Subject: NET NOTES 6 January 2001
From:     K1RQG 

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EME schedules, last update 6 Jan 2001, 14:07

(432 MHz listed only)

Skeds for JAN  6
Time   432.020        432.040        432.045        
2000z                                SM2LKW-DK3WG   
2030z                                SM2LKW-KD4LT   
2100z                 K8UC  -OH2DG   
2200z                 WB0GGM-UA6LGH  W1ZX  -DL5LF   
2230z                                W1ZX  -ON5OF   
2300z                 WB0GGM-ON5OF   W1ZX  -HA1YA   
2330z                 WB0GGM-HA1YA   KJ7F  -OH2DG   

Skeds for JAN  7
Time   432.033        432.045        432.060        
0300z  K5WXN -KL7HFQ  
0330z  K5WXN -KJ7F    
0630z                 VK4AFL-W1ZX    
1930z                                SM2CEW-N1BUG   
2300z                 W1ZX  -PA4FP   

Skeds for JAN  9
Time   432.020        
1045z  N2IQ  -N1BUG   

Skeds for JAN 13
Time   432.045        
0530z  WB0GGM-DL8OBU  
0800z  AL7OB -DK3WG   

EME schedules, last update 6 Jan 2001, 14:07

(1296 MHz listed only)
Skeds for JAN  6
Time   1296.040       1296.050       1296.060       
0000z  KD4LT -F1PYR   
0030z  K2DH  -F1PYR   
0100z  K0YW  -F1PYR   
2030z                 WA1JOF-SM2CEW  
2100z                 WA1JOF-PA3CSG  
2130z  KD4LT -HA5SHF  
2300z  W5LUA -F1PYR   VE6TA -HA5SHF  VE6NA -KD4LT   
2330z  W5LUA -VE6NA   W4AD  -WA1JOF  

Skeds for JAN  7
Time   1296.040       1296.050       1296.060       
0000z  VE6TA -WA9OUU  VE6NA -WA1JOF  
0030z  VE6NA -VE1ALQ  WA6PY -WA1JOF  
0100z  WA6PY -VE1ALQ  W4RDI -WA1JOF  VE6NA -G3LTF   
0130z  WA6PY -KD4LT   WA8WZG-WA1JOF  
2100z                 OK1KIR-WA1JOF  
2200z                                DJ5MN -WA1JOF  

EME schedules, last update 6 Jan 2001, 14:07

(3456 - 10368 MHz listed only)
Skeds for JAN  6
Time   5760.100       
2330z  VE4MA -F2TU    

Skeds for JAN  7
Time   3456.100       10368.100      
1500z                 OK1KIR-HB9BHU  
1700z  OK1KIR-F2TU    
1930z  OK1KIR-F1ANH   

KD4LT:  sked with KJ7F ********   get standings in to ARRL ASAP..

K5JL:   was on last night.. worked many on 23cm.. e-mail from WB5AFY, Dan,
        with 5.5 meter dish and hopes to be back on EME soon.. 23.2 sun noise.

VE1ALQ: was on last night.. dish still has some snow in dish and feed.. 
        did work KJ7F for an initial on 70cm .. KA0Y on 23cm for init there.
        may not have had polarity right for KJ7F, but Terry has a good sig.

W4RDI:  a cold snap in Fl.. was on 23cm last night.. worked W2UHI.. will 
        be on tonight .. will look for G4CCH.. 

VE6NA:  was on 23cm last night, but heard nothing.. will be on tonight ..

K5WXN:  sked with KJ7F ******** heard KL7HFQ as well.. will be on looking for
        them tonight.. 

W2UHI:  found lots of USA stations on last night on 23cm.. only VE1ALQ & G4CCH
        outside US heard.. good time on the moon.. shoveled a path to the moon
        and all was well. anyone want to see the pic, send e-mail to Frank.. 
        will be on tonight wx permitting.. 

WA1JOF: no traffic.. 

N1BUG:  worked K1FO & DL9KR on 70cm .. single yagi and moonrise/set.. 2-9 deg of
        elev work well. open for the next week.. 

N2IQ:   tried to get on last night, but rcv relay acting up.. will replace relay
        now.. will be on tonight.. both bands.. on 10ghz ready for rcv tests.. 
        needs visual moon.. 

KA0Y:   not much going on.. looking for KD4LT on 23cm.. also looking for W4RDI..
        about 8" snow in the center of dish.. 

W1ZX/M: will be on tonight for any skeds ...

KL7HFQ: will be on tonight.. 

KJ7F:   worked VE1ALQ & NC1I.. called VK4AFL but no reply.. heard N9AB work
        VK4AFL.. open for skeds.. 

KB2LND: hi to Frank.. (Gabe)

W7SZ:   was on last night 23cm.. missed VE1ALQ.. not much for Europe..will be
        on tonight.. just on 23cm about 2300z > 

K0YW:   got the amp fixed and was on last night.. was on for an hour .. 
        W5LUA, VE1ALQ, W2UHI, G4CCH, KD4LT, (ssb)and W7SZ,  missed F1PYR.. 
        power is up to 1kw+ out.. 
DL9KR:  does hear some statside stations.. HNY to all.. good signal from
        N1BUG on Jan 4.. 539 signal report..only heard 2 JA signals at 1530z
        JH1XUJ & JH4JLV new ones.. Peter G3LTF very big signal and also

PA3CSG: HNY to all.. looking for skeds for tonight.. 1845z for N1BUG.. 
        did rcv .txt version of NL twice.. 
        needs .pdf format at  for KD4LT.. 

CT1DMK: not too much to report.. wx not good.. lot of flooding .. 
        the antenna is not repaired yet.. rain all the time.. no luck
        on HP-1631 information.. can any stateside help with technical
        information. needs the ROMs copied.. !!!!! may listen with 
        dammaged dish on 70cm.. 8x27,128 .. or just send the files..
SM2CEW: working on 70cm right now.. 

OK1MS:  HNY .. 73 .. 

DF3RU:  HNY.. no traffic.. will be QRV during the eve 2 hours into US window.
        not very active at this time.

DJ5MN:  not sure if can be on tonight, but will be on random if possible. 
        has some equipment for 3cm and will work to get it running.. 
        cleaning out the shack.. 

MW0COD: 5/7 .. CLIFF.. 5/5 ... 

LX1DB:  will be on this eve 70cm.. 2200Z today.. And after up to 2400 on 7th.. 
        will take any skeds .. 

W5ZN:   no traffic.. bad ice storm .. very tough wx .. no antenna dammage..

VE6TA:  HNY.. will be on 23cm tonight.. slow progress on amp.. skeds and random.

WB0GGM: last night ..K8UC nil . JA5NNS nil, Heard JA1XUJ But no contact.. 

WD5AGO: ..

W1ZX:   sked with VK4AFL 0630 .045.. 

NU7Z: @@@@@@@@

K2DH:   missed F1PYR sked.. may be on tonight.. will look on random on 23cm.. 

W7MEM:  has a line on amp and may have some power in a couple months on 70cm.

VE7BQH: 12:14 PM 1/6/01

Subj:    Re: NET NOTES
Date:   12/31/00 4:37:55 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Charles A Justinak)

Hi Joe

Since I am not active in the net thought I should pass along my
appreciation to you for all the effort you put in.  The Net Notes are
particularly good for me and I really appreciate getting them.  We are
all lucky that you put in so much time and effort .  Thank you.

I am slowed down a lot but still active as much as possible.  Don't
actively go after skeds but if anyone wants to sked me, I will be there. 
Looking forward to you getting your new dish up and running and a
possible qso with you.

Happy New Year to you and family.  Hope the new year brings you many good
EME qso's


e-mail address for UR5LX <ur5lx@SERGEJ.KHARKIV.COM>   @@@@@@@

Subj:    skeds
Date:   1/6/01 3:56:20 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (w7hah)
Reply-to: (w7hah)

Hello Joe:  As I have stated before that I will be going
qrt for good so Montana will not be available for some
time.  I have bone cancer and taking chemo and when
I can I would like to provide the 432 group the state
of Montana before I go qrt.  I am disapointed that I have
no skeds.  Would like to work w7sl or Oregon and others.
73  Shep w7hah
Subj:    G4CCH active tonight on 23cm
Date:   1/6/01 3:54:25 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Howard Ling)
To: ('')


Happy New Year from the UK.

Was on 23cm last night and worked K5JL (nice cw practice session), W5LUA, 
W2UHI, heard and called W4RDI... no reply, KA0Y, K0YW, W7SZ, VE1ALQ, W7QX, 
& WA1JOF. Stayed around till 0130 ...activity stopped and I was falling 
asleep at the rig.

W7QX has a very strange effect on his signal... sounds like he has hum on 
his carrier, I hear what sounds like two signals on slightly different 
frequencies from him. Copy would be much easier without this problem!!

Will be on again tonight looking for W4RDI and other new initials. Will 
take last minute skeds if needed - E Mail me.

Best 73

Howard - G4CCH