Subject: NET NOTES December 16 2000
From:     K1RQG 

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     Joe, K1RQG 


******** HAPPY HOLIDAYS DAYS TO ALL ********

Please check the suggested sked weekends listed in the Dec NL by Al Katz.. 
Suggested ARRL EME weekends are: Oct 13/14 & Nov 10/11.. Feedback welcome..

EME schedules, last update 16 Dec 2000, 12:25

Skeds for DEC 16

Skeds for DEC 17
Time   1296.050       
0730z  WA6PY -G3LTF   
0800z  ZS6AXT-WA6PY   
0830z  WA6PY -DL6LAU  
0900z  HB9Q  -WA6PY   

WD5AGO: dish is snowed up and won't be moving for while.. no skeds till further 
        notice.. building new xvtr for 23cm.. 

W2UHI:  GM to all.. iced up a bit.. operational depending on wx.. QRV for all.

K0YW:   55 mph winds last night .. all is well.. needs a bit more work on the 
        counterweights. QRV 23cm .. waiting for another driver to put in the 

VE1ALQ: nothing new.. partially iced up.. looking for 120V 10A variac.. 

KA0Y:   not too much .. wx is bad and dish is stored for the duration.. 

W0LWS:  lot of icing .. just stopping .. 

VE6NA:  balmy -30C .. was on early this morning .. heard F1PYR, called but no answer.. 
        heard K0YW and HB9BBD on SSB on 23cm.. has the 4CX1000 6 meter amp running and 
        worked Marshall Is. 

K5JL:   50 mph winds this morning.. sent a comment to ARRL regarding contest mult
        to count each state instead of the 10 districts.. each state count as a


N2IQ:   no luck with horn on sun noise.. OK to use states as mult. exchange is 
        negotiable.. still experementing with 7' horn and cannot find sun yet..

N1BUG:  not complete with DL9KR.. blew up amp right at end of QSO .. 

WA4NJP: cold and rain.. expecting more bad wx.. 

WA1JOF: worked W7GBI for #31 on 23cm.. needs skeds with DJ5MN *******

N3QCI:  Barney.. 

KL7HFQ: xcvr power module died last night, but did work HB9Q last night ..
        should be back on Jan weekend .. 

VE4MA:  expecting more bad wx as well.. high winds .. -30C wx was working on 
        24ghz looking for sun noise.. not found yet.. Tooo cold.. will try to
        focus feed on 10ghz first.. finally got 6 tube amp running on 23cm..
        still low gain out of 2 tube amp, and not found the problem yet..

KA0RYT: fresh snow.. will be on 70cm tonight. working on preamps still.. will
        be working on hi pwr 70cm later this winter.. 

W7QX:   for Europe, IK2MMB, Jerry missed sked (overslept).. will try agn..
        was on 23cm a bit ago and did hear some activity.. 

K7XC:   only on with single yagi, back in DM09, and will be looking around
        on sked weekends for activity.. no skeds yet.. 

SM4IVE: has flu .. comments for contest rules.. a no vote to send State with 
        report, but ok to count states as mult instead of 10 districts, but
        how to determine where the station is for log report.. 
        spring like wx.. now has materials for new dish and will begin work
        after Christmas.. 

G3LTF:  idea for scoring ARRL test, to count US states, except for Florida, and 
        then count counties there, and then do many recounts.. was on 23cm this 
        morn and worked W7GBI, DL6LAU & OZ4MM.. looking for sked with WA6PY on
        17 Dec 0730 utc.. WA6PY/G3LTF.. 

PA3CSG: was nbot too active last weekend.. had readout problems.. now OK.. 
        sent E-mail to VE4MA .. working on 3cm feeds.. 

DK3WG:  no traffic . can be QRV .. 

DL9KR:  nothing to report.. nice day.. still playing on 7 mhz.. during
        sked with N1BUG, wire was tangled in array..

OK1MS:  for VE7BQH.. Stan is QRV 17 Dec.. looking VE3FKX .. 

KD4LT:  just finished with new encoder and boards on 23cm dish.. will be on
        next activity weekend.. will be active Jan 6/7.. 

K5WXN:  had a lot of wind last night.. did get on this morn.. worked VK4AFL.. 
        not hearing any others on 70cm.. will be on when moon comes up..

WB4BKC: too much QRL.. been in Chicago for a few months.. Much travel..
        have been working a bit at home.. picked up a 12'tvro dish.. 
        has a preamp and 200w amp.. looking for feed/info.. also found
        a 14' dish, but not sure yet.. was not around to run the GA Tech
        dish during the contest.. WD5AGO has info on feed.. 

M0TOM: ... 

AL7OB:  things are stabalized.. good echoes last night.. trying to optimize
        the feed.. will be on till moonset on 70cm.. so little sun to make

W4OP:   for WB4BKC.. has network analyzer to set up feed.. 828-743-1338 ..
VE7BQH: 12:06 PM 12/16/00

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CONTROL/SKEDS CORD: JOE, K1RQG (207-469-3492), HC 78 Box 126E, 
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WA1JOF: heard K3AX fine, but no response.. did hear DJ5MN weakly, but no
        response.. (Sunday night [Monday morning UTC] Dec 11)

Subj:   Re: PA4FP
Date:   12/10/00 5:15:02 PM Eastern Standard Time
From:   WMccaa
To:     K1rqg

Hi Joe,

PA4FP, Frank Postmus, Weversburen 5, NL-9201 EG Drachten, Netherlands
JO33BC, 4X26 Yagis, vertically polarized, ? Watts.    ########

Have a good Holiday Season!

Bill  K0RZ


Subj:    de ZS6AXT
Date:   12/10/00 12:34:08 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Ivo Chladek)
To: (K1RQG)

Hi Joe,
Will be tonight again on 23 cm, hope activity will be better,
otherwise going rather to sleep , again, hi.
Looking especially for new initials, sure we can make it without skeds
F1PYR I suppose has no preamp ? Even stronger stations cannot get hold
of him. He should not excite us, hi.
Heavy rain here, over 50mm in last 24 hours. Fortunately no wind.

CU, 73, Ivo
Ivo Chladek, ZS6AXT
loc. KG33VV

Hi Joe:
Here is dj3fi e mail add  Tiedmann <dj3fi @ 01019>  73 john

Subj:         UHF:F1PYR info
Date:   12/11/00 9:44:57 AM Eastern Standard Time
From:   Dominique.DEHAYS@ENAC.FR (DEHAYS Dominique/EL/Enac)

Hi all,

I just called my good friend F1PYR on the phone  to let you know accurately
wich rig he's using on 23cm......


F1PYR  /JN19

TH347 (1KW+) /3m dish/DB6NT preamp.

Dish feed with 3db coupler for circular polarisation , feed  is not yet
optimised to the dish F/D.....

André knows something is really wrong on the receiver and is working on it
, trying to figure where the problem lies....

73's Dom/F6DRO


Dear Joe,

yesterday during the sked with WA1JOF a completely unexpected
thunderstorm hit my location and I hardly could keep my dish
directed to the moon. I heard my echo weak but could not hear
JOF at all. Due to black thick dangerous clouds my own echos
were down at least by 6 dB, sometimes I even could not hear my echos
at all. I would like to re-sked with JOF next weekend. I will send a proposal
to you as I do not have JOF's email. 
I will be available next weekend only in the night between
16th and 17th December (UTC date).
I also have to send my excuses to KA0Y. At the time I had sked with
him the storm was up to more than 70 mph and I could not move it out of the 
survive position of 90 degrees elevation. I am happy that my dish survived
at all. I need to resked with him as well which I will try in direct email.
Several people were hurt in my area during the storm, trees were broken and
my 70cm-EME-antennas were completely destroyed !!! 
I will re-build it next year in spring.

Seasons greetings,

Bernhard DJ5MN

Subj:    looking
Date:   12/11/00 5:08:04 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (OK1DFC)

Hi all,
Im now not QRV on 23cm. I will be next year on 432 MHz QRV. I am now looking
for amplifier cavity 1296 MHz for TH327 or YL1057.
Regards Zdenek OK1DFC

Subj:    F1PYR 23cm EME
Date:   12/11/00 5:42:48 PM Eastern Standard Time

Hi Joe, hi moonbouncers,

I have just worked F1PYR on 23cm-EME-random with good signals.
Now I wonder if anybody has info on this on.

Additionally I am still looking for QSL cards from some of the
big guns on 23cm waiting now for more than a year. Perhaps there can
be some time found at Christmas to fill the cards and drop them into
the mail to me? Many thanks in advance!

73 de Bernhard DJ5MN

Bernhard Dobler
Breslauer Str. 7
D-85435 Erding

Subj:    Re: KJ7F sched
Date:   12/12/00 10:04:56 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Al Katz)

Hi Terry,

Tnx for the QSO.  I read your frequency about 2 KHz low.  You were on
about the same frequency as last time.

I believe I heard you respond to my echoes test on what I believe to be
040 just before the sked.

At the start of the sked, I heard you immediately and responded such
that my echoes feel approx. on the the same frequency as I heard you.

This time my pol rotator was working, but I did not need it.  I
responded initially at the same pol (my initial Horz. setting) as I
heard you, and did not start playing with pol until I knew we had a
QSO.  You peaked about +45 deg from Horz.  When I sent you reports (559)
I was rotating +/- 90 degs.

I shall be looking for you on random.

73, Al - K2UYH wrote:
> Al,
>   Very good contact.   I noticed that I was transmitting a bit lower than
> you but left everything set so when I got the "OOOOs" I was still set to go
> back.   You came up real strong for a little but most of the time you were
> 339 and you would drop out completely at times.   You are my initial #22.
> Thanks for the contact.
> Terry  KJ7F

Dr. Allen Katz, President
Linearizer Technology, Inc.

Subj:    de oz4mm
Date:   12/16/00 8:14:04 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Vestergaard)
To: (K1RQG, Joe)

HI Joe.

I have not been able in the last to be at the EME net, but if possible listen to the net.  Reason, I make TVI around here, so I keep low profile, hi.   I was on 1296 this morning and found only few stations.  Worked WA6PY as initial #179 with fb signal, W7GBI(nice to work ´Charlie agn) and G3LTF on SSB.  I listen also on 432 and heard only HB9Q calling CQ.  I have in last minute tried to set up 2 skeds for 2304 for tommorow morning with DF9QX and OK1UWA, but it is not confirmed yet.  I expect to be on 1296 too again sunday morning.
If any interested, I am open for skeds at 432, 1296 and 2304MHz.

Thanks in advance, best wishes

73 de OZ4MM, Stig

Subj:    WA1JOF: no QSO so far!
Date:   12/16/00 7:41:50 AM Eastern Standard Time

Dear Joe,
thank you so much for all your help with arranging skeds with WA1JOF.
I heard JOF in 2 skeds and sent "O" but QSO did not complete!
What kind of equipment is he using? 3m dish and 100 W, I think?
Please arange another sked with him during the January  2001 SW.
Many thanks in advance!
See you in the net on 14345 !
73 de Bernhard DJ5MN