Subject: NET NOTES December 9 2000
From:     K1RQG 

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     KLaus, DL4EBY 


73 de Joe

K0YW:   was on 23cm last night and worked a new one, WA6PY, and many other
        stations worked. Looking for 2 tube 7289 amp.. tnx to Willie for
        QSL card and will be on tonight.. 

W2UHI:  all systems going good.. lots of snow.. sun noise was down a bit and
        checked the solar flux and it was down as well.. no bother from ice
        and snow.. 2330z start time.. 

VE1ALQ: cold day .. was on the moon last night.. but kept tripping the main
        breaker in the house.. never did make it on the moon .. due to losing

WA4NJP: raining and chilly.. listened last night on 70cm.. Heard W1ZX creating
        a pile-up.. all were on or around the same freq. Looking for K5JL & 
        K6MYC for 222 skeds.. can be on 222 in about 30 minutes time from 
        time of request.  

WA1JOF: looking for KA0Y @ 0300Z.. had rcv problems last night .. will change
        preamp today.. sun noise is down .. but will be on tonight.. 

W1ZX/M: will be on tonight on 70cm.. looking for skeds for tonight.. 

KA0Y:   worked on 23cm WA6PY, G4CCH, W7GBI, K5JL, & K0YW ,.. signals were
        very good last night.. will be on wx permitting.. 

W4TJ:   GM to all.. Seasons greetings to all.. will be back on EME next year..
        been on 6 meters and up to 61 countries.. N3VBG has a 2 meter RF deck
        without tube for sale (Henry radio)

VE6TA:  will be active on 23cm tonight looking for KA0Y .. 6 meter up to 26 

WA8WZG: -3 deg .. should be on 23cm tonight .. Seasons Greetings to all.. 

WA9FWD: 9 deg this morning.. snow on its way.. QRT on 70cm.. will be on 23cm
        tonight.. Looking for NU7Z.. 

W0KJY:  no traffic.. nill from KJ7F last night.. all should get standings in
        to the ARRL and to Jim as well.. see NL header for more info.. 

N2IQ:   working on the 8' horn for 10ghz etc.. will be on 70cm tonight .. having
        troubles with 23cm equipment .. 

W9HNX:  ..

DJ5MN:  looking for skeds on 11 Dec up to 0230z .. WA1JOF, VE6NA .. 

SM4IVE: no traffic.. 

K2DH:   cold .. did not get on last night .. was at radio club meeting and N2CEI
        was guest speaker.. sent in log to ARRL for EME contest.. was out of town
        for a week.. 

DK3WG:  no traffic.. will be on in about an hour on EME .. 

RW1AW:  no traffic.. not QRV on 70cm this month .. 

WB0GGM: last night was on 70cm.. worked SM3AKW.. nil on all skeds except VK4AFL,
        worked Trevor all ok. heard K4QI, G3SEK, K2UYH, K1FO et all.. available
        for skeds tonight. looking for DJ3FI.. now at 81 initials.. will be on
        tonight on 70cm.. 

KJ7F:   was not on last night due to work.. 

K2BUS:  Art.. 

K5JL:   worked a few last night on 23cm.. WA6PY had good signal.. 

OK1MS:  73 .. 

DL9KR:  put up director for 40 meter array.. now 3 ele wire beam.. 
        sked with N1BUG @ 2010-2100z  432.055 DL9KR/N1BUG .. 

CT1DMK: not much to report.. bad wx 3 days ago.. dish was partially 
        dammaged. Just the mesh dammaged.. and can be repaired.. 
        10% to 20% of surface is dammaged.. may get it repaired by
        next weekend .. 

LX1DB:  no EME activity this weekend .. will be on next weekend 13cm.
        can be on 13cm tomorrow eve.. 1700-2330z  Willie is interested
        sked with WA6PY on 13cm.. (Paul please e-mail me)

W7QX:   was on a little last night.. heard KA0Y very well.. running about
        50w at feed with new amp..   will be on tonight.. been in touch
        with SEVHFS and will be in Nashville  4/20-4/21 .. NAB will start
        4/21 in Los Vegas.. 

KA0RYT: QRV on 70cm.. should be on tonight.. 

N0IWT:  Kevin.. Co.. 

KA0ZEE: Randy.. SD .. just getting started in VHF/UHF .. just listening.. 

VE7BQH: 12:00 PM 12/9/00

EME schedules, last update 9 Dec 2000, 11:24

Skeds for DEC 10
Time   432.040        1296.040       1296.050       1296.060       
0000z                                WA1JOF-G3LTF   
0030z                 I0UGB -K3AX    WA1JOF-WA8WZG  
0100z                                WA1JOF-K3AX    I0UGB -VE6TA   
0130z                 WA9FWD-K3AX    WA1JOF-W1QC    HB9Q  -VE6TA   
0200z                 WA1JOF-DJ9YW   W0KJY -K3AX    W7QX  -VE6TA   
0230z  KJ7F  -W1ZX    WA1JOF-VE6TA   
0300z  WB0GGM-KJ7F    WA1JOF-KA0Y    PY5ZBU-W7QX    
0330z                 WA1JOF-W7CS    
0400z                 WA1JOF-W7GBI   
0430z                 WA1JOF-W7SZ    
0500z  KJ7F  -K2UYH   

Skeds for DEC 11
Time   1296.040       
0030z  DJ5MN -WA1JOF  
0130z  DJ5MN -KA0Y    

Subj:   WA6PY on 1296 
Date:   12/8/00 1:17:32 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Paul Chominski)

Hi Joe,
Last Sunday I QSO'd W2UHI and K2UYH, both on random.
I will be QRV on 1296 during the weekend. I should cath big guns on random.
Just for case my phone 858-676 0381  and e-mail at home:

VY 73, Paul WA6PY

Subj:    Sked with WA1JOF
Date:   12/8/00 5:32:22 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Peter K. Blair)
Sender: (Peter K. Blair)
To: (K1RQG)

Dear Joe, all OK, sorry didnt reply earlier, I will be there, it looks as
tho the wx will improve in time for the w/e, 73, Peter G3LTF

Subj:    70cm EME update
Date:   12/8/00 2:45:24 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Cowles Andrus III)
To: (

Hi Joe,

I just wanted to send you a little update on my progress .
In the International EME contest I worked 28 different stations with 17
multipliers giving me a claimed score of 47,600. This is an improvement
over my 1998 score so I am pleased. (I was not able to take part in the
1999 contest due to my move.) 13 of the stations worked were initial
contacts bringing my initials to score to 63. I am beginning to receive
QSL's from the contest and I wanted to let everyone know that I do try
to QSL 100% however it may be after the first of the year before I get
new cards with my new call and address on them.
I have been asked by a couple of EME'er about my Grid square, it is
FM08kf. My old Grid square was FM08jf. I only moved about 3 air miles
east so FM08 is still the same.
I have also been working on putting up my HF tower. Due to winter
weather I stopped after getting 63 feet of Rohn 55G up.  At this time I
am planning to go up 103 feet of tower in the spring and summer of next
year. After Christmas I am planning to get a temporary 20 meter dipole
up so I can take part in the EME net.
73, Cowles Andrus III,  K4EME

My Home Page (under construction)

Subj:    AL7OB NOTE for NET 
Date:   12/8/00 10:49:33 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Melum)

Hi Joe,

I am behind schedule as usual.  I hoped to have everything ready for this
evening's moonrise, but I am still fabricating.  It is possible I might get
on for next moonrise (Sunday 0200 UTC).  I am doing three things: (1)
Fabricating a new azimuth drive.  (2) Fixing my elevation brake system
(solenoid burned out last time I tried to raise the dish).  (3) Focus with
the jackscrew.  If I finish getting everything fabricated tonight I should
be able to do all of the above in about 4-5 hours which is just what we now
have for daylight.  Winds are predicted for later tonight, so it is
probably good that I am not ready.  I plan to put a picure of my new AZ
drive on the web page tonight.

Tnx & 73

Mike, AL7OB  BP51dc

432 EME - FT-736; FT-767; 9.2 Meter; DEM 0.4dB; 700 WATTS

Subj:    WA6PY on 1296
Date:   12/9/00 6:04:07 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Paul Chominski)

HI Joe,
So far so good although my small dish. I QSOd: W2UHI  K2UYH KA0Y K0YW K5JL G4CCH. All on random. I will be QRV tomorow hoping for activity from Europe. I think I stay on random this weekend.
If there is interest I can put my 70 cm dual polarisation feed on this dish, I might be able to QSO few big guns. Then I can also put my 13 cm and 10 GHz rig.
I had virus atack on my PC. Just recovered without loosing to many data files. Norton Security did not protected me

VY 73 Paul  WA6PY

Subj:    Last Nights Skeds
Date:   12/9/00 10:22:35 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Al Katz)
To: (K1RQG)

Hi Joe,

Somewhat frustrating last night.  I immediately had good results with
UA3PTW (549/559), but nil on all the other skeds.  DL5LF had contacted
me by e-mail so I am reasonably sure he was on.  Sometime after DL5LF's
sked I noticed that my echoes were very weak and could not be heard at
times.  This is very unusual for my station.  Everything seemed ok TX
wise.  G3SEK, who I had worked on random earlier, and others were coming
through FB.  I tried rotating my polarization to see if G3SEK would null
out, but observed no change.  I went out to the dish and found that the
pol rotator was frozen in the horizontal position.  This may explain my
poor results.  I suspect it stuck at the worst possible position.  I
will try to fix it later today after things warm up.  I wonder if others
observed similar phenomena?

KJ7F emailed me.  He could not make the sked time and we have moved our
sked to 0500 tonight (10 Dec).

Paul, N6TX was in the area to give a lecture on SETI at Princeton and
came by to visit.  I wish I could have given him a better show.

I am available for reskeds after 0400 tonight and will check my e-mail.

I hope all is well at your end.

73, Al - K2UYH
Dr. Allen Katz, President
Linearizer Technology, Inc.