From:     K1RQG 

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    Also submit your sked requests to Joe:

     Joe, K1RQG 

Please check skeds out.. I have made some recent errors.. Too busy
working on my system!!! Made some skeds for DL1YMK on Weinheim 
weekend.. are these ok??

Latest skeds will always be on DL4EBY web page. You can find
links at the PA0ZN page through the 432 & Above EME NET NOTES.

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EME schedules, last update 2 Sep 2001, 00:52

(432 MHz listed only)
Skeds for SEP  9
Time   432.040        
0700z  DL9KR -K7XQ    
0730z  DL9NDD-K7XQ    

Skeds for SEP 15
Time   432.045        
0900z  G4YTL -DL7APV  
1400z  KJ7F  -DL7APV  
1430z  KO7N  -DL7APV  

EME schedules, last update 2 Sep 2001, 00:52

(1296 MHz listed only)
Skeds for SEP  8
Time   1296.050       
0400z  DL1YMK-K9BCT   
0500z  DL1YMK-K5JL    
0530z  DL1YMK-WD5AGO  
0600z  DL1YMK-VE6TA   
0630z  DL1YMK-W7GBI   

Skeds for SEP  9
Time   1296.050       
1030z  F6ETI -K2UYH   

Skeds for SEP 15
Time   1296.050       
1230z  K0YW  -DL6YDH  

Subj:    SV: NET NOTES AUG 26, 2001
Date:   8/26/01 1:31:21 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Sven Nordin)

SK0CC free for sked SEP 8-9 05:00-09:00 z. 
Any sked will be welcome (432MHz).  
/Sven SM5LE op. at SK0CC  [JO99BD]
Subj:    [Fwd: Volcor: Used parabolic Dish]
Date:   8/27/01 6:35:19 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Al Katz)
To: (K1RQG)

Hi Joe,

Some of the EMEers may be interested in these as well.

73, Al - K2UYH
Dr. Allen Katz, President
Linearizer Technology, Inc.

        Forwarded FYI.  These dishes are located in Myrtle Beach SC USA.  
6 and 8 foot dishes are certainly usable for radio astronomy and SETI!  
Feel free to contact Ms. Smith if interested.

>Santee Cooper is a public utility. We have replaced most of our microwave
radio system; therefore, we have several used 6' and 8' solid and mesh
parabolic dishes. Do you know of anyone that would be interested in these?
I hate to landfill them.
>Aurelia Smith
>Investment Recovery Agent
>(843) 761-8000 ext. 4250
>From: "Aurelia Smith" <>
Subj:    [Moon-Net] Italian contest EME " Memorial I5TDJ "
Date:   8/28/01 6:02:28 PM Eastern Daylight Time

                                A. R. I.

                         VIII  ITALIAN  EME  CONTEST

                         MEMORIAL I5TDJ PIERO MORONI

 Date  and  Time : from 00.00 utc of 15 September 2001 to 24.00 utc of
                   16 September 2001

 Frequency :  50,144,432,1296,2304,5760 MHz,10 GHz and UP.

 Mode : CW , SSB . Only bilateral contact EME .

 Report :  M, O, RST.

 Band   144 MHz  ;
 A) antenna max length 10 meters
 B) ant. between 10,01 to 20 meters length or dish up to 7 meters diameter
 C) ant. between 20,01 to 40 meters length or dish between 7,01 to 10 meters 
 D) ant. between 40,01 to 80 meters length or dish over 10.01 meters diameter
 E) ant. between 80,01 to 160 meters length
 F) ant. over 160 meters length

 Band    432 MHz  ;
 A) antenna max 12,5 meters length
 B) ant.between 12,51 to 25 meters length
 C) ant. between 25,01 to 50 meters length or dish up to 4,5 meters diameter
 D) ant. over 50,01 meters length or dish over 4,51 meters diameter

 As for other frequencies (50,1296 MHz and up), categories are one for each 

 To define length of antenna :
 length on meters, between last reflector to far director.

 EX. 1 antenna length 10 meters is A category, also with a plant from 4 to 
 2,50 meters length or 2 by five meters A category as well ( referred to 144 
 MHz). Also same for 432 MHz.
 For the stations that use cross antenna, length present on each antenna 
 will be added up.  EX. :  10 meters cross-yagi counted 20 meters;
 12 meters horizontal + 8 meters vertical on same boom, counted 20 meters.

 OM and SWL  can partecipate. In the SWL section, also OM are accepted, 
 but just as SWL and they can't make EME transmissions during the contest.

 Score  :   10 points a bilateral contact

            31 points a bilateral contact with an Italian stations

            10 points a bilateral contact between Italian stations

 Remarks on the 144 and 432 MHz bands categories:
 If the score of the first station classified in each category does not 
 exceed the first of the preceding category, the category itself is 
 cancelled and stations will be listed in the lower section.
 EX. : The first in E category scores 1000 points, the first in F category
 scores 990 points, then F category is declassed into E category  and  its 
 partecipants compete in E cat. too. In the same way, if the first in  C cat.  
 scores 300 p.ts , first in D cat. scores 290 p.ts, first in E cat. 280 p.ts 
 and first in F cat. scores 310 p.ts, we will have a single classification  
 for  F  category and another for C,D,E all together.
 Winners : are those who get the maximum score in each category.
 Every single station can partecipate in more than one band.
 PRIZES : Only the first in each category gets a prize ; all  the  others 
 get a certificate.
 A winner in more than one category, will receive an award in one category 
 only and in the others ( even if the is the winner in other categories ),
 the award will go the second placed. The first will receive a diploma
 certifying him as the winner, the second a plaque certifying his second 
 For the contest score, QSO's among Italian stations are valid. These and 
 foreign stations in Italy, will compete in a separate classification from 
 the rest of the world.
 Logs contain; date, time, calls, rprt send, rprt rcvd, points, category,
 summary and total points end of log and all informations of station, 
 particular type of antenna used and length, are welcome; suggestions, 
 comments, photo (for photo on e-mail, please a definition 300 DPI or 

 Sending log to:

  Packet radio address :  I1ANP@IK5SKV
  e-mail address :
  mail: I1ANP Mario Alberti, via privata Maralunga,12  19126 La Spezia Italy.

 For all, send also your e-mail, packet radio add., telephone, for sort time
 confirm that i received log, normally i cfm on same way that i received.
 End time for acceptation log, is December 2001.

 I1ANP Mario  Italian EME Manager
Subj:    skeds
Date:   8/30/01 3:42:37 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Bernd Wilde)

Hi Joe,

congrats to get your dish working.!!!!!!!
hope to work you soon. 
I will be back in I-contest (sept.15/16). Before, in sept. SW SEPT 8/9  I will 
attend Weinheim (driving together with DK3WG) meeting with some more european 
EME guys I thing. Therefore Sept. 8/9 will be less activity from europe.

I made a sked with G4YTL
15.sept. 9:00 UTC qrg 432,045 G4YTL-DL7APV

Need some more skeds for this weekend, maybe some guys are on the net??
K7XC, K8UC, KJ7F, KM5A, KO7N, 
KU4F (If he has his big dish again I work him on random) 

73 bernd DL7APV
K1RQG:  Still working on the system. was on 09/02/2001 on 23cm and worked
        W2UHI & W6HD random running around 20w in the shack. Will be on 
        09/03/2001 if winds subside. It was very windy 09/02..

VE1ALQ: looking sked for F6ETI .. ********

WA1JOF: still fighting with the el readout.. 

W2UHI:  finally got the new feed all tweaked and checked out.. seems to be
        performing fine.. an improvement over the hybrid fed horn. This 
        horn has polarizer screws.. The only problem with new TS-2000 is 
        the internal keyer.. Did wire in external keyer.. all is ready
        for Sept activity weekend.. 

W1ZX/M: no traffic.. 

K0YW:   QRV on 23cm .. will have some time after this weekend to play
        with system.. reports W6HD will be on 23cm.. received QSL from 
        F6ETI and one on way back.. also W6HD has worked at least 10
        stations on 10ghz.. Reports N7AM is making progress on getting
        30' dish.. working on tracking system.. needs resked with DL6YDH
        *******  DL6YDH not complete previous month.. !!!!

W4RDI:  not too much to say.. nice wx.. no new reports.. 

WD5AGO: no traffic.. just waiting on WA4NJP on 222 for this eve.. 2 yagis
        on 222.. 
W5LUA/P: EM21 out camping ..  will be experimenting on 24ghz EME during 
        week prior to ARRL EME contest in October.. expect CT1DMK, OK1UWA, 
        OH2AXH, & G3WDG and stateside stations to be around. More info to
        follow from VE4MA..

K9BCT/M: not too much going on.. finishing up feed-horn project.. now
        going to go back to work on solid-state power in economical
        fashion.. QRV on 23cm .. confirm microwave update weekend
        Sep 27/28 .. will be on tonight at 0300z.. 

W5ZN:   no traffic.. doing antenna work.. all projects moving ahead.

W7CNK:  will be on for activity weekend .. 

N4PU:   no traffic.. nothing new on dish project.. did WD5AGO rcv preamp?

KM5A:   did acquire some heliax and and was working on changing out stuff..
        during this time, came down with medical problem that has curtailed
        all activities till recovery is complete. 

VE4MA:  playing around still with 24ghz dish.. a bit of AU around.. comparing
        offset dish to deep dish.. also some degradation due to high humidity
        as observed by W5LUA.. looking for 10ghz skeds.. ******* looking for
        W6HD and others.. 

W6HD:   sent e-mail to VE4MA about 10ghz skeds. 

DL9KR:  has proposed sked with K7XQ.. 

DK3WG:  back from holiday. no news.. will be away at Weinheim next weekend..

DL1YMK: also working on 70cm system.. needs skeds 23cm Saturday.. K9BCT, K5JL
        W7GBI.. ********  will only have 80w at feed.. window till 0930z
        did work a number of stations with 80w and looking forward to trying
        with others.. may have had tracking problems with lost sked with K9BCT..
        (I have made skeds for Sep 8 .. are these ok [Weinheim??] Joe)

PA3CSG: will be on only on Sunday.. will be on 16/17 10ghz limited power..
        looking for 10ghz skeds with W6HD & W7SZ but may have window problems.

KC8LKV: ??

KL6M:   a lot of work to do on system.. getting ready for 222mhz on Oct 13/14..
        no skeds yet for next weekend .. plan on being on for EU moonset
        starting 0800z.. met up with Ron, KA0RYT, on trip.. still looking to
        improve motor on el drive.. No footprint on Europe during the ARRL

W7QX:   has problems fixed and available on 23cm.. QRV.. 

KB8RQ:  11:49 AM 9/1/01..

KA0Y:   no traffic.. will be active next weekend on 70cm.. 

VE7BQH: 12:03 PM 9/1/01