Subject: NET NOTES NOVEMBER 3 2001
From:     K1RQG 

     Most recent Schedules can be found here 

    Also submit your sked requests to Joe:

     Joe, K1RQG 

Please read the included e-mails!!! Also check the skeds..

73 de Joe

K1RQG:  was on last night for a few hours but not much activity
        Will be on tonight..23cm..

K5JL:   was on last night, but little activity.. 

WA1JOF: worked KA0Y and no others heard.. 

N4PU:   raining last night and not able to manually move the dish...

VE1ALQ: was not on last night and most likely will not be on tonight..


KA0Y:   was on last night and worked WA1JOF, K1RQG(SSB), G4CCH, & NL7F..

W7CI:   was on 70cm last night.. very slim pickings.. W1ZX had big signal
        and never repied to W7CI. will be on tonight.. 

WA4NJP: was on last week and running 10w and worked K1RQG, & K0YW and heard 
        others ... worked about 200 on 6 Meters.. 9A & 9G new countries.
        will be on 222 EME next weekend on Sunday 1430z on 222.050..
        Ray will be available on 222 EME for anyone that wants to run..

W2UHI:  busy working on P3D equipment .. not much on EME.. will be on 23cm
        tonight around 0200z.. 

NC1I:   working on HF & VHF/UHF systems.. later today will swap out the 70cm
        preamp and check out the system.. if all is well, will be on next 

VE4MA:  Bert, VE4AP  passed away.. A close friend of Barry's.. If you are serious
        about 24ghz EME please drop Barry a note about the availabilty of 24ghz
        TWT's.. May be on 0400z on 23cm tonight.. 

WD5AGO: will be on after 0400z for a while on 23cm.. 17.5-18 db sun noise on 4 meter
        dish.. will NOT be on Saturday next week.. Will be on Sunday, 70cm for a
        couple hours then 23cm for a couple hours then back to to 70cm .. 
        all on Sunday.. will be on 222 EME with WA4NJP 1430z on 222.050 

ON5OF:  OQ5OF is special callsign for birth of little princess.. does anyone
        want Dirk to to use this special call during ARRL contest.. ??? 
        please respond to NET NOTES with comments..

NU7Z:   was on 5.7ghz calling CQ last night .. no takers.. Plans to be on during the
        contest.. Looking for a 2ghz Brick LO positve voltage external referance..
        Or a 12ghz LO with positive voltage.. 

W7CNK:  looking for Russian tube GI7B .. was on a little last night and nil.. echoes
        last night poor and this morning pretty good on setting moon.. 

W7MEM:  missed Willie sked .. sorry .. 

KA0RYT: will be on for the contest.. 

KL6M:   Will not be on 222 EME next weekend.. will be on 432 though.. Europe, check
        last weeks notes for KL6M.. did work VE6TA 549.529, OH2DG 539/539 last night.
        did hear DK3WG trying to work K6JEY.. will be on for European window.. today
        and tomorrow.. will be on today.. 

DL9KR:  question about NL distribution.. cannot open the NL attachment.. For KD4LT
        please put Jan on .txt dist list  @@@@@@@@@@

DK3WG:  nil from K6JEY .. 

SM2CEW: will try to be on tonight on 23cm and 70cm . 

PA3CSG: no traffic.. will be on 10ghz next weekend .. 

HB9BSJ: 5/5 .. 5/9+ 10 

N2UO:   working on Az drive and now to assemble the dish system on the mount.. Now
        need to rebuild the PA p/s.. 

K9ZZH:  has xmit fixed .. will be on tonight 23cm..

W4OP:   will try to get with W4SC to use 500w amp and get on for contest.. 

VE7BQH: 12:21 PM 11/3/01

EME schedules, last update 3 Nov 2001, 13:07

(432 MHz listed only)
Skeds for NOV  4
Time   432.040        432.050        
0530z  K6JEY -DK3WG   W7MEM -W1ZX    
0600z  W7MEM -KL6M    
0630z  W1IPL -KL6M    

EME schedules, last update 3 Nov 2001, 13:07

(1296 MHz listed only)
Skeds for NOV  3
Time   1296.050       
2200z  DJ5MN -F5HRY   

Skeds for NOV  4
Time   1296.050       
0330z  DJ5MN -VE6NA   
0400z  DJ5MN -WA6PY   

Skeds for NOV 11
Time   1296.050       
1130z  DJ5MN -VE4MA   
1600z  VE4MA -WA1JOF  
1630z  VE4MA -W1ZX    
1700z  KA0Y  -W1ZX    
1730z  VE4MA -KA0Y    
Subj:    [Moon-Net] S59DCD 13cm activity
Date:   10/28/01 11:32:46 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Marko Cebokli)


The S59DCD team had some problems with R/T switching and power
amplifier giving only 14W (cca 10 at the feed), but they managed to
make the first 13cm EME QSO frm S5 with OE9XXI.

For further info contact Rajko S54X at

73, Marko
Subj:    CFM all skeds
Date:   10/28/01 1:31:11 PM Eastern Standard Time

Dear Joe,
I confirm all my skeds as you listed them in the Sunday netnotes (Nov.28).
F5HRY on 3rd Nov cfm
VE6NA on 4th Nov cfm
WA6PY on 4th Nov cfm
VE4MA on 11th Nov cfm

Thanks for your help, dear Joe!

Good luck in the contest!

73 de Bernhard
dj5mn - little pistol on 23cm EME
Subj:    Parts for PA
Date:   10/28/01 1:39:08 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Dr Alex Gavva)

    Dr om,
 I have for sale new (NOS) Russian metalceramic final tubes:
 GS35b  1500W@1000 MHz (close to 8877)  -$100;1500W on HF,VHF,SHF,  
        >800 W on 23 cm- RW1AW design.
 GS9b   > 100 W on 13cm ( K9EK cavity design)- $30. Ed builds finals with GS9b.
 GI7b   350-300 W on HF-23 cm  - $30
 GU84b  2500W@250 MHz  ( WA6PY designed 2kW 2m final) -$130,sockets are
        available . Are OK for HF-VHF
 GS15b  280 W on 23 cm in WA9OUU cavity design -$25
 GU43b  1600 W up to 100 MHz - $75 Are ok for HF-6m
 GS23b  1.5 kW on 70 cm in N7ART and KD5FZX finals ( similar to YL1050) $160
 REW-15 coaxial 1500W relay - $20, connectors for them $1 each -
 Cheap HV ( 6-10-20 kV) RF disc ceramic  and doorknob capacitors (500,1500,2200 pF).
 Zenner diodes D815A 5.6 V @1450 mA -$0.25 per each.
               D815B 6.8 V @1150 mA -$0.25 per each
 All parts are new and newer were in use.
 All prices are with included postages.
 Delivery period abt 2 weeks.
 More detail about these tubes ,relays and finals with them you can find at:
 73. Alex,UR4LL. <>
Subj:    Re: (no subject)
Date:   10/28/01 5:43:06 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (dk3wg)
Reply-to: (dk3wg)

Hello Joe,

I will be on. The poplars no longer green...hi

Subj:    WA6PY 23 cm
Date:   10/28/01 11:27:38 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Paul Chominski)

Hi Joe,
Thank you, I will be QRV for sked(s) on 23 cm next weekend.
I managed to replace few finger stocks in Plish cavity and I am getting
better Pout now.
VY 73 CU in the contest, Paul WA6PY
Subj:    ALL: new online EME top list 
Date:   10/29/01 3:38:20 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (HB9Q, Dan Gautschi)
To: ('moon-net'),, ('K2UHY')

Dear friends
it took us way too long but finally we made it. The second version of the
only online EME top list is working! Please have a look and let us know what
we need to improve. And of course make sure you are listed with your latest
standings! Click and you are there!

vy 73 es happy moonbouncing

Dan, HB9CRQ / KT6Q
head of HB9Q
Subj:    ALL: Results HB9Q first part contest
Date:   10/29/01 3:28:45 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (HB9Q, Dan Gautschi)
To: ('moon-net'),, ('K2UHY')

Dear friends
Due to heavy QRL schedule we could not be active all the time with 2
Unfortunately we did not finish tuning of the new 432 feed. We obviously had
problems (only 300W output) and the result is disappointing. On 1296 the
result is okay, but we located more potential. 144 was the band with the
least activity-time. The result is okay.
  144: 84 QSOs 35 multis
  432: 49 QSOs 26 multis
1296: 48 QSOs 22 multis
All the stations worked are listed on our homepage (see below).
We will advice about our activity during the second leg a few days before
the contest! We hope to work as many of you as possible!
We still need South America on 432 and 1296! Any help is very welcome!

vy 73 es happy moonbouncing

Dan, HB9CRQ / KT6Q
head of HB9Q
Subj:    6/3cm eme news
Date:   10/30/01 10:02:37 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (DEHAYS Dominique)

K1RQG de F6DRO (JN03tj)

Hi Joe,

I started do dig the hole for the dish mount yesterday. I am supposed not 
to do this , as XYL told me priority is to work on the new house , but 
when she's away I can't resist! This is quite a hard work as we had no 
rain at all for a while here , so the ground is very hard!
I got a strong wind storm last month , I was working in the house when I 
saw my 3m dish ( 80kg) , flying about 1meter above the ground for a 
100meter distance ,and then crashed on the ground , apparently with no 
serious damages.
 So I had to drive big poles in the ground and to tie the dish , otherwise 
it could be damaged , as I get these wind storms quite often here.

73's Dom
Subj:    WA6PY QRV on 1296  on 4 Nov
Date:   10/30/01 3:37:04 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Paul Chominski)

WA6PY will be QRV on 1296 on November 4 - toward European window. I can
also be QRV on Nov 3 and to the JA window if there will be an interest.

My window:
3 Nov from  0330Z till 0800Z Moon transit  and from 1030Z till 1430Z
4 Nov from  0430Z till 0900Z Moon transit  and from 1130Z till 1530Z

I have a sked with DJ5MN Nov 4 at 0415-0445Z on 1296.080   2.4 m dish  500W
I will be QRV in the contest, but I do not like to have a skeds during the
E-mail at home :,- some times I have access problems,
Tel  home: 858 - 676 0381
2.4 m dish, 6.5 dB cold sky to ground, circular polarization,  500+ W out.

VY 73 Paul WA6PY  DM13LA
Subj:    new E-mail adr.
Date:   10/31/01 6:23:58 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Jürgen Fiedler)
To: (K2LME)

Hello friends,

I changing my E-mail adress. Please put in your list                @@@@@@@@@@@@

best 73, see you
                       Jurgen, DK3WG 

Subj:    [Moon-Net] 24 GHz EME Schedule Change
Date:   10/31/01 10:04:31 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Barry VE4MA)

Hello All,

We will have to change the dates for our next scheduled 24 GHz EME tests. Al
W5LUA will not be able to complete his dish mount improvements by the
original dates.  WeE have again tried to accomodate European and Western NA

The new dates are:

Wednesday Nov 7  07:00- 07:30 & 09:00-09:30  24192.1 MHz  W5LUA-VE4MA

Thursday Nov 8  08:00- 08:30 & 10:00-10:30  24192.1 MHz  W5LUA-VE4MA

Best 73

Barry VE4MA & Al W5LUA
Subj:    DJ5MN QRV on 23cm in contest
Date:   11/2/01 10:25:33 AM Eastern Standard Time

Hi Joe, please include in the net notes:

 Dear 23cm-EMEers,

 during the coming weekend (November 10th and 11th) I will
 be QRV on 23cm for the ARRL-EME-contest. I would be very
 happy to QSO with you on 23cm via the moon.
 Due to buildings and trees I have only a limited window
 so in general I will be QRV during the following times:

 November 10th: 0130 UTC to 1110 UTC
 November 11th: 0230 UTC to 1220 UTC

 DJ5MN will call CQ on 1296.029 plus minus QRM and
 doppler during the following times:

 November 10th: 0200-0230     UTC  (for ASIA and Europe)
                0600-0630     UTC  (for Europe)
                1000-1030     UTC  (for AMERICA and Europe)

 November 11th: 0300-0330     UTC  (for ASIA and Europe)
                0700-0730     UTC  (for Europe)
                1030-1100     UTC  (for AMERICA and Europe)

 Please look out for DJ5MN, who is especially waiting
 for YOUR CALL !!

 Best 73s, good reflexions, good luck and hope to
 work you soon on 23cm EME!

 Bernhard DJ5MN
 (now 103 stations worked on 23cm - tnx to K1RQG)
 Rig: 2,95m dish, QRO-PWR (2x) TH327, 0.3 dB NF preamp

 Bernhard Dobler
 Breslauer Str. 7
 D-85435 Erding

 Tel (QTH) ++49 8122 7585

Subj:    DL0EF qrv on 10 GHz on the 10th and 11th of November
Date:   11/2/01 1:04:35 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Manfred Lugert)
To: (EME-Net, Joe), (astropeiler)

Hello Joe,

this is to inform you, that DL0EF will be qrv on the weekend 10th and
11th of November from JO30IN on 10 GHz with 10m dish and around 20W.

On Saturday the 10th we will only catch the end of the moon window for
us from aprox. 10h00 UTC until 13h45 UTC due to logistic reasons and
travelling to the station.

On Sunday the 11th we will be surely qrv as from 7h00 UTC until the end
of the moon window around 14h00 UTC.

We have made so far one sked with PA3CSG on Sunday, 11th, 07h00 - 07h30
UTC on 10368.200.

This time we will try to work mostly random but any sked is of course


de Manfred
PA3GLB/DL5FAB and the crew of DL0EF

n:Lugert;Familie Manfred & Ulrike
tel;home:+31 252 420924
adr:;;Zwaluwstraat 14;Lisse;;2162 GA;The Netherlands
fn:Fam. M. & U. Lugert
Subj:    EA8/LA8LF
Date:   11/2/01 3:44:30 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (A.M.Thorrud, Milcom AS,Norway.)
Reply-to: (A.M.Thorrud, Milcom AS,Norway.)

Had to cancell my 4 week trip to EA8 as I got ill.
Planning for Febr. 2002 visit.
73 de Anders, LA8LF
Subj:    SV: EME sked 432 MHz SK0CC
Date:   11/3/01 4:12:13 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Sven Nordin)

Hi Joe. 
No W-QRV  Nov. 3/4 (family reason).     But sure QRV 10/11. 
Have you any "favorite" QRG? 
SK0CC = 432.032 mostly.  
73 sven
Subj:    UHF:23cm G4CCH activity 3/4 Nov 2001
Date:   11/3/01 6:13:32 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Howard Ling)
To: (Messages 2 (E-mail))
CC: (Joe (E-mail))

I was active on 02 & 03 Nov, but found very low activity.
On  03 Nov I worked: 0400 KA0Y 589/589, 0415 OE9XXI 58/56 and was joined by 
K1RQG  54/57 making a 3 way ssb qso, 0647 NL7F RO/O... nice signal Bill, 
more elevation my end this time.

Will be on again tonight 03 Nov 2130 to 0000 and tomorrow morning 04 Nov 
 0500 to 0800
Hopefully there will be a few more stations to work.

Best 73 & CUL

Howard - G4CCH

5.4m dish, 650W from 6 x 2c39ba watercooled, 0.31 nf
Subj:    de ZS6AXT
Date:   11/3/01 6:26:16 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Ivo Chladek)

Hi ,
I am going on Monday 5th for another spine op, this time on the top, 7 - T1. 
Not sure whether I will be able to operate in the Contest. Another setback 
for me this year.
Good luck to all,

CU, 73, Ivo
Ivo Chladek, ZS6AXT,
loc. KG33VV
Subj:    Re: EA8/LA8LF
Date:   11/3/01 8:31:14 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (A.M.Thorrud, Milcom AS,Norway.)
Reply-to: (A.M.Thorrud, Milcom AS,Norway.)

Hi Joe,
Thanks e-mail.
I am only QRV from EA8/LA8LF on 23CM EME. I will be QRV on
13CM EME next spring with 100W at feed, maybe in the DUBUS
contest. I do have a complete 70CM EME station there as well with
4x38M2 antennas and my old N7ART AudreyII HPA at 1500W out.
However, I need to extend the fold over mast with another 6 feet
section to be able to elevate the 4 yagies. (We have as much as 86 deg.
of moon elevation at EA8). Therefore they are still stored fully 
assembled together with the H-frame inside the house.
Congratulations on your 23CM EME results. 
73 de Anders, LA8LF.
Subj:    VE4MA EMail Change
Date:   11/3/01 12:51:10 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Barry VE4MA)

Hi All,

Effective immediately my EMail address changes from to           @@@@@@@@@@@@@

The @home service is in financial trouble and  all customers are being
requested to migrate.   Today I am having trouble retreiving mail

Barry VE4MA