Subject: NET NOTES SEPTEMBER 22 2001
From:     K1RQG 

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     Joe, K1RQG 

For DL1YMK.... any update on expedition XF1 ????? 

Subj:    ARI contest report
Date:   9/17/01 2:50:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Frank Dobert)

From DL5LF (70cm)

Hi Joe !

I worked the first time with 2x8wl, but conDX seems to be very bad 
in my location (JO54AF). We had rain most of the time. I worked 
only 2 stations:
VE1ALQ and K2UYH with weak "O" report. Heard 2-3 other, but 
did not decode. Did also not hear DL9NDD, he is normaly very 
strong (also with single yagi).
I will be on for the ARRL contest.

Sympathy with all the people in the states, touched by the 

73 de Frank
Subj:    New e-mail adress.
Date:   9/19/01 3:53:26 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (A.M.Thorrud, Milcom AS,Norway.)

Hello Joe,
Nice to see you back on eme.
Hope to work you on 23CM eme from EA8/LA8LF in Nov. part of contest.

Please change my e-mail adress to:    @@@@@@@@@@@
I received 41 e-mails over the week-end, 2 from you and 39 spams!!

W5WOX should have a look at my web page for ideas to drive his 12 feet
dish. I use an 18 inch actuator to get linear AZ drive. Simple and cheap and
vy accurate!

73 de Anders, LA8LF
Subj:    FW: new EME'er on 3cm
Date:   9/20/01 7:39:40 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Clyde Scott)
To:     K1rqg@aol.coM

Forward from KD4LT
Clyde Scott, Jr. --  EME Communications. Technical consultant 
                               to the AM, FM & TV broadcast industry 
    KD4LT                 229-890-2506 -- 229-985-0864 (Fax) 
-----Original Message-----
From: Jan Kappert [] 
Sent: September 20, 2001 7:12 AM
To: ''
Subject: new EME'er on 3cm
Importance: High
Dear Clyde, 
Find below further details: 
3 cm EME station PA0EHG 
Antenne 3 meter Andrew dish f/d=0,3 gain 48 dB 
RX, Hemt LNA (nF: approx. 0.8 dB) 
TX, TWT: approx.60 Watt (Future: 150 Watt) 
Locator: JO22HB 
Operator: Hans van Alphen 
tel nr: *31 172-589349 
Best Regards, 
Jan Kappert PA0PLY 
Manager International Sales 
Comtest Engineering bv 
Industrieweg 12 
2382NV Zoeterwoude - Netherlands 
Phone: +31 715417531 
Fax:   +31 715420375 
Subj:    net notes
Date:   9/21/01 3:45:50 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Lodovico Zauli)

would you include me in your list and send me net notes please?
I am i4ZAU (ex i6ZAU), first 10 GHz bounce from Italy 1991.
best 73 vico
mail to 
Subj:    EME
Date:   9/21/01 11:11:09 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Cowles Andrus III)
To: (

Hi Joe,

After the net last Sunday I was able to work KU4F on 70 cm.
I still don't feel my receive end is quite up to par. I am looking for a
inexpensive operational Noise Figure Setup to check out my 70cm.
preamps. I am hoping that someone has picked up an extra one at an
Auction and has one to sell. Something like a HP8970 would be nice.

Thank you & 73,
Cowles, K4EME

K1RQG:  Still ahve 70cm feed in.. Now up to 26 initials on 23cm and 22
        on 70cm .. 

W7CI:   will be around this coming week.. should be on most nights next
        couple of weeks.. 

VE1ALQ: getting badly needed rain.. nothing new to report.. needs some
        skeds on 23cm and 70cm.. will email..   (OE5EYM).. *******

K5JL:   was on 23cm yesterday with WA1JOF.. had a local bank robbery go
        sour.. 259 on 23cm & 732 on 70cm.. 

W2UHI:  was not on moon during the week, but will be on this afternoon..
        up to 147 initials on 23c.. 

KD7LQN: ...

K0YW:   was on 23cm last weekend .. 107 on 23cm.. finally worked on feed
        and has gained .7db sun noise.. will be gone for next couple of 
        weeks in ca

WA1JOF: reports on second TS-2000.. still not up to snuff on 23cm rcv..

NU7Z/M: for PA3CSG.. NU7Z will not be on 10ghz till next spring.. currently
        on 5.7ghz.. will be looking for I6PNN on 5.7g Will send email.. 

W7CNK:  no traffic.. 

KA0PQW: no traffic..

WB0GGM/M: on way home from vacation.. hopes to be more active on EME..

K2DH:   not much progress at this time.. has lined up a someone to dig

KA0Y:   was on last week.. had a meltdown.. fixing water dammage..

W7SZ:   up to 9 initials on 3cm.. PA3CSG, VE4MA, AA5C worked last weekend.
        10' dish and 25w

KA0RYT: QRV.. will look for KJ7F .. Off to a wedding.. 

W5LUA:  EM24 Mena, Ak.. out camping.. 

WA5TKU: nil from Wes.. 

KB0IQU: ...

W7MEM:  still looking for antennas 4 x 432 - 9WL M2 .. 

K5WXN:  will try to be on later on 70cm after 1900z.. 

G3LTF:  G3LQR & K2UYH.. lots of visitors tomorrow.. 

DK3WG:  no traffic.. will be on next sked weekend.. 

N2IQ:   no traffic.. will be on 70cm this eve.. 

DL9KR:  Deep sympathy for all in US .. been playing with MGF4919G devices.. 
        as good as NE324 .. $3 apiece ..  .2db nf or below.. if you see
        any at fleamarkets, pick them up.. .24 nf on 4 ghz and .45 on 12ghz
        also working on solidstate driver.. nearly made it with K7XQ .. 
        will retry Oct 6/7.. Regards to the crowd at G3LTF.....  

W1ZX:   no traffic..

KL6M:    still working on 222 gear.. wrapping up honey-do and can now 
        concentrate on ham projects..