Subject: NET NOTES JULY 28/29 2001
From:     K1RQG 

     Most recent Schedules can be found here 

    Also submit your sked requests to Joe:

     Joe, K1RQG 


I have made just a few skeds for 23cm & 70cm as seen below. I am happy 
to make skeds for those that would like them, but I need your input 
every month. Please do not expect me to keep a running tally of your 
needs. Also let me know your window limits due to either/or 
time/obstructions.  West coast stations are not good operating times.

Need to hear from Dany, LU8EDR, as to current status. I realize this is
summer and family activity time, but let me know if you need skeds. I
also have been very busy with my dish project. Willie, W1ZX, is here
in Maine and helping me (whipping me) to get this thing in the air and
energized with a little RF. Maybe before the snow flies, we will stir
up a little moon dust.

73 de Joe

EME schedules, last update 29 Jul 2001, 21:33

(432 MHz listed only)
Skeds for AUG 11
Time   432.040        
0530z  RZ3BA/-DL7APV  
0600z  UA9FAD-DL7APV  
0630z  UA3TCF-DL7APV  
0700z  YO2IS -DL7APV  
0730z  EA8FF -DL7APV  
0900z  N1BUG -DL7APV  
2330z  DL7APV-JA7UIQ  

EME schedules, last update 29 Jul 2001, 21:33

(1296 MHz listed only)
Skeds for AUG 11
Time   1296.050       1296.060       
0930z  KD4LT -DL1YMK  K2UYH -DK0ZAB  
1300z  WA8WZG-WA1JOF  
1330z  VE6NA -WA1JOF  

Subj:   Re: NET NOTES JUL 21/22, 2001
Date:   7/22/01 9:38:26 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From:   Nu7z
To:     K1rqg

Hi Joe -- Mission complete !! I am hearing good echos and ready 
for schedules on 5.7 Gc.  The new az motor is GREAT !! 

73 -- Rick 

Subj:    Re: NET NOTES JUL 21/22, 2001
Date:   7/26/01 4:36:08 AM Eastern Daylight Time

Hello Joe / All,
Did not make any skeds for 432 EME in the last few weeks. I am still
having dificulty with my AM-6155 ( single 8930 ). The cavity is still
only putting out 75 watts. i have tried everything possible to get the
power up to 300 watts with no success. I wish i could sent someone this
cavity to look at or put on their AM-6155 to see if its still a problem.
So I am not sure if i can make any skeds at all on 432 EME until this
problem is resolved ( unless someone wants to try to work a 75 watt
station with only 2 X 9 W.L. ??? ).

        Much better news on 1296. I now have a 10 foot .30 f/d dish ( now only
setup for minimum elevation of 30 degrees ) , VE4MA Feedhorn with
Circular Polarization capabilty including a Hybrid, A Dual 2C39 Amp with
Power supply and water cooling capabilties. I should be getting my DEM
Transverter back with the LO Stabilty Circuit installed. I will be ready
for 144 MHz and 1296 EME next lunar weekend ( August 18th / 19th ).

Few questions. I just acquired a 1296 dual 2C39 Amplifier. The
specification states 200 watts output. Others are reporting that it is
possible to get 300 watts out. Can anyone clarify this for me .... Which
one is correct ??? 
Also, with 200 watts and a 10 foot dish on 1296 , am I capable of
receiving my own echoes ???

Jeff K7XQ
Subj:    Skeds
Date:   7/27/01 9:22:08 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (H. T. Howard)

File:  HTHQSL.doc (89600 bytes)
DL Time (32000 bps): < 1 minute

Hi Joe:

Enjoyed the surprise in your voice when I showed up on 20!  That's
a great laugh you have, too.  It probably takes that sense of humor
to deal with this group.

Attached is a description of the EME cancer on my ranch.  Got 5 inits
on 3cm now and feel ready for skeds.  Seem to have no problem 
hearing 3m dishes with 20 watts or so and they can hear me just
fine!  If my HV transformer surgery holds out I should be a 
10 GHz player in the "medium gun" category for a while.

Feel free to sked me for the next weekends around perigee and
I'll be there.

Best 73,  Tay

K2DH/M: not much.. on vacation .. on a Ferry in NC. 

WA1JOF: will be on today at 2200z.. was on last night .. called CQ and no

K0YW:   had a couple of QSOs on 24th.. WA1JOF & SSB with KA0Y.. nil from
        LU8EDR.. Dany .. what is happening.. ?????


N4PU:   found 2 sections of tower.. will be setting up in near future.. rcvd
        e-mail from Jay.. was supposed to be a skematic of dish drive, but all
        Jim received was a picture of J's equipment.. calculated grid EM66DJ..

VE6NA:  will be modifying .. has 2 FT-736Rs .. new IC-821 much equipment from 
        a silent key.. contact Bryan.. 

W2UHI:  reports W2DRZ heard KA0Y last night .. still working on 10ghz stuff. 
        recovering from lightening hit slow but sure.. will be on 23cm and
        doing check-outs on all improvements.. 


NU7Z:   .8db moon noise on 5.7ghz.. ready for skeds. 

VE3BQN: Ted.. small antenna..  Just saying Hi to all.. 

WB3BKC: has a mew radio.. TS-50 for mobile etc.. measuring sun noise.. no
        adjustments yet and getting 12db.. 12' foot dish .. not optimized
        yet.. has 200w xmit.. met up with WA4NJP and had a yak session.. 
        feed is coffee can feed.. 

KA0RYT: beenon 70cm on and off.. worked KO7N for a new one.. (CN84) 

KA0Y:   still healing up finger.. was on 2200z last night .. no one there..

K9IAC:  .. radio check..

DL9KR:  hot .. no activity off the moon on 70cm .. too hot and working in 
        the garden.. not sure, but VK3UM is back on moon.. 

DK3WG:  no traffic.. will be QRV on August weekend.. nil from JA8IAD .. 

N8MXU/RV: .. Bill .. 

KE4KQQ: ... signal report..



W5AA:   VARO.. just back from Costa Rica

W1DVM:  VARO.. doing ok.. 

WA1JOF: not much to report.. was on last night with W2UHI.. Frank was louder
        with new horn and new configuration.. 

W2UHI:  called CQ for half hour last night .. no takers.. Frank reports
        W2DRZ was listening last night .. Frank reports it took more than
        a month ot get back on 23cm from the lightening hit.. Just received
        the 144/28 xvtr back.. So much has changed and been replaced.. 
        different equipment and hook-ups, make it difficult to make a 
        reasonable assessment of the the system performance.. Frank will
        report later when things have settled down.. Frank has seen enough
        to know that the polarizer in the horn is a definite improvement
        over the hybrid configuration, especially on xmit, and will report
        on the receive later.. The TS-2000 does not appear to be as good 
        a performer as the xvtrs and the TS-870.. 

KA0Y:   did not make it on due to family visits.. 

VE1ALQ: back home from travels to the states (Darrel and Charlotte visited
        here) and jsut getting back on the air.. 

K2DH/4: Cloudy day at beach in NC.. nice to be on vacation for a couple of
        weeks.. will be checking in from time to time.. 

W7SZ:   working 2cm stuff.. up to 14db sun and 1,6db of moon noise.. copied
        OK1UWA on 3cm.. partial with W7LHL DSP FSK mode..2W AND 5W.. 
        23cm worked DL1YMK.. hopes to have 20/30w TWT running in a month
        or so.. will be lookingh forward to working on 3cm.. 

W4AD:   hello to all.. still working on a lot of things .. retirement means 
        more work.. dish az not working yet.. still working towards 10ghz 
        as well.  really needs to get the az drive in good operation for 

W7MEM:  still looking for 9 lambda M2 antennas.. 

N2IQ:   all work no play.. hopes to have feed poles and feed ring in 28'
        Kennedy on Tuesday.. 

KM5A:   Steve.. just getting involved on EME .. looking for activty on 
        70cm..    @@@@@@@@@@     

K0YW:   was not on last night .. will be on tonight if any activity.. 

KL6M:   new call (AL7OB) .. will be in Boston at 9AM next Sunday.. headed 
        this way .. Italian EME contest is September 15 & 16.. 

N4PU:   rcvd pix of NU7Z drive.. 

DL9KR:  No traffic.. no response from K7XQ... (see e-mail above)

W5ZN/M: just leaving CSVHF.. 

W5UN/M: headed for K5GW..