Subject: NET NOTES  Feb 25 2001
From:     K1RQG 

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WA6KBL, K6IBY, DL9NDD & SP5CJT.  K6IBY no longer an aol account.
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K0YW:   was on 6 mtrs last night with TS-2000.. pretty impressed.. hopes
        to be on 23cm later today.. will be gone next weekend..

W2UHI:  had hi winds 50-60 mph .. now warmer.. also had sleet and ice, 
        but all is still ok.. 

WA4NJP: breezy & wet .. all is well. no outside work.. will be on skeds
        weekend .. still looking for 222 stations.. don't forget Nashville
        SVHFS conference. 3rd weekend in April.. Ray thinks he is all 
        up to date on 432 and 23cm QSLs.. If anyone needs one, give a holler.

W2DTH:  Bill..

N6WJQ:  ???

W4RDI:  not much.. 

WB0GGM: no traffic.. passed sked with PA4FP..

WA9FWD: windy day today.. 

VE1ALQ: no traffic.. QRU and QRT off the moon till wx clears.

KA0Y:   no traffic.. will be on moon next weekend on 23cm.. 

K5JL:   no traffic.. may be on the moon later..

W5LUA/M: no traffic . EM12 .. did some more stressing on the dish and
        has 12.5db sun noise on 24ghz.. 2.25db nf.. 3 meter dish ..

W1VEH/M: no traffic.

WA1JOF: snowing already in North New Portland.. will be on 23cm next week.

N1BUG:  no traffic.. 

W4TJ:   no traffic..

W7SZ:   will be on 23cm next weekend. has 6' dish running on tropo on 10ghz.
        still working with DSP-10 rcvr and seeing intergrated signals at
        about 5w level off the moon.. about 1.5 db over noise. W7LHL is 
        the other end.. 

KL7HFQ: picked up another radio.. looking for p/s see e-mail above.

W8TN:   not too much going on.. still has hopes of getting back on moon.

W1ZX:   no traffic..

DL9KR:  building an L/C meter kit.. will be on next weekend on 70cm..

CT1DMK: still on 70cm.. will be away this coming weekend and need to
        cancel sked with AL7OB.. will QSY to microwave later in spring.

G4YTL:  will be on next weekend.. any skeds are welcome.. 

KD4LT:  if you are not getting the News Letter any longer from Scotty,
        your e-mail address may have changed, please let Scotty and Me
        know of your current e-amil address.. If it has changed, please
        let us know what the old e-mail vs new one is.  Scotty would 
        like to make the transition to .pdf format only.. Acrobat reader
        is a free download for all. if you need it, contact VE1ALQ..

SM2CEW: was on 70cm today .. nil .. 23cm worked G4CCH .. 

AA5C:   no traffic.  

AL7OB:  no changes since yesterday .. may be interested in 5.7ghz .. has
        possiblity of 400w TWTA .. CT1DMK cancelled sked.




Subj:    (no subject)
Date:   2/24/01 11:05:35 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Roger K. Hansen)

Is there anyone out there that has the service/maintenance manual for
the Icom IC-471A 432 MHZ transceiver.  Also, I am looking for an
internal power supply IC-PS25 for the 471A.  Any info would be

See you this weekend.
Roger  KL7HFQ