Subject: NET NOTES NOVEMBER 10 2001
From:     K1RQG 

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     Joe, K1RQG 


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K1RQG:  QRT on EME.. Dish mount broke in extremely high winds and repairs cannot
        be made til next summer..  

WA1JOF: was on moon looking for W1ZX.. nil heard .. nil from K9ZZH.. did not
        hear K9ZZH today during net.. 

VE1ALQ: was on this morning and worked 20 on 70cm in 2.5hours.. wind came up and
        had to park. will try to be on both 23cm & 70cm tomorrow.. wx depending..

KA0Y:   was on this morning and worked 16 .. worked W1ZX & VE4MA.. not sure if 
        he will be on tomorrow.. 

W2UHI:  still tracking moon and calling CQ .. only one worked this morning is W7BBM.
        will be looking for USA and JAs today.. looking for VE4MA, W7SZ, W1ZX & any
        others.. looking for any one right now.. 

W5LUA/M: mobile DM65 heading to Az.. did work VE4MA again on 24ghz with O reports.
        will be testing with RW3BP on 24ghz later on.. using RealTrac..and question
        for Jay about IBM ..

K0YW:   thanks to all who worked this morning.. looking for a few new ones.. where
        is K9ZZH, W1ZX, W4AD, W7GBI etc !!! and anyone else.. K9ZZH worked O/O 

K5JL:   been on 23cm.. not much going on.. about 20 on.. worked W4OP.. heard VE4MA
        & WA6PY. OE5VRL & GM4ISM new ones on band.. GM4ISM 125w 2.4mtr dish .. will 
        be on Asian window lookiing for JA & VK.. 

W7MEM:  K1FO, KU4F, N9AB, HB9Q worked on 70cm.. did VE1ALQ hear Mark calling ?? 

W7QX:   on moon now.. heard K0YW with K9ZZH with terrible farady.. 6 contacts   on
        2 meters.. 

W1ZX/M: worked a few this morning and will be on tomorrow.. signals were down in 
        beginning, but picked up as moon rose.. looking for skeds on 23cm.. 

W7CI:   computer problems started Thursday.. now resolved.. will be back on 70cm
        EME at 1700z.. 

K9ZZH:  will be on 1296.030 calling CQ.. 

VK3UM:  was on early .. will be on 70cm EME 1610z today.. 0251 local .. last weekend 
        USA activity on 70cm was poor.. lots of JAs.. 

K4EME:  8 contacts.. 7 new ones.. missed 5 stations.. called K9SLQ.. will be looking
        for more tomorrow.. will be on Asain window.. 

K5WXN:  confirm VE9DW=VE1ALQ.. yes.. worked a few this morning.. 

W4AD:   was on this morning. worked OE9XXI.. and all return calls were to W4RDI vs
        W4AD.. did have pointing problems .. will be on tomorrow.. 

W4RDI:  not on moon .. not QRV .. 

W4FF:   for Germany, is Landwehr still in business ?? they made preamps.. 

AA5C:   QRV on 10ghz.. worked G4NNS, F2TU, PA0EHG  for new ones on 10ghz .. 

ON5OF:  been on 70cm with much out of band intereference.. 

WB0GGM: looking for VE9DW.. will be on well.. 

VE4MA:  worked 11 on 23cm last night.. will be on tomorrow .. did work Al W5LUA a
        couple times on 24ghz during the week.. 

DL9KR:  has not seen any adds for Landwehr lately .. worked a couple new stations..
        Western window is now very good to 6 degrees elevation, but gets terrible
        noise.. looking for for K6JEY, K7XQ, & K9SLQ.. looking for 6 and 8 .. 

DL5LF:  report.. condx good.. lots of stations.. only 2 new ones. OE5EYM & VK3UM..
        heard N2IQ & K1FO.. also heard KU4F and called him but no reply... will 
        look for Les tomorrow.. 

PA3CSG: was on 10ghz 4 QSO on W6YFK (2.5 mtr dish 50w and is K6RE as well)
        for 10ghz.. (was on 13cm & 23cm about 20 years ago)  ..need info on IW4BAJ 
        on 10ghz.. will be on 10ghz in AM.. See edited e-amil above for more info.

DL9MS:  looking for QSL info for W7HAH ... info was in a summer edition of NL..

W4SC:   at W4OP and was on till 1200z and made 22 contacts.. 400w to 12' dish.

N4PU:   been listening on moon, but nil heard .. tracking a major issue..

W9PZP:  .. sig check.. 

W0RAD:  Hartley.. Deluth, Mn .. 

VE7BQH:  will send info to DL9MS about W7HAH.. 
Subj:    Assume: DL4DTU
Date:   11/4/01 1:36:57 PM Eastern Standard Time

Dear Joe,
I am absolutely unsure but I also worked DL4DTU and I personally
assume that Norbert, DL4DTU, was operating DK0ZAB in year 2000
ARRL-eme-contest and now he is QRV from the same station (10m dish, 100W)
using his own call. Perhaps he is preparing for next weekends contest.
BUT this is just my idea...I do not know exactly....

Worked WA6PY, DL4DTU, JA6AHB and some others this WE. Very happy to
work other little pistols like WA6PY (2.4m, 500W), JA6AHB (7m, 100w).
I heard lots of others and also worked quite some of the regulars.
I heard some new ones for me like IK3COJ and F/G8MBI, but could not
QSO with them due to several reasons.....hmmm

 Also worked DL4MUP (3m + QRO)

Cu in the contest!
73 de Bernhard DJ5MN
Subj:    [Moon-Net] UHF:23cm Worked DL4DTU last weekend?
Date:   11/5/01 4:14:20 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Howard Ling)
To: (Moon Net - Message Posting (E-mail))

I just received the attached message from Norbert - DL4DTU
The upshot is... 
For anyone who worked DL4DTU on 23cm last weekend
If you already worked DK0ZAB then DL4DTU is NOT an initial... that includes me!!
Time to amend the list

Best 73 

Howard - G4CCH

-----Original Message-----
From:   dl4dtu Norbert Rudiger []
Sent:   Monday, November 05, 2001 3:03 PM
To:     Howard  Ling
Subject:        Re: [Moon-Net] UHF:23cm G4CCH activity 3/4 Nov #2

I'm 'the op bye DK0ZAB . My loc. ist JO61CU the same like DK0ZAB.
Thanks for the fb QSO.
73 de Norbert DL4DTU
Subj:    Re: HMMM!!
Date:   11/6/01 12:38:17 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (J & Carol Liebmann)

New Information for net notes and newletter....

W5WOX - John - has a 12 foot dish - needs receive and transmitt, ect                   @@@@@@@@@

Subj:    contest
Date:   11/10/01 6:09:22 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (mark gummer)
To: (joe)

Hi Joe:

picked up another 14 this early morning ;(on 70)...won't be on again until
Sunday at moon rise...will get on 23 at the end of european window to give
out a few to family day...

Mark, N2IQ
Subj:   NU7Z on 5760 tonight and tomorrow night
Date:   11/10/01 7:56:51 AM Eastern Standard Time
From:   Nu7z
To:     K1rqg

Hi Joe -- I was one 5760 this evening, herd my echos pretty well with .5 to .6 db 
of moon noise. Called CQ for an hour + without reply. 

I will be back on 11th beginning at 1300 UTC. If someone would like a schedule I 
would happy to run with them, but I plan to call on 5760.100. Otherwise I will be 
calling CQ. 

Sorry, I can't be on the net this morning, 

73 to all -- 
Subj:    [Moon-Net] UHF: Winds & Libation
Date:   11/10/01 7:57:00 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Darrell)

Hi Folks;

I am parking my dish because of high winds that came up with the Sun, and 
libration is also very bad right now.  Perhaps tomorrow???

Regards & Thanks, Darrell   VE9DW, (VE9DW EME Contesting)
Dish Feeds,
23cm Linear's,
Auto Track Systems,
PayPal Available
FREE Software,

Postal Address:            Phone: 1 506 738-2734
                            FAX Machine: 1 506 738 8512
3 Windsong Crt.            ICQ:  125905977
Grand Bay-Westfield NB
Canada  E5K 2S5
Subj:    ALL: Who needs HB9 for multiplier?
Date:   11/10/01 10:07:47 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (HB9Q, Dan Gautschi)
To: ('moon-net'),, 
('Mark Hughes'),, ('Sehringer'), ('VE7BQH')

Dear friends
The conditions today were very unstable and activity was rather low. We had
some snowfall and gusty winds. We hope it will be better tomorrow!

Here are the planned activity times for Sunday. Depending on weather and
activity there may be changes.

1296:   Nov. 11th from approx. 01.30z - 03.30z
432:    Nov. 11th from approx. 03.30z - 05.30z
1296:   Nov. 11th from approx. 05.30z - 08.30z
432:    Nov. 11th from approx. 08.30z - 10.30z
1296:   Nov. 11th from approx. 10.30z - 14.00z

144:    Nov. 11th from approx. 01.30z - 13.00z if condx and activity are good

QRG:      144.040 + - QRM
          432.020 + - QRM
        1296.016 + - QRM

We will be calling CQ on the above frequencies. Please look for us, we would
very much like to work you!

Check-out our equipment and results of the first part of the contest on our

We wish everybody lots of fun and success during the contest!

vy 73 es happy moonbouncing

Dan, HB9CRQ / KT6Q
head of HB9Q
Subj:    [Moon-Net] 432 Mhz
Date:   11/10/01 11:25:59 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Mark EA8FF)
To: (moon-net)

To all who called me without reply,it seems that everybody wants to stick below 
432.020,where I have a lot of computer interference in the daytime,a 3db preamp
would probably work as good in the lower segment.
I am QRV 11 nov,anybody who wants the multiplier,pse contact me at
Subj:    Fw: EME Contest - 10 GHz?
Date:   11/10/01 12:04:37 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Barry VE4MA)
To: (Jim WA7CJO), (Al W5LUA), (Greg AA5C), (Joe K1RQG)

Here is the info on the W6YFK station that is on 10GHz this weekend

----- Original Message -----
From: Rich Erhardt <>
To: Barry VE4MA <>
Sent: Friday, October 12, 2001 11:09 AM
Subject: Re: EME Contest - 10 GHz?

Hi Barry!

Thanks for the sked details.  Our European window opens at 1345Z Sat. and
1415Z  Sun - we'll be listening from the start.  We have a 2.5m dish and 
0.5 dB NF, > about 2dB moon noise. X-band EME has been a long time in works.  
Steve and I have complete rebuilt two SCR-584 pedestals with steppers, 
digital encoders, custom embedded computers, and custom PC tracking software.  
We've got about 0.02 degree pointing accuracy.  Been strip charting received 
noise from sun and moon - tracking error looks very good.  No problem with 
frequency error either. (Transmit will be a 50W TWTA when we get time to hook 
it up, and we're rack mounting an 800W  Klystron...yowza(!)...some fun).

It's funny, with the contest weekend coming up, Steve actually suggested I
e-mail a few of the regulars ("seasoned folks") to find out what they've
got cookin'.  Glad we connected!  Steve's doing well.  Got married for a
second time a few years back. He's in the process of moving the heck out 
of the Silicon Valley zoo.  Also seems like he's shifting to more of an 
elmer role, going from doer to advisor.  (I guess it helps with me being a 
few years younger and more energetic to do the grunt work).  Wow 1972! Guess 
Steve's always been one to encourage others with his pioneer spirit.

Anyway,  we'll be listening on 10.  I'll let Steve know you we're also
thinking about him!

 Best Regards,
 K6RE             (edited by K1RQG)
Subj:    [Moon-Net] UHF: GM4ISM QRV 23cms
Date:   11/10/01 12:20:31 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Mark Hughes)
Reply-to: (Mark Hughes)

Today I had a little more luck.
The PA kept going and I worked the following
G4CCH, HB9BBD, OZ4MM and K5JL   up to 6 initials now HI
I think these are all firsts of 23cm EME from GM
copied OE9XXI, several others heard before I had to go QRT. 
More time to operate tomorrow between 08:00 and 12:00
Skeds welcome.
It seems that I can be copied OK on a 5m Dish or larger.
Several improvements will be made to the system in due course, more power, better 
nF and extension to the dish details at

Equipment is 125W to 2.4m dish 0.75dB nf   Loc IO85AR