. Single yagi 100W 2 random in
        Europe .. OH2PO.. DL9KR worked .. solid state brick.. Heard and called
        HB9Q, KU4F, K5GW, DJ5NV.. will go back to 222 mhz.. 

WA1JOF: did not hear VE4MA.. 

N4PU:   not much.. could not find moon .. cannot hear anything.. 

AA5C:   got up early this morning .. worked DL0EF random.. went to 10368.200 
        I4CHY, F6KSX, PA0EHG ... IW4WTB is station running e-mail for I4CHY.. 
        correspondence with K6RE .. not on due to rain.. was on with 200w
        and now back to 50w tube .. K6RE/W6YFK are one and same.. 

KD4LT:  was on this morning .. lots of activity.. rough getting back active..

W2UHI:  looking for US stations on 23cm today.. 

N2IQ:   anyone needs N2IQ on 70cm.. will be on .005.. worked a bunch more 
        and about run out of stations.. picked up N1BUG.. 
        N2IQ, Mark finished up on 70 cm with 110 x 32 (preliminary count)
        No major problems except late in the weekend he 
        figured out that the window cracked open was cooling 
        the recieve converter and making it drift wildly.
        It seems that many stations (duplicates) were calling him
        again this weekend...of course we give extra credit for
        these!   Fewer contacts than last year but still alot of fun.
        Mark has a new 28' Kennedy dish on 23 cm but has no
        readouts only got on for a few minutes to give out
        some points

KA0RYT: was on this morning.. gotabout 6 more new ones..  47x18 so far.. 

VE4MA:  nil from WA1JOF.. cannot run any longer on 23cm today.. ran into stops
        on dish. tough time getting attention.. 

K9ZZH:  still tracking the moon.. will be available.. worked several stations..
W7CNK:  spent most of morning on moon.. good condx.. quite a few contacts..

WA9FWD: back on 70cm.. busy at home.. worked 19 init K4EME, W7CNK, S52CW, KA0RYT
        had problems to start. rotor az indicator not working correctly.

W4SC:   35 contacts from W4OP. DF4PV dissapeared on return contact. no moon left
        last contact K5GW.. HB9BCD was very difficult.. heard W1ZX, but no reply.
        WA6PY also worked.. 

K0YW:   looking for new ones on 23cm.. 120 initials now.. better score than last

W5UN:   .... 

CQ EUROPE       11:45 AM 11/11/01

DL7APV: 82x30 in contest.. 

G4ALH:  25x18 in contest.. 

W1ZX:   heard VE4MA calling WA1JOF.. 

KL6M:   a couple new initials.. looking for more.. 

K9BCT:  not too much to report.. not very active.. 1 hour yesterday.. 2 today..
        had a lot of fun.. 

WB0GGM: no traffic.. did work a few.. 

KA0Y:    had to go to work and missed out on contest ops this weekend ...

VE7BQH: 12:03 PM 11/11/01

Subj:    Re: NET NOTES NOV 10, 2001
Date:   11/10/01 5:13:10 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Ian White)
To:, (Allen Katz)

Hello Al, Joe

Sorry to hear about your dish, Joe - very bad luck, and just when it was 
going so well!

I haven't been very active, feeling quite discouraged by the new houses 
being built out back, very close to the antennas. That's goodbye to my 
moonrise window. On 6 October I worked VK3UM in a very small window that 
was left before the last houses were built - the VK window is completely 
blocked now.

When people are living in the houses there may be serious RFI from 
432MHz operations, because the antennas are only 30ft away from the 
houses. The medium-term strategy is to take down the 12-yagi array for 
432, and move up to 1296 with a 10ft dish. The long-term strategy is to 

On 12 October I had a hip replacement operation, so no EME contest for 
me! Rehab is going very well - best walking DX so far is 1 mile, and 
improving every day. I did get on the moon on 10 November and worked 
about 25 stations on 432, starting at 0700. Condx seemed highly unstable 
with big swings in Faraday. Most of the time the best polarization for 
Eu was dead wrong for NA and vice-versa, and always some way from 

I'll be going to a microwave meet on 11 November, so will not be QRV. By 
the December SW the new neighbors should be in, so we'll see how it 

Contrary to the information in the last NL, the two ARRL contest 
weekends *were* chosen for lowest sky noise, because this is a priority 
for 144MHz users. Sky noise doesn't matter so much on 432 and above, and 
our own sked weekends (one week before the contest weekends) were better 
in other ways. Both sets of weekends were the right choices... but for 
different purposes.

The DUBUS/REF contest weekends for 2002 will be:
23-24 MARCH 2002   432MHz, 2.3GHz to 5.7GHz
20-21 APRIL 2002     144MHz, 1.3GHz and 10GHz
Full details and rules are at

73 from Ian 
Subj:    AW: NET NOTES
Date:   11/11/01 8:11:44 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Dominique Fassler)

hello Joe

I am tired but ok.
Wkd 61x29 this weekend on 23cm, initials were: F/G8MBI #171; GM4ISM #172;
F5FEN #173.
It seems to become a custom to once in a while change the callsign. DK0ZAB,
DL4MUP just to mention two. I am happy to read that nobody of the EME
community was apparently interested in ON5OF's idea to change his prefix to
OQ5. All these fancy calls are no initials according the rules which we all
agree when we count initials. The only effect of these changes of calls is
confusion and disorder in the list of initials.

The contest here was just happening on this weekend which I now regret a
little bit. On the other hand I spent the first leg in southern France which
paid off as well!!

Subj:    AW: NET NOTES 
Date:   11/11/01 10:48:20 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Dominique Fässler)

Do you quys know what a qsl-generator is?
visit the new webpage of HB9BBD  at
You simply enter your callsign (initial qso with me after Nov.27 1999) and
you get your individual qsl on the screen and if you like, on your printer.
You'l find the todays contest log on the site.

have a look and visit new!

73 Dominique
Subj:    EME-result R/U-stn Nov.
Date:   11/11/01 9:32:10 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Jürgen Fiedler)
To: (MOON-Net)

Hello eme friends,
here the 2m- and 70cm(*)- result from the R/U-stn Nov.:

RA3LE     * wkd initials with F6KHM.

RK3FG/3   - had initials with JA0BLU, RN6MT, JL1ZCG, G4LOH, LZ1DP, UA4API,
            SM5CFS, OE5EYM, WB9UWA, LZ2US, PA2CHR and K9MRI.
            contest 29 QSO 

UA3TCF    - no new stn

RA4AOR    - give info - new G4LOH and UA4API

UA4ALU    - added G4LOH and YU7BCL
UA4API    - wkd new K6AAW, RA3QTT, RN6MT, RK3FG/3, G4LOH and DL1EJA.

UA4AQL    - can not finish UA9YLU and K6AAW...sri.
            He had new initials with RN6MT, KB8RQ, N5BLZ and W0HP.
UA4NM     -* no new stn

RN6MT     - was active agn, new SM5IOT, OK1DIG, PA3CWI, G0RUZ, JA0BLU,
            S52LM, RA4AOR, LZ1DP, DL9MS, OH7PI, I3EVK and PA2CHR.
            contest 46 QSOs (per 10.Nov.) 

UA9FAD    -* no new stn

UT5ER     - had new JN1CSO

DK3WG     - wkd OK1VVP, OK1IA, DJ6FU and G4LOH #760,
            hrd HA7P and RA1ZC in QSO.  
          * On 70 only K9SLQ 549/449 #385.
            contest  42 QSO x 19 Multi  2m
                     45 QSO x 22 Multi 70cm  

info:     - RK9CC is back with 4x19el x-pol Yagis
          - UA3TCF is back, he repair the elevation drive (8x9el) 
          - RK3FG/3 posted QSL cards to me....I answer first stn...

73, gl via moon
             Jurgen, DK3WG@DARC.DE              E-mail
                     DK3WG@DB0GR.#BLN.DEU.EU    PR

             UA9FAD, UA9YLU and UT5ER.

             Please send your QSL and SASE to:
             J.Fiedler, P.O.Box 1531, 15205 Frankfurt (O), GERMANY
Subj:   F5HRY ARRL EME 2nd leg (23cm)
Date:   11/11/01 10:31:01 AM Eastern Standard Time
From:   F5HRY
To:     K1rqg,

Hi Al and Joe,

Here is my report for the second part of the contest.
I ended 34x16, but had a limited time to operate in
both parts. I think I can reach over 40 QSO in the
ARRL contest, even if I have a house blockage during
the JA window. I was also rather sick during the second
part, my ears seemed to refuse to listen to the weak signals !
Sri to those who called me : W4OP the first day (but
wkd on the second) with a strange fuzzy tone, DF4??V and ON5RR
with traces only.

Vy 73's de Herve F5HRY

NB : Tnx Al for QSO, sri Joe for the problems on your
mount, I wish I had work you during the first part !! I will
attend the OK conference with my wife. 

10/11/01        09:15   HB9BBD  559     549
10/11/01        10:26   DJ5MN           O       O
10/11/01        10:37   K2UYH           539     559
11/11/01        08:45   IK2MMB  O       O
11/11/01        08:54   OE5EYM  O       O
11/11/01        09:13   DJ9YW           O       O
11/11/01        09:52   CT1DMK  O       O
11/11/01        10:38   HB9BHU  O       O
11/11/01        13:02   OE5JFL  549     559
11/11/01        13:20   K5GW            O       O
11/11/01        13:57   W4OP            O       O
Subj:    ARRL EME
Date:   11/11/01 11:34:53 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Bernd Wilde)

Hi Joe,

sorry about your dish problem, hope you can be back in DUBUS/REF contest maybe, 
hopefully on 432 as well?

Was late for the net, had to change the tires from my wifes car, winter tires 

worked 82x30 in ARRL, didn´t substrate the dups now. I believe SP6OPN and SP6JLW 
are count as one qso?? And what about Dirk, ON5OF and his special call OQ5OF??, 
wkd him with both calls, but I think thats the same ?????

Burned on sat the preamp, and worked with the backup preamp JA9BOH, with a 
single 12el.!! My smallest station till now. Condx seemed normal to bad, and 
activity shoud have been better. Seems to be a better result then last year, but 
missed several stations, like last year. But anyway IT WAS FUN!

Need grid and qsl info from JA6DZI, any help???

73 Bernd DL7APV
Subj:    [Moon-Net] UHF:23cm G4CCH ARRL test 2nd leg results
Date:   11/11/01 4:54:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Howard Ling)
To: (Moon Net - Message Posting (E-mail))

ARRL EME Contest 2001 - Second Leg

Activity was high and but finding those illusive last few stations became 
increasingly difficult as the weekend progressed. The odd unworked callsign 
popped up every now and again only to work someone else then disappear. 
Very frustrating at times but I guess that's what contesting is all about. 
We all keep coming back for more!!

Finding a clear frequency to call and not be so far away from the normal 
operating frequencies that no one would ever find you was a problem. Some 
stations did spread out, but most drifted back down below 1296.030 due to 
lack of response. QRM from big guns that placed themselves just hf of 
wherever I was was also very annoying.

Having said all that, I think I had a successful weekend and ended up with 
a respectable score.
Many thanks to all the stations that turned out to make it a busy and fun 
event with a few nice surprises too.

Here's the log:

10 November
0305 JA8IAD dup, DL4MUP dup, PA3DZL, HB9BBD, G3LQR, DL1YMK, GM4ISM for 
initial #163, W4OP in EM85 for initial #164, OK1KIR, DF4PV, WA6PY, W7BBM, 

11 November
0325 VK5MC, JA8ERE, ON5RR, F5AQC, DJ9YW, W4AD, K9BCT, N2IQ, VE6NA dup, and 

Gotaways this weekend were - F5FEN, DJ3MY, W1QC

Final score  - 77x34 (I need to check this after a little sleep!!)

Does anyone have any info on DO6ME, DH5RZ, DJ3MY and F5FEN. Also, I am 
looking for the grid square for Z25JJ to complete my log for a QSO way back 
in 1983... can anyone help out?

Best 73 & GL

Howard - G4CCH
Subj:    K6JEY Activity
Date:   11/11/01 6:53:18 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Doug Millar)

         Had a good time with the contest. Everything seemed to work well 
except for conditions which were not as good this weekend as last. I will 
say that DL9KR seemed to overcome them quite well. Truly armchair copy.
This weekend I worked
HB9Q-439/539 (his moonset)
         Also heard  K4EME, K1FO,KU4F,W7CI, all with good signals, but not 
as good as last weekend.

Doug, K6JEY
4x25el K1FO's, .22db nf, 1100w
Subj:    EME 1296
Date:   11/12/01 7:25:58 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Daniel Bernardini)

Hi Joe, I was make contact on Sunday 11 with the following stations:
and K5GW.
Good signal from: WD5AGO, N2IQ, W1ZX, KD4LT , W4OP, F5PAN
WA6PY and F5SRY, but them.....QRZ......QRZ......
Best regards
Subj:    Skeds
Date:   11/12/01 10:35:23 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Jürgen Fiedler)
To: (K1RQG)

Hello Joe,

I like skeds for 70cm with:


PS.:  I wkd K9SLQ 549/449....good signal...

Subj:    1296 WA6PY skeds for December
Date:   11/12/01 5:17:28 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Paul Chominski)

I would like to run a skeds on 1296 in December with: F6ETI   F6PUA
VK5MC  LU8EDR  and others.
My window:
 1 December   from 0130Z till 1400Z
 2 December   from 0230Z till 1500Z
 8 December   from 0900Z till 1930Z
 9 December   from 1000Z till 2000Z
I prefer to avoid Moon transit time due to the very fast Moon movement in
my QTH.

2.4 m dish circular polarization, good ears, 1 kW
TNX  VY  73  Paul  WA6PY