Subject: NET NOTES May 12 2001
From:     K1RQG 

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     Joe, K1RQG 


K0YW:   nothing much..

W2UHI:  A0-40 is on .. 435 & 1.2 up .. and 2.4 down.. 10ghz down link 
        to be energized this eve for testing.. 

K5JL:   not much going on.. will be gone next couple weeks.. 

W1ZX/M: ...

W8HAP/M: ...

WA1JOF: still working on the amp.. 

VE4MA:  played with 24ghz tube and something seems to be wrong with it.. 

W7CI:   100w and wire antenna.. 

DL9KR:  all is well.. UA9YLU ???

DK3WG:  no traffic.. 

RW1AW:  nil 

KA0Y:   no traffic.. will be at Dayton .. 

KC8NVI: Cliff .. Harbor Springs, Mi.. 

WA4NJP: all is well.. BY4BJA will be doing more testing and should be ready
        in a month or so.. 

WD5AGO: no traffic..

K9BCT:  no traffic.. 

WB0GGM: nice day.. one of few.. skeds with UA9FAD, RA3LE, W7MEM, IN3AGI, K6JEY

WA2PHW: has hardline from NJ0M.. 1 male & 1 female.. 

W5UN/M: two meter gang..

WB0CVM: Dave.. 

ON5OF:  .. back to work after 4 months.. 

Subj:    432 EME STATION
Date:   5/8/01 8:26:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

Do to very little time to operate and changes in direction in my amateur 
radio activities, I have decided to sell my 70 cm eme set up.

The equipment consists of 16 X 14 element 3.6 wave length rear mount 
antenna's with open wire feed, Ham-M for polarity rotation mounted in a 
Rohn 25 tower section, power divider and phasing lines, prop pitch motor 
for azimuth rotation, 8938 amplifier built by W8YIO that has Eimac tube 
socket and is operational with Variac Power supply on both high voltage and 
filaments.  Sell as package for $2000.

Will be at Dayton in a couple weeks,  flea market spot 318,  if some one 
would like to get more information.
Subj:    EME
Date:   5/8/01 9:07:59 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Lars Pettersson)

Hi Joe!
Here comes a small status report from SM4IVE
I have started to Mig welding the ribs to the new dish. they are VERY heavy so i must rebuild my tower and elevation system.They has to be galavanized also A new hub has to be made also, feed suport and so on, i dont expect that i will be able to be ready before winter. There are so much other stuff to do.
I will post my progress on my Webpage later on

Take care my friend hope to cu in Prag 2002
73 de Lars
drive safeley on your BMW
Subj:    3cm EME - European contest
Date:   5/6/01 6:56:59 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (jjm_f1ehn)
To: (K1RQG Joe), (K2UYH Allen KATZ)

F6KSX was active during the second WE of the European contest on 3 cm EME. We worked :
The 28th of April : DL0EF   449   559 #25,OK1UWA  M  O #26, OK1KIR  M O, W5LUA  549 539,
SM4DHN  549 539, WA7CJO 559 559, CT1DMK  O  O, (Heard DL2LAC  O / (no answer) )
The 29th of April : HB9BHU  O  O #27, OH2AXH  M O, LX1DB   O  O #28, (and DL2LAC with no answer)

The operators were : Roger F6ECX , Christian F6DLO, William F6DLA, Hervé F5HRY, Michel F4UPG,
David F1SXC, J-Jacques F1EHN.

Station : output power 50 W, loss < 1dB, dish 3.3m diam., 47.5 dBi, 0.8 dB NF, F1EHN Tracking System

Locator : JN18AR

All QSO are made on random activity (no sked).

The random activity was very poor during the Asian and European window and increased during the US 
window in spite of the large number of European stations.

We regret the rules don't reward the random QSO on the microwave bands. This possibility should probably 
improve the activity. 

F6KSX is also QRV 23 cm but not active because we selected the 3cm activity.
So, we think it will be necessary to have 2 WE for the 23 cm bands and the upper bands (2.3 GHz and 
above) to improve the activity in each band.

OK1KIR April 2001 EME report:
In the second part of the REF/DUBUS EME Contest:
1296 MHz : On 28 April at 0950 OE9XXI 569/559, 1554 DH9FAG 449/449, 
1636 F2TU 549/559, 1641 G4CCH 559/559, 1717 DK0ZAB 449/449 for 
initial # 186, 1935 HB9SV 569/559, 1941 SM3AKW 549/549, 1950 OZ4MM 569/559, 
1954 K0YW 559/549, 2015 VE6TA O/O, 2021 F6CGJ 559/559, 2040  W2UHI 559/449, 
2044 OZ6OL 549/559, 2050 DL1YMK  439/559 for initial # 187, 2101 W7BBM O/O 
in sked for initial # 188, 2117 W7QK 439/439, 2128 LX1DB 579/569 and 2134 
KA0Y 579/559. That's all. A while later our main H.T. three phases 
transformer did throw a towel in the ring. We closed the job as we gonna 
out of any transmitting from 70 cm up to 13 cm till we do repair a short 
circuit discovered inside one of the transformer's windings. Bloody work 
on that 80kg honey! We'll try to fix it asap but anyhow it will take 
some time for sure.
On 1296 MHz hrd DH0AOH  (CWNR), G3LQR, HA5SHF, HB9BBD, I0UGB, JA8IAD, 
JF3HUC, K2DH, K2UYH, K4QI, OH2AXH, S59DCD and W7SZ. Nil hrd in skeds 
with F1OAT, F1PYR and 9H1ES.
10368 MHz : Wkd on 28 April at 1255 DL0EF 449/439 for initial #15, 1330 
OK1UWA O/O for initial #16 and DXCC 13 and 1410 F6KSX O/M. We heard HB9BHU, 
SM4DHN and WA7CJO. We suffered from a problem in our transvertor during 
Sunday, April 29 due to loosing gradually G/CS ratio and Moon noise as 
well. The first RX stage PHEMT went slowly down to the total short circuit. 
A new one was placed for it but too much time spent on the repair in total 
and we lost all the skeds. When we recovered there was already nobody to 
So, in the next SW on May 26/27 we limited to a full activity on 3 or 
6 cm and we are looking for skeds. Wanted are OH2AXH, I5PPE, IK5WDJ,  
DL2LAC, VE4MA, W6HD and WA6PY.   
Subj:    Address Change
Date:   5/10/01 10:48:46 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Charles Atchison)

My ISP went under and I had to change email
address.  The new one is:                        @@@@@@@@@@

Sorry for the delay on the change.  Still trying
to get everything changed over.


Wes Atchison
9618 Indian Trail Road
Sanger, Texas 76266