Subject: NET NOTES JUN 30/JUL 1 2001
From:     K1RQG 

     Most recent Schedules can be found here 

    Also submit your sked requests to Joe:

     Joe, K1RQG 


Only one net notes dist this weekend as well. Not much info..

Latest skeds will always be on DL4EBY web page. You can find
links at the PA0ZN page through the 432 & Above EME NET NOTES.

73 de Joe

K0YW:   not much happenning .. QRV on 23cm.. 

W2UHI:  QRV on 23cm.. new feedhorn with polarizers ready for tuning.
        Hopes to be able to tune up new feed in next week or so..
        Has a feed horn stand to work on dish feed while in place.. 
        Still recovering from the lightening hit..

WA1JOF: looking for skeds with .. WA8WZG, VE6NA, ON5RR, EA3UM, 
        I0UGB, LX1DB ... now up to 800w out, but having a problem
        on receive with the small dish (10')..  ***********

VE1ALQ: new initial.. on 70cm SK0CC.. 

VE6NA/M: not much on EME.. 


VE4MA:  summer is here and has been hot and muggy.. good news today
        got TWT running on 24ghz at 40w.. 

K5JL:   hot and humid in OK.. working on dish dammage.. moving slowly 
        in positive direction.. 

KA0Y:   not much going on.. still working on tower project.. got 23cm
        feed back in dish.. 

N4PU:   Jim.. TN.. has a 12' dish.. and wide band feed with AGO preamp..
        just in receive mode for now.. 

K5UGM:  still looking for a dish for 23cm.. still searching .. anyone
        know of whereabouts of 5 meter dish or bigger in the Texas 
        area.. LOOKING FOR DISH !!!!

N5BLZ/M7: In Washington state.. will be home by middle of July.. 

W0HU:   ..

PA3CSG: ..

AL7OB:  On Wed PJ5JP visited.. wife PJ5CW .. arranged to demo with KU4F
        and it went well.. also JA8IAD and N9AB.. now at #90.. 


W5UN:   ..

KB8RQ:  ..

Subj:    Re: Email list update
Date:   6/29/01 12:58:33 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Darrell)
To: (Clyde Scott),

Hi Scotty & Joe;

I added SK0CC for you Scotty, I also added him to my DATA base, as well as 
corrected my URL address in the E-mail list Scotty.

I worked SK0CC on Monday last on 70cm, good signal......his CLUB?????? 
station is below.

Grid: JO99BD
pos. 59.14 N 18.14 E
Equipment :
Ant 8x17 with El (fixed horizontal polarization).
RX NF< 0.4dB
TX power 1200W (feed loss 2.5 [dB 90 meter coax] !)

Regards & Thanks, Darrell


JULY 1 2001

K0YW:   sent e-mail to LU8EDR, but no response.. looking for sked and 
        any activity.. 

WA1JOF: 14db of sun noise.. has a dish on the drawing boards.. will wait
        till move to new location before begining dish construction.

W2UHI:  will be on around 0000z tonight.. 

WA2PHW: comments for Bruce.. 

K5JL:   still looking for contact with PY5ZBU. nothing new.. hot today..
VE1ZJ:  at cottage in FN95 and planning to set up EME here. 2 meters first
        then 70cm.. 

K9BCT/M: not much to report.. QRV on 23cm last night .. playing around with
        another feedhorn.. 

K8TKA:  Special event station..

W4JZR/AG: ..

N2IQ:   trying to assemble the 28' Kennedy.. 

K2DH:   was on moon earlier this week.. echo testing and KA0Y called.. 

WA8EPS: Charles Kenneth Allen farm  N Sedgewick.. Tom.. Bunker Hill, WV..

F/ON5OF: needs to repair rotor.. tracking programs ??? EA4TX, F1EHN, VK3UM
        W9IP, OK1KIR (OK1DFC) are a few tracking programs.. now has a Create
        rotor for azimuth.. looking for ideas for traking program and interface
        to specific rotors.. 

DK3WG:  tried single yagi WB5APD and preamp in shack .. no elevation.. no good
        worked SK0CC will be QRV July.. August on holiday.. 

DL1YMK: equipment 23cm 3.8m dish VE4MA .. only 80w @ feed.. can hear more 
        stations than can hear him. VE3TA, W7SZ, K2UYH, F5PAU, K2DH, KD4LT,
        WA1JOF, VE1ALQ . ******* Available on July weekend.. 

PA3CSG: no mail yet.. 

KD4LT:  nil with N1BUG.. will not be on July sked weekend but will be on August..
        needs resked with N1BUG in August as well as DL1YMK .. *********

WB2AHS: .. 

WA9NGO: .. headed for Canada on Thursday..