Subject: NET NOTES April 14 2001
From:     K1RQG 

     Most recent Schedules can be found here 

    Also submit your sked requests to Joe:

     Joe, K1RQG 


I have arranged a lot of skeds, but some of the sked partners may not receive 
NET NOTES. If you see stations on sked list please QSP to them. Also please 
check all skeds and send corrections/additions/deletions to me ASAP. Thanks
for all your co-operation. There is still time to add skeds, as Al (K2UYH)
is traveling this week and News Letter will be a bit late. 

73 de Joe

EME schedules, last update 14 Apr 2001, 22:16

(432 MHz listed only)
Skeds for APR 27
Time   432.040        
1930z  AL7OB -RW3PF   
2000z  AL7OB -DK3WG   
2030z  AL7OB -DL7APV  
2100z  AL7OB -PA0PLY  
2130z  AL7OB -DF5LF   
2200z  AL7OB -G4YTL   

Skeds for APR 28
Time   432.040        
1700z  K4EME -YO2IS   
2000z  AL7OB -UA6LGH  
2030z  AL7OB -OE3JPC  
2100z  AL7OB -PA4FP   
2130z  AL7OB -CT1DMK  
2200z  AL7OB -W7MEM   

Skeds for APR 29
Time   432.040        432.070        
0300z                 AL7OB -7M2PDT  
0330z                 AL7OB -JH1XUJ  
0400z                 AL7OB -N1BUG   
0430z                 AL7OB -WB5APD  
0930z  AL7OB -DL4KG   

EME schedules, last update 14 Apr 2001, 22:16

(1296 MHz listed only)
Skeds for APR 28
Time   1296.050       1296.060       
1600z                 F1OAT -OK1KIR  
1630z                 F1PYR -OK1KIR  
1700z                 F1PYR -K2UYH   
1730z                 F1OAT -K2UYH   
1830z  OE5EYM-WA4NJP  9H1ES -OK1KIR  
1900z  DF9QX -WA4NJP  
1930z  WA4NJP-DH9FAG  
2100z                 W7BBM -OK1KIR  
2230z  W7BBM -WA4NJP  
2300z  W3XS  -WA4NJP  

Skeds for APR 29
Time   1296.050       1296.060       
0100z  WA4NJP-JA8ERE  
0130z  WA4NJP-JA7BMB  
0200z  WA4NJP-JF3HUC  
1900z                 DJ5MN -9H1ES   
1930z                 DJ5MN -W4RDI   

EME schedules, last update 14 Apr 2001, 22:16

(2304 MHz listed only)
Skeds for APR 28
Time   2304.075       
1900z  OK1UWA-G3LTF   
1930z  OK1CA -G3LTF   
2000z  ON5RR -G3LTF   

EME schedules, last update 14 Apr 2001, 22:16

(3456 - 10368 MHz listed only)
Skeds for APR 28
Time   10368.030      
1230z  DL0EF -S57UUU  
1300z  DL0EF -OK1UWA  
1330z  DL0EF -DL0SHF  
1400z  DL0EF -F6KSX   

Skeds for APR 29
Time   10368.030      10368.075      
1200z                 IW4BTJ-OK1KIR  
1230z                 IK5WDJ-OK1KIR  
1300z  DL0EF -OK1KIR  
1330z  DL0EF -LX1DB   I5PPE -OK1KIR  
1430z                 S57UUU-OK1KIR  
1930z  DL0EF -AA5C    VE4MA -OK1KIR  
2000z  DL0EF -W5LUA   WA6PY -OK1KIR  
2030z  DL0EF -WA7CJO  
2100z  DL0EF -VE4MA   
2130z  DL0EF -WA6PY   

net starts

W2UHI:  all is well.. did have hi winds during the week.. have replaced/
        repaired cabling that rodents had chewed through.. looking for
        any 23cm activity off the moon.. wnats to try polarizer screws
        vs hybrid for circularity.. 

W5LUA:  lots of 6 meter F2 contacts and 2 meter AU.. did work W6HD on 3cm..
        a little more progress on 24ghz tropo.. has received about 15 CDs
        from the EME 2000 conference. Those interested in aquiring one 
        of these CDs, contact W5LUA. Al will be forthcoming with the cost.

VE6NA:  working a bit of 6 meter and 2 meter AU.. will be taking a 12 day
        cruise to Spain from Florida.. will be back first of May.. not
        available sked weekend.. 

K0YW:   have been very busy.. will be in Nashville for conference.. QRV on 23cm.
        W7CS, WA7CJO, W7GBI, W7BBM meeting in Az was good.. will be back on
        the air on 23rd.. 

W4RDI:  not much to report.. wx all ok.. QRV on 23cm..

VE4MA:  wx not that good.. for W6HD, can you hear your own echoes.. 

K5JL:   no contact with PY5ZBU.. we are still in need to talk with Don. Not the
        MOV on the amp. Cavity megs out fine.. still getting wierd indications
        from p/s.. Tube also megs out fine.. 

K9BCT/M: doing some tower work.. not QRV.. this week.. for VE1ALQ: pkg in mail.

WA4NJP: worked FO5 in Fiji on 6 meters.. did work the Faulklands..No more skeds
        for this month.. nice day in Ga.. QRV on all bands.. Will see all in

W5ZN:   not much.. 

W7MEM:  just checking in.. on 9th, worked first ZL in 10 years.. will work 
        random on the 28th on 70cm.. 

VE6TA:  just listening .. 

K6IBY:  had cataract surgery.. should be back on the air soon.. has a new amp
        for 70cm.. 

9H1ES:  needs info on how to connect the feed horn.. will go to 2 feedlines in
        future.. can Fort paint inside the scaler ring.. ??

DL4KG:  looking for sked with AL7OB.. 29 Apr 0900-1200. 

PA3GLB: LF skeds on 10ghz EME .. 10 mtr dish 20w. call will be DL0EF JO30in ..
        W5LUA, VE4MA, WA7CJO, AA5C, WA6PY, S57UUU, LX1DB, OK1UWA, SUNDAY *******
W4OP:   concentrating on 23cm.. 13.5db sun noise so far.. not QRV 10ghz..

K5WXN:  will be on sked weekend looking for 70cm activity. During last contest
        weekend, polarity was pretty sharp. some folks seem to be receiving fine
        but possibly xmitting on the rcv pol position instead of where they
        were xmt when the station replied.. hard to handle pol change on a fast
        exchange.. Reccommend that each station always xmit on the pol that they
        were rcvd by the other station, regardless of where their rcv pol is. 

N6CJR/M: In Dallas. 

KL7HFQ: will be active on sked.. worked WB0GGM Apr 2.. will see NL7F for 23cm 

WB0GGM: ??

AL7OB:  will be active.. 

DK3WG:  no traffic.. 

LX1DB:  no more traffic.. will be available on 10g..

DJ5MN:  Sunday only skeds..9H1ES *******

CT1DMK: problem solved with scope.. DL0EF.. 10GHZ QRV Sunday .. East for Europe
        West for US .. will be linear.. Random in US window.. *******

VE7BQH: 12:15 PM 4/14/01

Subj:    LX1DB station infos
Date:   4/9/01 11:48:40 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (BAUER Willi)
To: ('')

Dear Joe pleas find here the pictures of my staion my ant system
and 13cm 280W transistor PA.

LX1DB antenna system for EME and tropo and HF.

*       For EME operation on 144MHz, 432MHz ,1296MHz, 2304MHz, 3456MHz,
5760MHz and 10,368MHz.
*       10m dish for , 432MHz ,1296MHz, 2304MHz, 3456MHz, a 6m dish for
5,6and 10GHz
*       The dishes are simultaneous tracked and can operate in the same
*       On tropo: 4X15el on 144MHz, 4X28 el on 432MHz, 4X68 e1 on296MHz,
4X88 el on 2304MHz, on 3456MHZ and 5760MHz a 90cm dish on 10GHz a 90cm dish
and on 24 GHz a 60cm dish in radom.
*       On HF 160m and 80 a dipole and on the other HF band a 11el TH11DX
beam and on 6m 3 el yagi.

LX1DB EME and tropo station

Operating on all HF bands, 6m ,2m 70cm,23cm,13cm, 9cm 6,cm 3cm,24GHz,48GHz
and 76GHz.
EME operation on 2m, 70cm, 23cm, 13cm, 9cm, 6cm and 3cm.

13cm PA out 280W

That is all news WX here is raining and I hopp your snow meld up 
73 and regards
LX1DB  Willi
Subj:    OK1KIR latest news and info
Date:   4/10/01 6:30:26 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Vladimir Masek)
To:, (Joe)

Hi Allen and Joe !

News from OK1KIR:
In the first part of European Worldwide Contest 2001 OK1KIR worked:
432 MHz: PA in trouble, so only 150W from SS driver (old surplus Motorola PA module 
from base station of previous Austrian 450 MHz NMT mobile phone network) allowed 
on Apr 1st at 1131 HB9Q 569/549 and at 1140 OZ4MM 559/429.  HRD: DL4MEA, DL7APV, 
DL9NDD (CWNR)  and VK4AFL. 2304 MHz: on Mar 31th at 1316 OE9XXI 559/549, 
at 1324 OZ4MM 549/439,at 1815 OK1UWA O/O for init.# 41, at 1920 HB9SV 549/539, 
at 1928 W5LUA 449/449, at 1945 OH2AXH 549/539, at 2019 LX1DB 559/449. 
SM3AKW heard in March. 5760 MHz: Apr 1st at 1856 LX1DB 549/449 and at 2030 partial 
CT1DMK M/? (suprised with Luis very weak signal).  Nil in skeds with IK2RTI and W5ICW.
Moon noise was 1,2 dB and CS/G 3,8 dB (heavy water clouds). Circular feed used whole 
the time. In the 2nd part of EU EME Contest we will be on 1296 MHz on Sat, Mar 28th 
and on 10368 MHz during Sun, Mar 29th. We are eager for 1296 MHz skeds with F1PYR, 
F1OAT, VE6NA(NO), W9OUU, W7BBM and 9H1ES. On 10368 MHz we would like DL2LAC, DL0EF, 
We have either rotateable linear or circular polarization on 3 and 6 cm, but such a 
change takes at least half an hour.

Vy 73s from Tonda&Vlada  *******  not QRV 10ghz=W7CNK, VE7CLD?, W4OP, W6HD(no skeds)
                                VE4MA(maybe) Not QRV/no skeds pse 23cm=W9OUU, VE6NA.

Subj:    9h1es
Date:   4/10/01 4:42:41 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Fortunato Bonnici)

HELLO JOE, I hope you are well ,so am I. well I asked the help from pa3csg, 
so as to send me diagram of how I am going to connect the coxial relays to 
the preamps and the ports of the feed. sorry abt. my mistakes with my equip. 
during weekends.
Subj:    EME-result R/u-stn begin April
Date:   4/11/01 12:05:22 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (dk3wg)
Reply-to: (dk3wg)
To: (MOON-Net)

Hello eme friends,
here the 2m- and 70cm(*)- result from the R/U-stn - begin of April:

RU1AA     wkd new SM7TJC, HB9DFG, RA3DRC/1 and F8PKC (519/529).

RW1AW     no new stn

RA3DRC/1  startet with new equipment with RU1AA, F3VS and K2GAL

RA3LE     * wkd in 70cm-contest, new stn DL4MEA, W7CI and KA0RYT.

RV3IG     also no new stn

RW3PF     wkd S53J, AA7A and N5BLZ.
                 * On 70cm he added HB9Q.

UA3PTW    * wkd in 70cm-contest 28 QSO x 20 multi (?)

UA4NM     added on the list OZ1HNE.
RK9CC     no new stn, he lost Antenne on 4.April in sturm     

UA9FAD    give this new stn - K6PF, WB4JEM and DL1HYZ.

UA9YLU    no new stn

UT5ER     complete with JR3REX, JA8IAD and K0FF.

DK3WG     no new stn on 2m.....
          * Was short time in the contest (70cm), no new stn wkd,
            called result.
          We had manny Aurora this weekend. 

info:     - * UA3PTW finish new 70cm-Ant, 8 Yagis, open feed

          - RA3DRC/1 op Nick in KO55JR, FT847 / IC746 + PA 1x GU74B, 
            4x DL6WU-Ant 7.42m-boom,
            * He wkd also on 70cm-stn, have 4x29 el-DJ9BVs         
73, gl via moon
            Jurgen, DK3WG@FFO.OBDG.DE        E-mail
                    DK3WG@DB0GR.#BLN.DEU.EU  PR

             UR5LX and UT5ER.

             Please send your QSL and SASE to:
             J.Fiedler, P.O.Box 1531, 15205 Frankfurt (O), GERMANY

Subj:    New Email address for KD4LT
Date:   4/12/01 10:24:18 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Clyde Scott)

Al and Joe:
Please note my new Email address.. I will keep the old one and have the Email 
redirected to it for a few more weeks..



TNX de Scott - KD4LT
Subj:    Mat NL
Date:   4/13/01 12:15:04 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Al Katz)
To: (K1RQG), (G4RGK), (G4RGK)

Hi Joe and Dave,

I am off to France today for a week. I will be back on the 21st.  As
usual I am running late.  As a result the May NL will probably be
delayed a week.  If I can find an e-mail port and can finish up the NL
while I am traveling, I may be able to get out the e-mail version on
time.  (Dave, I will likewise try to pick up your netnotes while

73 and have a nice Eastor Holiday,

Al - K2UYH
Subj:    3 cm
Date:   4/13/01 10:50:15 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (H. T. Howard)

Hi Joe:

For the net notes: W6HD plans to be on 10368.100 from Moonrise Hill
(CM98) on Saturday April 28th beginning just after rise at 1712 UTC.
I'm running 20 watts out with a 3.1 meter dish so will be looking
for BIG guns.  I'll be transmitting horizontal polarization and can
vary receive pol instantly.  I can also change transmit pol if 
necessary.  I can only be on the air for two to three hours before
running out of battery power and generator gasoline!

No skeds but if anyone wants to email me with the fact that they are
going to be on the air at that time I'll be looking for them.

73,  Tay  W6HD
Subj:    10 GHz EME Skeds
Date:   4/14/01 12:11:54 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Manfred Lugert)
CC: (astropeiler), HThum@KRAUTKRAMER.DE (Thum, Horst), (Schlich, Klaus),

File: (12812 bytes)
DL Time (32000 bps): < 1 minute

Dear Joseph,

thank you very much offering us to co-ordinate a few EME skeds on the
28th and 29th of April for 10 GHz.

Our Callsign is DL0EF and we are located in JO30IN (50 deg. 34 min 9.2
sec N/6 deg. 43 min 25.0 sec E). We have a 10 m solid dish and 20 W at
the feed. We are receiving moon noise with around 3.5 dB and can hear
our own echos with 6-7 dB in 2.5 KHz.

Our prefered working frequency will be 10368.030 MHz, synthesizer

Due to logistic reasons, we can only start operation on the 28th of
April as from around 12h00 UTC, that is why I limited the attached draft
schedule to skeds in the evening of the 28th and 29th. The schedule is
on an Excel File, with the EME-Windows calculated for a number of known
stations in the US. If you wish, you can use it for your convenience and

We are basicall interested in any station as we have not been in the air
for two-way contacts before and believe, that we can work them all.

DL0EF is a clubstation from Germany`s first radio telescope built after
WW II and we have refurbished a 10 m dish during the last 3 years, which
was used for sun spot measurements on 17 and 36 GHz in the 1950s! We
have  precise pointing  and can track the moon accurately.

For mor information, look on our webpage at:

DL0EF is in the QRZ.Com Database. We will confirm all contacts directly
with a nice QSL and Photo.

We have a team of several operators and I will operate as well. My call
sign is PA3GLB and German Callsign DL5FAB. I took the task to
co-ordinate skeds using the Internet or the VHF/UHF Net. We will keep
the latest sked list up-dated on our Webpage.

I would appreciate, if for this sked list, you will use my E-Mail
address (Manfred.Lugert@Inter.NL.Net).

Again, thank you very much for your help. I am looking forward for some
return messages on skeds.

Regards and 73

Manfred Lugert