Subject: NET NOTES July 21/22 2001
From:     K1RQG 

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     Joe, K1RQG 

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Subj:    Last SW weekend
Date:   7/16/01 4:05:08 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Sergio Bergonti)

Hi Joe and all,
very quiet weekend last one. Not too many stations or qso but I have to be
honest I was too tired for the EU night passes and only worked few hours in
both mornings.  Gladly catched K9BCT as new one. Also heard DL1YMK but at
the time he was answering to my call I could not understand his callsign.
Next time.  Just for our internal chronicle I got hit by the tail of a mini
tornado that strangely happened here one week ago and got some damage to
the dish. Aside the wind and rain that were crazy we got hit by hail
greater than two inches in diameter.
The dish mesh is now badly bumped and in some three points the mesh has
´ripped´ like a cloth. Unbelievable, from under the roof it sounded like a
bombardment! Not only, at times I clearly heard the roof to ´resonate´
shook by the wind! In those moments I really thought that the antennas and
especially the EME dish would have flown away...
The full W2IMU feeder made of copper (0.55mm) has physically resisted more
then expected but it is also bumped badly in some three of four points.  If
physically it looks not so bad the return loss on the tx side got
definitely worse.  Possibly the whole system´s performance has degraded
(sorry DL1YMK!).  I am of course planning to restore the dish ´as it was´
but it may take a while, in the meantime I will try not to loose SWs. 
There were 92 people injured and two of them are on the border line at the
hospital. Damages to homes and various hardware for 1 billion dollars, I
guess I should´t complain too much about my antennas... (all this 5Km from
my home-station)

Best to all IK2MMB, Sergio
Subj:    W7HAH H frame
Date:   7/15/01 11:17:22 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Mark e McMillan)

Hi Joe
I got the H frame today and it was not a M2 ,but the 2 six way dividers
were. I got a Yaesu elevation rotor and h frame, phasing lines, sequencer
with  preamp and relays. So all I need is 8 more M2 9wl's Please put a
want out for me for 8 m2 432/9wl's. I think Shep had 12 24 element FO's
or KLM's  I think this frame will accomodate 12 m2. So I hope to have 12 M2
9wl'd\s 800 watts going as soon as can get ant's

73. W7MEM Mark

Subj:    SK0CC not QRV 21-22 July
Date:   7/18/01 12:55:09 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Sven Nordin)

Just for info:
SK0CC cannot be QRV for EME 21 and 22 July.
Closed for reparation. Next QRV time will be
18-19 August (?).
How do I know when  SW:s is, for the rest off the year ?
Is it the DGRD figure ?


ps worked OZ4MM random and K2UYH sked last weekend.
Subj:   EME status de W4SC
Date:   7/21/01 10:35:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From:   W4sc
To:     K1rqg

Hi to all on EME net,

Dish installation still on hold.  Working on other parts of 1296 EME 
station between job searching.


Ben W4SC
Subj:    fs
Date:   7/22/01 6:45:46 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Mark Brown)

Hi Joe
        Can you list this stuff in the next net for me? I have a
matching pair of amplifiers for sale, both use the gs23b and
were built by n4pz. Both amps have full metering, blowers,
filament and grid supplies. I will also include a spare
tube, the start of a power supply which has a transformer
from an mri machine that fed a single 3cx800 driving a pair
of 3cx1500's, a zener string mounted on a heatsink, 4 k2aw
rectifier blocks mounted on a heatsink and an aluminum rack
chassis. i will also include 2 transformers for the screen
supply. Asking $3000 for the package and will drive within a
reasonable distance to deliver or will crate and ship for
additional cost.
        I also am selling my transverters unlimited 1296 amp, it is
capable of 325 watts out with 30 watts of drive (18 watts
drive has been giving me 225 to 250 watts out) with water
cooling. It is mounted in a 42 inch high rack cabinet with a
1500 volt 2 amp power supply which was built with a new
toroidal transformer, k2aw rectifier blocks, and 2 oil
filled caps. Asking $500 plus shipping (truck freight) or
will meet if the distance isn't to far.

en24gp 6m through 1296, BBQ rules, icq 41823284

( I have asked Mark for info regarding freq for the GS23b amps, Joe)

WI9M:   Gary.. 

W6HD:   Tay.. 250w out on 10ghz.. not much going on.. 

KA0RYT: was on last weekend .. echoes were 90 deg out. worked a new one..

W7QX:   will be going to CSVHF in Dallas.. will be on the moon around 1600z
        today.. looking for PA3DZL.. if anyone needs Jerry to bring anything 
        to CSVHF, give a call..

KB8RQ/M: .. in Texas.. drove 910 miles in one day.. 

K5WXN/M: no traffic .. working on az/el drive.. 

WA1JOF: worked a new one today .. K4QI.. working on preamps.. up to #45..

W7CNK:  not much going on ... 

K9ZZH:  will be back QRV in a while.. needs to check system out first.. 

NU7Z:   hopes to test 5.7ghz gear .. needs info from W7GBI for all micro
        wave bands.. please send email to Rick   with any
        and all info..

N4PU:   Jim.. no traffic.. 

PA3CSG: traffic

DL9KR:  KO7N good sked.. 559/  was on for K7XQ sked, but no show from K7XQ.. 
        #757 .. Talked to VK3UM and Doug is getting 19db sun noise.. 

SM0ERR/M: in Norway.. 9M2BV is QRT... will be back on EME from.. 

W7MEM:  got all "H" frame stuff and still looking for (8) 9 lambda M2 70cm .. 

K2DH/M:  no traffic.. 

W2UHI:  working on the new feedhorn and gathering data .. looks like about
        1db improvement.. now seeing S-7 echoes off the moon.. 

K5JL:   hot .. reports also that W6WE is working toward getting back on 70cm.

WA1JOF: working on rcv system.. worked Frank this morning .. 

K2DH/M: 18' dish is down and will start on 28' dish install after vacation..

KA0Y:   had an accident and injured left hand and has to hang at the QTH to
        heal.. (and to keep from hurting)..

W5UWB:  John.. 

K9KAJ/M0: LF KI6V ... Ken.. 

W4OP:   was on 23cm rcv and heard WA1JOF.. working on system.. (K5JL report)


NU7Z:   will be echo testing today on 5.7ghz.. 155w .. 

SM0ERR/M: Still in Norway.. will not be returning to 9M2 for at least 2 years.

DL9KR:  worked K07N was #758.. SP6JLW was mystery station (SP6OPN JO80) same 
        stations now at #759.. 

PA3CSG: looking for noise diode info.. 1.4 db moon noise on 10ghz.. improvement
        of 2.5 db .. needs to test some more .. 

CT1DMK: no traffic.. 

W7CI:   been on 6mtr....

W7GJ:   WB7UNU has a 50' dish looking for a buyer.. FOR SALE .. 

N4PU:   .. getting ready to put up tower.. 


VE7BQH: 12:10 PM 7/22/01