Subject: NET NOTES December 10 2000
From:     K1RQG 

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EME schedules, last update 10 Dec 2000, 12:25

Skeds for DEC 11
Time   432.040        1296.040       
0000z                 K3AX  -WA1JOF  
0030z                 DJ5MN -WA1JOF  
0130z                 DJ5MN -KA0Y    
0200z  WB0GGM-KJ7F    VE1ALQ-KA0Y    

Skeds for DEC 12
Time   1296.040       
0230z  W7GBI -WA1JOF  


W2UHI:  great time last night.. good condx.. lots of stations on.. 
        missed a lot, but did work a dozen or more.. only a few from
        Europe on .. VE9DW, G4CCH, OK1KIR, heard DF4PV, K2DH, K5JL,
        K3AX, K0YW, K2AH, WA6PY, KA0Y, N2IQ, & W7SZ.. also noticed
        that Bruce has a T7 note . 

OK1MVD: Jan .. For the VARO group

VE1ALQ: was on last night and did not blow any breakers.. looking for sked
        with KA0Y & WA6PY .. 

K0YW:   does have a p/s that drops a bit under load.. will change that today.. 
        18 QSOs , 5 Europe, 5 inits, 1 State, 1 Country 82 inits.. 30 countries
        & 22 states.. Did hear about a 2 tube amp, and negotiating.. 

K3AX:   worked 7 stations on G4CCH, G3LTF, OZ6OL, K5JL, W2UHI, K0YW, KA0Y #90
        nil from I0UGB, WA9FWD, W0KJY, did not hear WA1JOF during sked, 
        but did hear him other times.. sked with WA1JOF & WA6PY..

K0RZ:   had incomplete from PA4FP during the contest.. needs to resked ..******
        AO-40 (phase 3 D) 2401.331 on "S" band beacon being rcvd.. 

KA0Y:   worked a few last night .. was on early but initially was not tracking
        too good till change the computer time.. then tracking good.. 


KB8RQ/M: just working on the new house.. 

K5JL:   good times last night .. lot of activity.. HA5SHF, W7QX, .. hats off to
        Frank for random ops.. did not hear I0UGB or WA9FWD.. Don did good 
        but had many calling after completions.. 

WA1JOF: had fun last night .. worked all except K3AX & WA8WZG, did work G3LTF, 
        W1QC, DJ9YW, VE6TA, KA0Y, W7CS, W7SZ (tuff), Check with W7GBI for 
        complete.. Charlie worked into the following sked.. needs to resked..
        also K5JL, K0YW, G4CCH, heard OK1KIR & HA5SHF as well as others.. 

N2IQ:   got amp running last night and worked a bunch.. 

W1ZX/M: was on last night .. worked a sked.. heard many stations.. hopes to be 
        on tonight on 70cm .. 

KD4LT:  if wx clears up, will work on tracking.. 

W7CS:   got on late lst night.. had troubles with xvtr, but got on ok.. Bruce 
        should keep the "note" on signal to distinguish between K0YW & KA0Y !!!
        Heard many others as well as W7SZ .. W7GBI was having az drive problems
        but got it cleared up and was on OK.. 

WA8WZG: was frozen up last night.. water jackets split.. needs to repair the 

W7SZ:   good signal from K3AX but did not make it.. good condx.. K0YW, K5JL, N2IQ,
        W2UHI, OK1KIR, G4CCH, I2MMB, 3 inits DL6LAU, WA1JOF, KA0Y

ON5OF:  high winds in Antwerp.. still active from Belgium.. Neighbors in South
        of France do not like ant .. 38x22 from ON5OF 1 weekend from Belgium. 
        <>  @@@@@@

K2DH:   good condx last night.. also was frozen up last night, but got it thawed
        out and able to get on the Moon.. WA1JOF had a very nice signal.. 
        KA0Y & WA6PY new ones.. big sig from K5JL..LOUDEST SIGNAL ON THE BAND..

DK3WG:  no traffic.. skeds for next weekend via e-mail.. anyone welcome..

W5LUA:  W5ZN was visiting and worked a new grid on 24ghz. did work F2TU 6cm
        HB9BHU on 3cm .. 2db of moon noise.. 

W5ZN/M: no traffic.. just checking in. 

W4OP:   copied HB9BHU 2 weekends ago on 3cm .. also heard OK1UWA? on 3cm.. 

KJ7F:   worked W1ZX, nil with WB0GGM, K2UYH.. resked with WB0GGM.. 

WB0GGM: DJ7FI did not get sked.. did work him.. 

N1BUG:  looking for DL9KR change freq to 432.045 .. heard him every time.. 

WA6PY:  cannot make skeds tonight.. worked 10 stations and heard many others.
        will be on the January weekend .. may switch 13cm and 3cm in a couple
        months.. Will be QRV Wed eve.. 

W7QX:   10' dish 125w.. needs sked with WA6PY .. good night last night .. 3 inits
        DL6LAU, VE6TA, KA0Y for 49 inits.. will be on after 0200z.. 
        looking for sked IK2MMB & W1QC.. 

W8TN:   has a TH-308 NEW for sale <> ..

SM4IVE: a couple years ago QST article for beam forming ring for dish feed .. 
        Which QST was it ??

DJ5MN:  sked with WA8WZG.. Looking for sked with W4AD.. 

LX1DB:  any news on WA6PY 13cm.. will try to be on 70cm tonight.. 

DL9KR:  will be on tonight with N1BUG.. rain all day.. 

CT1DMK: bad news.. CT1WB 8 yagi array completely destroyed.. now no stations
        on 70cm from CT land.. very bad wx did much dammage.. will be helping
        CT1WB to rebuild in the spring.. 


DF3RU:  was QRV on 70cm yesterday.. was not on 23cm last night .. will be on
        23cm tonight.. 

KL7HFQ: was on last night .. HI SWR .. heard K2UYH & KJ77F .. lot of AU..
        will be on tonight on 70cm.. 

AL7OB:  HI SWR on 20 .. not successful yesterday to complete the dish drive
        project.. hopes to be on tonight and next weekend..

KA0RYT: was on during Eur moonset.. Now QRV on 70cm.. 

VE7BQH: 12:14 PM 12/10/00

Subj:    last nite
Date:   12/10/00 3:33:52 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Roger K. Hansen)

I hear k2uyh trying to make his schedule with KJ7F, he was trying to
pass over a report.  Signals were wery weak cause we were having an
aurora at the time.  Quite noisy here on 6 at the time, two other very
eak signal heard here, but not able to copy their call signs. 
Everything looks like someone came and painted huge layers of frost on
everything.  Maybe that is the reason why my SWR went sup all of a

Great holidays to and happy moon hunting to everyone.  Lets not try an
knock Santa off his destined route with our signals.


Roger  KL7HFQ

Subj:    Re: NET NOTES DEC 9, 2000
Date:   12/10/00 6:29:28 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Sergio Bergonti)

Hi Joe,

I have been qrv last night (this morning in Italy) on 23cm. Had few qso's
including new initiali KA0Y with very good signal. Congrats KA0Y, what's
your equipment alike? Also heard pretty decently W7QX calling on his sked
at 0300z on 1296.050, could have been a qso with new initial but I decided
too late to call him not to disturb him on his sked. The thing that
surprises me it is to see here that QX was only running 50Watts.  My echoes
ranged from never heard so strong to very poor, lots of qsb, wheather here
is rain for two months every day got mushrooms in the shack... 73 to all!
IK2MMB Sergio

Subj:    1296 activity period
Date:   12/10/00 11:02:59 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Bruce Clark)
To: (joe demaso)

Hi Joe: Here is the list of stations worked last night on 23CM: W2UHI,
K2DH, OK1KIR init#79, G4CCH 2xSSB,K5JL 2xSSB,W0KJY init#80,W7SZ,VE6TA,N2IQ,HA5SHF
init #81, K3AX, W1QC, Wa1JOF, DL6LAU,W7CS, W7GBI init#82, W7QX, and IK2MMB.
Yes, I have a chirp!! I could tell when the Euros were calling me as UA0YW!!!
Also Heard but did not call: : WA6PY, G3LTF, KA0Y and OZ6OL. Thanks and
73 Bruce

Subj:   worked
Date:   12/10/00 11:28:49 AM Eastern Standard Time
From:   KA0Y
To:     K1rqg

hi joe
worked last night   W2UHI and N2IQU long path AROUND THE MOON and after updated time on the computer 3 MIN.  sig got louder to work W1QC, VE6TA, K2DH, DL6LAU, WA1JOF, W7CS,
73'S  CUL


Subj:    More Frustration - hi
Date:   12/10/00 11:35:02 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Al Katz)
To: (K1RQG)

Hi Joe,

A near miss with Terry last night.   The pol rotator stopped working
again, but this time the situation was reversed.  I could hear Terry FB,
but he could only tell I was there.  Terry has a good signal signal and
should be able to make many QSOs.

If this cold WX continues, I am going to put some heater tap around the
pol rotator.  It was again working fine this morning.

I will be away on business (in Phoenix, AZ) during the next SW... maybe
I can get on from CJO or GBI's QTH?  Thus no skeds for the SW.  I can be
on before of after weekends for reskeds.

73, Al - K2UYH



   Nuts.  I thought for sure I would be able to work you tonight.   I
hearing my own echoes during the entire sched and I could see you on the
waterfall display the whole time.  But I could never get more than a
here and there.   Enough to be sure it was you calling but nothing more.
You were just to weak.

   Thanks for the effort and maybe next time luck will be with us.   

Terry  KJ7F