Subject: NET NOTES MAY 27 2001
From:     K1RQG 

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     Joe, K1RQG 

EME schedules, last update 27 May 2001, 12:00

(432 MHz listed only)
Skeds for MAY 27
Time   432.035        432.040        432.045        432.080        
0800z                                               AL7OB -RW3PF   
1530z                                               DL4MEA-RW3PF   
1600z                                               G3LTF -RW3PF   
1615z  SK0CC -DK3WG   
1630z                                               HA1YA -RW3PF   
1700z  SK0CC -DL9NDD                                DK3WG -RW3PF   
1730z                                               DK3BU -RW3PF   
1800z                                               DF3RU -RW3PF   
2030z                                N1BUG -KD4LT   
2100z                 SK0CC -AL7OB   

EME schedules, last update 27 May 2001, 12:00

(3456 - 10368 MHz listed only)
Skeds for MAY 27
Time   5760.100       10368.075      
1200z  F2TU  -RW3BP   OK1KIR-OH2AXH  
1230z  F2TU  -DF3RU   OK1KIR-DL2LAC  
1300z  F2TU  -I6PNN   
1330z  F2TU  -OH2AXH  
1600z  F2TU  -VE1ALQ  
1700z  F2TU  -WA5ICW  

W2UHI:  not on moon yet.. most of the 23cm stuff is back up and running
        however the dish control is still not working 100%. No other 
        new news. 

K0YW:   not much going on. not on moon at this time. hopes to be back on
        by next weekend.

K9BCT:  will be on the moon soon. playing with "smart tool" for dish
        elevation checks. Also trying to track AO-40.. 

W7SZ:   excellent condx on the moon yesterday, may European and few NA
        stations.. now have new tracking system (VE1ALQ) on 10ghz dish.

W7QX:   was on during the Europen window.. little activity.. worked G4CCH
        and heard others.. worked JH6AHB #57 (new initial), W7GBI.. will be
        on after 1900z. 

KB8RQ/M: ... OH OH .. Joe forgot to call in the mobile !!!!!!

WB0GGM: big 0 for skeds.. UA9FAD was there, nil RA3LE, nil IN3AGI, nil on
        all skeds.. 

W7MEM:  no skeds next 2 months. had plumbing problems yesterday.. 

W4OP:   having major landscaping going on today.. 

WA1JOF: up to #41 and holding at current. no updates, still working on 
        cathode ckt.


W1ZX:   hopes to be on today.. had torential rains yesterday.. 

AL7OB:  missed out on Eur moonrise.. Had heavy Hail storm for about 5 min
        and needs to see what is damaged.   see e-mail for info on Saturday

LX1DB:  will be on 10ghz and be on 23cm about 17800z.. will look for W6HD..

DL9KR:  was on for JA window.. SK0CC worked for a new one.. need info.  

DK3WG:  no traffic.. will be on moon in half hour.. 

DL7APV: Not much time for EME.. Not QRV at this time .. hopes to be QRV
        in 2 weeks.. need QSL CARDS FROM WA4NJP & W7QX..... !!!!!!!!

PA3CSG: no 10ghz .. at this time.. Not QRV on EME at this time. 

SK0CC:  new on moon since 20 years ago.. Sven  (SM5LE) .. will be on later

DL9NDD: sked with SK0CC..

G4AWO/P: QRP .. 25 miles North of London .. FT-817 .. 

GW4ALT/P: Teri.. 

KA0Y:   just hanging out. 

WA4NJP: Friday night QSO with Chinese station was NOT complete. Saturday night
        no copy at all.. station is most likely 3 db too small. Ray will 
        check to see if they will take skeds next month with larger stations 
        like DL9KR, KU4F, K1FO, etc.. BY4BJA, PM01qa in downtown Shanghi..
        8 meters feedline, 4x20ele Create antennas.. May operators, good CW
        op children and some older folks too.. Running a multimode rig
        FT-736R ??? no preamp and Mirage 100w amp.. 





Subj:    UHF : de ZS6AXT
Date:   5/26/01 2:47:47 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Ivo Chladek)
To: (K1RQG)

Hi Joe,
Since I did not get any replies to my 13cm operation today 
(Saturday) I was on 23 cm. Activity was quite poor, worked 
7 and CWNR 3 stations. Then later there was W..BBM calling 
me, but he disappeared after few calls. Pitty. Hope he will 
be QRV on Sunday, I will certainly look for him. (I found in 
NL that it must have been W7BBM).
Conditions were funny during the late afternoon, with signals 
up and down. Hope that it will be better on Sunday and also 
that there will be more W stations !
Next weekend I plan to be on 6cm if any interest. Please 
contact me directly on Email.
GL to all, 73, Ivo
Ivo Chladek, ZS6AXT,
loc. KG33VV
ubj:     432 MHz EME...
Date:   5/26/01 4:45:19 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: YO2IS
 Dear Joe, thanks for the "Net Notes" and especialy for the latest
Sked List which included my sked with PA4FP, that finaly resulted a
quick (10 minutes) nice QSO, in fact my #150 on 432 MHz EME, a fine
"gift" for my 60th birthday !. Have heard for the first time the
signals from  UA3PTW on .010 calling CQ, CWNR, would like to have a
sked with him. Tried also with DJ3FI a sked on .030 this was NC.
 Do fight the heavy QRM from the "armada" of PC-s placed in the
nearby offices ( 8 meters from my antennas ! ). Here is a maximum 
of noise around 432.070, so skeds on 040 or even lower are welcome !.
 73 & DX, Szigy.
Subj:    For NET NOTES MAY 27, 2001
Date:   5/27/01 4:54:15 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Melum)

Hi Joe,

Its a beautiful calm evening and total degradation is VERY low, and 1/2
hour before sked time we got 5 minutes of pounding hail.  300 Watts
reflected!  Busted!  Murphey strikes again!

I am off the air.  I may try to restore before moonrise.  I have no more
skeds so no big deal.  Here are the gruesome details and blow by blow (just
for the heck of it):

RA3LE   Nil ???
OE3JPC  Copied him "O" no completion
IN3AGI  Copied him "O" no completion
G3LQR   O/O (polarity = 72 CCW - perfect, no Faraday) Initial# 85
SM3BYA  Nil ???
DL5LF   3 separate skeds copied him each time, no completion (single yagi)
CT1DMK  Cancelled (advance email very much appreciated)
W7MEM   Cancelled (advance email very much appreciated)
RW3PF   Very sorry, the hail storm cancelled this one.
UA6LGH  Nil ???
UT3LL   O/O Initial# 86
7M2PDT  Nil ???
JA8IAD  3 tries.  Last one he sent Os I sent ROs but never got R.  No QSO.
JHØWJF  O/O  (perfect case of about 30 degrees of Faraday) Initial# 87
WB5APD  Cancelled (advance email very much appreciated)
JH1XUJ  Nil ???

Percentages stink but the bottom line is, I had a GREAT time!!!

The icing on the cake: some great QSOs with some of the veterans:

HB9Q    549/549         What a great beacon!
VK4AFL  559/559 Trevor was having fun with SSB. I taped him and HB9Q. 
DL9KR   569/569 Unbelieveable
SM2CEW  559/559 Great signal (consistantly)
DL9NDD  569/569 Another unbelieveable
KU4F            569/569 Les seemed to be having fun too - strong!
JA5OVU  549/559 Tom has been QRT w/ 1.6:1 (running 300w today) Visiting
Alaska next month
WA4NJP  559/559 Great signal, perfect case of 45 degrees of Faraday

Thanks everybody!

Tnx & 73

Mike, AL7OB  BP51dc

432 EME - FT-736; FT-767; 9.2 Meter Dish; DEM 0.4dB; 700 WATTS
Subj:    net notes sunday
Date:   5/27/01 4:34:56 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Dominique Fassler)

hi Joe
had a good time in Dayton. Met with many EMEers and had fun at the small
signal gathering. Hope not to have provoked too much about 110V
Wkd many stn yesterday, F6ETI escaped.. His signal moved up and down by
about 4kHz, so finding and tracking him is kind of challenge!
HB9MPU whom I wkd some weeks ago had a hear attack but is recovering. EME
was not triggering this, however, he needs a couple of months to get back to
Will be qrv today for anyone on 1296.

Dominique Fassler
Bahnhofstr. 32
CH-5642 Muhlau
Subj:    KU4F qrv 432 mhz
Date:   5/27/01 8:58:35 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Les Cockram)

Hello Joe,
I'm back on 432, however do not have a tower and antenna up for the 20 
meter net. I am a new initial contact, my new grid is EL99af.
WA4NJP and VK4AFL asked me to go to ssb yesterday. They both were 55 on 
receive, I can't transmit on ssb at the present.
Qsl cards have been ordered, and I will send out direct when they arrive. 
Thanks Joe, I enjoy the net notes, and look forward to talking to you on 
the net soon.
Les - KU4F