Subject: NET NOTES OCTOBER 14 2001
From:     K1RQG 

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Now for an editorial:

I am expressing only MY opinion and MY observations regarding information
posted on various "reflectors". I do at times monitor and read info on some
of these reflectors, and would like to pass my thoughts on to some of you
that post on these "reflectors" but do not always get replys or action. This
also includes the "EME logger". Please beware that many 432 & above stations 
do NOT use these methods for their own reasons. If you get no response or
action, please try checking into the EME nets on Saturday and Sunday, both
70cm & up and the 2 Meter net on 20 meters 14.345 mhz 1400z soon to be 
1500z. I do not always take postings from these various "relectors" and put
them in Net Notes as it can become confusing, so if you would like info
distributed in Net Notes, please cc me ( ) so I know they
should be posted. There are a lot of new stations coming active on all EME
bands and there is a wealth of knowledge to be gleaned from ALL sources.
But your needs are not always addressed through just one method. 

I am open to criticsm (constructive and destructive) but am only trying to
help in getting your needs addressed. There are still many very active 
stations that are NOT "connected" and choose not to do so. Please keep this
in mind when announcing your activities whatever and wherever they may be.

If someone feels the need to cut and paste this editorial to a "reflector", 
I have no objections. I am only trying to describe how I see some comments
go unanswered.. 

73 and Good Echoes

de Joe K1RQG
432MHZ & Above EME "Net control"

Latest skeds will always be on DL4EBY web page. You can find
links at the PA0ZN page through the 432 & Above EME NET NOTES.

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K1RQG:  had a ball on 23cm.. missed a lot of stations.. but worked a lot as
        well. Still 100w (really 120w in shack) & 32' dish. May take the time 
        to check out a few tubes and get a little more RF out !!!

K5JL:   no traffic.. looking for K9BCT on 23cm .. heard but not worked.. 
        EA3UM had big signal.. 

VE1ALQ: nothing new.. missed some.. 

W5UN/M: left La this morning .. on way home.. 

N2IQ:   hi winds .. will be on 70cm for a few more minutes.. very little 
        JA activity last night.. good VK.. 

K2DH:   no traffic.. grieving for being on.. 

KA0RYT: Condx better today.. also recording some signal.. 19x14 .. 

W5ZN/M: no traffic.. on way home from Tx .. been on business.

W5LUA:  worked G4NNS on 10ghz 9w 3 meter dish.. new one PA0EHG yesterday..
        sked with DL4MUP but not complete.. week of 5 Nov will do more
        24ghz tests on EME.. many stations on 10ghz this weekend.. 

W7MEM:  nil from W1ZX.. has 8 yagis up now.. not sure of performance.
        ? about LMR & TEE vs power divider.. N2IQU, K1FO, & DL9KR
        all loud.. anyone can help with 1296 module..??? K5JL..
        will be on .035.. 

WA1JOF: nothing to report today .  23x13.. 

KG6FCB: info on 23cm .. anyone working EME IC-910H ... Dave.. 

W7CNK:  been on 70cm.. cndx good both days .. N2IQ bigg sigg... worked
        many and had a good time.. 

W2UHI:  a bit frustrated this morning.. Libration fading was bad at zeinth.
        had a few questions.. SM6CKU good, F6ETU(I).. not complete.. wrong

W2DRZ:  Tom.. front coming through.. dish moved about 30 deg with high winds.
        all is working well. moved feed in a little and not sure if correct.

W1ZX:   has stuff back on 70cm.. 

KA0Y:   no traffic.. all is well on EME .. 

DK3WG:  JA6DZI equipment?? locator??  .. 37x18 on 2 meters and on 35x21 70cm.. 

VE1ZJ:  just checking in .. 5 stations worked on 1 yagi on 2 meters.. still
        at cottage.. 

ON5OF:  25x17 so far.. who was calling ON5OF with K 0 Y in call ?? has weak
        signal program for computer. working for fine.. ..

DJ5MN:  ??????

G4ALH:  N2IQ is N2IQU.. 19x14 on 70cm.. 

VE6TA:  trying out new rig.. now running 3 preamps with TS-2000X.. 

N4PU:   nothing new to report.. trying hear signals.. nil heard yet..

W4RDI:  not QRV .. 

W7QX:   did work OE9ERC up to 10.. K1RQG #60.. 

WD5AGO: worked many and having fun.. 

DL9KR:  Mixed condx on Saturday.. W1IPL, K9SLC??? new ones.. good condx today..
        looking for W6 & W8 .. no VE1 or VE6 .. will be on Nov weekend..


Subj:    my first 24GHz rx test
Date:   10/14/01 11:18:10 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Sergei Joutiaev)

Hello Joe,

First of all thanks to Barry and Al for early notification of their October
tests. Month ago I had only dish lying in garage and DB6NT preamplifier. Now
this dish is on the roof of 18th floor. October 6 first test on 3cm. Sun
noise 15.5 dB and moon noise 1.6 dB. October 7 - first test on 24 GHz. Sun
noise 13 dB. October 8 - moon noise 2.1 dB (elevation 43 grad). October 9 -
Trying to find Al and Barry 100 kHz away from right frequency. At 09:13
noticed and correct my mistake. At 09.14 copied first signal via moon on 24
GHz. Elevation 14 deg and moon noise only 0.8 dB.
October 10 - bad weather with rain and fog. Low moon noise even at 45 deg
elevation. Anyway I copied both signals with readable level. Some pause in
rain and moon noise was abt 1.2 dB.

Ant - 2.4m offset dish with rectangular horn as a feed.
Converter and LO by RA3ACE
Preamp DB6NT 1.6dB

73 Sergei RW3BP
Subj:    Activities and For Sale
Date:   10/14/01 11:32:04 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Doug Millar)

        Worked 7 stations on Saturday on the contest with good reports. Most 
random. The rig seems to be working well.
        I  have an AIL 7513 noise figure meter and several types of noise 
heads  (calibrated) for sale if anyone is interested.
                Doug K6JEY
Subj:    [Moon-Net] PA3DZL results 144 & 432 Mhz
Date:   10/14/01 12:17:49 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Jac de Bruyn)

PA3DZL  wkd during the first leg of the ARRL EME contest:

144Mhz (45 QSO's all Random, 10 initials):
I3DLI,  SM5FRH,  I2FAK,  EA6VQ,  F1FLA,  F3VS,  DL9MS # 255,
EA3DXU,  G3ZIG,  PE1LWT,  I2RV # 256,  PE1LCH # 257,  PA9KT,
RU1AA,  OH3AWW,  DL5MAE,  OK1MS,  KB8RQ,  W5LBT # 258,
OE5EYM,  K5GW,  LZ2US,  HB9Q,  OK1DIG,  JH2COZ,  I3EVK # 259,
IK2DDR,  JL1ZCG,  JHØVJW # 260,  JAØBLU,  S52LM # 261,  S53J,
PA2CHR,  SM2CEW,  GM4JJJ,  EA2LU,  LZ1DP # 262, VE3KH,
SM3MXR # 263,  WØPT,  W3SZ # 264, WØHP, WB9UWA, AC3A and
Heard or not complete were: SM5FCS, SM5BSZ, JH5FOQ, F6FHP,

432Mhz (5 QSO's all Random):
OH2PO,  N2IQ,  K1FO,  OZ4MM and DL9KR
Heard or not complete were: OE5JFL, OH2DG, W1ZX and JL1ZCG   

See you all during the second part,
Will be QRV on 1296Mhz also in November.

73's de Jac, PA3DZL