Subject: NET NOTES March 31 2001
From:     K1RQG 

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     Joe, K1RQG 

EME schedules, last update 31 Mar 2001, 11:00

(432 MHz listed only)
Skeds for MAR 30
Time   432.040        
2200z  KD4LT -G4YTL   

Skeds for MAR 31
Time   432.040        
0200z  WB0GGM-KL7HFQ  
1800z  WB0GGM-UA9FAD  
1830z  WB0GGM-YO2IS   
1900z  K4EME -YO2IS   
2030z  KJ7F  -S52CW   
2100z  KJ7F  -ON5OF   
2130z  KJ7F  -K4EME   
2330z  K5WXN -K4EME   

Skeds for APR  1
Time   432.050        
2200z  KL7HFQ-W1ZX    

EME schedules, last update 31 Mar 2001, 11:00

(1296 MHz listed only)
Skeds for MAR 31
Time   1296.050       1296.060       
0130z  VE6NA -WA4NJP  
0200z  KD5FZX-WA4NJP  
0230z  JA6CZD-WA4NJP  

1830z  KD4LT -F1PYR   
1900z  WA4NJP-IK2MMB  
1930z  WA4NJP-I0UGB   
2030z  WA4NJP-ON5RR   
2100z  WA4NJP-F1PYR   
2130z  WA4NJP-DL6LAU  
2200z  W7QX  -LU8EDR  WA4NJP-W1QC    
2230z  WA4NJP-DF3RU   
2300z  WA4NJP-F1ANH   
2330z  K0YW  -LU8EDR  

EME schedules, last update 31 Mar 2001, 11:00

(2304 MHz listed only)
Skeds for MAR 31
Time   2304.100       
1800z  OK1UWA-OK1KIR  
1830z  OH2DG -OK1KIR  
1900z  DL6LAU-OK1KIR  

EME schedules, last update 31 Mar 2001, 11:00

(3456 - 10368 MHz listed only)
Skeds for MAR 31
Time   3456.060       10368.100      
1900z  W5LUA -0N5RR   
2030z                 W5LUA -WA6PY   
2100z                 WA6PY -AA5C    

Skeds for APR  1
Time   5760.100       10368.100      
1800z  IK2RTI-OK1KIR  
2000z  WA5ICW-OK1KIR  
2130z                 W5LUA -WA6PY   

N5BLZ:  no traffic..

KB8RQ:  no traffic..

W2UHI:  moon coming up shortly.. sun activity is high.. found that
        checking system performance with sun noise, the system flat
        tops (saturates) at about 20.5 db.. hopes to do some more
        tests and collect more data.. will be on later on the moon.
        wx is moderate.. 

K5JL:   19db sun noise on 70cm.. spent 4 hours on last night, 17 contacts
        2 JA, 1VK.. good signals on 70cm.. but low activity.  sharp peaks
        on polarity.. worked N1BUG.. looking for W2, W3, & others.. 

WD5AGO: back from skiing and recovering from aches and pains.. 
        not QRV this .. 

VE4MA:  not on the moon .. wx is bad .. will be working inside .. 

W5LUA:  did work JA4BLC on 13cm on SSB.. worked some AU on 2 meters early 
        this morning.. will be on 13cm and 10ghz later.. working on
        rubidium .. comments on 2320.. getting broadband noise here..

K9VPE:  Chuck in In.. been on VHF for years and interested on what is
        going on here. plans to move to FL in the near future..

WA4NJP: Ray regrets that he missed 3 skeds yesterday.. was working on 70cm
        and had some interference.. AL7OB was sounding good.. 18.9db on
        5 meter dish 23cm.. VE6NA resked *******.. can be ready for 
        KA0Y on 222.. any skeds are OK for tomorrow.. 2200 open 2330..


KA0Y:   did work N1BUG.. heard K5JL  working N1BUG and caught him 
        random ..

K2DH:   has a foot of snow.. will not be on moon.. 

W1QC:   been busy.. will try to be on 23cm this afternoon.. 
        regards to all on 

W4RDI:  nothing to report.. 

KD4LT:  was on for G4YTL now #336 on 70cm.. will be on for F1PYR.. 

K4EME:  not much.. was on last night .. K4QI, K1FO, K5JL & AL7OB worked
        will be on tonight. 

WA4CNI: ....

WA7JUO: ....

WB0GMM: called K5JL a couple of times on 70cm.. no response.. 

W7QX:   will be on 23cm after 2000z.. heard nil last night on 23cm.

WA1JOF: not traffic.. still working on amp for 23cm..

WA9KRT: ..Relay forn W7QX

Subj:    Re: NET NOTES MAR 25, 2001
Date:   3/26/01 7:41:36 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Andre ESNAULT)

Hello Joe,
I will be open for skeds on saturday 31th 1900z to 2100z, and sunday 1st
1400z to 2100z.

1296 mhz
310 cm
800 w
.7 db n/f

Best 73
André F1PYR
Subj:    Contest
Date:   3/25/01 1:05:54 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Bernd Wilde)

Hi Joe, 

missed the net today, was outside in the barn reassembling the tower. We have 
here 0°C and 2 inches of new snow today. Not really good to do anything outside. 
Have hollidays till the contest. If wheather will more cooperative all systems 
will be reactivated in time.

73 bernd DL7APV
Subj:    [Moon-Net] UHF: QRV on 6cm
Date:   3/30/01 8:36:17 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (L. Cupido)


I will be on 5760 MHz during the Saturday and Sunday passes.
on Saturday my moon window is up to 21:00utc
and  on Sunday up to 22:00utc

I'll be calling CQ around 5760.100 now using
<<<< circular polarization. >>>>
Skeds welcome ( I think I will have lots of free time to check
the email  ;)

Good QSO's
Subj:    [Moon-Net] 13cm
Date:   3/30/01 2:10:12 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Franta Strihavka)

Hello 13cm moonbouncers,
I plan to be QRV on 2304,100 +-20 kHz, 31th March from 09,00 UT to 17,00 UT
and from 19,30 UT to 24,00 UT.
I have 10 m dish and 60 W on the feed, I can to be QRV two way on 2304, 2320
and 2424 MHz.
PSE sked to:
Franta    OK1CA