Subject: NET NOTES 1 April 2001
From:     K1RQG 

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Subj:    For NET NOTES APR 1, 2001
Date:   4/1/01 9:25:04 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Melum)

Don't know if I will be up for net...its 4:20AM local, oops 5:20 AM DT, and
I'm going to bed.  

Got the drive gear installed in time for start of contest (pictures on the
web in a few days).  Worked 30 stations so far, but conditions have not
been good here in general.  5 new initials, 75 total.

I got skunked on my moonset.  Usually my EU window is best then, but today,
I think the solar storm ruined the eme condx, at least up here.  I could
not hear my own echoes at all for quite a while (I suppose partly Faraday,
but I believe mostly ionosperic absorption).  This amazed me because my
echoes with the new dish have normally been HUGE!

I still have a lot of work to do on the antenna.  My position indicators
are very weak.   My apologies if I have frustrated anyone, but a few times
during QSOs I have been trying to peak on a signal and lost the moon all

Still missing some easy contacts which I hope to get before 0000z, like

Looking for sked with KJ7F, K6JEY and any other takers during the week

Tnx & 73

Mike, AL7OB  BP51dc

432 EME - FT-736; FT-767; 9.2 Meter Dish; DEM 0.4dB; 700 WATTS



W2UHI:  was on 23cm yesterday for a few hours. activity low. Band conditions
        were a bit strange with slow QSB and libration fading. Will be on
        when the moon comes up around 1700z.  QRV on 23cm..

W5LUA:  was on 13cm a bit yesterday.. Worked F1PYR on 23cm.. on 10ghz worked
        S57UUU and heard nil from WA6PY, but Paul heard W5LUA.. 
        SUGGESTION FOR 13CM OPERATIONS:I would like to suggest that any random
        2304 to 2320 QSOs be made around .150. All too  often there are skeds at
        2304.1 which means that a station calling CQ crossband on 2320.1 will expect
        stations to respond on 2304.1 but there maybe skeds or other 2304 only
        QSOs in progress. I would like to propose that 2304/2320 crossband
        random operation be centered around .150 where it will be obvious that
        crossband operation is being attempted. I would like to see 2304 skeds
        crossband or otherwise still stay on .025, .075 or .100. I would like to
        hear from the G's and DL's on this. Other discussion and comments?

KA0RYT: had a lot of fun yesterday.. 70cm was affected by sun activity. only
        worked 3 on Friday night.. on Saturday things were working better.
        13x13 on 70cm and 2 init.. RA3LE & UA3PTW.. lack of JAs on but did
        work VK4AFL.. 

WA4NJP: had some success. IK2MMB, I0UGB complete.. F1PYR heard good, but no
        completion.. He had a good signal.. W7QX complete.. 23cm was slim.
        on 70cn, it was very good. Lots of stations on, but they did not
        look up the band.. HB9Q & UA3PTW worked.. new ones... 6 meter 
        activity this afternoon and will be on 70cm EME.. sun noise on
        70cm is 20.2db with .4db.. need info on W4ZRZ..

W4RDI:  lot of rain and wind.. now clear and in the high 70s.. 

N1BUG:  having fun on 70cm with single yagi.. worked one on Wed, 2 on Friday
        and 6 during the contest.. KU4F, K5JL, G3SEK, KA0Y(big sig), OZ4MM, 
        HB9Q, K1FO, OE5EYM, DL9KR (559/559) & SM2CEW.  Will be on this 

K5JL:   J also heard few JAs.. one VK and no ZS.. 19db sun noise on 70cm
        today.. good signals from many stations.. Farady very prominent.
        723 initials now.. W4ZRZ good signals.. did not hear KA0Y..
        DL9KR was S8 on the meter.. 70cm far more challenging than 23cm.
        Got to work on this band..  no W3, W8, or W6 on yesterday..

W1ZX:   went to hamfest in the rain.. not much there.. was not on yesterday.
        hopes to be on this afternoon.. 

KA0Y:   was on a bit, then the power supply blew up. 

K5WXN:  70cm was good Friday and Saturday till Saturday night, when it trialed
        off.. one new one W4ZRZ with good signal. Did not complete with K4EME,
        Dan was hearing K4EME the whole sked, did not get report back from 
        K4EME. will be on 70cm this afternoon.. 

K8UC:   been off air for a while.. now off reflector.. cannot be on EME ..

K9BCT/M: QRV on 23cm .. worked G4CCH .. did get amp running on 23cm.. 
        1500v @ .9A under load.. 

KD4LT:  all was well on skeds.. 100% on skeds.. 

LX1DB:  will be on 6cm this evening .. will also be on 13cm .. normally
        work on 2304 but is allowed to xmit on 2320, but equipment is
        set to xmit on 2304.. can also listen on 2424.. also suggests 
        same issues as W5LUA.. was calling CQ JA this morning so that 
        they would know LX1DB was listening for JA on 2424.. will send 
        email to W5LUA about 24ghz.. worked total of 11 stations on 13cm.

NU7Z:   will be on this afternoon.. W5LUA comments on 13cm also apply
        to other microwave bands.. has transmitter problem on 6cm..
        will be going off the air for short period, to change from 
        the current hydraulic az control to motor drive.. 

W7SZ:   first intergrated echo back on 10ghz over 15min 2 watts out..
        listen to 2 skeds on on 10ghz yesterday, but heard nothing..

W7QX:   was on 23cm listening to WA4NJP skeds.. will be on 2100z today
        and through the week, one hour later each day.. did work G4CCH..
        WA4NJP was steady most the time.. looking for IK2MMB ..nil
        with LU8EDR.. 

K4EME:  did not hear any skeds .. thinks there is a receive problem. 
        will check out the array and let us know.. 

K0RZ:   28 QSOs yesterday.. should be on today..

WB0GGM: worked 11 yesterday.. new init DL7APV.. looking for S52CW...