Subject: NET NOTES 6 January 2001
From:     K1RQG 

     Most recent Schedules can be found here 

    Also submit your sked requests to Joe:

     Joe, K1RQG 


DL4MEA .. can you take skeds on weekends ?? Please answer via e-mail..
See NU7Z e-mail below for update needs for microwave list.

Check the following skeds for any changes .. 73 de Joe

EME schedules, last update 11 Feb 2001, 19:13

(432 MHz listed only)

Skeds for MAR  2
Time   432.045        
2130z  AL7OB -UA6LGH  
2200z  AL7OB -HA1YA   
2230z  AL7OB -S52CW   
2300z  AL7OB -ON5OF   
2330z  AL7OB -DJ3FI   

Skeds for MAR  3
Time   432.040        432.045        432.070        
0000z                 AL7OB -PA0PLY  
0300z                 WB0GGM-KL7HFQ  7M2PDT-AL7OB   
0330z                                JH1XUJ-AL7OB   
0400z                 JH1XUJ-WB0GGM  JA2TY -AL7OB   
0530z                 AL7OB -N1BUG   
1630z  HB9Q  -RW3PF   
1700z  DL4MEA-RW3PF   
1730z  DF3RU -RW3PF   
1800z  DK3BU -RW3PF   
1830z  OE5EYM-RW3PF   
1900z  G3LTF -RW3PF   
2000z  K2UYH -RW3PF   WB0GGM-YO2IS   
2100z  KD4LT -G4YTL   WB0GGM-UA6LGH  
2130z  KD4LT -PA4FP   
2200z  W1ZX  -PA4FP   AL7OB -YO2IS   
2230z                 AL7OB -OE3JPC  
2300z                 AL7OB -DK3WG   
2330z                 AL7OB -PA4FP   

Skeds for MAR  4
Time   432.045        
0230z  AL7OB -KJ7F    
2230z  AL7OB -CT1DMK  

EME schedules, last update 11 Feb 2001, 19:13

(1296 MHz listed only)
Skeds for MAR  3
Time   1296.050       
0200z  VE6TA -WA9OUU  
1700z  DJ5MN -OK1UWA  
1730z  DJ5MN -PA3DZL  
2000z  KD4LT -F1PYR   
2200z  VE6TA -HA5SHF  

KD4LT:  Needs reskeds from FEB *******

VE1ALQ: high winds .. lost some shingles off the roof.. 

WA4NJP: good wx past few days.. good echoes on 222.. 




K0YW:   found out about 1296 module installation in TS-2000.. also 
        will be installing voice module.. 

K5JL:   did not hear anyone on EME last night .. may go back to 70cm soon..

W7CNK:  was on 70cm EME last night .. no signals, so shut down ..

W5LUA:  no traffic.. 

W2UHI:  no traffic..

W4RDI:  no too much.. uses ALC to control power out .. 

WA1JOF: no traffic.. Missed some skeds last weekend .. missed hitting
        moon .. then found it and no one there.. almost ready with 
        power amp (6 tube)

NC1I:   hi winds .. did not untie the antenna due to the winds. 
        got 28" of snow in 11 hours .. on Monday.. record snowfall for
        a calendar day.. 

KA0RYT: temp QRT on 70cm .. antennas not complete yet.. 

W1ZX/M: no traffic.. 

WB0GGM: listened on 70cm and heard nil.. did get on with G4YTL and did 

N1BUG:  nil heard from EA8FF on horizon shot .. nil from AL7OB .. 
        Paul lost electricty and could not respond on internet.. 

KJ7F:   ran with AL7OB and nil heard.. did visit with K5GW.. 

AL7OB:  completed with UA9FAD.. 2 skeds this morning , did not hear 
        from them and did not show up.. did not complete with G4YTL..
        will try to be ready for 23cm for second leg of Dubus.. 
DJ5MN:  nil from WA8WZG last weekend .. did work WA1JOF on sked # 8
        and smallest station worked..progress on 10ghz.. looking for
        waveguide.. address for WA1JOF:
        Don Stradley
        PO Box 186
        North New Portland, Maine
        04961  USA
        10' dish 200w  FN44xv
        PA3DZL, OK1UWA skeds on 23cm ********
        Heard IK2MMB/HB9 ok last weekend SSB/CW

LX1DB:  no traffic.. not using multi-band feed due to heavy weight of all
        the equipment and effects of the wx.. 

DK0TU:  working on web page .. will have sched.skd ready Monday on web.

CT1DMK: not much traffic.. looking for AL7OB .. *******  will be on 70cm
        in March weekend.. will be on 6cm and 3cm during Dubus contest
        any skeds welcome, may also be back on 23cm.. after all stations
        worked on 6cm & 3cm.. amy move to 23cm.. 
        no luck with ROMs for HP-1631 .. (for K2DH)

WA9NGO: ... 

VE7BQH: 12:07 PM 2/11/01

Subj:    For NET NOTES FEB 11, 2001
Date:   2/11/01 12:18:22 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Melum)

Hi Joe,

I forgot to tell you what time I can start on 2 March, 2130z.

Here is my list of stations for next SW:


I am available all 3 days starting at Friday, 2 March at 2130z.  I have 10
degree mountains to the east at moonrise, and I can work down to the
horizon to the west.  I will probably get up for EU moonrise anyway so feel
free to use it.

I would like as many from JA land as I can get, if you know some more.  And
I will take any stateside skeds outside my EU window.  You can squeeze KJ7F
in somewhere, and N1BUG if you know his window.

Don't feel bad if you can't work these all in.

I'm off the air until next perigee.

Tnx & 73

Mike, AL7OB  BP51dc

432 EME - FT-736; FT-767; 9.2 Meter Dish; DEM 0.4dB; 700 WATTS

Hey Joey:
Unable to make it home this weekend for the nets.. Working out oftown 
and living out of a Hotel room.. I would like reskeds with the two 
stations from last month that Ihad to cancel.. Hope all is well and
look forward to getting home tomorrow (Monday) night.. May be working 
in Alabama next weekend but hopefully can get it done by Friday.. 
Miss hearing fom all the guys on the net.. Say hi for me..!!
de Scott - KD4LT

     Clyde Scott, Jr. --  EME Communications, Technical consultant 
                           to the AM, FM & TV broadcast industry 
         KD4LT              229-890-2506 -- 229-985-0864 (Fax) 
Subj:    6cm operation
Date:   2/11/01 3:18:33 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Ivo Chladek)
To: (K1RQG)

Hi Joe,
Worked last night F2TU on 6cm, he came to my CQ. Good signals 559/539.
SM4DHN did not appear. I will be on tonight, if any takers, after
2300UT. 40W, circular polarization, 5760,100.
I will be connecting to Email around 1900 UT, so before that please.
This is a last chance , with good conditions and perigee.

Thanks, 73, Ivo
Ivo Chladek, ZS6AXT
loc. KG33VV


I tried to meet the schedule with W7MEM and I called and called and
heard nothing.  So wont give up but I did forget one thing, I have
developed a high noise about 90 degrees azimuth, low elevation, and
horizontal polarization.  Anyway  thanks and  Will be looking forward to

Roger  KL7HFQ

Subj:   NU7Z and 5760
Date:   2/10/01 10:45:43 PM Eastern Standard Time
From:   Nu7z
To:     K1rqg

Hi Joe -- 

       Wanted to give you status on my 5760 project. I have been hearing 
well with increased moon noise, so the receiver is working. The DEM 
transverter is doing a very comendable job too. 

       To my shagrin, though, I found that I have no transmitter. At first 
I thought it was the TWT, in some way, but I found that I can't transmit!

It seems I have lost the control cable for TX/RX, Hydraulics on/off, and 
AZ/EL control.  The cable is burried under my house, and 100 feet long. 
So, when things settle down I will be out rebuilding the control circuits. 

I'll let you know how it goes.  

Sorry, I have not been on the net but there is just to much going on 
right now.. We shall return -- I promise. 

By the way, please annouce that we need to update the Microwave listing, 
e-mail addresses are hard to come by so I need all the help I can get 
to keep it accurate.  

73 to all and to all a good night 

Rick NU7Z
                        IMPROVING GS9B 13CM OPERATION
                        BY JOHN BERKER WA9OUU     2-01

The Gs9b tube will put out 150w with 10 to 15w drive. The DEM solid-state driver amp
has no testing drift and was used. My different test amps and the popular K9EK Ed Krome 
amp all do about 18% efficiency. The main problem is tuning drift.

Ed's design has a lot going for it in construction areas, anode bypassing and cooling. 
The overmode TE11 operation does not reduce efficiency and bandwidth is better then 
other tested TEM only mode amps. The standard loop output coupling shows two fields, 
one nearly touching the inner line and other at the outer cavity wall rotated 90 
degrees. Loading adjustments can be touchy and tuning interaction is high. Different 
output ideas were tried and a wire probe about a ¼ wavelength long works very well. 
A #16 copper wire with a 90 deg. bend completed .44 inch out from the end of the 
supplied connector was used. The best position is centered between the inner and 
outer resonator lines. A filed notch where the connector collet ends inside will 
aid installation. When the length is correct, best loading will be at about 20 deg. 
rotation from inline. Too short peaks inline and too long peaks at large angles that 
could touch the outer wall. A bent length of 1.12 inches, tip to the connector center 
was used. This output adjustment allows easy over and under coupling with less tuning 
change affect. Slightly over coupled seems best and lowering the drive to just reduce 
power 2% is good.

Testing showed very little loading change was needed from 50w to150w output operation. 
At 150w out a tuning point can be found that holds steady. This was shown to Ed Krome 
at his test bench Feb 8 and is more stable at any power level than previous GS9b 13cm 

 Powering up drift caused by internal tube changes is another area of many experiments. 
Grid heating and deformation was first tested with relay switching in the bias circuit 
and the anode high voltage line. On standby a positive grid bias voltage was applied 
with up to 15 volts and a grid current of 300ma, resulting in 4.5w grid dissipation. 
On keydown normal operation at 100w output was tested. Drift into tune time was not 
improved and at the 4.5w level it was longer. Power up drift causes the input and 
output circuits to both go lower in frequency indicating increase in tube capacitance 
at both gaps. Just grid movement would not do this. Heater overvoltage during standby 
helped bring power up quicker and reduce input tuning drift to one set point. 14 to 
14.5volts during standby, dropping back to 12 to 12.5volts keydown makes a noticeable 
improvement in operation. 15 volts is not better and hours of overvoltage have not 
shown damage but lots of cathode air is a good idea. 

Bias and resulting idle current tests show 30 to 50ma best. More or less has greater 
power up drift. A 20 volt zener diode is about right. Using a variable bias adjustment 
showed that power up was helped by a low bias moving to 20volts. Tests using a 20,000 
to 30,000 mfd capacitor shunting the zener diode works well. A 20 ohm series resistor 
is used and a 300 ohm bleeder sets the discharge time. A solid-state dc-dc relay was 
added in series triggered by drive power so the desired affect waited for CW keying 
or SSB speech. This makes a noticeable improvement in operation. 

With the changes, power up times and stability have been improved. Tests with outputs 
of 100w keydown, 160w keyed 50% duty and 160w peak SSB were conducted will visiting 
Ed Krome. With preset adjustments, power was 65% to start and 85% in two seconds going 
to 100% and staying above 90% long term.

My use is for EME and now I hear short length echo's well.