Subject: NET NOTES AUGUST 18/19 2001
From:     K1RQG 

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Subj:    1296 EME Net
Date:   8/18/01 10:10:53 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (k0yw)
To: (Joe Demaso)

Hi Joe, I will probably miss the net this weekend due to family committments
with the grandkids. Been playing with them by bouncing their voices off
the moon. The eldest, Natalie is 8 and really has serious interest. She
sets up the dish to track and can run the rig pretty well also. She even
has doppler figured out. We have been making recordings for her 3rd grade
Science Class. Still at init# 104. Any changce to set me up with S. America?
How is your project coming along? Did you see the add in QST for the 60'
dish for sale in SE Co on 11 acres for $150K...That includes the land...That
is great Alto Plano desert out there. The Brooklyn Bridge is looking like
a better deal! 73 Bruce

Subj:   - Skeds on 23 cm -
Date:   8/17/01 12:36:33 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From:   DL1YMK
To:     K1rqg

Hi Joe,

thanks for the last skeds, with one exception all were worked 
successfully. Could you please arrange further skeds for me on 
the 8th/9th September sked weekend? I'm available from 05.00 UT 
on both days till moonset. What about WA1JOF, WD5AGO, K2DH, 
VE6TA....Whoever is interested to boost up my initial standings, 
I'll be there, hi!
Thanks for your phantastic job again!

vy 73 de Michael, DL1YMK

P.S.: ...i chose e-mail as I can't attend upcoming net on 14345, 
as I'm off for a business trip.


K0YW:   active a couple mornings last week.. worked W2DRZ.. will be
        gone rest of weekend.. looking for LU8EDR sked.. 631-287-6133
        W2PLL has 11 acres and 60 foot dish for sale in Colorado.. 
        See classifieds in QST..

WA1JOF: was going to get on moon today, but elevation readout was
        not responding correctly.. 

WD5AGO: about ready for 222 EME.. will look for WA4NJP.. Will be on
        23cm the Sep weekend.. 

VE6NA/M: on holidays .. will be home in a couple days..

VE1ALQ: nothing new to report.. 

WA4NJP: been on 6 meters a lot .. will be on 70cm tomorrow on EME.

W2UHI:  no contacts yet on 10ghz with K2DH Terrestial.. 
        QRV on 23cm EME.

VE6TA:  was on 23cm EME before net.. will be on tomorrow as well. 
        still fixing stuff from lightening hit.. also ordered TS-2000..
        still looking for 222 QSL card from WA4NJP..

K5JL:   not much going on.. 

W5LUA:  First EME 24ghz with VE4MA @ 1417z 8/18/01 .. 80w to 70w..

W5ZN:   working on EME system.. 22' dish is in progress.. hopes to be
        operational by Oct 1.. 70cm & 13cm for initial bands.. 

N2IQ:   quiet weekend.. did work W2DRZ on 23cm during week.. will be 
        working on 28' dish today.. cabling to dish in progress.. 

W7MEM:  looking forward to new 70cm array being up before the snow flies..
        will take skeds on 70cm .. any takers??

WA9FWD: not much happening.. nothing on EME at this time.. also purchased
        TS-2000 and plans to use on 70cm and 23cm.. 

VE4MA:  completed on 24ghz EME with W5LUA.. next is 47ghz.. now will try
        to get the system back to normal.. looking for sked with F2TU on


KU4F:   not much .. just listening.. congrats to Barry & Al on 24ghz ..

KM5A:   slow week on the 70cm EME system.. needs to get some hardline.. 
        Scotty to add Steve to ememail.txt  @@@@@@@@@
KA0Y:   can get on 222 .. new 432 feed in dish 21 db sun noise.. will be
        on EME tomorrow.. 

W4RDI:  got back on internet after lightening hit.. got radio back on 
        air yesterday.. now can move dish too.. received new TS-2000
        and Dell Computer.. still recovering though.. 

CQ EUROPE       11:40 AM 8/18/01
PA3CSG: no traffic.. 

K5WXN:  was not on for Europe last weekend due to storms.. but Asian
        window was ok.. may be on EME tomorrow.. 

KL6M:   got up early yesterday morning to work LU7DZ. nil heard, but
        UA3PTW called with booming signal S5 .. was on moonset calling
        for 3 hours.. nil.. but right at moonset, heard someone echo
        testing but no call sign.. 432.014 .. who may have this been??
        0100z  to 0430z was Mikes CQ time.. will be in Minneappolis
        tomorrow.. will be in SD 19 to 24 and Minn 24 to 29.. Will be
        on Italian contest.. Call Bill NL7F and get him going ..

DL9KR:  looking for info on KM5A.. 

WA2PHW/: at vintage VW meet.. 


W5LBT:  12:03 PM 8/18/01



WA1JOF: trying to work out problems with el readout.. 

W2UHI:  nothing new.. 

K5JL:   worked a bunch on 23cm.. all seems to be working well .. need 
        info on F6ETI.. what is station on 23cm.. 

W1ZX:   ?

N2IQ:   pulling cables to 28' dish.. 

KA0RYT: not much going on .. will be on 70cm later.. can meet
        up with KL6M anytime this week.. just call.. 

W4FF:   no traffic..

N4PU:   looking for WD5AGO .. Preamp failed and would like to
        send for repair.. ??

W4RDI:  back on HF .. 

KA0Y:   playing with new feedhorn on 432.. 

K3IB:   K2TXB (W2DRZ) working skeds now.. 

KU4F:   QRT Till next sked weekend.. 

DL9NDD: not good condx.. looking for SP6JLW, KM5A.. KO7N good sig
        need K7QX.. email for K7XQ is <Lunarbounce@AOL.COM>

ON5OF/MM: still healing up and getting stronger.. 

SM6DKU: Hengle.. 5/7  5/9+10.. 

VE1ALQ: No traffic..

WA2PHW: hit F8 after bios check.. 

K9GEC:  .. signal check.. Ron.. 

KC6WGN: Gideon..