Subject: NET NOTES
June 2/3 2001
From: K1RQG

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Thanks to Bruce and Frank for Saturday's net..Check out the pictures
on the Net Notes web page.

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Subj: Net Notes Saturday, June 2, 2001
Date: 6/3/01 10:45:49 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (k0yw) (Joe Demaso)

Hi Joe,

Notes follow, hope you had a good time in Rochester.

Net Notes....70Cm and up EME Net, Saturday, June 2, 2001

K0YW-Qrv on 23 CM again. New hinge working fine. Also improved readoutencoder mounts
and drives.Echoes are huge...Sun noise was 24.4 db withreal cold sky reference.

VE6NA-Brian is working on design for new dish mount for 23 CM station.Needs tube data for
TH-308/328 series triodes. (K0YW is supplying)

W2UHI-Frank is back up and running on 23CM Using salvaged 1296 and 144xvrtrs.Has some birdie
problems. Still working on blown rotor controlboards etc.

K5JL- Got home from California to find that 100 mph winds had wiped feedsupports and feed off dish.
Suffered other antenna damage, but not too serious.

W0DQY- Smitty checked in to say hello to the gang.

WA1JOF- Don is looking for KA0Y to discuss their 2M contact. Still working on 23 CM amp

W2/LU6DW- Marc is at K2UYH. Working for Al, will be active from there on 23CM.

KA0Y- Ken still on 2M with the big dish. 23CM feed back in soon. Off to local hamfest

W8MQW- Chuck at Rochester Hamfest, no traffic

KD4LT- Scotty, QRV

W8JLC- sig rept

W0ZWN- sig rept

Net to KB8RQ @1500Z

Thats it Joe,
You are right, this is a lot of work, even at half pay!!

Hi to Pearl and the "Troops"

73 Bruce







W2UHI: now back on 23cm and QRV .. all is working wel on 23cm. Still not up on
3cm tropo. Still waiting for more repairs and replacements from the lightening hit.. Worked
K0YW amp;

W2/LU6DW (from K2UYH QTH) on 23cm EME.. Frank reports that K5JL had wind damage while on
away in California. Much damage to dish and other antennas..

K0YW Honey-do took Bob Bruce from the operating position !!!

WA4NJP: Nice wx last few days.. preamp shipped to states from BA4 and not to get it back
for a few weeks..

BA4 in process building preamp. Pictures will be posted on "Net Notes" web page. FT-736R 6
thru 23cm.. BA4AA is chairman of the Shanghi radio sports authority..There are two students
doing most of the operating and will the names to go with the pictures..

DK3WG: no traffic.. needs skeds ..

WB5APD *******

RW1AW:Finshed with 23cm feed line for expedition.. also has GS34b running on 13cm at 250w
with no drift..has been working with GI9 and GI7 and still had instability.. now with GS34b
very stable.. now 1.5kw out with GS35B with watercooled jacket on 23cm..

RW3BP has is also working on 13cm system for the expedition. hope to be on from home QTH with
expedition equipment in August..

N5BLZ/M: ...

K2DH:good morning to all.. now has the dish on site.. the 18' dish is still available .
Package includes the dish, the mount, the az & el and the electronics to control positioning
e-mail to Dave for more>

K9BCT was at Dayton but did not see any of the EME gang.. was QRV on 23cm
but not much activity.. been listening for A0-40 and looking for info on activity..
(A0-40 transponders have been turned off in preparation for repostioning [W2UHI])..
Beacon is still on.. will be on 23cm tonight looking for activity..

K5JL: still windy and surveying wind damage .. Reports that VE1ALQ not feeling well..
Had a domestic incident. was at W6HD last weekend and was on 10ghz but no activity heard..
reports 100mph+ winds and has not surveyed the dish damage yet.

N2IQ: not much to report.. still wet..

W2/LU6DW: at Al's QTH and will be on the moon tonight.. will be in own
QTH in July.. will be on from K2UYH...

K2UYH:working on 70cm preamp to get back on with good receive..

WA9NGO: ... helped Don WA9KRT with 2 meter EME array..

K5UGM:recovering from a fall off roof and missed J45M sked. Banged up
and sore.. was trying to work on 2 meter array ..

W1ZX/M: on way to cottage in Maine.. Newport..


PA3CSG: no traffic..

DL9KR no traffic.. will be on vacation till first of July.. needs
0 deg declination to work BA4 .. hopes to be able to have a
sked in July.. reports that SV1BTR has moved into new QTH and
hopes to be back on 70cm soon.. Jan can be available Jun 16/17
for BA4AA or BY4BJA is station call..

DL9NDD: did work the (BA4AA) BY4BJA on May 27..[DL9KR] sent M and rcvd RO ..

LX1DB: no traffic..

VE7BQH: 12:16 PM 6/3/01


Subj:70cm sked results
Date: 5/27/01 5:02:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time (Paul Kelley)

Not the best results this month... 0 for 6 on skeds.
PA4FP; nil
PA3CSG had to cancel
IN3AGI nil
N2IQ; nil
K2UYH; nil
K0RZ; heard T copy, was strong M sig. when heard last month
KD4LT nil

Have heard all of the sked stations before. Was anybody on? Did the moon fall
from the sky?

73,Paul N1BUG


Subj: report SW 26,27 May
Date: 5/28/01 2:23:17 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Frank Dobert)

Hi Joe !

Activity seemed to be low. Tried twice with Mike, AL7OB. He heard
me all the time, I did not hear anything from him. Working Sunday
evening DL9KR with very loud signal (559 on one yagi) and DL9NDD ('O').
Heard DL8OBU.73 de Frank

Frank Dobert, DL5LF Vogelstange 6224220 FlintbekTel.: +49-4347-5191Loc.: JO54AF
email at home:


Subj:Missed SkedDate:   5/28/01 11:11:22 AM Eastern Daylight Time (Clyde Scott)

Paul and Joe:

Sorry I missed my N1BUG sked yesterday.. Did not get back from Tennessee
in time.. Sorry Paul..Joe, Please re-sked this one for me.. I'm looking forward
to working you..

de KD4lt Clyde Scott -
EME Communications, Moultrie, Georgia
229-890-2506 -
de KD4LT


Subj:EME stn SK0CC
Date:05/29/01 5:02:18 AM Eastern Daylight Time (Sven Nordin)

Hi Joe

This is the info abt our clubstaion in Stockholm, Sweden SK0CC. (0=zero).Grid: JO99BDant
8x 17el CUEDEE 23.5 dBd
Feed loss : 2.5 dB (90 meter koax ! sorry)
LNA:MGF1302 ~0.4 dB NF.
RX:ICOM 475 BW:500 Hz
TX: LZ2US tube GS23B
Output: 1500 watt
worked countries (for our first weekend!) HB, DL, K, SM
E-mail to
E-mail to me Sven SM5LE

73 from Sven/SM5LE SK0CC


Subj:eme-result R/U-stn end of may
Date:6/3/01 4:07:41 PM Eastern Daylight Time (dk3wg)
Reply-to: (dk3wg)
To: (MOON-Net)

Hello eme friends,

here the 2m- and 70cm(*)- result from the R/U-stn - end
May:RU1AA, RW1AW, RX1AS, RA4AOR, UA9FAD and UT5ER wkd J45M.
DK3WG - added initials with J45M, NQ2O (2-LY). * verry glad to work
SK0CC and NQ2O (2-LY) - RX3QFM is qrv agn, 2x15 el, 4 wl-BVs, 1.5 kW, no elev, he working
on bigger ant-system with elevation.

73, gl via moon


PRQSL-Mgr for:
UR5LX and UT5ER.
Please send your QSL and SASE to:
J.Fiedler, P.O.Box 1531, 15205 Frankfurt (O), GERMANY