Subject: NET NOTES SEPTEMBER 15 2001
From:     K1RQG 

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EME schedules, last update 15 Sep 2001, 11:54

(3456 - 10368 MHz listed only)
Skeds for SEP 16
Time   10368.150      
1330z  VE4MA -PA3CSG  
1400z  W6HD  -PA3CSG  
1430z  W7SZ  -PA3CSG  

Subj:   Re: NET NOTES SEP 9, 2001
Date:   9/10/01 1:18:58 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From:   K7xq
To:     K1rqg

Hello Joe,
 Here is my weekend report:

1296 MHz is still down, Xvrtr STILL in repair at DEM !!!

432 MHz : Heard DL9KR very well but did not complete. I lost my 
preamp and have to get it repaired. The amazing thing is that I 
copied DL9KR without a preamp and used the internal preamp in 
the FT-847 using a pair of  9W.L.'s for antenna. DL9KR was the 
first 432 EME Signal ever received at my QTH and he apparently 
copied me as "439" with my AM-6155 @ 250 - 300 watts ) . Never 
heard DL9NDD, and did not even see him on FFTDSP. I am not sure 
if he was there at all. I never heard KL6M, so I am assuming he 
never got on. I should have a temp preamp installed in the shack 
for the next weekends on 432. 

2 Meters: worked N5BLZ, heard I2FAK ( He never heard me, I always 
have trouble with I2FAK hearing me for some reason. ) . Single 
3CX800A7 works well for first time use here. This was the first 
weekend I have ever copied a EME Echo from my QTH on 2 meters or 
any other band for that matter ( upgraded from 300 watts to 750 
watts ).

I will be QRV next weekend on 2 meters and 432 MHz. Not sure when 
I will ever get my 1296 Xvrter back from DEM !!!

Jeff K7XQ

Subj:    Re: NET NOTES SEP 9, 2001
Date:   9/10/01 2:23:47 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Roger K. Hansen)

Well it looks like my eme days are not going to happen this year. 
Unless I can get my elevation rotator fixed soon, weather is going to
get cold and I will be off the air until the spring of next year.  This
summer has been so busy with trying to get things done for the house
that hamming has taken a back seat.  Will try and keep in tough but
darn, I was ready to get on and the elevation rotor would not budge. 
Climbed the tower and had a friend push the elevation rotor box and just
a slight hum was heard.  Oh well.  Will keep you advised, but not
looking to good right now.

Subj:    Info's...
Date:   9/10/01 10:50:57 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From: YO2IS
  Hi Joe, thanks for the mailed NET-info's, always read them with
interest. Activity seems to be low on 432 MHz, sunday was calling
and listening from 04.15 to 05.30 but nothing heard.
 Pleased to read that you are back to EME trafic and congrats for
the nice 23cm QSO's, do hope to meet you on random on 70cm next time.
 Last SW got a sked with DL7APV unfortunately it was out of my window,
do need the Moon at least 40 degrees elevation in KN05ps. 
 Still miss OC to complete my 432MHz WAC, glad that VK3UM is back,
wonder whats his new locator and how low can he go with the elevation
towards EU window?. Lost 9M8BV, but neither 9M2BV's card ever arrived!.
 Will be on in the italian contest lets hope the Sun noise will not
disturbing to much via my side lobes which are also capturing the
PC birdies and noises from the neighbourghood (inexistent in the90s!)
 Skeds always welcome, am not using Internet "on line", only AX25/TCP
IP gateways. Use the E-mail adress from the header or the "spare"   I do search daily for mail on both of them.
 Best 73 & DX, Szigy.
Subj:    1296 gear
Date:   9/12/01 12:20:15 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (W. L. Lamb W0PHD)

Hello Joe: 

I talked to Jay K5JL this morning and he suggested that I list this 
equipment that is for sale with you and the EME news letter.

This is the situation W0EUQ, George, was just getting into vhf/uhf 
seriously before he came down with CA. It was in remission for about 
two months and he died on Good Friday. A week before he died he brought 
over a lot of equipment and I know he wanted me to sell it for his xyl 
but at the time he did not say that.

Here is a partial list that maybe of interest to the eme and eme'ers to be:

LT 230S  28 Mhz in 30 watts output 1296
23LNA-2n  DEM 1296 preamp
CX-520 D  relays
TRS    sequencer by DEM
K9EK amp kit  (single tube)

He had started to gather parts for a power supply and has a hv xfmr for 
the K9EK amp as well as the plumbing hoses and radiator.

Since his passing another ham and I have done an inventory . If anyone is 
interested and would send an SASE to either W0PHD or KE0A we will send a 4 
page list of all his gear or via email or klugrodney@uswest.

Any reasonable bid on the above 1296 gear will be considered - the total 
package was worth $2113 and was never used.

73   Wally W0PHD
K1RQG:  was on 70cm this morning .. 

W2UHI:  was on 23cm this morn and worked K5JL, ON5RR, W7BBM, N2IQ, G4CCH...
        system is working fine.. 

K5JL:   worked WD5AGO, and about 12/15 others.. OZ6OL was very loud.. all
        the regulars.. did not work K9BCT or N2IQ.. 


WA1JOF: nothing to report..
        131 SAFFORD RD
        NEW PORTLAND, ME 04954

W4RDI:  nothing to report.. good wx.. rcvd pkg from Darrel.. 

N2IQ:   was on 23cm .. worked G4CCH.. heard a few others .. had tracking 
        problems.. will be on JA window.. may even get on 70cm today..

W1ZX/M: ..

VE6TA:  worked a few this morning.. completed with ON5RR, G4CCH, K5JL..
        heard others.. 

WD5AGO: things were quiet on 23cm ..not too many on.. may be on during
        Asian window.. 13' dish 250w .. 

VE1ALQ: has sked with KO7N.. will be on 70cm today.. .050 .. 

K9BCT:  K5JL very strong  not worked.. will be on tomorrow.. 

W7MEM:  was on 70cm and nil heard .. still looking for 9 wavelength M2 for

KA0Y/M: Peoria Hamfest.. 

DL9KR:  had sked K7XQ but nil heard .. heard K1RQG 57N .. also VE1ALQ was
        strong.. will be on tomorrow..

DK3WG:  condx poor on 70cm.. good activity from Russian boys.. low activity
        from JA.. 1.5k on 70cm.. sked with KO7N tomorrow.. 

PA3CSG: was active on 10g .. OK1UWA .. Heard W6HD very loud.. lots of activity
        on 10ghz.. 

N4XOE:  ..

G0TJW:  ..

KL6M:   on air.. .022 CQ around 2000z..

W5WOX:  looking for info to drive 12' dish.. 

WA4NJP: was on 70cm this morning.. will be on later today.. will get on 222 after
        new moon.. Friday in afternoon.. for WD5AGO .. 

KB8RQ:  11:53 AM 9/15/01  was on moon a bit on 2 meters.