Subject: NET NOTES 28 January 2001
From:     K1RQG 

     Most recent Schedules can be found here 

    Also submit your sked requests to Joe:

     Joe, K1RQG 

Some time changes etc.. had to scratch a couple of skeds.. Please
check closely for any sked conflicts etc.. 

73 de Joe 

EME schedules, last update 28 Jan 2001, 13:26

(432 MHz listed only)
Skeds for FEB  2
Time   432.040        
2230z  AL7OB -UA6LGH  
2330z  AL7OB -HA1YA   

Skeds for FEB  3
Time   432.040        432.045        432.055        432.070        
0000z  AL7OB -DK3WG   W7HAH -VE9DW   
0030z  AL7OB -DL8OBU  W7HAH -W1ZX    
0100z  AL7OB -DJ3FI   W7HAH -K5WXN   
0130z  AL7OB -W1ZX    W7HAH -K0RZ    
0200z  AL7OB -KU3T    
0230z  AL7OB -W5ZN    
0330z  AL7OB -N3FA    
0400z                                AL7OB -KJ7F    
0430z                 VK4AFL-W1ZX    AL7OB -K4EME   
0500z  JH1XUJ-WB0GGM  
0530z  JA5NNS-WB0GGM                 AL7OB -JH1XUJ  
0600z                                AL7OB -JA2TY   
0630z                                               AL7OB -7M2PDT  
1500z                                YO2IS -JA2TY   
1715z                 N1BUG -DL9NDD  
2100z  K4EME -YO2IS   
2130z  WB0GGM-YO2IS   
2200z  WB0GGM-UA6LGH                 K8UC  -DL9NDD  
2230z  WB0GGM-OH2DG                  K4EME -DL9NDD  
2300z  WB0GGM-G4ERG   AL7OB -OZ6OL   
2330z  WB0GGM-ON5OF   AL7OB -PA4FP   

Skeds for FEB  4
Time   432.040        432.045        432.050        
0000z  AL7OB -ON5OF   G4YTL -CT1DMK  
0030z  AL7OB -DL4MEA  G4YTL -W1ZX    
0200z  KL7HFQ-K5WXN                  AL7OB -G4YTL   
0530z                 VK4AFL-W1ZX    
1000z  AL7OB -UA9FAD  
1800z                 N1BUG -PA3CSG  

EME schedules, last update 28 Jan 2001, 13:26

(1296 MHz listed only)
Skeds for FEB  3
Time   1296.040       1296.050       
0000z  K9BCT -WA1JOF  
0030z  WA4OFS-WA1JOF  
0100z  WA9OUU-WA1JOF  
0130z  W7BBM -WA1JOF  
0200z  VE6NA -WA1JOF  
0230z  VE6TA -WA9OUU  
1900z  WA1JOF-IK2MMB  
1930z  WA1JOF-LX1DB   
2000z  WA1JOF-F5PAU   
2030z  WA1JOF-I0UGB   
2100z  WA1JOF-GW3XYW  
2130z  WA1JOF-EA3UM   K0YW  -I0UGB   
2200z  WA1JOF-ON5RR   VE6TA -HA5SHF  
2230z                 VE6TA -VE6NA   
2300z                 VE6NA -HA5SHF  
2330z  W7BBM -K0YW    VE1ALQ-F1PYR   

Skeds for FEB  4
Time   1296.050       
0000z  W5LUA -F1PYR   
0030z  KD4LT -F1PYR   
2100z  DJ5MN -WA1JOF  
2130z  WA8WZG-DJ5MN   
2200z  WA8WZG-WA1JOF  

EME schedules, last update 28 Jan 2001, 13:26

(2304 MHz listed only)
Skeds for FEB  3
Time   2304.050       
0200z  WA6PY -W5LUA   
0230z  WA6PY -W7GBI   
0500z  JA4BLC-WA6PY   
0530z  JA7BMB-WA6PY   
2230z  WA6PY -OE9XXI  
2300z  WA6PY -OE9ERC  
2330z  WA6PY -LX1DB   

Skeds for FEB  4
Time   2304.050       
0030z  WA6PY -DL6LAU  
W2UHI:  all is ready to go.. wx is mild.. 

K0YW:   snow still coming down .. about 8 inches so far.. 
        open for skeds and will be on SSB 23cm this weekend.. 
        researching doing a better job of cooling the cathode
        on the TH-327 cavities.. 


W7HAH:  K5WXN, W1ZX, VE9DW, K0RZ, some of these stations have 
        worked Shep in the past, but would like to wok him again  ******


W1ZX/M: no traffic.. 

W5ORH:  nothing new.. now raining.. 

W7SZ:   new state and contact with W7HAH .. still working on 10ghz.

K0RZ:   no traffic.. 

KA0Y:   no traffic.. 

WB0GGM: no traffic.. 

WA6PY:  Paul is lookiing for 13cm skeds next weekend.. Contact Paul at

K5WXN:  no traffic.. 

WA4NJP: nice wx in GA.. looking for K6MYC & K5JL on 222 EME.. 

WA1JOF: no traffic.. 

K2BUS:  Art..

VE3BQN: moved and retired .. in a small.. for sale: 23cm 4 tube amp.. 
        6 meter, IC-551.. <> @@@@@@@

DL9KR:  playing on VLF .. 136khz.. EI9E ?? trying to send e-mail.. 

PA3CSG: looking for new staions on 23cm and 70cm.. N1BUG *******
        start at 1800 and work till at least 1845..

SM2CEW: on 23cm calling CQ .. will be on for next hour.. will be QRV
        next weekend on 23cm .. Now on .012.. 

W1ZX:   ...

K2DH:   no traffic.. no work on az drive yet.. hopes to be on SSB contest.

KD4LT:  no traffic .. F1PYR  sked.. *******

W1VEH:  just checking in.. 

W7QX:   will tailend WA1JOF skeds .. 

W6HD:   it is reported that Tay will soon be on from his "MOONBOUNCE" hill
        up in the back 40.. on 10ghz .. 

AL7OB:  will be on moon today.. echo testing today.. 

VE7BQH: 12:07 PM 1/28/01

Subj:    HB9Q update
Date:   1/27/01 4:13:36 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (HB9Q, Dan Gautschi)

Dear Joe
would you please pass on this info, many thank!

HB9Q will be QRV February 3rd starting from local moon-rise (approx. 12z) to
February 4th local moon-set (approx. 03z). Please look for us between
1296.000 and 1296.050 (or if too much activity also up to 1296.100).
Our equipment is a 15m dish and 400W. For more info check !
Hope to work you all!

vy 73 es happy moonbouncing

Dan, HB9CRQ / KT6Q
head of HB9Q
Subj:    SSB Contest
Date:   1/27/01 4:43:06 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Al Katz)
To: (K1RQG)

Hi Joe,

Could you put a reminder out about the SSB Contest tomorrow and next

EME SSB CONTEST: The contest starts on 3 Feb at 1100 and continues to 4
Feb at 1200. Operation is on 1296 only. SSB-SSB or SSB-CW contacts
count. The exchange is your Grid Sectors (IO, JM, FN,...). See the Jan
NL for the rules.

I feel very frustrated.  I was looking forward to operating the SSB
Contest, but the College has scheduled a special awards program for next
Saturday night that I have to attend. It is during my Eur window - the
time conflict could not be more perfect!  I hope I can get someone to
operate my station during that time period.  I am still interested in 70
cm skeds for the stations I missed in Dec:

IN3AGI, RZ3BA, DL5LF, DK0MM, KE3N and any other new ones that show up on
the net.

Thanks and 73, Al - K2UYH
Subj:    [Moon-Net] ALL: Re: Post Adress
Date:   1/27/01 4:50:04 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Darrell)
To: (Tiedmann),

Hi Hubert & All

My call book address, depending on age, is NOT a good Address.  The 
Government changed our address to coordinate with the National 911 
emergency phone number.
I have changed it at Buckmaster, & QRZ as well as Klaus'e EME Directory.

My Address is:

Darrell Ward  (Ve1ALQ)
3 Windsong Crt.
Brandy Point Est.  (optional)
Grand Bay-Westfield NB
Canada   E5K 2S5

Regards & Thanks...also "Very Sorry" for any returns
Subj:    netnotes
Date:   1/28/01 4:06:47 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Johan Van de Velde)


Can you change my email adress for the netnotes please?

its now                @@@@@@@@

i'm currently building the eme array
it takes way longer than i expected

best regards

Subj:    For NET NOTES JAN 28, 2001
Date:   1/28/01 12:13:54 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Melum)

Hi Joe,

Everything is on track for next weekend's skeds.  I have finished
rebuilding my feed and I hope to have pictures on the web sometime today.
I will install it on the dish as soon as we have daylight.  I plan to be on
the moon testing in the afternoon today.

Tnx & 73

Mike, AL7OB  BP51dc

432 EME - FT-736; FT-767; 9.2 Meter Dish; DEM 0.4dB; 700 WATTS