Subject: NET NOTES 10 March 2001
From:     K1RQG 

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    Also submit your sked requests to Joe:

     Joe, K1RQG 

Much interesting news reported in the e-mails below net notes..
ASAP any sked requests for next sked weekend should be in by March 11.. 


WD5AGO: now QRT till further notice.. 

VE6NA:  nice day. no skeds complete last weekend.. was messed up on timing
        on some of the skeds. 

K2DH:   getting a little snow.. dish is still not moveable. has to wait till
        things thaw out. hopes to put the 13cm feed.. 

WA1JOF: needs address for GW3XYW..

W2UHI:  All is well .. been tweaking up the system a bit. checked out the
        tracking and NT of system.. 

N1BUG:  about a foot of new snow.. hearing a lot of stations and worked  DL9NDD with 
        very nice signal and then followed by  SM2CEW on (RANDOM).. and several 
        stations heard.. will take down antennas this week and hopes
        to have single yagi with full elevation by end of month. 

W1VEH:  ..

W4RDI:  nice day.. no traffic.. 

W4OP:   dish is all assembled and motor drive is done .. hopes to put the dish on
        the mount tomorrow.. feed horn support material is on order. may be doing
        sun noise tests by next weekend.. (23cm) .. has a xvtr that needs a 
        3sk124 or 3sk97 or NE41137 S3030.. any help with one of these devices ????

K9BCT/M: not much to report.. will not have 6 tube amp on for this weekend. Is anyone
        using the TS-2000 on 23cm ?? 23cm module will not be shown till Dayton.. 

W7CNK:  not much going on.. now has new radio TS-2000.. 

VE6TA:  still working on amp.. will be checking the amp during net.. 4 tube amp 23cm.

WA9FWD: wx supposed to move in.. tried to get on last night, but indicator not
        showing movement.. 

K0YW:   been busy with other projects.. QRV on 23cm .. hopes to have the TS-2000 
        interfaced with the system.

KA0RYT: not feeling well.. got the flu bug.. did work KU4F EL89 & W4ZRZ 8 yagis and     
        LunaLink amp....last night  

K5UGM:  no antennas on 2 meters .. still working on 23cm xvtr and 10' TVRO dish to
        start with .. 

KL7HFQ: not much going on.. did work K1FO and K4QI.. but rest of the weekend was
        a disaster .. did not make sked with WB0GGM & G4ERG.. did hear G4ERG before
        the sked on .010 and nil during sked.. will be on for Dubus contest. 
        will be on tonight after 0600z.. now on moon-net..

W1ZX:   no traffic.. 

N2IQ:   dish full of snow.. tried to tip towards horizon, but stopped at 45 deg..
        dish started to travel to fast.. going to leave it where it is till snow

W2FHO/M: .. 

K5JL:   was on 23cm breifly last night .. did not hear anything.  Only heard echoes
        off moon from W5ORH.. 

KA0Y:   was on late last night and worked VE6NA.. no more heard and shut down.. 
        will switch to 432 for DUBUS. then may go to 222.. 

WB0GGM: condx last weekend not very good.. PA4FP heard but not complete, same with 
        ON5OF. ran Monday eve with ON5OF and all ok. EA8FF worked on Wed for #90..
        AU was the culprit on the weekend.. 

K1FO:   > 20 contacts last weekend.. worked W4ZRZ(Al) on SSB.. worked KU4F (need grid

DK3WG:  AL7OB canceled sked .. 

ON5OF:  will be going to France tomorrow.. will send update for Dubus ops. did complete
        with WB0GGM.. Now has cast removed from leg and has a support boot.. 

CT1DMK: did work G4YTL good sig on 70cm.. will be on 70cm for a while EME .. 
        can run tonight.. will change to microwave bands before Dubus.. 
        W5LUA success with Varian TWT has increased interest on 24ghz. CT1DMK
        has a similar TWT and will work like hell to get it ruuning. 

PA3CSG: needs NM and KY.. 

WA4NJP: did listen for W5ZN on 222 last night .. heard him well , will try again
        tonight.. was on 6.2, & 222 last night.. a bit noisy.. 

W7FN:   all is well.. still not QRV on 70cm EME, but working 6 mtr EME .. 4x6 yagis
        on 6 meters.. 

VE7BQH: 11:58 AM 3/10/01
Subj:    24 GHz EME by VE4MA
Date:   3/10/01 12:33:32 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Barry VE4MA)
To: (Microwave),, (NLRS)
CC:, (Emil Pocock), (Emil W3EP), (Joe K1RQG)

Tonight at about 04:30 UTC March 10 the 24 GHz EME signals of W5LUA were
heard at VE4MA. Signals were weak at both ends. Al's signal here was T-M

I am using an 8 ft offset (14 /12 GHz) dish with a "large" diameter W2IMU
feed into a DB6NT preamp at 1.55 dB NF. I see 15 dB on Sun noise and 2.3 dB
of moon noise. I had no visual moon because of clouds, but this does not
appear to have affected the moon noise. The beamwidth of the antenna
appeared to be slightly less critical with clouds than with clear sky.

The WX here was about -1deg C (warm spell!)and about 80% humidity with snow
expected overnight.

And now to make a QSO

Best 73
Barry VE4MA

Subj:   Re: NET NOTES MAR 4, 2001
Date:   3/4/01 2:26:25 PM Eastern Standard Time
From:   K5ugm1
To:     K1rqg

Joe thank You for putting me on the NET NOTES I enjoy reading the notes
I will be getting on 23cm EME as soon as I get my 2m ants up.
It might be 2 to3 months but I will be there!!
I wonder if I will be able to work many stations  Rether than the BIG BOYS.
Is the 10 ft  dish and 300 watts like having  4x18lxxx on 2m will that be the same??
I willbe there someday
tnx and 73 

BILL DUVAL K5UGM        #######
K5UGM1@AOL.COM          @@@@@@@
To much rain on Sturday 3/4  (almost 5 inches within 24hrs.)  and to windy today..!! 
No luck at all .. was not able to geton this month..
Re-sked my two skeds I missed..
de Scott - KD4LT

     Clyde Scott, Jr. --  EME Communications, Technical consultant 
                           to the AM, FM & TV broadcast industry 
         KD4LT              229-890-2506 -- 229-985-0864 (Fax) 
Subj:    SW Mar 31 / Apr 01
Date:   3/5/01 7:02:12 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Frank Postmus  (PA4FP))
To: (K1RQG Net-Notes)

Hi Joe,

During the SW Mar/Apr i can only take sked's after:
April 01 / 22.00z... Apr 02 no time limit!

73, Frank - PA4FP  <>

70cm EME:  <JO33BC>
4x 26el-BV/OPT70-II / 1KW at the feedpoint / 0.3dB NF / H-Pol / Full el.
Subj:    Req for skeds_OK1KIR
Date:   3/5/01 2:39:52 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Vladimir Masek (ECZ))
To: ('')
CC: ('')

Hi Joe,
We would like to get in the next SW OK1KIR into sked with :
2320 MHz: 
Sat, Mar 31:

5760 MHz:
Sun, Apr 1:
  IK2RTI, WA5ICW, WD5AGO,  W5ZN (?) , WA8WZG, HB9SV (?)

Thank You and vy 73's !
for OK1KIR EME  
Subj:    WA6PY report
Date:   3/6/01 12:18:08 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Paul Chominski)
Sender: (Paul Chominski)

Al and Joe,

WA6PY  was on 13 cm March 2-4 and QSO'd in skeds: OK1KIR  WA8WZG  F2TU
LX1DB and also OE9ERC and OE9XXI cross band Peter was on 2320 MHz. Heard
very loud OZ4MM.  I have now 10 initials on 13 cm and 26 on 23 cm. On April
30 / May 1 I will be QRV on 10 GHz if my old equipment is still working.

I am not sure if I will be QRV for Arecibo SETI test. I have additional 13
cm skeds with JA8IAD on March 10 and 11. At present changing feed and
equipment takes several hours, and I am afraid that without sun noise
measurements I will not be able to optimise my 13 cm system for this sked.

I will send my time and sked request later during the week. I am looking
and all other active stations.  I understand that activity on 10 GHz will
be low due to the EME contest on other bands.

VY 73  Paul  WA6PY

Paul Chominski

Subj:    My first lunar echoes on 24 GHz by W5LUA
Date:   3/7/01 10:24:49 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (WARD,AL (A-SanJose,ex1))
To: ('bryan'), ('darrell'), ('EMIL'), ('K1RQG'), ('k2uyh'), ('K5GW'), ('N2CEI'), ('n4mw'), ('ntmsref'), ('nu7z'), ('ve1alq'), ('ve4ma'), ('ve4mawork'), ('W0EOM'), ('w3xo'), ('W5UC'), ('w5zn'), ('w7gbi'), mowen@MAIL.STLAWU.EDU ('w9ip'), ('WA6PY'), ('wa8wzg'), ('WB8IMY'), ('wd5agohome'), ('wd5agoschool')

File:  Unknown (4121 bytes)
DL Time (32000 bps): < 1 minute

My first lunar echoes on 24 GHz by W5LUA

I was finally able to hear and record my first earth-moon-earth echoes on
24192.1 MHz at 0816 GMT on March 7, 2001. My antenna is a 3 meter Andrews
prime focus dish. According to Andrews, the 3 meter dish is rated to 30 GHz
with proper back structuring to optimize the dish's surface. The dish really
began to perform when I added a back structure which looks like a
tic-tac-toe board mounted to the backside of the dish. The eight points of
the back structure allowed me to optimize the dish's surface by pushing or
pulling on the back of the dish to enhance the accuracy of the dish's
surface. The end result was improved sun and moon noise. I presently receive
12.5 dB of sun noise and 1.3 dB of moon noise. My feed is a scalar feed
optimized per the "W1GHZ On-Line Antenna Handbook". My dish has an F/D of
My LNA is a 2 stage W5LUA homebrew design using a pair of Agilent
Technologies PHEMT devices which provided a 2.25 dB system noise figure. My
basic transverter is built around surplus 23 GHz modules which down-converts
to a 2304 MHz IF which is then down-converted to a 144 MHz IF with a Down
East Microwave  transverter to an ICOM IC-271 transceiver. I was able to
achieve about 20 watts at 24192 MHz by re-tuning a Varian VTU-6191 14.5 GHz
TWT which I have been using on 10 GHz EME at about 80 watts output.
Re-tuning consisted of lowering the Helix voltage and doing some tuning in
the output waveguide section. 
I was using Mike Owen's Realtrak Software to track the moon. I was concerned
about the accuracy of the doppler calculation of the various moon tracking
programs which I have used in the past. With an expected doppler of up to 50
kHz, there is not a lot of margin for error when tuning for echoes.  I ran
some echo tests on 10368 MHz and came to the conclusion that Mike's software
was the most accurate at 10368 MHz.  I therefore placed my confidence in his
software at 24192 MHz. Based on the doppler shift of the received echoes, I
believe Mike's software predicted the returns within a few hundred Hz.
On the evening of  March 6 local time I had just installed my elevation
rotator which allowed me to remote operate the dish from the hamshack.
Previous attempts at echoes were with all equipment mounted in a shed near
the dish. I had tried for echoes prior to zenith but only thought I had
heard echoes. Some clouds were beginning to cover the moon so I decided to
set my alarm clock for about 2AM and give it a shot on the setting moon.
First discernable echoes were heard at 0816 GMT with the moon at an azimuth
of 268.8 degrees and an elevation of 38.8 degrees. The doppler shift at this
time was a negative 45.3 kHz. Echoes peaked very well at 0848 GMT where the
elevation was down to 31.5 degrees and the doppler shift was a negative 49.1
degrees. At this point, I ran out of azimuth control with my present set-up.
My lunar echoes peaked Q5 (M copy) in a 2 kHz bandwidth and were easily
identifiable on AF9Y's DSP software. This triumphant event came after
several years of optimizing the system and many failed attempts at achieving
lunar echoes. I was rather surprised to find that the echoes did not seem to
be much broader than my 10 GHz echoes, maybe due to the 0.3 degree
beam-width of my dish.
More information including the AF9Y .gif files will be posted on the North
Texas Microwave Society web page at

Now to make a QSO!

Best 73
Al Ward
Allen, Texas
March 7, 2001
Subj:    New Email ad G4RGK
Date:   3/8/01 10:11:21 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Dave)

Hi Joe,

Please forward net notes to   @@@@@@@@@@
and delete the address from your files.

73 Dave G4RGK
Subj:    WA6PY - 10 GHz
Date:   3/8/01 2:21:41 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Paul Chominski)
Sender: (Paul Chominski)

I will be QRV on 10 GHz EME. My window time is following:
March 31   from 1930Z till 2400Z
April 1  from 2030Z till  April 2  0100Z
Equipment: 8 ft dish,  26 W out TWT at the feed  LNA NF abt 1 dB.

VY 73 Paul WA6PY   DM13LA

Paul Chominski

Subj:   What the heck is going on back ther ??? 
Date:   3/9/01 7:35:17 PM Eastern Standard Time
From:   Nu7z
To:,, K1rqg

Joel -- I just read in the ARRL newletter that the league is recommending that 
it would rather see SAVI put part 15 stuff in the 902 to 928 band. What Kind 
of CRAP is that! 

Here is the quote --

"The ARRL characterized SAVI's petition as another in a long series in which 
manufacturers of unlicensed RF devices seek to liberalize rules regarding permitted 
field strengths for such devices in bands allocated to the Amateur Service. 
The League said SAVI obviously did not have interference avoidance in mind when 
it chose the 420-450 MHz band. "t is among the worst choices SAVI could have made 
from that perspective," the ARRL said. The League suggested that SAVI would be 
better off deploying the devices in the 902-928
MHz band.

I thought the ARRL worked for US ? Why are they giving away one of our best bands? 
And who gave them the right to make this d umb recommedation anyway?  

I am not happy that someone back there thinks that they can give sacrifice spectrum 
on any of our bands,  This is completely uncalled for anf I think this recommendation 
should be pulled and the person who said it reminded that we use this band.  
We don't need MORE INTERFERENCE !!! 


Subj:    For notes and for the Net.
Date:   3/9/01 10:03:32 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Rein A. Smit)

  HI Joe,

  Could you address this on the net and in the notes pse:

  Note : I will not fool with the notespage and the counter is 
         working at the moment.

  Best 73 Rein


 Hi Bob and others,

I am sorry that this is going the way it is. I have certainly tried
to get the word out. Perhaps though, you can send me some more
You know most EME'ers live for one thing, initials, many of them
are not interested in science or experiments. As a matter of
fact this is what amateur radio is all about for many anyway.
On the other hand the information from Aracibo also lets a lot
to be desired.

If I know the details, times, what want they to be done, a 
description of the experiments etc I will push the issue more even 
at the risk of making enemies. 
Moonbounce is not taking a HT out of your pocket and saying"

"So and so Monitoring" It often needs planning reading the 
antenna, moonvisibility and othet parameters 

I need to know details so that I can contact people I know
and send them details.

   73 Rein W6/PA0ZN

(    Robert Keeter KN8LX, wrote to Rein Smit:   )

>   Hi,
> Im trying to touch base with one or more "moonbouncers" who work 23cm
> (1.25ghz) band to support a scientific experiment.  SETI researchers at
> Arecibo need a far-field "calibration signal" to check their equipment and
> algorithms.  I had advanced the idea to one of the astronomers that hams
> might be willing to support their effort (they have their own moonbounce
> transmitter on the way, but not yet on line).
> Any leads would be appreciated!
> 73
> Bob KN6LX


  This is the original message from Al that I have distributed over
channels: ( Rein )


The SETI League with be conducting a weak signal EME test with the
Arecibo radio observatory at the following times - see announcement

Sunday 4 March 2001 22:56 UTC to Monday 5 March 2001 01:29 UTC
Monday 5 March 2001 23:54 UTC to Tuesday 6 March 2001 02:28 UTC
Friday 9 March 2001 02:46 UTC to Friday 9 March 2001 05:19 UTC
Saturday 10 March 2001 03:47 UTC to Saturday 10 March 2001 06:04 UTC

They will be operating on 1296.001.  Please keep off this frequency to
avoid interference with their signal.

EME transmissions between 1296.005 and 1296.010 are encouraged!

Your help will be appreciated.  Please pass the word on.  Sorry for the
late notice, but I just received this information.

73, Al - K2UYH   

On numerous occasions over the years, the Arecibo radio observatory in
Puerto Rico has been QRV on EME, giving some of our smaller stations a
SIGNAL off the Moon.  Now, we have an interesting opportunity to turn
tables, and give the folks at Arecibo something interesting to listen
        The SETI Institute's Project Phoenix targeted search for
signals operates intermittently at Arecibo (in receive mode only).  They
have long used a weak microwave beacon on the Pioneer 10 spacecraft to
calibrate their receiving systems.  But Pioneer 10 is now beyond the
farthest fringes of the solar system, and its signal has not been heard
some time.  Thus, for next month's Project Phoenix observing run, 1296
EME stations have a chance to provide test signals for Arecibo.
        The SETI League is hoping to have its EME beacon transmitter
<>) operating at 1296.000
during Moon transits of Arecibo, signing the club callsign W2ETI.  Other
amateur stations are encouraged to transmit test signals in the 1296.005
1296.010 MHz range, during those periods when the Moon is visible to
305-meter dish.  Here are the dates and times Arecibo will have a good

        Sunday 4 March 2001 22:56 UTC to Monday 5 March 2001 01:29 UTC
        Monday 5 March 2001 23:54 UTC to Tuesday 6 March 2001 02:28 UTC
        Friday 9 March 2001 02:46 UTC to Friday 9 March 2001 05:19 UTC
        Saturday 10 March 2001 03:47 UTC to Saturday 10 March 2001 06:04

Note that these are AOS and LOS times for Arecibo, at the limits of its
tracking range.  It is uncertain at what exact time Project Phoenix will
listening for our signals, so a good illumination of the Moon during
periods will be appreciated.  Remember that Arecibo will be in SWL mode
only for these tests, and will NOT be transmitting.  However, this
be a good opportunity for the EME community to make some random 1296
while providing helpful test signals to the scientific community.

 de N6TX