Subject: NET NOTES AUG 11 2001
From:     K1RQG 

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     Joe, K1RQG 

NOTE .. Please check skeds below.. many changes today.

Latest skeds will always be on DL4EBY web page. You can find
links at the PA0ZN page through the 432 & Above EME NET NOTES.


EME schedules, last update 11 Aug 2001, 12:23

(432 MHz listed only)
Skeds for AUG 11
Time   432.040        432.045        
2300z                 G4YTL -DL7APV  
2330z  DL7APV-JA7UIQ  

Skeds for AUG 12
Time   432.040        432.045        
0600z                 W4ZRZ -DL7APV  
0830z  KO7N  -PA3CSG  

Skeds for AUG 21
Time   432.020        
2000z  KO7N  -VE1ALQ  

EME schedules, last update 11 Aug 2001, 12:23

(1296 MHz listed only)

Skeds for AUG 12
Time   1296.050       1296.060       
0530z                 KD4LT -DL1YMK  
0600z  K9BCT -DL1YMK  
1230z  W2DRZ -VE1ALQ  
1430z  W2DRZ -WA1JOF  
1530z  W2DRZ -N2IQ    
1600z  W2DRZ -KD4LT  

Subj:    Re: NET NOTES AUG 5, 2001
Date:   8/8/01 6:31:24 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Frank Dobert)

Hi Joe !

I will be on vacation next SW and back Aug. 19.
I plan to bring up another antenna (70cm) to add 2-3 dB to my 
single one.

73, de Frank
Subj:    [Moon-Net] First 1296 eme contacts !!
Date:   8/11/01 7:00:56 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (w2drz)
To: (

Had 8 contacts off moon for my first time compeating contacts , so had
fun with improvements in the works ..

thanks to all for making my day great .........

1    K5JL
2    K0YW - also worked on SSB
3    F2TU - cw & SSB
4    G4CCH
5    K2UYH
6    W5LUA
7    IK2MMB
8    OZ6OL
9    W2UHI

Once again to all it was great !!!!!!!!!!!!

best tom


best 73 tom W2DRZ  FN02LA       what we do:
Lat 42.02.27n Long 079.04.01w
12 digit grid FN02LA19XT22
6M WAS #505, VUCC 6M #857,2M #166,220 #21,432 #86,902 #29,1296
 #38,2.3 #60,10 GHz #105
Subj:    VK3UM QRV 432 EME
Date:   8/11/01 7:36:31 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Peter Sundberg)


Doug wanted me to pass on the information that he will be QRV for both the
European and NA window this weekend. Look for him around 432.018 calling
CQ. He has the 30´ Kennedy dish + YL1050 running very well at the moment so
he is LOUD. We worked last weekend with very good signals and this morning
Doug worked DL7APV on random.

73/Peter SM2CEW
Subj:    432 Skeds
Date:   8/11/01 7:55:33 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Bernd Wilde)

Hello Joe,

all skeds were nil this morning. I´m nearly sure that all guys were not on. 
Echoes were good and the open feed line works well, having 18dB sun noise.
Worked VK3UM (surprise) and OH2DG on random, hrd were HB9Q and G3HUL.
I think I try to arrange new skeds better by email direct, to be sure that the 
guys will be on.

Maybe KM5A will try sked tonight. try to be on 14.345.

Still NEED QSL from    WA4NJP   W7QX and F/ON5OF

73 bernd dl7apv
Subj:    23cm
Date:   8/11/01 9:36:17 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (k0yw)
To: (Joe Demaso)

Hi Joe, Hope all is fine with you and Pearl. I lost some sleep last night,
but it was worth it. I worked Tom, W2DRZ last night, with Russ K2TXB at
the controls for #103. Sigs were 559/539 and then later on SSB 53/53. They
also worked F2TU on CW and were well on the way to a SSB completion when
I folded up. Dominic, HB9BBD was also there 579/589. I then heard and worked
F6ETI 539/549 for init #104, although I don't know if he is a separate
station or not. Jl has his amp fixed and was supposed to be their as well
but didn't hear him. See you on the net. 73 Bruce
Subj:    VK3UM is Go!
Date:   8/11/01 9:34:15 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Doug McArthur)
To: (K1RQG Joe)

Hi Joe
Long time no see but back in business on 70cms. The 10 metre dish, tracking 
and all is going fine. First QSO was with Peter SM2CEW on 25th July and 
came on for the European window this morning. Was not really over whelmed 
with QSO's!!! Only Bernd DL7APV was there! Conditions were not too flash 
either!! I will be on my moon rise tonight and moon set as well as moon 
rise tomorrow (for Europe) on my 'usual frequency of 432.018. May even 
catch you today on 14345 if business is poor on 70 and before I go back 
to bed that's if 20 is open! Incidentally my last EME QSO from the old QTH 
was with G0RUZ, on 7th Jan 1995!!! 
All the best to all the gang
Catch ya!
(my moon rise tonight is 1420 UTC in less than one hour!! .... QF22ro)


K5JL:   was on last night and worked W2DRZ.. HB9BBD, K0YW,  K9BCT.. 

K0YW:   F6ETI new station #104.. 6 QSOs with 4 different stations..
        good signals last night.. 

VE1ALQ: not much.. will be on for sked in morning.. 

VE6NA:  ?

WA1JOF: did not hear anything on 2 skeds this morning.. nil heard from VE6NA.

K9BCT/M: was QRV last night.. heard DL1YMK during another contact, but at
        sked time nil heard.. did work a new one F2TU and will be on next 
        moon pass.. 

KD4LT:  preamp was dead when getting on with DL1YMK, 20.5 db with replacement
        preamp.. needs resked with DL1YMK..

K2DH/M: leaving vacation location and headed home.. not much to report.. will
        start on 28' dish when return home.. QRT for now.. 

N4PU:   nothing new to report.. 

W5LUA:  was on 23cm last night .. worked W2DRZ.. worked DL1YMK .. needs F6ETI..
        All systems worked fine last night.. working on a hv xfmr arcing problem
        TWT p/s.. 

W2UHI:  got up this morning at daylight.. 1100z.. 1140z called CQ and W2DRZ 
        called and complete.. 10Ghz TWTA is all ok.. will be back opn 10ghz 
        terrestial in near future.. 

NU7Z/M: 5760.1 1100z F1ANH/NU7Z, 1130 NU7Z/F2TU, 1200 W7GBI/NU7Z 08/13/01

W1ZX/M: no traffic.. 

WA9FWD: not too much to report.. pulled 70cm preamp and it checks out ok.
        but still a rcv problem.. will be playing with other feeds in dish
        this weekend .. so not QRV on any band.. 

KU4F:   hopes to be on 70cm tomorrow.. 

KE2WC/M: Mark.. 

KA0Y:   had hi SWR and won't be on .. water in the line.. will be on next weekend..

DK3WG:  no traffic.. 3 weeks holiday and be back 2 Sep..

G4YTL:  can be QRV 2300z - 0900z on 70cm.. looking for LU7DZ on 70cm.. 

DL9KR:  LU7DZ only on 23cm... looking for KM5A .. listening around 0800z
        in West window.. 

SK0CC:  free for skeds from 0600 13 August.. changed all cables in phasing 
        harness and gained 2 db.. 

PA3CSG: just back from holiday.. can sked tomorrow if anyone needs.. 

KM5A:   did listen on 70cm this morning.. DL9KR will be xmitting on 432.011
        around 0800z.. inter-connects with rg/58 need to be updated.. 

KL6M:   open for skeds all week.. then be gone a couple of more weeks.. 

W5ZN:   there is massive re-work at W5ZN.. acquired makings of 22' dish
        and have taken down the 16 yagis.. will have the dish up soon.
        plan on using it on 70cm, 23cm, 13cm.. 23cm may be a while.. 

WD5AGO: not much..

WA4NJP: has gearbox for WA1JOF.. Will send ..

VE7BQH: 12:05 PM 8/11/01