Subject: NET NOTES 16 January 2000
From:     K1RQG 

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*******************  HAPPY NEW YEAR  *****************
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EME schedules, last update 30 Dec 2000, 11:45

(432 MHz listed only)
Skeds for JAN  3
Time   432.045        
2000z  VE1ALQ-DL8OBU  

Skeds for JAN  6
Time   432.040        432.045        
0200z                 KJ7F  -VE1ALQ  
0530z                 VK4AFL-W1ZX    
0600z  JA5NNS-WB0GGM  
0630z  JH1XUJ-WB0GGM  
2000z                 SM2LKW-DK3WG   
2030z  PA4FP -OH2DG   
2100z  K8UC  -OH2DG   
2200z  WB0GGM-UA6LGH  W1ZX  -DL5LF   
2230z                 W1ZX  -ON5OF   
2300z  WB0GGM-ON5OF   W1ZX  -HA1YA   
2330z  WB0GGM-HA1YA   KJ7F  -OH2DG   

Skeds for JAN  7
Time   432.045        
2300z  W1ZX  -PA4FP   

Skeds for JAN 13
Time   432.045        
0530z  WB0GGM-DL8OBU  
0800z  AL7OB -DK3WG   

EME schedules, last update 30 Dec 2000, 11:45

(1296 MHz listed only)
Skeds for JAN  6
Time   1296.040       1296.050       
2000z                 WA1JOF-OK1KIR  
2030z                 WA1JOF-SM2CEW  
2100z                 WA1JOF-PA3CSG  
2130z                 WA1JOF-DJ5MN   
2200z                 WA1JOF-HA5SHF  
2300z  W5LUA -F1PYR   VE6TA -HA5SHF  
2330z  W5LUA -VE6NA   W4AD  -WA1JOF  

Skeds for JAN  7
Time   1296.040       1296.050       
0000z  VE6TA -WA9OUU  VE6NA -WA1JOF  
0030z  VE6NA -VE1ALQ  WA6PY -WA1JOF  
0100z  WA6PY -VE1ALQ  W4RDI -WA1JOF  
0130z                 WA8WZG-WA1JOF  

EME schedules, last update 30 Dec 2000, 11:45

(3456 - 10368 MHz listed only)
Skeds for JAN  6
Time   5760.100       
2330z  VE4MA -F2TU    

WD5AGO: hard drive problems .. QRT on the moon at this time .. will try to
        get on 5.7ghz by Jan 6 if ice melts. 

WA1JOF: no traffic.. 

VE6NA:  HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL.. will be on sked weekend .. 

W2UHI:  have not shoveled out the dish yet.. lots of snow.. 

K9BCT/M: putting new rotation system on dish.. looking for info on RPM 
        that others are using .. 

WA2PHW/M: On way back to Minn/St Paul area.. LF WB0GGM.. 

VE4MA:  Al, W5LUA, is 50 on Dec 31 !!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY AL  !!!!!!
        making sun noise tests today..

W4RDI:  HNY to all .. QRV .. 

N1RWY:  ...

K0YW:   will be on for activity weekend .. 

KA0Y:   nothing much going on.. if wx clears, will be on next sked weekend .
        will stay on 23cm for a couple months.. 

K5JL:   waiting for a thaw.. more bad wx predicted.. don't forget to watch
        Oklahoma & Florida State.. 

W1ZX:   no snow.. will be on 70cm next sked weekend.. sked with DL5LF JO54af..

K1FO:   snowing heavy.. may change to freezing rain.. Comments about
        new Kenwood TS-2000 .. Will Steve review this for the EME community..??

W8WLT:  ...

KA0RYT: still QRV on 70cm with 4 yagis.. 

DL9KR:  looking for N1BUG.. does not need .pdf from Scotty.. had a nice 
        Christmas with many guests.. HNY to all.  

DK3WG:  SM2LKW 6 Jan 2000 .. AL7OB  3 0800 Jan ... 

OZ4MM:  No special traffic.. open for skeds on 70cm, 23cm, & 13cm.. now 
        working on 2 meter amp.. HNY to all.. 

RW1AW:  will be working towards 23cm and also expedition for 70cm (4x40 el)
        and 2.5kw.. 23cm will be 4 meter dish and 500w .. RU1AA, RW3BP, & RW1AW
        will put these stations and activity together.. hopefully for Sep 2001..
        RW1AW plans to be on 23cm from home QTH maybe Mar/Apr.. 

PA3CSG: will be on for sked with WA1JOF.. completed feed for 3cm.. but needs
        to test it now.. 

SM4IVE: lots of snow.. no traffic.. HNY to all

VE4MA:  12.25db  sun noise on 10ghz on offset dish.. will sun noise checks on
        24ghz tomorrow.. 

W7SZ:   just completed a GPS controled freq standard.. now down to 1hz accuracy..
W4FF:   send info on 20 meter beam to W4RDI .. 

W5UN:   12:11 PM 12/30/00

VE7BQH: 12:11 PM 12/30/00


This year the SSB contest starts on 3 Feb at 1100 and continues to 4 Feb at
1200. (The intention is to give everyone one common moon pass.)
Operation is on 1296 only. Scoring will be contact points times number of
Grid Sectors (IO, JM, FN, ...). SSB to SSB contacts will count as 2 points.
SSB to CW (or CW to SSB) 1 point. The exchange is your Grid Sector.


The date for the Eur EME Contest have been set as 31 MARCH/01 APRIL for 432
MHz, 2.3 GHz to 5.7 GHz operation, and 28/29 APRIL for 144
MHz, 1.3 GHz and 10 GHz activity.
Subj:    Re: NET NOTES DEC 24, 2000
Date:   12/25/00 5:28:18 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (

Hello Joe,
Merry XMAS to everybody and many thanks for rearranging my scheds.
I do not know, whether the question about my 23cm-EME-activity
was from KA0Y (anyway, do not have his email-address), so
please give this information to the net:
I'm not qrv on 23cm EME at the moment (have only one 67el without
elevation). I'm building a new PA for 23cm with RS1064 at the 
moment, hope to get that ready within de next year, then will be 
back with 4x67el or (if I will find a nice offer) with a small dish
(looking for a mesh-dish @ 2.8-3.0 m for a nice price, perhaps 
I will start to built one by myself next spring). 
I will put a spot here on the NET when I have become qrv on 23cm.

Best 73 de Juergen, DL8OBU

    merry xmas de DL9NDD Günther   ( my new E-Mail ) or

Subj:         UHF: SM3BYA QRV 432 MHz around New Year's
Date:   12/27/00 2:32:15 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (ugw)
Sender: MOON-NET@LISTSERV.STLAWU.EDU (Amateur radio EME (moonbounce) communications)
Reply-to: (ugw)


I (SM2BYA) will drive down to the old family farm in central Sweden tomorrow.
Once I am there, will try to fire up the 432 MHz gear and get on the moon.
Should have the system going by New Year's Eve and am available for skeds
anytime thereafter until Jan. 6, 2001. Jan. 5/6 would be best though.

Locator: JP81NX

Call used: SM3BYA

Rig:    450 watts RF
        1.2 dB feedline loss
        8 x Tonna 21 ele yagis, H pol
        MGF 1412, 0.40 dB NF
        Conv/Drake R-4C/Timewave 59+ DSP filter

Last time I was there, had bad VSWR on transmit, but the symptoms looked like
water in a coax connector. Should be easy to fix.

I don't have access to e-mail or the Web at the farm. Anyone want to try, please
call me at +46 652 102 92 or +46 652 103 81.

Season's greetings

Gudmund SM2BYA
Subj:    70 cm sked Jan. or Feb. 2001
Date:   12/28/00 1:36:33 AM Eastern Standard Time

Eino  Metsamaki  OH2dg   Loc KP30ck
Finland 27. Dec.2000
Niittykatu 3

phone  H  -358-19-535693
           W -358-19-5503400
           GSM -358-40-5046839
E-mail  or  eino.metsamaki
Hello  Joe K1RQG 
I am interested some skeds on 70 cm  like  JA2TY,  JA3SGR,  HA5BDJ,  S57Q,
PA4FP, EA3DXU, SM2LKW, LA9NEA,  G4YTL, K8UC,  KA0Y and  KJ7F  during  Jan.
Or Feb. 2001.
I can operate  EL > 10 *.

                                        73 and Happy New Year  hope  Eino