Subject: NET NOTES Feb 7 2001
From:     K1RQG 

     Most recent Schedules can be found here 

    Also submit your sked requests to Joe:

     Joe, K1RQG 

PLEASE all stations:  Check skeds and LET ME know if you cannot make
them or need them changed. QSL QSL QSL QSL PLEASE see RW1AW mail..

Are OE9XXI, LX1DB, & VE4MA QRV on 6cm ?? Need answer ASAP..
EME schedules, last update 17 Feb 2001, 12:37

(432 MHz listed only)
Skeds for MAR  2
Time   432.045        
2130z  AL7OB -UA6LGH  
2200z  AL7OB -HA1YA   
2230z  AL7OB -S52CW   
2300z  AL7OB -ON5OF   
2330z  AL7OB -DJ3FI   

Skeds for MAR  3
Time   432.035        432.040        432.045        432.070        
0000z                                AL7OB -PA0PLY  
0300z                                WB0GGM-KL7HFQ  7M2PDT-AL7OB   
0330z                                VK4AFL-K4EME   JH1XUJ-AL7OB   
0400z                                JH1XUJ-WB0GGM  JA2TY -AL7OB   
0530z                                AL7OB -N1BUG   
0900z                 RW3PF -AL7OB   
1630z                 HB9Q  -RW3PF   
1700z                 DL4MEA-RW3PF   
1730z                 DF3RU -RW3PF   
1800z                 DK3BU -RW3PF   
1830z                 OE5EYM-RW3PF   
1900z                 G3LTF -RW3PF                  WB0GGM-UA9FAD  
2000z                 K2UYH -RW3PF   WB0GGM-YO2IS   
2030z                 K2UYH -DL5LF   
2100z                 KD4LT -G4YTL   WB0GGM-UA6LGH  
2130z                 KD4LT -PA4FP   K4EME -W1ZX    
2200z                 W1ZX  -PA4FP   AL7OB -YO2IS   
2230z                                AL7OB -OE3JPC  
2300z  PA4FP -K0RZ                   K4EME -KJ7F    
2330z                                AL7OB -PA4FP   

Skeds for MAR  4
Time   432.045        
0230z  AL7OB -KJ7F    
2230z  AL7OB -DK3WG   
2300z  AL7OB -CT1DMK  

Skeds for MAR 10
Time   432.045        
0530z  AL7OB -DK3WG   

EME schedules, last update 17 Feb 2001, 12:37

(1296 MHz listed only)
Skeds for MAR  3
Time   1296.050       
0200z  VE6TA -WA9OUU  
2130z  WA1JOF-IK2MMB  
2200z  VE6TA -HA5SHF  
2230z  VE6NA -HA5SHF  
2300z  LU8EDR-K0YW    
2330z  WA1JOF-VE6NA   

Skeds for MAR  4
Time   1296.050       1296.060       
1900z  DJ5MN -OK1UWA  
1930z  DJ5MN -PA3DZL  
2000z  DJ5MN -WA4NJP  
2030z  DJ5MN -W4RDI   
2100z  DJ5MN -WA8WZG  
2130z  DJ5MN -VE6NA   K2UYH -OK1UWA  

EME schedules, last update 17 Feb 2001, 12:37

(3456 - 10368 MHz listed only)
Skeds for MAR  3
Time   5760.050       5760.100       5760.150       
0600z  WA6PY -JA7BMB  
1600z                 RW3BP -F2TU    
1630z                 SM4DHN-F2TU    RW3BP -F1ANH   
1700z                 OK1KIR-F2TU    SM4DHN-F1ANH   
1730z                 OH2AXH-F2TU    OK1KIR-F1ANH   
1800z                 OE9ERC-F2TU    OH2AXH-F1ANH   
1830z                 OE9XXI-F2TU    OE9ERC-F1ANH   
1900z                 I6PNN -F2TU    OE9XXI-F1ANH   
1930z                 ZS6AXT-F2TU    I6PNN -F1ANH   
2000z                 LX1DB -F2TU    ZS6AXT-F1ANH   
2030z                                LX1DB -F1ANH   
2130z                 WA5ICW-F2TU    
2200z  WA6PY -LX1DB   W7GBI -F2TU    WA5ICW-F1ANH   
2230z  WA6PY -HB9SV                  W7GBI -F1ANH   
2300z  WA6PY -G3LTF   
2330z  WA6PY -DL6LAU  

K0YW:   LF LU8EDR *******.. mod connectors on the way for TS-2000..
        do not have log of completetion with DH9FAG 10/22 @ 1122z
VE6NA:  still looking for 6 tube amp for 23cm .. HA5SHF *******

K5JL:   no EME activity .. froze up.. 

W2UHI:  cold in Mi.. no EME activity .. trying to upgrade computer to 
        utilize USB port.. now at win98 .. having problems with the 
        tracking board on new puter.. so now keeping tracking on old

VE1ALQ: having freezing rain at this time.. nothing going on EME..
        wx shutting Darrell down.. 

KA0Y/M: no traffic .. will be on random next sked weekend on 23cm..

W1VEH/M: in Alabama then off to Gulf Coast.. all is well .. 

W5LUA:  advises that F1PYR will not be on sked weekend.. suggests that anyone
        needs Andre to E-mail for skeds during week.. 

WA1JOF: needs F1PYR *******   IK2MMB, VE6NA,    still working on 6 tube amp..

KC4FKO: Jim..

KC2EDT: ...

WA4NJP: did survive big wind .. picture of 222 feed is now linked off Net Notes
        page.. will be on random .. looking for K5JL, K6MYC and KA0Y on 222..

K4EME:  worked NC1I, SM2CEW, K1FO, DL9NND, DL8OBU, KL7HFQ, & AL7OB.. 
        Looking for KJ7F & VK4AFL & W1ZX *******

NU7Z:   snowing .. until wx clears QRT so can pull new cable.. 
        building p/s for 24ghz.. still looking for updates to microwave listing
        send to NU7Z.. 

K6IBY:  looks like all is working on 70cm.. ready for the weekend .. QRV ..
        will be on random.. W1ZX,  N2IQ *******

N2IQ:   BIG NEWS.. Mark ordered new QSL cards.. QRV both bands.. 

W1ZX:   K4EME ******.. 

N1BUG:  no traffic.. 

W7MEM:  no more skeds.. amp is working fine 900w but needs to reconfigure 
        receive lines.  looking for good relays for xfer switching. looking
        for 2 SPDT transcos.. 

OZ9AAR: nothing going on.. waiting for spring to finish dish.. 

DF3RU:  not QRU yet on 13cm .. maybe in spring.. 

F5KDK:  had trouble second week ARRL EME contest.. the amplifier exploded..
        now preparing a 23cm..  web page with recordings..
        3 mtr dish for 23cm 500w.. 

G0GFY:  ...

DL1EJA: will check in on 2 meter net.. no traffic from 

K0RZ:   not much going on .. 

AL7OB:  Not much .. RW3BP ********  (RW3PF?)

KD4LT:  no traffic.. 

VE7BQH: has to go .. cannot run net.. 

N1RWY:  ... no traffic.. 

W2DTH:  Bill.. 

KA0RYT: not much new.. all 8 yagis mounted .. has to finish phasing lines.
        will be hor pol 4x2..

WB0GGM: passed UA9FAD sked.. 

W5WOX:  DM56 near Aztec NM .. looking for someone on 23cm 30' dish .. 

W5UN/M: ...

KB8RQ/M: ...

W7MEM:  12:08 PM 2/17/01

Subj:    EME-result R/U-stn February
Date:   2/12/01 12:23:26 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Jurgen Fiedler)
To: (MOON-Net)
CC: (K1rqg)

Hello EME friends......
here the 2m-EME report from from R/U stn - Februar:

RW1AW      is glad to work UA4NM, DL1EJA, K1CA and KJ9I on first weekend
           and F8DO, N0KQY (1-LY), KL7X, JR3REX, K9TI, WA4MVI, W7MEM and
           ZS6TW (o/o)-nc  on second.
RA3LE      wkd on 70cm EA3DXU, OZ6OL, DJ3FI and UA3PTW.
RV3IG      no new stn first WE
RW3PF      give this info - W0PT, GM4JJJ, DM2BHG, UA4ALU and F1FLA.
UA3PTW     had new UA4NM and DL1EJA on first WE and K7YVZ second.
           On 70cm with RA3LE, G4YTL, OZ6OL, AL7OB and EA8FF.
RA4AOR     was very active , wkd DL1EJA, I2RV, KJ9I, YO2AMU, K7YVZ,
           K6AAW, S53J, OK1DIG, WA2FGK, W7HAH, DJ7OF, JH5FOQ and JH0WJF.
UA4AQL     is glad to work K7YVZ and K9MRI #49.
UA6LGH     working on 70cm, last initial VK4AFL(Dec.)#215.
RK9CC      cfm QSO with K6AAW and SM7WSJ.
UA9FAD     is back on 2m, wkd OK1DIG, DF2ZC, IZ1BPN, RA4AOR, SM7WSJ and
           PA9KT #440.
           On 70cm he added DL8OBU, AL7OB and G4ERG #140.
UA9YLU     had cold days (-35 C), wkd W0PT, RA4AOR, I3DLI, DL1EJA,
           K6AAW, JL1ZCG and 7K3LGC.
UT5ER      had good echos first WE and wkd second K9TI.
DK3WG      added KJ9I #740.

73, gl via moon
               Jurgen, DK3WG@FFO.OBDG.DE               E-mail
                       DK3WG@DB0GR.#BLN.DEU.EU         PR

               UA4AAV, UA4API, UA4AQL, UA9FAD, UA9YLU, UR5LX and UT5ER.
               Please, send your QSL and SASE to:
               J.Fiedler, P.O.Box 1531, 15205 Frankfurt(O), GERMANY
Subj:    [Moon-Net] UHF: Skeds database SCHED.SKD
Date:   2/12/01 11:29:12 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Klaus Tiedemann - DL4EBY)


Joe, K1RQG has uploaded the file SCHED.SKD, Skeds database for SKD81.  
You'll find it ever so often updated under
along with the ASCII listing in K2UYH NewsLetter format (recommended if SKD81 is not used).

If you experience problems with SCHED.SKD downloads within SKD81, please  
let us know. Some Web browsers merge HTML code into ASCII downloads.. :-(

(Does anybody know how I can prevent this ?)

Regards, Klaus.
Subj:    SKED 5760 Mhz
Date:   2/13/01 5:53:33 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Philippe PIERRAT)
To: (K1RQG)

File:  Win_f2tu.jpg (52873 bytes)
DL Time (32000 bps): < 1 minute

Hello Joe,

I am interested for skeds on 5760.100 Mhz , the same day, 3 or 4 march.
With stations qrv on this band: RW3BP, SM4DHN, OK1KIR, OH2AXH, OE9ERC,
OE9XXI, I6PNN, LX1DB, ZS6AXT, WA5ICW, W7GBI, VE4MA, and others qrv on 6
Please same skeds  for F1ANH.
Please to join list sked at news letter.
Thank you.

I annex my window.

S'73 Philippe, F2TU.
Subj:     net  EME
Date:   2/14/01 1:24:04 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (giuseppe)
CC: (giuseppe)

hello joe. thank you for the news that you send me every satarday and sunday
i took part for sevral hours in the contest  SSB on the 3 of febuary.
i was in contact with very good signals HB9BQ   F2TV OE9ERC  GW3XYW   K5JL   
LX1DB  K0YW   N2IQ  ,and i heard another 5 stations.
i did not hear the other stations   WA1JOF  EKOYW  with wich i had sked.

Subj:    NL Weekend
Date:   2/15/01 10:49:42 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Al Katz)
To: (G4RGK)

Hi Dave (& Joe),

Just a reminder that this is the NL weekend. I have to leave for Ontario
on Sunday night on business, so will try to get as much of NL done as
possible be fore I leave.  If I don't finish, I will take it with me. I
will be back on Wednesday.

73, Al - K2UYH

PS: Joe - I am interested in skeds... On 1296 F1PYR, OK1UWA + any other
new ones -- only picked up initial with W7BBM in SSB Contest. On 432
still need DL5LF +.
Subj:    70cm EME QSL from USA
Date:   2/17/01 11:45:05 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Alex Boreysha)

Hi Joe
This is the list my 70cm EME QSO with OMs from USA :
N3FA,W2WD,KA0Y,K8UC,K5AZU total 26calls....
I send my QSL - 100% direct ( AIRMAIL )...but my TNX
only for :K2UYH,WA9FWD,W7HAH,WE2Y,K0RZ,K4AR,
WB0GGM,N3FA and KA0Y - 9 QSL only !
26  / 9 = 34% only !!! WHY ?
Joe, PSE help my ....!!!
it is not QSL from :K5JL,W7CNK,N9AB,K1FO,KA0RYT,
NC1I,K4QI,W2WD,K8UC,K5AZU ( 17 calls )
Jurgen DK3WG is QSL mgr for all R/U EME stations
              Jurgen Fiedler
              P.O. Box 1531
           15205 Frankfurt ( Oder )
All Best !
vy 73 Alex RW1AW KP50EB St.-Petersburg
Subj:    change of address
Date:   2/17/01 11:58:14 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Geert)
Reply-to: (Geert)    @@@@@@@@@@

Dear friends,

Due to problems with the old e-mail address. Please update your address 
book if needed.

Best Regards,
Geert Stams PA3CSG