Subject: NET NOTES April 7 2001
From:     K1RQG 

     Most recent Schedules can be found here 

    Also submit your sked requests to Joe:

     Joe, K1RQG 

Sorry for the notes being late..I had to work right after the net..


EME schedules, last update 7 Apr 2001, 21:54

(432 MHz listed only)
Skeds for APR  8
Time   432.016        
0400z  W7MEM -K5JL    
0430z  W7MEM -WB0GGM  
0600z  W7MEM -KL7HFQ  

EME schedules, last update 7 Apr 2001, 21:54

(1296 MHz listed only)
Skeds for APR  8
Time   1296.050       
0300z  W2UHI -9H1ES   
0330z  VE6TA -9H1ES   

W5LUA:  worked W6HD on 3cm on Sunday .. also worked DL6LAU cross band
        2320/2304.. and ON5RR 2304/2304 .. Worked LX1DB on SSB and 
        OZ4MM & SM3AKW as well as OE9XXI on on 13cm.. 

KB8RQ:  for K1FO.. worked Steve on AU at 30 deg elevation while calling
        CQ on the moon.. Moon was somewhere between 75 & 80 degrees az.

DL6LAU: running a 4.5mtr dish 800w on 23cm & 150w on 13cm.. #######
        also worked JA3BLC 2320/2424 .. 

W2UHI:  will be active anytime on moon wx permitting.. 23cm.. went to make
        sun noise measurements last week and found some rodent had built
        a nest in the electronics and nibbled through a wire or two.. all
        fixed now.. will be experimenting with another xvtr on 23cm to see
        if there is any change in performance. 

KL7HFQ: worked WB0GGM Apr 2.. Can run tonight.. 

K5JL:   not much.. very high winds yesterday.. nice day today.. was on 70cm
        last weekend.. Sunday mostly horizontal, but previous days polarity
        all over the place.. 

KD4LT:  no traffic. 

W7QX:   Was on 23cm during the week.. not much happening.. working on preamps.
        also working on power amp for 23cm. will be on after 0300z.. 

W7CNK:  been on moon during evenings.. QRV on 70cm .. 5ghz system az drive not

K9BCT/M: not much to report.. amp now up to 600w+ on 23cm. will be working 
        on p/s configuration tomorrow.. now has 1296/28 parabolic xvtr.
        will have some xvtrs for sale in a while. 

WA4NJP: worked KA0Y on 222 EME 559/559.. worked a new state on 6 mtr EME Oregon.. 

N2IQ:   working on 28 foot dish.. was on contest weekend .. Mark says if any
        one interested in 28' Kennedy dish to call him, or he is going to put
        it together and install it on another band.. 

W1ZX:   no traffic.. 

W5ZN:   Not QRV at this time on EME .. hopefully in May on 70cm. 


WD5AGO: not QRV at this time.. working on dish and mount.. 

N1BUG:  not much .. just checking in.. will not be on 70cm next sked weekend,
        but will be on before and after the weekend .. 

DK3WG:  no traffic.. was on during contest.. will be on for May weekend.. 

PA3CSG: 16db sunnoise on 10ghz .. 3.7mtr dish .. what is influence of the 
        sun activity on 10ghz ??? optimize feed etc on 10ghz.. 
        hopes to be QRV with limited window .. 
DL9KR:  lots of data QRM on freq.. spent 1.5 hours on contest 22 station..
        F6KHM/P ---- what is the Grid square ?????? good contact with WB5APD..

9H1ES:  will be on 23cm .. happy with system .. would like skeds for tonight.
        has feedhorn installed this morning. no internet connections at this 
        time ..start at 1700 and 0420 end time tonight .. dish is 2.4  mtr
        800w (600w at feed).. #######

W7MEM:  heard WB0GGM but not complete.. tracking issues.. looking for 70cm 

WB0GGM: will be on tonight.. 17 QSOs completed with DL7APV, PA4FP, S52CW,
        Monday KA0RYT, KL7HFQ, UA3PTW (#96).. heard W7MEM, W4ZRZ, RA3RL??
        called K2UYH during contest but no repy as well as others. 

KA0Y:   high winds .. may be on 222 tomorrow.. 

VE7BQH: 12:06 PM 4/7/01

Subj:    REF / DUBUS contest
Date:   4/1/01 6:42:51 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Bernd Wilde)

Hi Joe, 

wasn´t really a good weekend. Hope yours was better!

I didn´t finisch the array in time. I was ready on saturday evening. Made only 
Wb0ggm # on saturday. I added on Sunday 21 for final 22x?. The aurora wasn´t 
helpful on EME, so condx I found partial bad and activity was not good also. The 
vertikal rx-antenna was very helpful, especially at the qso with g3ltf, I got 
569 and received nothing on horizontal, but 449 on the 4x21el. vertikal. I will 
add the open feed system till next sked weekend, that should improve the rx side 
2 -3 dB.

73 bernd DL7APV

Sked requests will follow.
Subj:    Re: W3C 'endorsement' of ISO 8601
Date:   4/2/01 2:07:52 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From:   aron@socrates.Berkeley.EDU (Aron Roberts)
To: (Ian Galpin)
CC: (W5LBT ~Bob Taylor), (VE7BQH ~Lionel Edwards), (K1RQG ~EME Net News), (K2AH ~EME), (K2UYH ~Allen Katz), pa0zn/ (W3/PA0ZN ~Rein), (G4RGK ~David Dibley), (DL4EBY ~Klaus Tiedemann ~DK0TU), (DL4EBY ~Klaus Tiedemann ~DK0TU), (DL4EBY ~Klaus Tiedemann ~DK0TU), (W6/PA0ZN ~Rein), (KD4LT ~Scott), (KB2TIS ~Brian Mullaney), (N6ZE ~Peter Heins ~K1FJM), (N1BUG ~Paul Kelley), (JH0WJF ~Noriyuki Yaguchi), (K2LME  ~Dave Collins)

Hi Ian,

Tex Texin wrote, in "Re: The EME Web Sites and the ISO 8601 Standard"

>re [Ian Galpin's assertion]:
>>On the Web, the World Wide Web
>>Consortium (W3C), now recommend (on the
>><> site)
>>only the Year-Month-Day date format.
>To be clear this is just a note with no endorsement of the W3C.
>The opening statement of the note says exactly that.
>We shouldn't misconstrue its intent.

   Tex is correct.

   However, date and time representation standards derived from ISO 
8601 are  showing up with increasing frequency in the recommendations 
of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) <URL:>.

   Some examples -- which include working drafts and other 
'recommendation-track' documents at various stages -- include:

   - XML Schema Datatypes

   - Resource Description Framework (RDF),
     via the optional incorporation of Dublin Core metadata
     (as per the discussion in section 7.4)

   - XForms

   - Platform for Internet Content Selection (PICS) Labels
     (The PICS format uses an incorrect separator between
     date elements, which is corrected in the later PICSRules
     specification, below.)

   - PICSRules

   - Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL) 2.0
     (specified in the "The SMIL 2.0 Timing and Synchronization Module")

   Examples of other, similar standards or specifications for the Web 
which have incorporated ISO 8601 in various forms, although not 
carried out directly under the auspices of the W3C, include:

   - Dublin Core Metadata Initiative
     (specified via the metadata element set)

   - RELAX (an XML schema language)

   - News Industry Text Format
     (specified via the DTD documentation)

   - The Information and Content Exchange Protocol (ICE)

   Like RELAX, TREX is yet another, emerging XML schema language.  Its 
author states that it may later "partner" with XML Schema datatypes, 
above, which might potentially include the latter's ISO 8601-derived 
date and time datatypes.

   The inclusion of XML Schema, RELAX, and TREX on this list is of 
considerable significance.  These are the three leading, 
next-generation schema languages for describing eXtensible Markup 
Language (XML) document types.

   If present trends hold, a significant portion of the world's 
structured data will at some point in its transmission, use, or 
storage be marked up in XML.  By implication, dates and times 
appearing in XML documents or data streams -- and which are 
explicitly defined by one of these schema languages as date- or 
time-related elements or attributes -- would thus need to conform to 
datatypes derived from ISO 8601.

   Of course, it will be a long time before we will know whether this 
will actually transpire! ;-)  Still, there is a reasonable 
possibility that XML may become the primary mechanism -- albeit an 
indirect one -- through which ISO 8601 date and time representations 
will come to be widely used in data processing worldwide.

Aron Roberts  Workstation Software Support Group . 221 Evans Hall
               University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720-3808 USA
      . +1 510-642-5974 . fax 510-643-5385

Subj:    short report
Date:   4/2/01 2:58:34 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Frank Dobert)

Hi Joe !

Short report from last weekend: (31/1 March/April)

Worked with single 8wl yagi (9BV)
DL9KR, OZ4MM, HB9Q, DL9NDD, OZ6OL (may be tropo)
S51ZO, K2UYH, DK7BU (tropo)
Nothing heard from US. May be due to the curious conDX, we had 
aurora all the weekend on 2m, sometines on 70cm.

73 de Frank

Subj:    Req for skeds_OK1KIR
Date:   4/2/01 7:02:56 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Vladimir Masek (ECZ))
To: ('')
CC: ('')

Hi Joe,
be so kind and try to get us, OK1KIR, into skeds for Saturday and Sunday, April 28th - 29th, 2001.
Our sked window is 11:00 to 22:00 UTC.

1296 MHz:
Sat, Apr 28th:

10368 MHz: 
Sun, Apr 29th:

Thank You very much!
Subj:    [Moon-Net] Want 432 skeds
Date:   4/2/01 8:12:46 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Bob Dodson)
To: (Moon Net)

hello All;

        Well I just worked my first 432 EME to a (4) yagi station and am still
feeling lucky. I am in EM84ak with NO ELEVATION on antenna. Looking for
432 skeds
for my moon rise/set. See below for my 432 setup. 
        Anyone need a good weak signal moon test I am your man hi hi. Like to
run on 432.070.0
2.5 minute sequences, Normal E/W sequencing.
Trying to get listed for firsttime in EME/LIST directory. Not sure
>what information you
>need. Here is my INFO. Looking for 432 skeds. Many thanks.Please also
>let me know what else or who I might need to post infoto.
>Call Sign: WB5APD
>GRID: EM84ak
>LOCATION ADDRESS: 57 Jennifer Court, Dahlonega Georgia 30533 USA
>PHONE NUMBER: 706-867-7198
>E-MAIL:                            ########
>Antenna's: 1x38 (13WL) No ELEVATION
>POWER: 1500 watts
Bob Dodson WB5APD                       My Web Page             
Dahlonega Ga. EM84AK          
                                        FAX Number 775-514-2688         
  I MONITOR 144.200                     I MONITOR 432.100 
  144mhz [2m] Station                   432mhz [70cm] Station   
  8877/1.5kw 2x17 el @90'               4cx1600u/1.5kw 1X38 el @85'     
  MGF1302 0.8nf ERP=87,990 watts        MGF1302 0.9nf ERP=95,741 watts 
  [ EME-HSMS-SSB-CW ]                   [ SSB-CW ]

Subj:    EME skeds on 10 GHz
Date:   4/2/01 10:05:26 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Klaus Schlich)
Reply-to: (Klaus Schlich)

Hello Joe.

The 10-m-dish from our station DL0EF is now ready and we are looking
for 10 GHz skeds at the EME-Contest weekend around the 28. April 2001.

Our eMail address is an our webpage is .

73 de Klaus, DF3GL / DL0EF


Subj:    Weekend
Date:   4/3/01 11:09:47 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Pdk3wg)
Reply-to: (Pdk3wg)
To: (K1RQG)

Hello Joe,

I heard in the contest W4ZRZ calling "CQ"  with 549, sri he heard me.
Later he maked a QSO with OH2DG in 25 min, give him 339....
After this QSO he was QRT or changing the frequenz. 
Is this boy QRV for Sked ? Sri, the next skedweekend I be not home (28/29 Apr.)
Skeds for 26/27.May is ok.

Subj:    WA6PY report
Date:   4/4/01 5:10:19 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Paul Chominski)

Hi Al,

WA6PY  on 10 GHz. My 8 ft TVRO C-band solid Al dish is bad for 10 GHz.
focus is extended in 20 mm range. I am getting  6-7 dB Sun noise moving
feed in this range. On March 31 I heard S57UUU  M-copy weak signal but good
enough for QSO  and W5LUA  O-copy. They did not heard me. After skeds I
checked the power at the feed horn and using my directional coupler and
HP437 power meter and I have 43.4 dBm = 22 W +/- accuracy of the test
setup. This is the same power I was using 4 years ago.  On April 1, QSO'd
W5LUA M/M.  Al became stronger after first 10 minute of the sked but I did
not change my report in order to avoid confusion. I heard AA5C , but signal
were to weak for QSO.
I am considering repair of my old 10 ft dish now.

VY 73 Paul  WA6PY

Paul Chominski
Subj:    WA6PY report - correction
Date:   4/5/01 6:34:03 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Paul Chominski)

Al and Joe,
I just talked on the phone with Al W5LUA. Our 10 GHz QSO is not valid. Al
heard and worked W6HD instead of me. Please add this correction to my
previous report.

VY 73 Paul WA6PY

Paul Chominski

Subj:    70cm EME
Date:   4/7/01 2:47:01 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Cowles Andrus III)
To: (

Hi Joe,
On Sunday Evening, after the rain and wind stopped, the VSWR returned to
normal and so did my receive sensitivity. I heard my echoes very loud at
my normal power output. I experimented by reducing my power until I
could just perceive my echo. I could hear my echo with as little as 15
watts measured on my Bird model 43 watt meter, almost QRP, No April
Fool! Up until now the best I could do was hear an echo with 50 to 100
watts. Conditions Sunday night (by local time) appeared to be as good as
I have every heard them from about 02:00 to 03:00 UTC on 04-02-01.
I made a Sked with Terry, KJ7F via landline Sunday night and was
successful in a completed QSO (initial #69). On Monday night I worked
Dan, K5WXN (initial #70). On Monday night my echoes were not quite as
loud as the night before, however they were very good. I heard my echoes
at around 50 watts output. I also worked N9AB, very loud and clear, way
out of the noise! I still need YO2IS.
I think that the bad weather, rain and wind, and a local carrier or
birdie on 432.040 MHz and Faraday rotation had a lot to do with my poor
receive issue on Saturday during the planned Skeds.
Thanks Joe for your help and hope to talk soon.
73, Cowles, K4EME