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EME schedules, last update 9 Sep 2001, 16:12

(432 MHz listed only)
Skeds for SEP 15
Time   432.045        
0900z  G4YTL -DL7APV  
1400z  KJ7F  -DL7APV  
1430z  KO7N  -DL7APV  

EME schedules, last update 9 Sep 2001, 16:12

(1296 MHz listed only)
Skeds for SEP 10
Time   1296.050       
0800z  F6ETI -VE1ALQ  

Skeds for SEP 15
Time   1296.050       
1230z  K0YW  -DL6YDH  
Subj:    Sunday 9/9
Date:   9/8/01 7:29:58 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Doug McArthur)

Hi Joe
Sorry I was unable to get on this whole week end. The southern part of VK
(3,7&5) have been experiencing gale to storm force winds since Friday
morning. It is not expected to abate until Monday. Here we have had almost
constant winds of 60kph with gusts of +120kph. No damage but a little
exciting at times on this here hill!! Most frustrating as I have done quite
a lot of work on the phasing, pre amp etc and I wanted to confirm such
improvements. Been calm for weeks... grrr
Subj:    432 EME
Date:   9/9/01 4:29:37 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Sven Nordin)

Hi all

Wrkd on 8th sept : OH2DG, EA8FF (region Africa),  KU4F and LX1DB. 
As we still are "beginners" we are aming for WAC. Who else than PY5ZBU 
are QRV from South America ?

/Sven op. at SK0CC
Subj:     NET NOTES
Date:   9/9/01 5:41:06 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Dominique Fassler)

hey Joe
thanks for qso this morning!
I have wkd on 23cm the following stn last night:
,K1RQG,W7SZ,F5HR#170. The last 2 qso were made when the dish was heading
into the silo already..
Subj:   F5HRY 23 cm 09/09/2001
Date:   9/9/01 5:58:52 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From:   F5HRY
To:     K1rqg

Hi Joe,

Tnx for the 23cm QSO.
Your signal was not really loud on my 2.6m dish,
but just enough to copy everything !

I wkd :
HB9BBD 549/529 #10
K0YW 559/539 #11 Loud !
G3LTF O/O #12
IK2MMB O/O #13 (rather easy, rig ?)
K1RQG O/O #14
Hrd OZ4MM, G4CCH, and some unidentified
that answer my CQ after our QSO ...

Rig 2.60m dish, 400 W at feed, 0.4 dB.
Loc is JN18EQ.

QSL to :
37 rue Pierre Brossolette


Herve F5HRY

K1RQG:  It is so nice to be back active on EME. My goal was to first get on
        70cm again and check out the dish which I did and worked KA0Y on CW
        and SSB 579/559 & 56/52, and also worked K5WXN 549/559. I then put
        in 23cm (W2IMU which belongs to W1ZX) and just tried to listen. The
        first night (8/26) I heard quite a few NA stations and the next night
        I put on 7 watts in the shack and answered CQ from K0YW, but only QRZ
        and partial, then K5JL called and we completed 569/529. I have since
        increased power to about 125w and have over 50 random QSOs on 23cm and 
        26 initials. I will return to 70cm this week. On 70cm 32' dish 1000w.
        Thanks to W1ZX for all his work and encouragement and to all that
        have worked me.

W2UHI:  was on 23cm last night and had a great time.. has completely recovered
        from lightening hit. all is well.. did shut down due to wx at around 0619z.

K5JL:   Was on last night and had a ball.. did hear that W4SC may become active.

VE6NA:  ???

VE1ALQ: was on last night and worked K1RQG, ZS6AXT, HB9BBD .. lot of fun.
        reports K9BCT was loud last night. much QRM.. 

WA1JOF: looking for info on keying ckts. 

K2DH:   GM to all.. not much going on... Looking to hook up with VE3AX..
        Still looking for an excavator for hole for 28' dish.. 

K4EME:  HF beam now up.. was on last night.. still has a rcv problem on
        70cm.. someone called last night, but not copied.. hopes to be
        all ok by contest.. 

W0HOG:  ???

W6WE:   looking for info on baseline noise problems with Erricson power amp
        on 902 Model CM-88 amp... ????? May be info in Microwave updates..
        Are any K9BCT solidstate amps around and working..??? MRF-15090 ???

W1ZX/M: no traffic.. 

K0YW:   had a lot of fun last night.. 2 new inits.. IK3COJ & F5HRY .. any
        one heard from PY5ZBU.. 

VE4MA:  nothing new to report.. 

W5LUA:  was on last night @ 0700z .. 3cm sked was nil.. looking for F6ETI 
        tonight.. needs to replace the azimuth indicator chain on 3 meter
        dish.. Troy K5CBL 2 places on internet Burg and Pic on internet..

KA0Y:   was on last night .. playing with feed.. 

N2IQ:   was on 23cm last night with 28' Kennedy and made many improvements 
        over Friday night.. was on 1.5 hours.. lost second stage preamp.. 

VE3ACW/M: question for Al about the chain..

W7CI:   was on a bit this am.. 2 new ones this morning.. JAs.. slim pickins..
        big signal on this morning but not sure what they were trying to say..

W7SZ:   looking for contacts on 3cm.. was on 23cm this weekend.. 

KL6M:   had 3 skeds and nil complete.. heard from K8GP but too quick sequences.
        N0IPL ran out of elevation .. Still has a problem with elevation..

DJ5MN:  no traffic.. ?? looking for information on R1MVI ?? Leaving for Egypt

W5UN/M: Dave..

W5LBT/M: Bob..

W3ERU:  Wes.. 

11:54 AM 9/9/01