Subject: NET NOTES AUG 5 2001
From:     K1RQG 

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    Also submit your sked requests to Joe:

     Joe, K1RQG 

Latest skeds will always be on DL4EBY web page. You can find
links at the PA0ZN page through the 432 & Above EME NET NOTES.

EME schedules, last update 5 Aug 2001, 12:30

(432 MHz listed only)
Skeds for AUG 11
Time   432.040        
0530z  RZ3BA/-DL7APV  
0600z  UA9FAD-DL7APV  
0630z  UA3TCF-DL7APV  
0700z  YO2IS -DL7APV  
0730z  EA8FF -DL7APV  
0900z  N1BUG -DL7APV  
2330z  DL7APV-JA7UIQ  

Skeds for AUG 21
Time   432.020        
2000z  KO7N  -VE1ALQ  

EME schedules, last update 5 Aug 2001, 12:30

(1296 MHz listed only)
Skeds for AUG 11
Time   1296.050       1296.060       
0800z  IK2MMB-DL1YMK  
0900z  KD4LT -DL1YMK  
0930z  W5LUA -DL1YMK  K2UYH -DK0ZAB  
1000z  K9BCT -DL1YMK  
1300z  WA8WZG-WA1JOF  
1330z  VE6NA -WA1JOF  

Subj:    For Net Notes 5Aug01
Date:   8/4/01 6:05:21 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Melum)

Hi Joe,

I am just about all packed for my trip.  Should be action packed.  I hope
Murphey stays home.  I am looking forward to seeing you and K1FO and NC1I.

I will be home Friday night 10 Aug, in time for moonset (EU footprint).  I
welcome any sked requests for 432 EME.  I will be checking email while

I do plan to embark on 220 MHz EME next and plan to be ready in time for
the ARRL contest.  I made this decision because I cannot move toward higher
bands until I get my postion indication system refined.  Also with minimal
footprint on Europe during the contest, I figured I might as well try out
220.  I hope there is somebody there to talk to!  I have a 144 MHz
plumber's delight that I plan to convert to 220 for 6-700 watts out.  I
have all the parts for preamp, feed, and amp, and a new 220 module for the
FT-736 so it should be quite feasible. 

Tnx & 73

Mike, KL6M  BP51dc

432 EME - FT-736; FT-767; 9.2 Meter Dish; DEM 0.4dB; 700 W

WA1JOF: looking for WA4NJP..

K5JL:   .. not much new.. expecting visit from K0MQS.. looking for KA0Y 
        for 23cm tonight @ 0400z.. 23.4 sun noise.. 

W2UHI:  there will be some activity after 0400z on the Aug 6.. 

K0YW:   will be QRV tonight .. 

K8UC:   not much to add.. was on vacation driving 57 Chevy.. have not been
        on EME yet this year.. recived a QSL card from a JA station around
        December of last year and needs to send a QSL in return, but has lost
        the card.. Can the JA station that needs a QSL from Curt please 
        Moon-Net posting and subscription instructions are at

N4PU:   looking for WA1JOF phone #..

N2IQ:   ??

W8NDW/M: ... Doug.. leaving Tuesday for Dexter, Me.. 

VE1ALQ: working on a new 10ghz xvtr bd.. 

K2DH/M: still down in NC .. will be back home in another week.. 

KM5A:   will be monitoring 70cm EME on sked weekend.. have 4 yagis completed
        and will be tuning up today..

KB9WLX/M: .. 

W3ERU:  Wes.. 

DJ5MN:  still QRV 23cm..

12:34 PM 8/5/01